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Koh Chang

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The beautiful island of Koh Chang, is Thailand’s second largest island. It is about 30 kilometers long and 14 kilometers wide. You will find elongated beaches lined with palm trees and clear sea. The interior is hilly and lushly green; the island’s highest peak is over 700 meters! Of course, keeping something as grand and beautiful as Koh Chang a secret doesn’t work for long. But there are still spots to be found where you can completely unwind.

Things to do Koh Chang

The best sight of Koh Chang is actually the island itself. Koh Chang is an island that you have to discover for yourself. The biggest tip we want to give you is, rent a scooter or car and be amazed by the beautiful waterfalls, paradise-like beaches and beautiful nature!

Snorkeling and diving

Koh Chang belongs to the Koh Chang Marine National Park and consists of as many as 52 inhabited and uninhabited islands. Koh Chang, Koh Kood, Koh Mak and Koh Wai are the most famous islands of the national park. A snorkeling or diving trip should be high on your list of things to do when visiting Koh Chang. We spent a whole day out, uhm at sea with BB Divers and visited a shipwreck with a length of 100 meters that you can see even if you only snorkel, super cool!

Koh Chang waterfalls

Koh Chang has several beautiful waterfalls; the Khlong Phlu waterfall is the most famous, but there are other beautiful waterfalls to discover on Koh Chang, such as the smaller Kai Bae waterfall and Si Tho waterfall, for example. These are all small earthly paradises, perfect for a refreshing dip. Most waterfalls are most beautiful during the rainy season from June to October, but Khlong Phlu waterfall is known to have enough water year-round for a refreshing swim. We enjoyed swimming here in the crystal clear water in December!

Blauwe Zee, Wit Strand En Palmbomen, Een Tropisch Tafereel.
Koh Ngam, Koh Chang
Salakphet Mangrove Walkway
Red Bridge, Koh Chang

Ko Ngam island

Have you ever seen such a dazzling little tropical island in a travel brochure? That just might be Koh Ngam! The islet of Koh Ngam consists of a narrow strip of white sand with palm trees and green hills on either side. The island has a sort of H shape, which allows you to dive into the unreal blue sea from the beach on two sides. Except for a few rangers, the island is uninhabited. So back to paradise!

Bang Bao Pier

The Bang Bao Pier is dotted with souvenir shops, tour agencies, restaurants, where you can book cool snorkeling and diving trips. On the pier are several seafood restaurants overlooking the beautiful west coast. It is also possible to stay overnight in basic rooms on the pier. More towards the end of the pier the atmosphere becomes more authentic, here the fishing boats are moored and you meet fisherman men who proudly show you the catch of the day. Of course, a photo of the lighthouse at the very end of the pier is not to be missed for the famous Instagram shot.

Explore the west coast by scooter

The west coast of Koh Chang consists of winding, steep hairpin bends and beautiful views. Driving around here is magical! For us, this was the most beautiful part of Koh Chang. Along the way you stop at small waterfalls, temples and local restaurants. When you visit this part of the island, you are far away from the touristy part of Koh Chang. Most people (namely) stick to the popular beaches like Lonely Beach and White Sand Beach. Understandable, but trust us, it’s worth getting off your lazy beach chair! Assume a full day of driving around to discover the highlights of the west coast. 

The abandoned ghost ship resort

A luxury resort in the shape of a ship the size of the Titanic. Many people probably saw themselves standing on the foredeck with the famous words; “I’m the king of the world!”, but like in the movie, that is history. What exactly happened nobody knows, but the resort now lies totally abandoned and dilapidated and nature is increasingly taking over. The whole area has a somewhat strange mysterious atmosphere, the abandoned boat resort is therefore recommended for people who like a little excitement and adventure.

Kai Bea Viewpoint

From Kai Bae Viewpoint you have a beautiful view of the offshore islands Koh Man Nai, Koh Yuak, Koh Pli and Koh Man Nok. In addition, it is a super nice place to watch the sunset. At the viewpoint is a platform with a small restaurant for a snack or drink. However, the area is also home to a family of monkeys who are happy to have a snack with you. From time to time they come out to claim their share. Fortunately, there are park rangers who will come to your aid if the monkeys claim too much! The viewpoint is free and you can get there easily without climbing steep hills or stairs.

