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De HTMS Chang in de buurt van Koh Chang
De HTMS Chang in de buurt van Koh Chang

Image: BB Divers


No troubles, only bubbles…

Almost daily, the team of BB Divers, Koh Chang’s best diving school, visits different dive sites in Koh Chang’s waters. Among others, we sailed to the HTMS Chang, a very popular dive site about an hour by boat from the elephant island of Koh Chang. You can find out more about this 117-meter shipwreck further in this article. 

Divers and snorkelers both set sail on the same boat. We really enjoyed being among both experienced and inexperienced divers. So we heard countless stories about monstrous fish and magical coral colonies. What we also constantly heard were positive comments about BB Divers’ team and service. In our opinion and that of many others, BB Divers is the best dive center on Koh Chang.

Een Free Diver van BB Divers

Image: BB Divers

The different BB Divers diving and snorkeling routes around Koh Chang

BB Divers has three fixed routes (dive trips). Regularly a boat leaves for Koh Rang National Park, the second very popular route, the one we took, sails to Thailand’s largest dive wreck, the HTMS Chang. Along the way you stop at a number of other cool dive/ snorkel spots. Finally, the third route, this is the Koh Mak route. Koh Mak is a small island not far from Koh Chang and is usually visited for a stay of several nights after visiting Koh Chang.

During the diving trips (also for snorkelers), divers are guided underwater in small groups by a professional divemaster. Guests along for snorkeling also get someone to show them the best snorkeling spots. In this article we will discuss the two most popular dive trips, the one to Koh Rang National Park and the one to HTMS Chang. 

Een kapitein van BB Divers op Koh Chang

Image: Thailand Magazine

Diving and snorkeling trip to Koh Rang National Park

Koh Rang National Park is a popular diving and snorkeling destination not far from Koh Chang. During this trip, you’ll explore several coral reefs and stop at some tiny islands, even having lunch together on a small tropical if deserted beach. Below we let you know where you might stop during BB Divers‘ Koh Rang National Park itinerary.

Tijdens de duiktrips (ook voor snorkelaars) worden de duikers in kleine groepen door een professionele divemaster onderwater gegidst. Gasten die mee zijn om te gaan snorkelen krijgen ook iemand mee die ze de mooiste snorkelplekjes laat zien. In dit artikel gaan we in op de twee populairste duiktrips, die naar het Koh Rang National Park en die naar de HTMS Chang. 

Koh Rang Pinnacle (Hin Gue Daeng)

The Koh Rang Pinnacle, also called Hin Gue Daeng, is located one kilometer northwest of Koh Rang, at a depth of fifteen to thirty meters. Visibility ranges from five to thirty meters. Koh Rang Pinnacle is a cliff with an unusual structure, as the rock resembles a cathedral. This is also one of the deepest dive sites on the Koh Rang National Park itinerary. What to see? Emperor fish, batfish, puffer fish, barracudas, thick-lipped fish and groupers, but less coral than at the other Koh Rang diving sites. 

Koh Tien West

Koh Tien West lies to the northwest of Koh Rang as seen from Koh Chang. You dive here at depths of ten to sixteen meters maximum. Koh Tien has been rather battered by dynamite fishing in the past. Meanwhile, this dive site near Koh Chang has an incredibly beautiful new coral garden. What to see? In addition to many types of coral, you will also see a wide variety of fish here.

Three Finger Rock (Hin Kuak Ma)

Three Finger Rock. also called Hin Kuak Ma, is truly beautiful and is located one kilometer northeast of Koh Rang. This dive spot in the Koh Rang National Park route is at a depth of ten to a maximum of sixteen meters. What to see? Murres, nudibranchs, hedgehog fish and a wide variety of coral. There is a very nice rock wall where divers regularly spot moray eels, triggerfish, nudibranchs, etcetera.

