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The first nights we spent on Koh Lanta were on the beach of Klong Dao (Khlong Dao). This beach, which is located in a bay, is together with Long Beach the most popular beach on the island and is also called Haad Klong Dao or Had Klong Dao. Haad or had means beach in Thai.

Klong Dao is an almost 3 km long beach near Saladan, one of the most important villages of Koh Lanta because it is located near the pier where everyone arrives or departs by ferry to various destinations in Thailand. We came by ferry from the island of Koh Phi Phi, this was easy to do and easy to organize yourself.

The beach of Klong Dao looking to the south of Koh Lanta
The beach of Klong Dao looking to the north of Koh Lanta

Where on Koh Lanta is Klong Dao Beach located?

Klong Dao is located all the way to the west coast and all the way to the north of Koh Lanta. This beach is very easy to reach because it is partly on the main road of the island. This main road runs from Saladan (north) all the way to the southernmost point of the island, Mu Koh Lanta National Park.

From the Saladan Pier you could even reach Klong Dao Beach on foot because it is a half hour walk at most. But with a tuk (scooter and motorbike with sidecar) you are on the beach in 10 minutes. If you sleep at another beach on Koh Lanta you can also take a longtail boat. They will drop you off at one of the beaches in the south.

The beach in the north of Klong Dao is called Kaw Kwang Beach but is actually part of Klong Dao Beach because these two beaches just merge into each other. The next beach heading south is Phra Ae Beach better known as Long Beach.

The beach of Klong Dao

The beach is located in a wide bay. Here and there you will find luxury resorts but also small hostels. There are also plenty of good restaurants and nice bars on the beach of Klong Dao. What is good is that the accommodations are not right on the beach but behind the line with trees on the beach. This makes the beach look and feel very spacious. This benefits the atmosphere on the beach. Klong Dao Beach is a great beach with white powder sand to sunbathe and see the sun set at the end of the day! By the way, the beach is very clean, partly because the resorts keep their own piece of beach clean in front of “the door”.

The beach of Klong Dao looking to the south of Koh Lanta

The sea at Klong Dao Beach

A super big advantage of Klong Dao Beach compared to the other beaches on Koh Lanta is that there are almost no stones and rocks in the water at the coast. This makes the water a very good place to swim without constantly worrying about hurting yourself with a stone in the water. The water is shallow and especially in high season (November to March) very clear. It is therefore not surprising that many families with small children sleep at this beach.

In the rainy season (May to October) the sea can be quite rough with strong waves.

Woman and child in the shallow sea of Klong Dao Beach on Koh Lanta

What to do around Klong Dao Beach?

As mentioned before, there are many restaurants and bars around Klong Dao Beach. We have made a small selection of the best places to sleep, restaurants and bars that can be found in this area. Also, Klong Dao, like many beaches on the west coast of Koh Lanta, is ideal to see the sun set during a nice beach walk or with a cocktail in your hand on the beach! All the way south of Klong Dao Beach you will find on the beach the nice cooking school Time For Lime, when you follow a cooking course here you also help the sick dogs and cats on the island. Part of the proceeds will go to Lanta Animal Welfare.

Best hotels in the area of Klong Dao Beach

Klong Dao Beach is a very good location to stay during your stay at Koh Lanta. You are not far from the Saladan Pier where almost everyone arrives and the main road of the island runs parallel to this beach. Below you will find some tips where the score online is very good (8+). If you want to read more about accommodation on the island of Koh Lanta, check out the best luxury, mid-range or budget places to sleep here.

Our Twin Lotus Resort & Spa review of this amazingly beautiful and peaceful resort near the Saladan Pier.

The main pool and restaurant of the twin lotus resort at Klong Dao Beach on Koh Lanta
The deluxe beachfront villa of the twin lotus resort at Klong Dao Beach on Koh Lanta
The deluxe beachfront villa of the twin lotus resort at Klong Dao Beach on Koh Lanta

Best restaurants and bars in the area of Klong Dao Beach

On the beach but also in the immediate vicinity of Klong Dao Beach there are plenty of good restaurants. Below you will find some of our discoveries. Do you want to know which restaurants on Koh Lanta we like best? Check out this article with the best restaurants on Koh Lanta. And the best bars on the island can be found here!

Sign at Time for Lime at Klong Dao Beach on Koh Lanta
Delicious food at Time for Lime at Klong Dao Beach on Koh Lanta

What else is there to do on Koh Lanta?

Of course there are many more beautiful beaches and fun things to do on Koh Lanta! We have picked a number of nice locations for you. Like well appreciated restaurants, bars and places of interest which we think you shouldn’t miss! We hope this will make your visit to Koh Lanta even more fun! Through the InfoBox below you can find more information.

Spending the night on Koh Lanta

On Koh Lanta you can sleep as cheap or expensive as you want. The range of accommodations is very diverse. From luxury resorts to back to basic in a nice small bungalow, the choice is yours! In general, the price-quality ratio on Koh Lanta is better than on the surrounding islands.

