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Firework show and the golden pavilion that looks like an UFO in King Rama IX Park
Firework show and the golden pavilion that looks like an UFO in King Rama IX Park


The King Rama IX Park, also called Suan Luang Royal Botanical Garden, is to our knowledge the largest park in Bangkok. The park is located about 15 km outside the city centre and was opened in 1987 to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of King Bhumibol. In the middle of King Rama IX Park stands the golden Spiredamangkhala pavilion that resembles a futuristic spaceship. In this pavilion you can see exhibitions and photographic exhibitions related to Thai royalty and of course King Phra Chaoyuhua Bhumibol Adulyadej himself. King Bhumibol was a great lover of photography and made beautiful photographs, that is why his own photographs are also exhibited here. The pavilion is situated on a lake where you can rent a boat to take a closer look at the floating lotus gardens. Besides a recreational function, the lake is also constructed to catch excess water during the rainy season.

There are a number of rules in the park:
– It is forbidden to smoke in the parks of Bangkok.
– At 08:00 and 18:00 the national anthem will be played in which everyone stands still and is silent. It is much appreciated if you do the same.

Sunset at King Rama IX Park

The botanical gardens of the King Rama IX Park

In addition to the lotus gardens in which more than 40 different species of lotus and water lilies grow, the King Rama IX Park consists of a number of other gardens such as a botanical garden. Here you find various greenhouses where, among other things, ornamental orchids bloom. There is also an Italian garden with beautiful fountains and a Chinese garden complete with miniature bridges over a lily pond.

In the park you can see a great diversity of flora that originates from all 77 provinces of Thailand. In short, lots of photo material for the enthusiast!

The American garden in the King Rama IX Park
The Italian garden at the King Rama IX Park
The Chinese garden at the King Rama IX Park

Information: King Rama IX Park

Alternative name: Suan Luang Royal Botanical Garden
Daily from 05:00 – 18:00
Sukhumvit 103 Road
Udom Suk
Route BTS: Station Udom Suk + 20 minutes with a taxi

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