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Kiti Panit, Chiang Mai

Kiti Panit, Chiang Mai

Authentic Northern Thai cuisine in a historic mansion on the outskirts of Chiang Mai’s old city center

In Jully 2023, we experienced an unforgettable evening where we feasted on an exquisite dinner at Kiti Panit in Chiang Mai. This must be one of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai for sure! Especially for lovers of traditional Northern Thai cuisine. In fact, Kiti Panit serves authentic recipes from old Chiang Mai and areas (Lanna-kitchen). Our last night in Chiang Mai was not only a culinary time-travel experience, but we found ourselves in an ancient house/general store more than 100 years old!

All the dishes were delectable! We enjoyed one of the best portions of Khao Soi we have ever tasted in Thailand, and so much more delicious food! If you go to eat at Kiti Panit, be sure to try their signature dish and some other gems from the menu. It’s not just the dishes that are sublime, but also the atmosphere, the staff and of course the location itself are amazing. 

If you are looking for a high-quality and typically Thai dinner during your visit to Chiang Mai, pay a visit to Kiti Panit! It isn’t for nothing that this restaurant is recommended in the Michelin Guide of Thailand.

Het vervallen pand en nieuwe gerestoreerde pand van Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai

Where in Chiang Mai is the restaurant Kiti Panit located?

Kiti Panit is located just outside Tha Pae Gate, on Tha Pae Road in Chiang Mai. The restaurant is just minutes away from the famous night market and the city wall. In addition, Kiti Panit is also not far from the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. The area around Tha Pae Gate is a bustling center for tourism in Chiang Mai, with numerous hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, massage parlors and stores. An easy to spot and reach restaurant.

In a nearly 150-year-old Chino Thai mansion

The Kiti Panit restaurant is located in a beautiful historic building from 1880, which once served as a store and still contains some original furniture. Some even claim that this mansion was Chiang Mai’s very first store. Today, this carefully restored building has been transformed into a unique and special restaurant, which is an excellent reason to reserve a table right away!

Een oude zwart wit foto van Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai

Today, this carefully restored property has been transformed into a unique and special restaurant, which is an excellent reason to reserve a table right away! Kiti Panit is a tribute to the rich culinary traditions and culture of Northern Thailand. The property has a rich history and has been owned by the same family for generations, a member of which is also one of the owners of Le Du in Bangkok. Le Du was named the best restaurant in Asia in 2023. The quality of the food and the hospitality service at Kiti Panit is on a high level as well!

Schilderijen aan de muur van Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai

Some of the décor takes you back in time

Before you step into Kiti Panit, the imposing doors and shutters in the front façade immediately catch your eye. The interior of Kiti Panit has historical value and significance. Almost all the furniture, with the exception of the bar and most of the tables and chairs, are from the original mansion. Moreover, the teak mansion has been carefully restored while retaining the original wooden elements, such as ceilings, stairs and floors. The furnishings blend seamlessly with the classic furniture and are inspired by the objects found in the house. A true combination of nostalgia and class!

Het interieur van Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai waarbij oude spullen van het oude huis zijn gebruikt
Het interieur van Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai

On the first floor of the mansion you will find the main dining room, with a spacious courtyard outside where meals can be enjoyed with regularity. A staircase from the courtyard leads to the second floor. Here you will find an empty room with seven-meter high teak ceilings. We have been told that this space will be used for private dining and that some future concepts may be unleashed on it. We are very curious!

Het terras buiten van Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai
De bovenste verdieping van Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai

The special ambiance

The historic setting of Kiti Panit in Chiang Mai creates a charming ambiance. Cozy conversations and discussions between mostly locals and foodies fill the space, while still maintaining a certain tranquility. This may be due to the excellent team that has everything well under control. Of course, the delicious food and drink that everyone visibly enjoys also has its influence on its atmosphere.

The outstanding service

At Kiti Panit, hospitality is paramount. The friendly and attentive staff will make you feel welcome and comfortable during your visit. They are always willing to help and contribute to a pleasant dining experience. 

After a delicious evening of culinary delights, we had a nice chat with the staff. Together with the chef, we then went to a cocktail bar just 50 meters away to end the evening. Soon you will read more about this cocktail bar in one of our other articles still on the shelf!

De chefs van

What's on the menu at Kiti Panit?

Kiti Panit, located in Chiang Mai, offers a varied menu of traditional Lanna dishes and Tai Yai or Shan dishes. The owners have chosen to present not only traditional northern Thai cuisine, but also a modern twist on Lanna cuisine. As a result, the menu is filled with both classic Thai dishes prepared according to centuries-old recipes and newer dishes with a modern take on contemporary cuisine.

The flavors and aromas of each dish are rich and full, attesting to the quality of the ingredients and the care put into their preparation. Some recommended dishes include the intense and complex Hang Le (northern Thai curry) and the flavorful grilled chicken salad with cilantro

Verschillende gerechten die er bij Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai besteld kunnen worden

Our culinary experience

Our friend from Bangkok told us about some dishes we really had to taste during our visit to this amazing restaurant in Chiang Mai. At the end of this fantastic gastronimic evening, we once again became wiser about some typical Thai dishes! What a wonderful last evening this was, first an insane spa treatment at Zira Spa, then cocktails at Chiang Mai’s highest sky bar, Mai The Sky Bar. After that we were allowed to taste some grandiose regional dishes at an old mansion/general store.

