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The Walking Street in Koh Lipe, Thailand with all its shops and restaurants on both sides (centre of the island of Koh Lipe).
The Walking Street in Koh Lipe, Thailand with all its shops and restaurants on both sides (centre of the island of Koh Lipe).

Image: ThailandMagazine.com


The Koh Lipe Walking Street isn’t only THE shopping street of Koh Lipe but also the main artery of the island. What used to be a dirt road built by the locals has now become a busy paved street. This shopping street with several side roads leads you through the beating heart, the centre of the island. Walking Street connects two of the three popular beaches and consists of a colourful mix of restaurants, shops, retail and service companies. During the day, the street mainly serves as a passage from Pattaya Beach almost all the way to Sunrise Beach. Koh Lipe’s Walking Street is fairly narrow and about a kilometer long. With a stop here and there a good length to stroll back and forth for an hour during a sultry evening. Koh Lipe Walking Street opens at 6 PM. The shops close around 10 PM and restaurants often stay open until 00:00 or 1 AM. Some bars even seem to never close.

The high season on Koh Lipe is from November to April and the low season is from May to October.

Exit Koh Lipe Walking Street on Pattaya Beach
Exit Koh Lipe Walking Street on Pattaya Beach

Koh Lipe Walking Street during low season

Not only Koh Lipe Walking Street but the whole island is a lot quieter during low season, sometimes it even seems extinct. The advantage of this is that you walk through the shopping street much more relaxed. An additional advantage is that the accommodations on Koh Lipe are a lot cheaper to book. A disadvantage is that a large part (maybe even half) of the shops and restaurants is closed. Another disadvantage is that you can’t make as many snorkel trips etc.. This is because of the sometimes very rough sea in the rainy season and the Tarutao National Marine Park is largely closed. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do any snorkeling or diving trips at all, there is an adapted “rainy season” snorkeling/diving trip!

Also read our article on how best to travel to Koh Lipe during the rainy season / low season.

Koh Lipe Walking Street from Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

Walking Street during high season

Just turn over the advantages and disadvantages described above and you’ll know where you stand during the high season on Koh Lipe. It can be very busy during that period in Koh Lipe Walking Street (as if you have to do Christmas shopping on the last weekend before Christmas). The advantage is that you have more choice when it comes to catering. You have to because there is also more demand for sleeping places, food and drinks in this period. Unfortunately, due to the high demand, the prices are also considerably higher than in the low season.

What is there to find and to do in Koh Lipe Walking Street?

You will find a wide variety of shops in Koh Lipe Walking Street but it all stays the same… Think of fashion, beachwear, jewelry and souvenirs. Furthermore, there are a number of diving schools and travel agencies that can organize all kinds of trips for you. There are very friendly people working everywhere and if you want some advice, they are ready to help you. There are also a number of pharmacies where you can go for a completely different kind of advice, for example if you are not feeling well. And of course there are two 7-Elevens in Walking Street. In high season there is a fresh bakery open, which unfortunately is closed in low season. The same goes for a good ice cream shop. In Walking Street, money has to roll, which is why they have finally installed a number of ATMs in this street since 2014. Have you walked a lot? Then take a relaxing (foot) massage at one of the many massage parlours on this street, just because it’s possible. And after that? Just stroll down this shopping street again.

Koh Lipe Walking Street during the evening in low season
Star Travel in Koh Lipe Walking Street
The 7-Eleven and ATMs on Koh Lipe Walking Street

Best places to spend the night in Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is small and it doesn’t really matter where your hotel is located. Of course you have various wishes such as sleeping at the beach or in a cheap room at the edge of the center. That is why we have compiled a list of the best hotels in Koh Lipe. They are in terms of price from low to high so it is pleasant for you to see which one best suits your budget and wishes. Read our article best accommodations in Koh Lipe.

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