This is our selection of the best places to sleep on Koh Lanta:

Also read our reviews of:

Good dining at Koh Lanta

  • Yang Garden TIP
    This is without a doubt our favourite restaurant on the island! Everything’s right here! Of course the food is great but also the location and staff get a big 10/10 from us! Do it!
  • Drunken Sailors
    Near one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Lanta (Kantiang) lies this gem! You can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner here. Already eaten? The cocktails are also great here, just ask those swaying sailors who walk out the door…
  • The Reggae Bar TIP
    All the way to the north of Koh Lanta and not far from the village of Saladan you can enjoy great dishes and powerful cocktails in your own private (tree) hut on a rocky beach! This special location belongs to the beautiful Avani+ Koh Lanta Resort.
  • Rareview Coffee & Restaurant TIP
    Not only the dishes and drinks are here to savour, also the view is very appetizing! The team at this restaurant in Koh Lanta’s Old Town is super friendly and will do everything to make sure you have a great time!
  • Global Local – Home of the serious burger
    They take the hamburger seriously here, very seriously! Taste it yourself!
  • Pad Thai Rock n Roll
    Dance for joy as you taste the toad thai or other dishes here! Located just before Kantiang Bay in the south of Koh Lanta.
  • Di Farina Pizza
    The best pizza of Koh Lanta can be found in Old Town, unfortunately closed in low season but if you are here in the months November to May then you know where to go!

If you want to know more about the above restaurants read our article about the best restaurants on Koh Lanta.

Going out on Koh Lanta

There are a number of not-to-be-missed bars on Koh Lanta where you can socialize and have a drink. Do you only want the best of the best? Read our article about the best bars on Koh Lanta.

  • Majestic Bar Koh Lanta
    A great place for a drink!
  • Why Not Bar
    A popular bar at perhaps the most beautiful beach in Koh Lanta. In the bay of Kantiang you come to relax and enjoy the fire shows that are held here!
  • The Reggae Bar
    Not far from Saladan Village and situated on the grounds of a beautiful luxury resort you can drink special cocktails in an equally special setting…
  • Rasta Baby Bar
    On Klong Nin Beach there is relaxed reggae and jungle playing all evening. The friendly family at this bar will make sure you have a great night, yah man!
  • Big Bang Bar
    Attention beer lovers! On the beach of Klong Nin you can enjoy countless different craft beers.Let yourself be seduced by names like Coconut Cream and imagine yourself on a tropical island while taking your first sip…wait, you’re already on a tropical island! Cheers!
  • Freedom Bar
    A beautiful beach, good music, nice people and nice drinks. Feel happy and free because here on Klong Khong Beach it is wonderful to stay!
  • Funky Monkey
    Singing talent wanted! At the Funky Monkey near Long Beach you can grab prizes if you make the most of your singing talent. Who knows, you might get a record deal and become a famous pop star in Thailand, but of course you can also go for the free drinks!
  • Pangea Beach Bar
    If the Funky Monkey (tip above) is a place for nightingales, then this bar is the ultimate place for night owls! From Techno to Deep House you’ll find it at Long Beach.
  • Cheeky Monkey Bar
    If the Funky Monkey (tip above) is a place for nightingales, then this bar is the ultimate place for night owls! From Techno to Deep House you’ll find it at Long Beach.

Koh Lanta is a lovely island to explore by scooter or car. You bypass the high taxi prices and you can visit nice places at your leisure. We have a very good experience with Lanta Sky. You can rent a scooter or car from them that they bring and pick up again when it suits you best. If you want to rent a car you have to leave your passport, that is Koh Lanta everywhere. Renting a scooter without your passport is often possible when you pay a few thousand baht deposit. Are you going to Mu Koh Lanta National Park? Then ask for a powerful scooter, especially if you want to go with two people on a scooter. The roads to the National Park go up a lot and that calls for some extra power.

What else to discover on Koh Lanta?

  • Saladan Village & Pier 
    Almost everyone arrives at the pier in the village of Saladan. The small village has everything a traveler needs.
  • Klong Dao Beach
    Klong Dao Beach is a nice long and wide beach near the village of Saladan where beautiful resorts such as Twin Lotus are located.
  • Long Beach
    Long Beach is the most popular beach of Koh Lanta, you have plenty of choice of nice bars and good restaurants.
  • Klong Khong Beach
    Klong Khong Beach, also known as Relax Bay has a hippie vibe, you will find nice bars and budget accommodations at the beach.
  • Kantiang Bay
    According to many visitors of Koh Lanta, Kantiang Bay is the most beautiful beach on the island.
  • Bamboo Bay
    Small paradise beach with not much more than a white beach and a blue sea.
  • Ao Nui Beach
    Lovely small beach with a few nice beach bars for a cool drink.
  • Mu Koh Lanta National Park
    The Mu Koh Lanta National Park is a beautiful area all the way south of Koh Lanta. Just the ride on the scooter is already worth it!
  • Old Town
    Old Town has beautiful authentic houses, souvenir shops and nice restaurants with the famous Instagram swings by the sea.
  • Time for Lime
    You can find the best and most enjoyable cooking course at Time for Lime! And the great thing is that a large part of the proceeds are donated to Lanta Animal Welfare!
  • Lanta Animal Welfare
    Straight dogs and cats get a better future thanks to Lanta Animal Welfare! A must visit if you are on Koh Lanta.

Take a look at our selection of some impressive pictures of Koh Lanta through our ninth Picture This article.

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