Salakphet Mangrove Walkway (Red Bridge)

Across the vast mangrove forest on Koh Chang runs a raised wooden path half a kilometer long. The Salakphet Mangrove Walkway is also nicknamed The Red Bridge because the entire path is painted red. The red bridge gives you a special glimpse into the mangrove forest, because normally this area is impenetrable. In some places you have a wide view of the entire mangrove area, very beautiful! The walkway ends at a beautiful serene spot overlooking the sea, so it’s worth walking the whole path!

Beaches Koh Chang

Koh Chang’s most visited beaches are on the west coast, where you’ll find plenty of stores, massage parlors and street stalls. Less crowded but certainly no less beautiful are the beaches on the south coast. For those looking for peace and quiet, there are still a few pristine beaches on the southern tip of Koh Chang with few or no amenities. 

White Sand Beach

The lively White Sand Beach is the northernmost beach on Koh Chang. It is one of the busiest and most touristy beaches on the island. There are many bars, restaurants, stores, travel agencies, resorts and hotels. In short, you have everything you need close to you!

Klong Prao Beach

Klong Prao Beach on Koh Chang is a beautiful beach lined with large trees that provide fine shaded areas. According to some visitors to Koh Chang, this is the most beautiful beach on the island. Between the trees are mostly large luxury resorts with bungalows right on the beach.

Lonely Beach

The lively Lonely Beach is the backpacker place of Koh Chang. Are you young or young at heart and you like to drink buckets in more simpel beach bars with a Bob Marley flag? Then you will find many like-minded people here!

Klong Kloi Beach

Klong Kloi Beach is a lovely beach with nice shady spots and cute bungalows in various price ranges. The beach has a relaxed atmosphere appreciated by many different travelers. No exuberant nightlife here, but great food with your feet in the sand.

Kai Bae Beach

Kai Bae Beach is a beach that many people can appreciate because it is relatively quiet and still has quite a few tourist facilities. Kai Bea Beach on Koh Chang has a 2.5-kilometer stretch of sand. From the beach you have a view of the islands Koh Yuak, Koh Pli, Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai.

Bailen Beach

Different then Lonely Beach, Bailan Beach is a place for seekers of peace and quiet. The beautiful bowl-shaped bay is a favorite among couples and families. In the bay is the luxurious Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway Resort which has everything for carefree beach vacation. Bailen Beach is the first beach south of Lonely Beach, so the action is never far away.

Hat Sai Noi

Hat Sai Noi is a tiny paradise white stand not far from Bang Bao Pier. Most people drive past it unnoticed, but you shouldn’t if you’re looking for relaxation. The little beach has a very relaxing atmosphere that grabs you immediately when you set foot in the white sand.

Wai Cheack Beach

A small four hundred meters long beach with nothing more than palm trees and white sand. Wai Cheack Beach is a beach for anyone who likes a little action before relaxation. because getting there is quite an adventure. If you want to stay overnight you will have to bring your own tent, because there is no hotel or resort. Back to nature!

Long Beach

Long Beach is located all the way in the southwestern part of Koh Chang. It takes a while to get to this beach, but that ensures that this beach is still pure and undiscovered by mass tourism. Without going right back to basics, you can enjoy a nice quiet beach here with a few amenities and accommodation options.

Boom Op Het Strand Die Over De Helder Blauwe Zee Heen Hangt
Klong Kloi Beach, Koh Chang
Strand Omzoomd Met Palmbomen En Weelderijg Groen
Lonely Beach, Koh Chang


On Koh Chang you will not be short of anything. From Kebab to phad thai and everything in between, Koh Chang has it! Especially near the popular beaches, the choice is ample. So one day you eat a luxury dinner and the next day a sate at a small local restaurant. 

