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Koh Kood

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Koh Kood, also known as Koh Kut, is a small island in Thailand not far from Koh Chang and Koh Mak. Koh Kood is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. There are peaceful white beaches with lush palm trees, crystal clear waters and beautiful waterfalls. Koh Kood is also part of the Koh Chang Marine Park, an area known for its beautiful underwater world.

On our first visit to this island, we were immediately hooked and seriously wondered why we hadn’t been here before… Koh Kood is really one of those islands you want to keep to yourself; it has all the tourist facilities, but still has that fine, authentic Thai atmosphere! For example, they like to keep a 7-Eleven right outside the door. But there are about four ATM’s on the west coast of the island.

See & Do

Koh Kood is a paradise for adventurers and beach lovers! Besides enjoying one of the beautiful beaches, there are also many cool activities to do on and around the island.

Snorkeling and diving

Koh Kood is part of the Koh Chang Marine National Park. It consists of no less than 52 inhabited and uninhabited islands. Koh Chang, Koh Kood, Koh Mak and Koh Wai are the most famous islands in the national park. A visit to Koh Kood is not complete without a snorkelling or diving trip. We spent a day with BB Divers visiting a 100 metre long shipwreck that you can see even if you’re just snorkeling, super cool!

The waterfalls of Koh Kood

Visit one of the three spectacular waterfalls Koh Kood is blessed with, Klong Yai Kee and Klong Chao are Koh Kood’s most famous waterfalls. You will quickly get that Indiana Jones feeling as they are located in the middle of a pristine jungle. Don’t forget your swimwear as both waterfalls are perfect for a refreshing dip. The more remote and less visited Huang Nam Khiao Waterfall is also beautiful. However, it is more difficult to reach as the road is full of potholes. But if you make it there, chances are you will be alone in this earthly paradise!

Small Motorboat En Route To The Tiny Isle Of Reat With A Small Floating Fish Restaurant
Koh Ngam, Koh Chang
Waterfall, Koh Kood

Koh Reat/ Sashimi Island

Are you a real sushi fan and looking for some adventure? If so, Koh Kood is the place to be! From Secret Beach you can take a trip to the virtually uninhabited island of Koh Rex. Here is a tiny floating seafood restaurant where the fish is fished out of the sea in front of your nose. Aside from the fish being super fresh, of course, it is the special setting and the friendly fisherman that makes this experience unforgettable.

Ao Yai Fisherman Village

Ban Ao Yai is a small fishing village built on stilts in the sea. It is also one of the best seafood spots on Koh Kood. The pier is located quite remotely on the east side of Koh Kood. The scenic drive over winding roads is quite beautiful in itself. On the way to Ao Yai Pier and Ban Ao Yai there is a nice viewpoint from where you can see the village. Worth a (photo) stop!

Large Centuries-old Trees In The Jungle Of Koh Kood Wrapped In Orange Cloth.
Big Tree, Koh Kood
The Old Floating Fisherman-Village-Leam-Ao-Yai-Koh-Kood, As Seen From A Vantage Point.
Fisherman Village, Koh Kood

Big trees Sai Yai - Big Chai Tree & Makkayuk Tree

The Big Chai Tree and the Makkayuk Tree are gigantic large trees in the jungle of Koh Kood. These trees are over 500 years old and have spiritual significance to the Thai people. The spiritual Thai believe that when a woman dies on a Koh Kood, her spirit goes here. Several trees had orange cloths wrapped around thei their trunk and a dress with flowers hung from one of the trees. It was a special, mystical place that you should definitely stop at on your way to the nearby Huang Nam Waterfall.

Rent a kayak or paddle board

At SUP Point Koh Kood you can hire a kayak or a paddleboard for a day (500 baht) or for 3 hours (300 baht). Due to its perfect location, you can choose to go in one of two directions: either to the Klong Chao Waterfall or to the beach. If you choose to go to the Klong Chao waterfall, you will paddle for 1.5 kilometres through the beautiful mangrove forest of Koh Kood. Then you dock the canoe and walk another kilometre through the jungle to the waterfall, which is super cool! Don’t forget your shoes and mosquito spray. As you head out to sea, you can stop at the cute Viewpoint Cafe for a snack or drink. Then cruise along the beautiful coastline with its hidden coves. For an unforgettable colour spectacle, try to plan your kayaking and SUP adventure around sunset!