Twee murenes in de wateren van Koh Chang
Mooie onderwaterwereld in de wateren van Koh Chang

Koh Yak and Koh Laun (Koh Yak Lek)

Koh Yak and Koh Laun are located a few hundred meters away from Koh Rang. Around these two small islands you can snorkel and dive to a depth between eight and twelve meters (visibility between five and twenty meters). These two islets are pleasant diving spots because it is fairly shallow and therefore you can dive for a long time. According to many snorkelers who take this route with BB Divers, this is also one of their favorite stops. They are also the best two spots to do your first test dives. What to see? There are schools of snappers and small barracudas, you will also see many anemones with the funny anemone fish, large shrimp, puffer fish, and so on.

Koh Tong Lang and Koh Kra

Koh Tong Lang and Koh Kra are two more small islands, but this time about two kilometers northeast of Koh Rang. This stop, another favorite spot among snorkelers, is at a depth of seven to twelve meters and has visibility of five to twelve meters. What to see? Giant table corals, several species of anemones, many groupers and on the surface needlefish. On the rock bottom you will find a nice variety of starfish. The beautiful orange colored rocks make this island very different from the rest of the Koh Rang area.

Diving and snorkeling trip to the shipwreck HTMS Chang

The 117 mere long HTMS Chang is Thailand’s largest diving wreck, also a special spot for snorkelers to be allowed to visit. Not surprisingly, we chose this very trip when we had to choose which BB Divers trip we wanted to join. We will never forget the moment we floated in the water above this colossal shipwreck, it even made us quiet. Such a mighty ship underwater, you don’t see that every day! The bubbles of air from the divers bubbling to the surface gave the image an extra magical dimension. A snorkeling trip never to be forgotten! The stop at the HTMS Chang was impressive, but the rest of the HTMS Chang itinerary was also great fun. 

Op avontuur met BB Divers naar de HTMS Chang

Image: Thailand Magazine

The HTMS Chang

Then the reason for choosing the HTMS Chang itinerary, the HTMS Chang itself! If you get the chance to go to the largest diving wreck in Thai waters, you really should. Diving or snorkeling at this place is fantastic! As snorkelers, we could clearly see the crow’s nest on the mast. The bubbles from the divers below only made it even more spectacular. If you’re sleeping on Koh Chang and you like diving or snorkeling, this one is basically a must-see. You also get a 10% discount through Thailand Magazine by contacting us via info at thailandmagazine.com or via our Thailand WhatsApp GroupInstagram and Facebook.

The HTMS Chang was sunk by Thai authorities on 22-11-2012. A special dive site was born. Since then, marine life has taken over the ship, resulting in a spectacular dive site. The shipwreck is 100 meters long and very cool to see. Especially for divers, as they can explore the ship with a professional diver from BB Divers. Even we snorkelers had to gasp for air when we beheld this colossus underwater. Very impressive!

This spectacular wreck can only be visited during Koh Chang’s high season (from October to May). In low season, unfortunately, the waves are too high. On the way to the HTMS Chang you will stop at a number of other dive sites. Where you stop to dive/snorkel depends on the current, visibility and other factors. Below are a few dive/ snorkel sites you might stop at if you choose BB Divers’ HTMS Chang itinerary.

Vlag aan de HMTS Chang

Hin Luk Bath

Hin Luk Bath is located about three kilometers southwest of Koh Chang. You can dive from eleven to a maximum of twenty five meters with a visibility of three to twenty meters. The rocks of Hin Luk Bath are not only loved by many divers. Also snorkelers also find Hin Luk Bath a top stop! What to see? Barracudas, batfish, numerous corals, rays, parrotfish and moray eels. Hin Luk Bath also has incredibly beautiful anemone gardens. Every now and then a dolphin is even spotted, and if the stars are right, you might even spot the whale shark.

