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Het strand van Klong Kloi Beach op Koh Chang
Strandstoeltjes op het strand van Klong Kloi Beach op Koh Chang

Image: Thailand Magazine


The beautiful Klong Kloi Beach is located in the far south of Koh Chang. Although the beach is no longer undiscovered, Klong Kloi Beach is less visited than Lonely Beach and White Sand Beach, for example. This is probably because the beach is the farthest away from Ao Sapparot Pier, where you arrive on Koh Chang by boat. In any case, it has nothing to do with the beach itself, because Klong Kloi Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Chang!

Boom ligt op het witte strand

Image: Thailandmagazine

The beach of Klong Kloi

Klong Kloi Beach consists of about a kilometer of fine, soft sand and is fringed by palm trees decorated with ropes, swings and hammocks. We thought this made the beach look immediately cozy. Directly on and near the beach are simple but cozy restaurants. When you order something here, you can use the beach chairs and sun beds on the beach for free. So before you know it you are lying on one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Chang with a delicious shake!

At the beginning of the bay the beach is narrow at high tide, so sometimes you literally lie with your beach bed in the water. For us this didn’t feel disadvantageous, it actually had something fun. If you prefer more space or want to lie on a towel, it is best to walk a little further. The further you walk, the wider and quieter the beach becomes. 

The blue sea consists mostly of a sandy bottom, you don’t have to worry about walking over rocks. Also, the sea gets deeper quickly, so you can swim wonderfully. We really think Klong Kloi Beach is a fantastic beach to spend a few days relaxing!

Visiting Koh Chang in the rainy season? Then Klong Kloi Beach is the best choice, the sea here is calmer than the west coast due to the convenient location of the beach.

Klong Kloi Beach seen with a drone

Food & drinks Klong Kloi Beach

Most of the restaurants are right on Klong Kloi beach, most of which are fairly basic but certainly cozy. Also right behind the beach is a small village through which a dirt road winds. In the village there is a mini market and some small restaurants. There is not a really big nightlife in this part of Koh Chang. A sumptuous dinner with your feet in the sand or a walk on the beach is the alternative. When we visited the village, a number of places were still closed due to Covid-19 and the consequent decrease in visitors. It could just be that in a while some locations will reopen.

Ginger Home Restaurant & Bar Koh Chang

The owners of this small bar and restaurant make you feel right at home in the colorful reggae setting. It’s hard to overlook this cool place and walk past it. –  And you should definitely not! – The food is cheap and delicious, and you can also get a shake, cocktail or beer. There are regular live performances and the owner is known as a good tattoo artist – something to think about before you go for a few cocktails. Ginger Bar & Restaurant at Klong Kloi Beach is currently one of the few places where you can also go later in the evening. We had a very pleasant evening here!

Kleurrijk beschilderde bus met barkrukken en flessen drank

Image: Thailand Magazine

Zitjes op de grond in een  kleurrijke omgeving met uitzicht op een vijver en natuur

Image: Thailand Magazine

Bamboo Hut Koh Chang

At Bamboo Hut, you eat with a sea view and your feet in the sand. The simple restaurant serves Thai dishes and an affordable Western breakfast or lunch. At Bamboo Hut you can also take cooking classes, taught by the owner’s wife. A few times a week there is a fish barbecue, and in the evening live music and fire shows alternate regularly. For a relaxing evening, the Bamboo Hut is highly recommended. The friendly owner speaks quite a few words across the border, so you are likely to be greeted in your own language!

The best accommodations at Klong Kloi Beach

Klong Kloi Beach surprised us so positively during a short visit that, against our plans, we stayed overnight to enjoy this beach to the fullest. If you are looking for a resort or hotel on Klong Kloi Beach, it is good to know the following; the further you walk, the quieter and wider the beach becomes. At the same time, the bungalows get more and more beautiful and luxurious.

There are not very many accommodation options on Klong Kloi Beach, which is why during the high season (November to March) it is smart to book your hotel in advance. Especially if you want a beachfront bungalow.

gouden zonsondergang gezien vanaf Klong Kloi Beach

Image: Thailand Magazine

Chivapuri Beach Resort

We decided to treat ourselves and sleep at the Chivapuri Beach Resort. This is the only resort with a pool on the beach. The spacious pool stood out immediately as we walked by. It looked lovely with nice shaded spots under nice big trees. We couldn’t resist this!

Located on the most quiet and widest stretch of Klong Kloi beach, the resort is the most luxurious beachfront accommodation. The resort has nice spots with beanbags, hanging nets and swings to relax by the sea.

foto vanuit Zwembad met weerspiegeling van de bomen en ui

Image: Thailand Magazine

Oranje zitzakken op plateau in het zand direct aan zee

Image: Thailand Magazine

We stayed in a beautiful family bungalow with direct sea views from our spacious balcony. The room was beautiful, with a high ceiling, soft beds and a shiny wooden floor. The bathroom was large and had a bathtub overlooking the sea in addition to a shower. The family room consisted of two bedrooms and two bathrooms, both opening onto the large terrace.

Klassieke bungalow met terras en balkon

Image: Thailand Magazine

houten bed in slaapkamer met houten vloer en hoog plafond

Image: Thailand Magazine

When you sleep at the Chivapuri Beach Resort on Klong Kloi Beach, you can use the kayaks and SUP boards for free. The restaurant which belongs to the resort has positively surprised us again and again. We ate the best fried rice on Koh Chang and enjoyed delicious tropical cocktails overlooking the sea. As far as we are concerned, this resort is a must for a relaxing (family) vacation if you are looking for some more peace and comfort on Koh Chang.