Food and drink Koh Kood

Koh Kood still has many small, locally run restaurants, allowing you to taste more authentic Thai flavors. Because Koh Kood is quite northern, you can also sample dishes not often found elsewhere in Thailand, such as the delicious Thai dish Khao Soi, highly recommended! On Koh Kood, you will have to miss your favorite cheese sandwiches because there is no 7-Eleven on Koh Kood.

Black Banana

Black Banana is a rustic and cozy little Thai restaurant run by a Thai couple. The menu features mostly Thai dishes, with delicious curries as a specialty. Every day it is packed with guests, that says it all!

Noochy Seafood

Noochy Seafood has long been Koh Kood’s most famous and best seafood restaurant. The seafood restaurant has a special location in the floating fishing village of Aow Yai, a unique location. A “must visit” if you only get off your beach bed for the best seafood.

Goodview Resort and Coffee

Goodview Resort and Coffee has a restaurant in addition to a resort. It is a nice place for a drink watching the sun sink into the sea. Next to the restaurant is a popular massage salon with the same view. Which of course you can only see if you manage not to fall asleep during the massage.

Koh Raet / Sashimi Island

A floating mini-restaurant near the small island of Koh Raet. The friendly owner picks you up by boat and your order is fished out of the sea on the spot. Besides being very tasty, it is the special experience and location that completes it.

Tawan Eco Bar

Tawan Eco Bar is bustling with a chill vibe and hospitality. The owner is super friendly and regularly picks up his guitar and also cooks for free for his guests. Almost every night there is live music that anyone who wants to can join in. A perfect place to meet other travelers on Koh Kood!

Heaven Sense

The best pizzas and pastas on Koh Kood. Everything is freshly made and/or imported from Italy. It’s not cheap, but the portions are generous. It’s one of the more upscale places on Koh Kood.

Cathi Café

Cathi Café is a lovely little café by the sea. The café sells the most delicious shakes and sweets, including homemade brownies and cakes, and has a lovely terrace with views over the sea. The ideal time to come here is around sunset. This fun spot is part of the beautiful Shantaa Resort Koh Kood, not far from the Nam Leuk Pier.

Small Motorboat En Route To The Tiny Isle Of Reat With A Small Floating Fish Restaurant
Koh Raet, Koh Kood
Thai Dish With Rice And Chicken At Cozy Locale Thaise Restaurant Black Banana
Black Banana Restaurant

Beaches Koh Kood

In our opinion, the beaches of Koh Kood are among the most beautiful in Thailand. When describing the beaches of Koh Kood, it is difficult not to repeat ourselves. Because it always comes down to the same thing: clear water, a white beach with beautiful palm trees. So you can hardly go wrong on Koh Kood. The differences of the beaches are mainly in the amenities, such as resorts, restaurants, atmosphere, activities and accessibility.

Secret Sunset Beach

Secret Sunset Beach is an idyllic beach with crystal clear waters; it is also the perfect place to watch the sunset on Koh Kood. Nowadays, this beach is not a secret anymore. But what is still a secret is that Secret Sunset Beach continues into an even more beautiful beach where you can also snorkel

Klong Mard Pier & Village

Klong Mard is partly a small fishing village with friendly locals and nice western style coffee shops, and partly a small, beautiful white sandy beach. You can rent kayaks to explore the crystal clear waters. But we would also understand it perfectly if you just stay on this beautiful beach.

Ao Tapao Beach

Ao Tapao Beach is one of the most developed beaches on Koh Kood. Despite being right next to Nam Leuk Pier, the beach is beautiful and you can see the fish swimming in the clear water as soon as you get off the boat.

Ao Noi beach

Always wanted to know what paradise looks like? We think Ao Noi Beach comes very close! Soft white powdery sand, almost decorative rocks, clear water and surrounded by lush jungle. A must see if you’re on Koh Kood! We have heard from other travelers that if you are not a guest of the Ao Noi Resort, you have to pay to enter the beach. We ourselves did not notice this; we could just walk through.

Tinkerbell Beach / Klong Chao Beach

Klong Chao Beach is one of the most visited beaches on Koh Kood. There are a number of beautiful resorts on this beach, complete with private pools and beautiful seaside spots. The Tinkerbell Resort is one of them. A favorite destination for families or couples looking for a relaxing, luxury beach vacation.

