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The white beach and palm trees of Lonely Beach on Koh Chang
Palm trees and blue sea, Lonely beach from the sky

Image: JonMilnes


Once upon a time, Lonely Beach was probably a quiet deserted beach on Koh Chang. These days, you won’t feel alone on Lonely Beach. Lonely Beach is THE backpacker beach on Koh Chang. If you are young or young at heart and like to drink buckets in beach bars with a Bob Marley flag then you will find many like-minded people over here. Lonely Beach is also known as one of the best places on Koh Chang to watch the sunset. A golden combo!

Although Lonely Beach is still popular with backpackers and there are still cheap bungalows to sleep in, more luxurious hotels have taken their place. Especially on the northern part of the beach. As a result, families, couples or flashpackers are also increasingly visiting Lonely Beach. Lonely Beach is not the most beautiful beach on Koh Chang, it’s the fun atmosphere that attract many kinds of travelers.

Coconut on the beach of Koh Chang

Music and fire shows

Unlike most other beaches on Koh Chang, Lonely Beach’s sea is deep enough for swimming even at low tide. The southern part of Lonely Beach is more rocky. Still, this isn’t a place you should skip because you can do some nice snorkeling here and there are some nice bars and restaurants. Monkey Restaurant has elevated platforms on top of the rocky shore. Also in the evening it is nice here with music and fire shows. The chances of ending up here are high anyway because this restaurant is on the public road that takes you to Lonely Beach. The other access roads are through the resorts.

Lounge chairs on the pebble beach of Lonely Beach
Sunset with red glow
Fire dancer and crowd at the popular Himmel Bar

Eat, drink and party!

In the southern part, on the main road and in a few cross streets of the area are shops and cheap eateries. One of these is the atmospheric and affordable Magic Garden Restaurant. Some hip and popular bars are the (restyled) Himmel Bar and Secret Room (also known as Ting Tong Bar). But there is actually always a party somewhere at Lonely Beach. Of course, there are also souvenir shops, travel agencies, massage shops and, strangely enough, quite a few tattoo shops. If you wake up with the name of your ex on your arm, you know you’ve had too much to drink.

Lonely Beach Walk

Bungalows and Resorts Lonely Beach

Bungalows and resort can be find plenty on Lonely Beach. In the northern part of Lonely Beach, the beach is the most beautiful. Therefore, this is where most of the more expensive resort and bungalows on the beach are located. The southern part of Lonely Beach has rocks so swimming isn’t always possible, many bungalows and resorts compensate this with a pool, even the budget bungalows often have a pool at this part of the beach. It’s also possible to rent for a longer period of time, as it will not surprise you that people stay here longer than planned.

Here are a few tips for staying for a few days, weeks, months or …

Oasis Koh Chang

From basic to luxury rooms, it’s just what you’re looking for on Lonely Beach. The bungalows of Oasis have a balcony with hammock and are located somewhat higher and in the middle of the jungle. The monkeys swing by your bungalow every now and then! At the moment they are working hard on a swimming pool (August 2021). Oasis Koh Chang is a fifteen minute walk from the beach and close to the main street. Enjoy going out and come back to the tranquility of your own oasis! Keep in mind that you have to climb a steep hill (or rent a scooter). That climb you forget of course as soon as you arrive back in your own tranquil hide away. What you should definitely do when you sleep here is eat or drink in the high treehouse with phenomenal views over the area.
More information about Oasis Koh Chang

Clear blue sea and beach Lonely Beach from above
Lonely Beach shopping street from above
Shopping street Lonely Beach from above

Oasis Koh Chang is owned by a Dutchman named Floris, he knows Koh Chang like no other so ask him for some inside tips if you’re staying here. And say hi from us!

Sea Flower Resort Koh Chang

The Sea Flower Hotel Koh Chang has simple affordable bungalows in a good location. Once you arrive in the beautiful garden you know how the resort got its name, you are welcomed by a sea of flowers! The bungalows are within walking distance of the beach and close to the center with bars and restaurants. Because of this, you may sometimes pick up some ambient noise. But if you have had one drink too many you will roll right home! Some bungalows have a sea view and are located in a slightly quieter area of the property. The resort staff is nice and caring, a nice place to stay!
Learn more about the Sea Flower Resort

Sunset and the rocky beach of Lonely Beach
Bungalows met patio van het Sea Flower Resort

Nest Sense Resort

Ready for your own nest to immerse yourself in privacy, luxury and outstanding service? The Nest Sense Resort more than lives up to all these expectations! In your own luxury (pool) villa with sea view, there is little to wish for. The center of Lonely Beach is within walking distance so you can still enjoy a Thai street style meal and then fall asleep in your beautiful nest … Check the link below and you’ll immediately understand why we tip this insanely beautiful resort.
Learn more about the Nest Sense Resort

Villa with private pool
Villa with private pool and sea view from bed


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