For more information or bookings >> Chivapuri Beach Resort

Serveerster met cocktails  op een dienblad

Image: Thailand Magazine

Thaise gerechten op tafel met op de achtergrond de zee van Klong Kloi Beach

Image: Thailand Magazine

Yak Bungalows

Yak Bungalows still has old skool basic bungalows with small verandas in a green setting. The bungalows have cold water and a fan. There is a small common kitchen that you may use. Klong Kloi beach is a three-minute walk away. Yak bungalow is a nice place to meet other travelers and is located a bit more in the first (narrow) part of the bay. Being a bit more on the village street, you might sometimes hear some noise from the street.

For more information or bookings >> Yak Bungalows

Bangbao Beach Resort

Bangbao Beach Resort has simple but nice small detached bungalows with veranda. Some bungalows are right on the beach, others are within stumbling distance. The bungalows have air conditioning and hot water. Bangbao Beach Resort is one of Klong Kloi Beach’s most popular mid-range resorts and is located right in the middle of the “hustle and bustle” of the beach.

For more information or bookings >> Bangbao Beach Resort

Bungalow met  openslaande deuren en uitzicht op zee

What is there to do around Klong Kloi Beach?

Klong Kloi Beach offers activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding or a relaxing massage, although you may not consider the latter an activity. Klong Kloi is primarily a bay where you can unwind. Therefore, the beach is often visited by couples and families with children. Around 10 p.m. the restaurants become quieter and by 11 p.m. the beach is almost deserted. It is a completely different world than, for example, the popular entertainment area of Lonely Beach, where the nightlife has yet to begin. The good thing is that there are plenty of fun activities nearby that you can alternate with… doing nothing.

Bang Bao Pier

About a five-minute drive from Klong Kloi Beach is the popular Bang Bao Pier. Here you will find a colorful tourist market and the best seafood restaurants on Koh Chang. 

The road to Bang Bao is quite steep with real hairpin turns. A songthaew ride to Bang Bao Pier costs 50 THB per person one way and may be a safer option. In theory, you could also walk from Klong Kloi to Bang Bao Pier, but consider it a good workout rather than a leisurely walk. At the Bang Bao Pier is also the place where you can book various diving and snorkeling tours to Koh Chang National Marine Park, for example. We have had good experiences with BB Divers Koh Chang. 

Lange smal straat met winkeltjes op de pier van Koh Chang

Image: Thailand Magazine

twee vrouwen maken zittend op de grond vissaus

Image: Thailand Magazine

Koh Chang’s abandoned boat resort

From Klong Kloi Beach, you can take a short kayak or paddleboard ride quite easily to get very close to the abandoned ghost ship resort. This is really recommended because the ship and the other abandoned villas, once part of a luxury resort, are very special and mysterious to see. You feel like Indiana Jones when you sail here!! Moreover, the beach where this boat is located is incredibly beautiful! The Chivapuri Resort rents out canoes and paddleboards. From this resort, you’re about ten minutes away from Koh Chang’s famous Ghost Ship.

verlaten resort in de vorm van een boot gezien vanaf zee

Image: Thailand Magazine

Khlong Phlu Waterfall

The Khlong Phlu waterfall is not far from Klong Koi Beach. You can swim there in the cooling water stream…If  you visit this waterfall during the rainy season. In the dry season, the river and waterfall are often dry. Access to the waterfall is free and the way to get there is easy, you can stop your scooter practically in front of the door. If you do want more of a challenge, you can follow another adventurous nature trail, seemingly to the top of the waterfall.

Rasta View Bar and Indie Beach

Rasta View is the place to be for an ultra-relaxed mood! This place has thickly earned its green, yellow and red stripes over the years. The funky bar and restaurant have cool seating and hanging areas with stunning views of the sea and Bang Bao Pier. The Rasta View Bar is not to be missed if you’re on your way to Klong Kloi Beach.

Also take an instant look at nearby Indie Beach, a very tiny white beach with a super relaxed vibe created by Indie Beach Bungalows & Café. Besides the cute bungalows, you can also feast on vegetarian dishes and healthy shakes at the restaurant.

Kleurrijke rasta bar met verschillende zit en hangplekjes.

Image: Thailand Magazine

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Transport from / to Klong Kloi Beach

Songthaew / taxibusjes

When you arrive by boat from Trat, you will arrive at the Ao Sapparot pier. Here the songthaews, a kind of open cab vans, are already waiting to take you to the various beaches or accommodations. Prices are fixed, for Klong Kloi you pay 200 THB per person, one way. The prices of these Songthaew to other beaches are indicated on a 

sign once you pass the bridge at Klong Kloi Beach. The drivers charge the same prices.

Betonnen vervallen brug richting strand

Image: Thailand Magazine

Reisbureau met bord van taxi prijzen en tours

Image: Thailand Magazine


When you visit Klong Kloi Beach by scooter, you eventually end up at a narrow, somewhat rickety concrete bridge that you must cross to get to Klong Kloi Beach. Passing this bridge by scooter and parking there also costs 20 THB. Along the road, before you cross the bridge you can park for free. On Klong Kloi beach itself, it is also possible to rent a scooter. 

If you want to arrange your trip to Koh Chang by yourself in advance, we recommend using 12GoAsia. You pay a little extra, but the whole trip will be arranged for you from A to Z.


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