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Overview photo of the beach, sea and the Emerald Beach Resort in Khao Lak
overview photo of the beach, sea and the Emerald Beach Resort in Khao Lak


Khao Lak South Beach is situated next to the beautiful Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park. On the south side of this beach is another small beach, Poseidon Beach, one of the first real public beaches if you come from Phuket. 

Khao Lak South Beach is different from most beaches in Khao Lak. The bay is with a length of about 2 km a lot smaller than the other beaches in the area. The bay is bordered on one side by a hill with lush green vegetated rocks. 

sunbeds in the grass on the beach overlooking the blue sea

Because Khao Lak South Beach is a bit sheltered in the bay, the sea here is often calmer and there are fewer waves. In the north of the bay you can snorkel quite a bit near the rocks.

sea, beach and greenery seen from above.

Good eats at Khao Lak South Beach

In the southern part of Khao Lak South Beach there are no hotels but only a few small cozy restaurants where you can eat and drink on the beach. Actually you should visit them all! The prices here are often lower than in your hotel or resort. The restaurants are nice in their simplicity and the fantastic location on the beach does the rest! 

My Friends Restaurants
My Friends Restaurant is easily recognisable by its colourful parasols and chairs. Tasty and cheap food with priceless views!

Mango Station
Of course you can eat mango shakes and snacks like mango sticky rice at this nice tent. Mango Station is also the place for an ice-cold beer or pina colada. Of course you can also take your tasty snacks or drinks with you.

Komol Corner
All the way to the south of Khao Lak South Beach, “around the corner” of the bay, you can eat under the shade of the palm trees. At Komol Corner you can also enjoy a cocktail, shake or massage.

Colourful parasols, plastic tables and chairs under the shade of the trees

Khao Lak South Beach centre

The centre of Khao Lak South Beach consists of a narrow road some 200 metres long behind the popular Merlin Resort. If you blink your eyes you are past it. But on either side there are restaurants, cafes, but there is also a supermarket, pharmacy and ATM. Because of this, everything you need is at a short walking distance. For everything further away you can walk into a travel agency, rent a scooter or take a taxi at the taxi rank.

Siam Turmeric Restaurant

The Siam Turmeric Restaurant is located 500 metres from Khao Lak South Beach on the narrow road, which is also the centre of South Beach. The restaurant is known for its good and affordable food. Besides traditional Thai dishes, you can also enjoy a hamburger or fish from the BBQ. Indian and European food is also no problem. Feel free to hang out for a nice cocktail and a chat with the friendly staff.

The cosy Siam Tumeric restaurant full of tables and eating people

Spend the night on Khao Lak South Beach

There are still quite a few hotels and resorts to be found on this small stretch of beach. Mainly in the middle of the bay. Three good resorts at Khao Lak South Beach are Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort & Spa, Khaolak Merlin Resort and the Briza Beach Resort

The Briza Beach Resort is the cheapest option on the beach. The resort also has affordable family rooms with bunk beds for the children.

beautiful luxury beds with thick mattresses in luxury hotel room
2 chairs and table on the balcony overlooking the garden and pool of the Merlin Resort
Sun loungers on the private terrace of the hotel room with access to the large swimming pool of the Briza Beach Resort

Activities in the area

Situated next to Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park, a beautiful natural park with an adventurous jungle path along the beach, the park is one of the most popular attractions in Khao Lak. Want to know more about Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park? Then read on here.

Golfing in Khao Lak

South of South Beach is the Tublamu Navy Golf Course. Here you can play golf overlooking the sea. Perhaps the even more distant Katathong Golf Resort & Spa might be something for you. It is a 30 minute drive from Khao Lak South Beach in a beautiful area.

Turtle in the sand, turtles shelter centum Khao Lak, Phang Nga

Sea Turtle Conservation Center

The Sea Turtle Conservation Center is a place where turtles are cared for and taken care of. The turtles swim in pools classified by age, the little ones are eventually returned to the sea. More information about the turtle sanctuary can be found in our article sights and activities in Khao Lak.

Ton Pling Waterfall

The Tong Pling Waterfall is only 1.5 km from South Beach Khao Lak. It is not the largest or most special waterfall of Khao Lak, but if you are that close it can be a nice trip, which is also fun to do with children. You can lie down/ paddle in the waterfall so don’t forget your swimwear. The entrance is free of charge.

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