Hin Raab South (Hin Laab)

A little further than the Hin Luk Bath rock formation is another rock formation, namely Hin Raab South. Here you can dive to a depth of eleven to a maximum of sixteen meters. This dive site usually has very clear water making it one of the favorite dive sites of the HTMS Chang route. What to see? Turtles, different types of corals, puffer fish, stone fish, moray eels and also here, with very, very much luck, a whale shark.

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Een walvishaai in de wateren van Koh Chang
Een walvishaai in de wateren van Koh Chang
Een walvishaai in de wateren van Koh Chang

Koh Khlum

Not far from Hin Raab South is the small island of Koh Khlum, a perfect dive site for beginners. On the islet of Koh Khlum we also stop for lunch. There will be dinner on board first and then you can visit the island/beach. What to see? Turtles, the panda clownfish, schools of fusiliers and anemone fish. You also see lots of starfish here and sometimes harmless blacktip sharks are spotted.

T11 shipwreck

Although the T11 shipwreck is a totally different ship from the HTMS Chang, it does serve the same purpose.Ten years back, in 2013, Thai authorities deliberately sank the T11 ship in order to conduct military exercises on it, thus giving the Koh Chang diving community an unexpected diving wreck. Even though the wreck is rather battered by the military exercises, it is a special place to dive. 

The T11 shipwreck is located about five kilometers off the coast of Koh Chang, not far from Hin Raab. The wreck is about thirty meters long and lies at a depth of thirteen meters. Because the wreck itself is too small for a full dive, you’ll continue across the sand back to the corals at Hin Raab. What to see? Of course the wreck itself, which is also very nice for underwater photography. Nearby you can regularly see large sand rays, seahorses, blue-spotted stingrays and many more beauties!

Mooie onderwaterwereld in de wateren van Koh Chang

Image: BB Divers

Hin Tai Nam (Blueberry Hill)

Blueberry Hill (Hin Tai Nam) is a bare rock five kilometers south of Koh Chang. Divers can descend to a depth of up to sixteen meters and visibility ranges from three to twenty meters. What to see? The southern side of Hin Tai Nam is covered with different types of coral and you can regularly see triggerfish, barracudas and snappers.

Hin Rua Tek (Banana Rock)

We keep diving (and snorkeling) for fruit, literally. Banana Rock (Hin Rau Tek) is closer to Koh Chang than Blueberry Hill and is also a pleasant snorkeling site. Divers can dive to a maximum of sixteen meters here (visibility two to fifteen meters). What to see? This dive spot has beautiful rock formations with even a small cave. The coral is a little less colorful, but the beautiful surroundings still make the dive interesting. Sometimes turtles are spotted and many schools of larger fish like fusiliers, barracudas and snappers.

Mooie onderwaterwereld in de wateren van Koh Chang
Vissen in de wateren van Koh Chang

Diving and snorkeling trip to Koh Mak

This trip is booked by request, send an email to info at thailandmagazine.com or contact us via the Thailand WhatsApp GroupInstagram or Facebook.

Snorkeling trip to Koh Wai

The Koh Wai route is booked only for private snorkeling trips. Koh Wai is a very beautiful islet with shallow coral reefs. The snorkeling there is beautiful, but the attraction is mainly the nice little beaches, which makes it ideal for a private snorkeling trip.The island has two small restaurants, so lunch can be had on the island.

This trip is booked by request, send an email to info at thailandmagazine.com or contact us via the Thailand WhatsApp GroupInstagram or Facebook.

Een pijlstaartrog in de wateren van Koh Chang
Een pijlstaartrog in de wateren van Koh Chang

10% discount on the tours via Thailand Magazine!

On all tours listed, we can offer a 10% discount with BB Divers. BB Divers is the very best diving school on Koh Chang in our opinion and they organize diving and snorkeling tours around Koh CHang almost daily. Interested? Then let them know you’re coming through Thailand Magazine or send us an email at info at thailandmagazine.com. You can also contact us through our Thailand WhatsApp GroupInstagram and Facebook. Have fun and remember no troubles, only bubbles!

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