Ao Jark Bay/ Beach

Ao Jark is the hidden gem of Koh Kood. But once you’ve discovered this beautiful bay, you’ll probably never, ever want to leave. That’s probably why the Neverland Beach Resort is a popular choice for an overnight stay. Ao Jark Bay Beach is perfect if you have nothing else to wish for besides a white beach, bright blue sea and some kayaks.

Haad Khlong Hin

Haad Khlong Hin contains a beautiful white bowl-shaped sandy beach of about 500 meters long. The beautiful palm trees provide wonderful shady spots. The sea consists mainly of almost tepid, shallow water that is perfect for children. Apart from the Khlong Hin Beach Resort and the luxurious A la Koh Kood Resort, there are no other resorts on the beach. A perfect place to completely unwind.

Bang Bao Beach / Siam Beach

The crystal clear water sparkles right at you when you arrive at Bang Bao Beach. The beach lies in a bowl of green vegetation and is dotted with beautiful palm trees. in all shapes and sizes. Because of its sheltered location, the water here is usually as smooth as glass. Bang Bao is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Kood, and we too can only agree! We stayed here at the Siam Beach Resort.

Hat Na Lai Beach

Small cozy beach with wooden decking on the side with nice decorations. On the decking between the rocks are different types of family bungalows of the A-Na-Lay Resort with great sea views. Kayaking, sup boarding and snorkeling gear are available for rent. But other than that, there are not many facilities on the beach. The sea is shallow for quite a long time, ideal for small children.

Ao Phrao Bay

Ao Phrao Bay is the southernmost bay on Koh Kood. Although the beautiful beach is quite secluded, there are still quite a few hotels and restaurants. There is even a mini market shop. Behind the beach runs a river surrounded by mangroves, where you can kayak. Ao Phrao Beach has a relaxed, casual atmosphere that regularly makes people linger longer than intended. You don’t necessarily have to have a bulky wallet to sleep on this beach. Popular are the Ko Kut Ao Phrao Beach Resort and I-Lay House Koh Kood, both of which have bungalows on the beautiful beach.

Huggy Beach/ Million Beach

A small white beach that ends quite abruptly in a kind of rocky point. You overlook a small, rocky island. On the beach is a volleyball net and some resorts. Somehow, this beach didn’t really catch us. But given the reasonable numbers of visitors to the small beach, this could also be up to us.

Crystal Clear Sea Where You Can See The Rocks And Fish Swimming At The Bottom Of The Sea From The Wooden Jetty.
Ao Noi Beach
White Beach Of Tinkerbel Beach
Klong Chao Beach
White Beach With Blue Sea Lined With Palm Trees
Bang Bao Beach, Koh Kood,
Beautiful Tall Palm Trees On The White Beach Of Klong Hin Beach
Klong Hin Beach

Hotels & Resorts

Koh Kood has a wide range of luxury hotels and resorts, most of which are right on the beach. Even the most luxurious resort in all of Thailand is on Koh Kood. There are some cheaper accommodations, but they tend to be further from the beach. However, this does not have to be a problem, because the beaches on Koh Kood are easily accessible by scooter. It is important to note that during the rainy season some hotels on Koh Kood are closed.

Soneva Kiri

The most luxurious resort in Koh Kood and even all of Thailand! Gorgeous Soneva Kiri has villas complete with private pools, private beach, your own electric golf cart to drive around in, chocolate and ice cream rooms where you can have unlimited snacks. A dream come true! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt once spent a few nights here as well


Peter Pan Resort

The Peter Pan Resort has a wide selection of luxury villas with private pools, beach villas and two-story family villas, scattered on the beach or along the riverbank. Perfect for luxury family vacations and tranquility seekers.

High Season Pool Villa & Spa

The High Season Pool Villa & Spa is the only 5-star resort on the beautiful Klong Chao Beach. It is a lovely place with several luxury bungalows with lots of privacy. The staff is very hospitable and always ready to assist you.

Koh Kood Paradise Beach

Koh Kood Paradise Beach is located next to the pier of Ao Ta Pao Bay and on the longest beach on Koh Kood. The beautiful bungalows are built on stilts and connected by wooden walkways. On the beach there is a cozy bar, where it is happy hour every night. Click here to read about our personal experience at this resort

Bann Makok

Bann Makok is situated by a canal, tucked among mangrove trees, a kayak (free) distance from Nang Yai Beach. There are only eight rooms, each decorated differently. Water and electricity are self-generated to ensure the smallest footprint possible; Bann Makok is a special and beautiful place!