Night Food Market

Every evening from 5 to 10 p.m., the food stalls appear on the main road off Saeng Aurun Bungalows near White Sand Beach. The market parallel to White Sand Beach market features the famous Pad Thai, chicken satay, roti pancakes and kebabs, of course! This cozy night market is the place on Koh Chang for a cheap but delicious dinner! 

Phu-Talay Seafood Restaurant

This romantic restaurant is located by the river with the sea in the background. Eating here is an experience in itself, because when the sun sets, a fire dance show is performed from a platform on the water. To top it all off, after dark all guests can take a boat out on the river to look for fireflies for free!

Rasta View

Rasta View is among the most relaxed and coolest places on Koh Chang. Even if you don’t plan to eat here, having a drink is the least you can do. Why? Well everything about Rasta View is Rasta, including laid-back hangouts, tasty cocktails and the amazing sea view from above. Of course, the best time to come here is around sunset. Take your time because the service is also relaxed. Peace!

Magic Garden (Fork and Knife)

Romantic dining by candlelight and torchlight in an atmospheric restaurant without paying top prices, that’s possible at Magic Garden! There are cozy spots with cushions on a raised platform, as well as regular tables for those who prefer. The restaurant serves juicy burgers as well as Thai dishes. We feasted on the vegetarian banana curry here!

Fin Koh Chang

Fin Koh Chang is one of the most popular places to eat and drink on the island, and for good reason, of course. The secret? The owner is a friendly Belgian who actually serves the best of everything. So not only delectable Flemish fries with stew, but also delicious green curry. We are told that Fin has the best Argentine steak on the island, you would love to drive or walk around for that, wouldn’t you! To round out the culinary clock we recommend the Belgian chocolate mousse, enjoy! Fin’s bar is cozy and there are live performances every night from 8 to 11 p.m. to complete the picture.

The CoCo Restaurant & Bar

The CoCo is a relaxing place with raised wooden platforms right by the sea, making it a perfect place to watch the sunset with a drink. But the food is also highly recommended, we ate several Thai dishes here, and they were all very delicious! The owner is very friendly and service-oriented. The value for money is also very good, especially in relation to the beautiful location!

Kinderen staan bij foodstal hoopvol te kijken naar wafels en sate stokjes, terwijl een van de meisjes aanwijst wat ze wil hebben.

Hotels & accommodation Koh Chang

As Koh Chang has become increasingly popular, more and more luxury hotels and resorts have been added. As a result, if you want, you can swap your ramshackle bungalow on the beach for a luxurious five-star resort, complete with spa and pool. A disaster for some and the ultimate vacation for others. We like the variety of staying in a simple bungalow and sometimes in a resort with all the frills.:

Chivapuri Beach Resort

The most luxurious resort on klong Kloi Beach. Scattered among the trees and within stumbling distance of the beautiful bay are beautiful bungalows with soft beds and shiny floors. From the pool you overlook the beautiful bay. Perfect for couples and peace seekers.

Oasis Koh Chang

Beautiful bungalows in the middle of nature yet a short walk from the Walking Street of Lonely Beach. Because of this you have no noise pollution. The hotel has a small swimming pool and a beautiful wooden romantic restaurant with a “nest” high in the trees. Oasis bungalows is ideal if you want to go out but sleep peacefully.

Sea flower Resort

The Sea flower Resort has simple but complete bungalows. The first and second row bungalows have sea views. There is no beach but there is a small wooden pier from which you can watch the sun go down. The Sea Flower resort is ten minutes from Lonely Beach and a five-minute walk from Walking Street. As a result, you may experience some noise pollution if you’re not a party animal yourself.

Seang Arun Bungalows

Seang Arun’s affordable bungalows are perfectly located. They are all near or even on White Sand Beach! The famous Night Food Market is also a two-minute walk away. The bungalows are super clean and have a hot shower, refrigerator, air conditioning and veranda. Not surprisingly, these bungalows often sell out quickly!

