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Koh Chang Sea View
Koh Chang,  sunloungers under the palm trees with sea view

Image: Delta-OFF, White Sand Beach


The tropical paradise Koh Chang is the second largest island of Thailand after Phuket. You will find long white beaches lined with palm trees and a wonderful sea. The interior is lush green and hilly with heights up to 700 meters! Where you can go hiking and visit waterfalls. Keeping something as big and beautiful as Koh Chang a secret will not work for long. Koh Chang can’t be called undiscovered. Fact remains that it is a great island where much natural beauty is to be discovered. Actually, this island should not be missing on your list of destinations in Thailand.

If you manage to get out of your beach chair there are plenty of fun activities to do. Do you especially want to meet other travelers? Then go to the beaches White Sand Beach or Lonely Beach. If you don’t feel like it, skip these beaches… Simple as that! There are still plenty of beaches on Koh Chang for a quiet relaxing vacation with your family or loved one.

Popular beaches on Koh Chang

Koh Chang’s most visited beaches are located on the west coast. On the popular beaches Lonely Beach and White Sand Beach you’ll find a cozy atmosphere where you quickly make new (vacation) friends. Less crowded beaches are Kai Bae Beach, Klong Prao Beach and the southern beaches Hat Sai Noi and Klong Kloi. 

Koh Chang National Marine Park, tropical islets

Another reason many people visit Koh Chang is the tropical islets and coral reefs in the area. These islets are part of the Koh Chang National Marine Park and are easily accessible from Koh Chang with a day trip. On some islands you can also stay overnight. Perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts and lovers of tropical islands with pearly white beaches!

Transportation on the island

The means of transportation on Koh Chang is the Songthaew. These are small open pickup vans that you share with other passengers. They run fixed routes around the island and you can easily stop them along the road. Prices from beach to beach are often posted on signs so negotiating / haggling over price is of little use here.

Accommodations on Koh Chang

As Koh Chang has become more popular, more luxury resorts have opened up. You can trade in your ramshackle bungalow on the beach for a luxury 5 star resort complete with spa and swimming pools. For some a disaster and for others the ultimate vacation. On each beach we have selected a number of accommodations in different price ranges for you, so that everyone stays happy.

By donating a virtual iced coffee to us or by booking your hotel stays and trips through the links on our site. This does not have to be a hotel in Thailand or even one that we recommend. We will receive a small commission from our partners like Booking.comAgoda and 12GoAsia. This costs you nothing extra. Thanks a lot!

The weather on Koh Chang

Koh Chang has a tropical climate just like the rest of Thailand. The average daytime temperature is 30 degrees and the nights do not get colder than 20 degrees. There are two seasons on Koh Chang, the dry season and the wet, or known as the rainy season. Dry season on Koh Chang is roughly from November to April. The rainy season runs roughly from May to October during which it can rain heavily. Although there are also dry periods and many showers fall during the evening and night, this is something to take into account. Especially if you come to Koh Chang for a sun and beach holiday, regular rain showers can literally and figuratively ruin your vacation. So you have to take the gamble.

We often have traveled in the rainy season ourselves but in all those years we only had a few full rainy days. If you want to be sure, the best months to visit Koh Chang are December, January, February and March. The sun shines average 8 hours a day and the days with precipitation can be counted on 1 hand each month. The water temperature on Koh Chang remains around 28 degrees all year round. In any case, you don’t have to worry about that.

How to get to Koh Chang?

Koh Chang is located 300 kilometers from the capital Bangkok in the province of Trat and nott far from the mainland of Cambodia. Because of its quick accessibility from Bangkok, it also makes this island a good destination if you don’t have much travel time or don’t want to drop down to the south. 

Important to remember is that there are two islands with the name Koh Chang in Thailand, otherwise you might end up on the wrong island. The other island Koh Chang is a lot smaller and is located near Myanmar. It’s therefore also called little Koh Chang. Koh Chang near Trat is therefore also called big Koh Chang.

From Bangkok it’s an hour’s flight to Trat Airport, from there you take a bus or cab that takes you in about half an hour to the pier. Then the ferry takes you to Koh Chang in 30 minutes. Ferries leave for Koh Chang from both Tha Thammachat Pier and Tha Center Point Pier. A longer and cheaper option is to take a minibus from Bangkok. You will then be on the road for at least six hours, after which you will take the ferry. Assume a total travel time of 7 to 8 hours. Tickets for the short and expensive and longer and cheaper trip can be booked through 12goAsia.

Koh Chang, Lonely Beach
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