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Koh Mook, Longtail boat in clear sea off the coast
Koh Mook, Longtail boat in clear sea off the coast


Koh Mook (or Koh Muk) is part of the very beautiful Trang Islands, Koh Kradan, Koh Ngai and Koh Libong. You can find these islands in the southeast of Thailand. Koh Mook is a small surprisingly authentic island with a very friendly atmosphere. Five to ten percent of the population is Buddhist, the rest is Muslim. Most of them are fishermen or have a coconut or rubber plantation. Don’t expect a nicely paved boulevard with rows of souvenir shops or restaurants on Koh Mook with perfect English speaking staff. What to expect?

Cosy little restaurants run by the whole family with the tastiest curries and authentic Thai dishes in a relaxing atmosphere. On the island there are narrow roads on stilts and roads with here and there a large pothole. But that’s also part of the charm of Koh Mook. On the other hand, the inhabitants are very friendly and helpful and you notice that tourists are very much appreciated. Tourism is only increasing a bit the last couple of years. One of the attractions of Koh Mook, as far as we are concerned, is the quiet local island life itself, which is best experienced if you stay a few days on the island. There is no real nightlife, there are a number of bars, but it doesn’t get really big.  

Not many tourists don’t come to the small island and the people who do are on their way to the Emerald Cave, a beautiful hidden lagoon on the west coast of Koh Mook. Often this tour is combined with Sabai Beach and Sivalai Beach (Hua Laem Prao Beach) a special headland with hail white sand. You also can make some nice treks to hidden beaches that with a little luck you will have all to yourself. 

Koh Mook has quite a wide range of accommodations. Besides a number of luxury resorts there are some good middle class and budget hotels as well. You can go back to basic in a bamboo hut or sleep in a luxury bungalow on the beach. 

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