Annika Koh Chang/ Ramayana Koh Chang Resort

This lovely mid-range resort is a good place to sleep for families with small children. There is a large swimming pool with a shallow area and a playground surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden. Because the resort is not directly on the beach, a free shuttle bus runs every hour to the beach and nearby attractions.

The Dewa

The Dewa is a great four-star hotel where you are well taken care of, the friendly staff is always there for you. The spacious rooms are decorated in a modern Thai style. You can choose from different types of rooms or villas, but they are all wonderful! The pool is beautifully landscaped and has lovely loungers to relax on.

The Sylvan

The Sylvan is a beautiful resort right by the sea. All rooms are beautifully decorated and have a balcony overlooking the sea and the islands; Koh Yuak, Koh Pli and Koh Man, Nok Koh, Man Nai At the resort you can rent kayaks to paddle to the small island of Koh Man Nai. From the large, circular pool, you can step right onto Kai Bae Beach. For a luxurious dream vacation, villas with private pools are also available.

Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort

The Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort stands for style and good service. The beautiful resort has a beautiful swimming pool with a slide and sun beds in the water. The resort is right on a nice clean stretch of beach and on the other side the resort is at the end of a quiet street with nearby restaurants and massage shops. 

Bungalow Van Twee Verdiepingen Met Balkon En Terras Van Het Chivapuri Resort
Chivapuri Resort, Koh Chang
Ligbedjes Rondom Zwembad En De Invallende Schemering In De Tropische Tuin Van Een Luxe Resort.
The Dewa, Koh Chang

Weather Koh Chang

Koh Chang, has like the rest of Thailand a tropical climate, the average daytime temperature is 30 degrees and at night it does not get colder than 20 degrees. Koh Chang has a dry season and a rainy season. The rainy season is roughly from May to October. It can rain heavily then and some hotels close their doors. On the other hand, this is the time to sleep in luxury resorts for a bargain, as prices drop significantly in the rainy season!

Although there are also dry periods in the rainy season and many showers fall in the evening and night, it is something to keep in mind that there can be a big splash. We travel often in the rainy season to Thailand but we have only had a few days with only rain.

Best travel time Koh Chang

The best travel time for Koh Chang is December, January, February, March and April: The sun shines an average of 8 hours a day and the days with rainfall per month can be counted on one hand. The water temperature on Koh Chang remains around 28 degrees all year round.

Hours of sunshine

Average monthly sunhours in Ko Chang, Thailand


Average min and max temperatures in Ko Chang, Thailand


Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Ko Chang, Thailand


Average relative humidity in Ko Chang, Thailand


Riding a motor scooter on Koh Chang

For the ultimate freedom, rent a scooter and explore the island independently. You can find a scooter rental company in every town. The roads are generally narrow but good. On Koh Chang, there are some challenging sections though, think steep hills and sharp turns. Also keep in mind that the roads can get slippery when it rains. Scooter experience and an appropriate dose of caution are not unnecessary here. Before hitting the road, check if the brakes are working properly and if the scooter is powerful enough for the steep hills.

Taxi / songthaew

A common form of transportation on Koh Chang is the Songthaew, a small open pickup van that you share with other passengers. The vans run fixed routes around the island, and you can stop them along the road. Prices from beach to beach are often displayed on signs. Bargaining / haggling is of little use.

Foto Vanuit Songthaew Genomen, Met Daarachter Een Scooterrijder In Een Scherpe Bocht

How to get to Koh Chang?

Koh Chang is located 300 kilometers from the capital Bangkok in Trat province, not far from the mainland with Cambodia. Because of its quick accessibility by plane from Bangkok, Koh Chang is also a good destination if you don’t have much travel time or don’t want to descend south. You fly from Bangkok to Trat airport in an hour, from there you take a cab or songthaew to Aow Thammachat Pier. Then it’s another half-hour boat ride before your feet hit the soft sand of Koh Chang. From Bangkok there is also an express bus to Koh Chang. From Pattaya or Jomtien, Koh Chang is also easily accessible.

For the most up-to-date bus and flight times including prices, check 12GoAsia and/or enter your departure date and city in the table below. Have a great trip!

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