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Khunyuam Resort, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand

Review Khunyuam Resort

Our third stop during our Mae Hong Son adventure, and also one of our favorite stops was the one at the Khunyuam Resort. As we drove the car onto the property we were immediately welcomed by the extremely friendly (owner Khun Jeab) who showed us to our room after checking in. Unfortunately, we had only booked one night as we could have easily stayed two or three. Rest and enjoy your vacation, that’s what you do here!

Zonsondergang gezien vanaf Khunyuam Resort in de provincie Mae Hong Son

Image: Khunyuam Resort (Facebook)

Where is Khunyuam Resort located?

Khun Yuam is a small village, located right in the middle between Mae Sariang and Mae Hong Son city. About twenty kilometers to the west you will find the border of Myanmar border and Chiang Mai is located 225 km away from Khunyuam Resort. That means, that if you want, you can drive there by car in five to six hours including stops for a little break. Or you do as we did, stopped at the cute Phu-Anna Eco House in Hod.

Before stopping at Khunyuam Resort, we decided to have lunch at Dad’s Garden. A very nice restaurant with a large terrace overlooking the rice fields. They have numerous shakes and dishes, highly recommended if you are in Khun Yuam! Another one we highly recommend is Coffee Jack, a perfect coffee shop for getting a good cup of coffee when you’re driving the Mae Hong Son loop! Give my regards to the kind owner of this nice coffee shop in Khun Yuam.

Personeel van Dad's House in Khun Yuam in de provincie Mae Hong Son

Dad’s Garden

De aardige eigenaar van Coffee Jack in Khun Yuam in de provincie Mae Hong Son

Coffee Jack

Not far from our fine accommodation, a 15-minute walk past rice fields and houses of the friendly locals, lies Wat To Phae. This is a beautiful temple that you really must visit if you spend the night in Khun Yuam. By the way, the walk from our Khunyuam Resort was just as beautiful as the temple itself. On the way back, we stocked up on snacks at a local supermarket and decided to enjoy a light meal in our room. The view was too beautiful to spend our time anywhere else.

De mooie omgeving met onder andere rijstvelden van Khun Yuam

The different type of rooms at Khunyuam Resort

Khunyuam Resort consists of a total of ten rooms. Four rooms are triple rooms and these are found in two detached buildings at the edge of the valley. The six remaining rooms, the budget rooms come with two single beds or a double bed.

We slept in the High Floor King Suite, also known as the Luxury Triple Room (Second Floor). Our clean room consisted of an upper part of some sort of house with gigantic views of Mae Hong Son province. Below us there is an identical room, but slightly lower in height, so it doesn’t matter which room you book in this segment, the only difference is that our room was one floor up.

Budgetkamers van Khunyuam Resort

Budget roomd

Luxer kamers van Khunyuam Resort

Luxury rooms – Image: Khunyuam Resort (Facebook)

Upon entering, the spacious bathroom is on the left and right in front of us we saw the large bedroom including a refrigerator, air conditioning and even wifi. The best thing about our room was the balcony, on both sides we could stretch out very nicely and the impressive view over the landscapes is something we will always remember.

During the brief rainstorm, we even stretched out together inside a small alcove in which a sofa bed had been placed, an ideal place for a child or as we were enjoying the brief storms that more often occur during the rainy season in Thailand.

Thanks to the mosquito net, we fell asleep without air conditioning with the sounds of nature in the background while our balcony doors were wide open. Thanks in part to its location in a peaceful valley surrounded by mountains, Khunyuam Resort is a recommended place to stay….

Luxe kamer van het Khunyuam Resort met fantastisch uitzicht over de heuvels van Mae Hong Son

Breakfast is included

Since we had to get up early and unfortunately could only stay one night, we had to skip breakfast. We are sure we will come back here again and stay two or even three nights. The setting, the staff and the room is just too nice to stay only one night.

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Five reasons to spend the night at Khunyuam Resort

  1. The kind owner and his team.
  2. The walk through the surroundings.
  3. The phenomenal view from the rooms.
  4. A perfect stopover if you’re doing the Mae Hong Son loop.
  5. Khunyuam Resort is a small scale accommodation and therefore a tranquille location. Beware, Khunyuam Resort can sell out quickly.
Fantastisch uitzicht vanaf Khunyuam Resort in de provincie Mae Hong Son

General information about Khunyuam Resort

Check-in at the Khunyuam Resort is available from 2:00 pm and check-out is allowed until 11:00 am. For current prices of this great accommodation on the Mae Hong Son loop, check Booking and/or Agoda . In addition, you support Thailand Magazine by booking through our partner links. We receive a small commission on your booking. This does not cost you anything extra and this allows us to continue working hard on our great passion, sharing our deep-rooted love for Thailand and thus promoting the land of smiles.

Address: 5139 หมู่ 1 บ.ต่อแพ Mae Ngao, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son 58140
Phone number: +66 (0)8642 13287
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jeab.Khunyuam

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