Our last night in Chiang Mai and also the end of our first Mae Hong Son walking adventure ended in a fantastic foodie feast! We enjoyed it so much and could not have wished for a better restaurant than Kiti Panit in Chiang Mai!

Chiang Mai sausage bij Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai

Some mouthwatering appetizers

We started with Nam Prik Ong, a tomato relish dip ideal for dipping various raw vegetables and nibble bacon. This was followed by a bowl of Neua Lung – meatballs in broth with sesame sauce. This sophisticated dish is an excellent as a starter. Neua Lung is a dish from the Tai Yai tribe which is originally from Myanmar. As an extra we were offered Chiangda Kua Kai, edible leaves with scrambled eggs – a flavorful combination we have eaten many times during our visit to Thailand, also so delicious!

Nam Prik Ong
Nam Prik Ong, een voorgerecht van Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai
Chiangda Kua Kai , een voorgerecht van Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai

One of the standout appetizers was the Yam Pakchi Gai Yang. Gai Yang refers to perfectly grilled chicken, but the accompanying cilantro salad was very special (delicious!!). We will no doubt order this unique flavor combination more often when we see it on the menu in Northern Thailand!

Yam Pakchi Gai Yang

Authentic curries as a main course

For the main course, the chef at Kiti Panit personally served three delicious curries. The first was a sweet-spicy curry with buttery tender pork called Hung Lay Moo or Geng Hunglay. Hailing from the Shan region in Myanmar, this tasty dish consists of pork with ginger, pickled garlic and crispy shallots. The surprising combination of sweet and sour tastes delicious, especially with a serving of sticky rice to dip in the sauce!

Hung Lay Moo, een speciale curry met varkensvlees bij

The second curry was the Gai Ook, a chicken curry with lots of garlic from the cuisine of the Tai Yai tribe from Myanmar. If you dine in Chiang Mai at a first-class restaurant serving authentic northern Thai cuisine, of course the star of the curry team cannot be missed: the Khao Soi. This is Kiti Panit’s signature dish and among the top three best Khao Soi curries we have tasted during our many travels through Thailand. The handmade noodles are sublime and the curry is rich and full of flavor. Add lime juice, shallots, pickled mustard greens and chili oil as desired, and you have a dish you’ll immediately long for when you return home.

Gai Ook, een authentieke noord thaise curry die je kunt eten bij Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai
Khao Soi de signature dish van Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai

Desserts at Kiti Panit

To top it off, at Kiti Panit in Chiang Mai, you got a serving of Khao Mao Gorn Rad Gati, a dessert also recommended in the Michelin Guide. Khao Mao Gorn Rad Gati consists of small green balls made from unripe rice, which you dip into a bowl filled with rich sweet-salty coconut milk. You had not eaten this typical Thai dessert before, but it is definitely a dish you will order more often if it is on the menu.

A fun fact about the dessert is that Khao Mao Gorn Rad Gati also has symbolic value and is considered a symbol of hospitality and warmth. In your experience, the dessert was at its best and was synonymous with Kiti Panit’s warm and hospitable staff.

Khao Mao Gorn Rad Gati, onrijpe rijstballtetjes in zoete kokosmelk, een dessert bij
Khao Mao Gorn Rad Gati, onrijpe rijstballtetjes in zoete kokosmelk, een dessert bij Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai

The costs of a great dinner or lunch at Kiti Panit in Chiang Mai

We find the prices at Kiti Panit more than reasonable. Especially for the exceptional quality, good portioning, professional service and the special location where you dine. If you choose a starter, main course and dessert for two, plus a few drinks, you’ll spend about THB 2,000. A very reasonable price for a fantastic night out in a highly special location.

See the menu and corresponding prices for yourself via this link.

Khao Soi bij Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai

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Five reasons why you should have lunch/dinner at Kiti Panit in Chiang Mai

  1. The delicious dishes, such as the Khao Soi, Hung Lay Moo, grilled chicken with cilantro salad and the Khao Mao Gorn Rad Gati.
  2. The unique location in a 100+ year old Chino-Thai mansion.
  3. The professional and welcoming staff.
  4. The 100-year-old furniture and paintings that enhance the atmosphere of the restaurant.
  5. Kiti Panit is an easily accessible restaurant just outside the old town of Chiang Mai.

Kiti Panit is a great place to discover traditional Thai cuisine and enjoy a unique culinary experience in Chiang Mai. It is definitely worth a visit for locals and tourists alike. If you are preparing a trip to Chiang Mai, don’t miss a visit to Kiti Panit.

Thank you Kip, Chef Bus, Tao and of course the entire Kiti Panit team! See you again when we are back in Chiang Mai and we will have some nice drinks afterwards 555.

Het team van Kiti Panit Restaurant in Chiang Mai

General information of Kiti Panit in Chiang Mai such as address and opening and closing times

The Kiti Panit restaurant in Chiang Mai is open Wednesday through Monday. Lunch is available from 11:30 am to 3 pm and dinner from 5 pm to 9 am.
Address: ตําบล, 19 Tha Phae Road, Tambon Chang Moi, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100
Phone number: +66 (0)801 917 996
Website: www.kitipanit.com
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kitipanit

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