Siam Beach Resort

The Siam Beach Resort is the most affordable resort right on the beach of the wonderful Bang Bao Bay. Make sure you book one of the new cottages and not the standard bungalows. These are less beautiful and cost almost as much as the new ones. You pay for the location and its well worth it!

The Beach Natural Resort

The Beach Natural Resort has the best reviews on Bang Bao Beach. It is a beautiful resort with different types of luxury bungalows in different (higher) price ranges. Some of which have private pools.

Sunbeds By The Sea At Bang Bao Beach, Koh Kood
The Beach Natural Resort,
Bungalows At The Siam Beach Resort On Bang Bao Beach
Siam Beach Resort
Bungalow With Pool At The Paradise Beach Resort.
Paradise Beach Resort
Koh Kood's Most Luxurious Resort With Private Pool.
Soneva Kiri

Het weer op Koh Kood

Koh Kood, like the rest of Thailand, has a tropical climate. The average daytime temperature is 30 degrees and at night it rarely gets colder than 20 degrees. Koh Kood has a dry season and a rainy season. The rainy season is roughly from May to October. It can be raining heavily and some hotels close their doors at this time. On the other hand, it is the time to sleep in luxury resorts for a bargain, because the prices of resorts and hotels drop significantly during the rainy season!


Although there are also dry periods in the rainy season, the region of Koh Kood, Koh Chang, Koh, Koh Mak is known for its frequent and heavy rains from May to October. planning a short beach vacation is a long shot.

The best travel time for Koh Kood

The best travel time for Koh Kood is in the months of December, January, February and March. The sun shines an average of 8 hours and days with rainfall per month can be counted on one hand. The water temperature on Koh Chang remains around 28 degrees all year round.

Hours of sunshine

Average monthly sunhours in Ko Chang, Thailand


Average min and max temperatures in Ko Chang, Thailand


Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Ko Chang, Thailand


Average relative humidity in Ko Chang, Thailand

How to get to Koh Kood?

From Bangkok / Trat to Koh Kood

From Bangkok to Trat province it takes about 5 hours by bus. By plane, it takes just over an hour. It will take about 45 minutes to get from Trat to Leam Sok Pier. From the jetty, it is about an hour boat ride to Koh Kood. The ferry ticket includes transportation by shared cab (“songthaew”) from the pier to your hotel or beach, super convenient! In the past, Koh Kood was closed during the rainy season, between June and mid-October. Nowadays there is at least one boat a day during the rainy season.

From Koh Chang to Koh Kood

There are two piers on Koh Chang: The Kai Bae Pier (west coast) and the Bangbao Pier (southwest coast). Which pier you use depends on where you are staying on the island. In high season, there are several types of boats each day. You can choose the ferry or the speedboat. The ferry takes 1.5 hours to get to Koh Kood. Speedboat tickets are more expensive and not much faster and even less comfortable in high waves. Tickets can be bought anywhere on the island, Sometimes the boat makes a stop at the tiny island Koh Wai.

Boat schedules and tickets to Koh Kood

For current bus and air schedules including prices, check 12GoAsia and/or enter your departure date and city in the table below.

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Transportation on koh kood

Riding a motor scooter on Koh Kood

The best and cheapest way to explore Koh Kood is to rent a scooter. On Koh Kood you can rent a scooter for around 250-300 baht per day. The roads are narrow but quiet and usually in good condition. Only at the more remote beaches, such as Oa Jark Bay, is the last stretch of road in poor condition. If you are not trying to be a hero and have some scooter experience, scooter riding on Koh Kood is great fun. Koh Kood is a very green and hilly island!
Another form of transport on Koh Kood is the songthaew taxi. However, exploring the island this way can be quite expensive; we saw signs saying “island tour 2000 bath”. We have no experience of this ourselves. If you need to go to the pier or to another hotel, the songthaew is usually shared, so prices remain affordable. Your hotel or resort can arrange this for you.

Taxi / songthaew Koh Kood

Another form of transport on Koh Kood is the songthaew taxi. However, exploring the island this way can be quite expensive; we saw signs saying “island tour 2000 bath”. We have no experience with this ourselves. If you need to go to the pier or to another hotel, the songthaew is usually shared, so prices remain affordable. Your hotel or resort can arrange this for you.

Man With Dog On Scooter On A Steep Hill At Kood Island.
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