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View over Kamala Beach on Phuket in Thailand
View over Kamala Beach on Phuket in Thailand

Image: Sergii Figurnyi


Kamala Beach is a very nice spot in the west of Phuket and by many labeled as one of the best beaches of Phuket. Kamala Beach is located between Surin Beach and Patong Beach. The beach is frequented by people who do not like extreme crowds like on Patong but still want something to do. Those looking for a beach where you can chill out will feel like a fish in Kamala’s sea water. Especially right in front of the beach where the famous Café del Mar and other nice catering establishments have been built is a good place to be! These catering establishments plus those on Kamala’s promenade offer all forms of relaxation for a great vacation! 

Palm trees on the beach of Kamala Beach on Phuket, Thailand

The coast of Kamala was hit hard during the 2004 Christmas Eve tsunami. Before the tidal wave hit Thailand, Kamala was a small and quiet fishing village whose population was mostly Muslim. The area was often skipped by visitors to Phuket because it was not on a major road and at the time there was little to do at all. After the tsunami and especially with the arrival of Phuket’s popular attraction FantaSea, Kamala suddenly became much better known. More about FantaSea and many more activities in the vicinity of Kamala can be read later in this article.

Like many beaches on the island of Phuket, Kamala is best visited in the months November to April. These are the months when the least rain falls and the sea is calm and clear. This period is also called Phuket’s high season.

The beautiful beach and calm sea of Kamala on Phuket, Thailand
Parasols on the beach of Kamala Beach, phuket

The beach of Kamala

Let’s start with where you shouldn’t be at Kamala Beach. That’s because it’s south of the Tsunami Memorial Park. Here a few small rivers flow into the sea making the water dirtier than in the north. In the south you will find mostly local fishermen with their boats moored in the small river next to Kamala Temple. At this part of the beach there are also fishing boats moored, often so that the fishermen can work on their boats, which is nice to see. 

Longtail boat docked in the northern part of Kamala Beach on Phuket
Longtail boat docked in the northern part of Kamala Beach on Phuket
Longtail boat docked in the northern part of Kamala Beach on Phuket

In the middle and north of Kamala Beach you can rent beach beds and umbrellas at a number of places. This is not everywhere so the beach offers an ideal mix for visitors who like to sunbathe on a beach towel in the sand and others who want a spread out bed. Fortunately, there are a number of places on the beach where trees can provide welcome shade.

Sunbeds and umbrellas on Kamala Beach, Phuket
Sunbathing in the sand under the shady spots under the trees at Kamala Beach, Phuket

The beach at Kamala Beach consists of soft sand and the beach itself is wide with palm and casuarina trees (Australian pine trees) on the edge. From north to south, the beach is about two and a half kilometers long. This represents a relaxing beach walk of about half an hour. Then there is parallel to the beach a walking path of let’s keep it at a kilometer long. Along this are several catering establishments located. This makes this beach a very pleasant place to be even after sunset! More about the promenade of Kamala further down in this article. To the north of the beach are a number of luxury resorts such as the InterContinental and the Novotel. Further along, the beach turns into a rocky outcrop where Kamala’s beach also ends. 

The north end of Kamala Beach on Phuket
The north end of Kamala Beach with the Novotel in the foreground

The sea of Kamala Beach

Especially in the months of December, January and February, the sea of Kamala is really super beautiful, these are also the most favorable months to visit Phuket. Do expect higher prices if you want to book accommodation in Phuket in that period. You can swim comfortably in the sea of Kamala. We recommend you to do this in the north and middle of the beach. In the south the water can be polluted because of the small rivers that flow from land into the sea. Perhaps that is why the bottom feels muddy in the south. Perhaps this has something to do with the sediment of the rivers flowing into the sea. In addition, the local fishermen mainly use this area because they can easily sail into the sea through the waterway.

Northern part of Kamala Beach where the sea is less beautiful and muddy

Especially in high season, the sea of Kamala is very nice for swimming. Snorkeling is an option but as with many places on Phuket, it is not fantastic. More about water sports in the sea such as kayaking and parasailing can be found later in this article. During the low season, the sea around Kamala is mainly used by (wind) surfers who make use of the waves that are present then.

The sea of Kamala Beach on Phuket

The sea can get very wild outside the high season. Keep an eye on the lifeguard flags where a red flag means no go. In the low season, stay especially careful with small children in the sea and simply use your brains.

Red flag on Kamala Beach, Phuket in Thailand

The promenade van Kamala

Parallel and directly opposite the beach is the promenade of Kamala. We love these promenades, little streets, walking streets, or whatever you want to call them. A nice stroll, a drink here, a snack there, a bit of browsing, watching the sun sink into the sea at a nice little bar or restaurant, eating again and having another drink. Sometimes you just have to take it from there! Kamala’s promenade is unfortunately not very large, about a kilometer long. This road offers a clear view of Kamala Beach with stores, bars and restaurants on the other side.

The promenade parallel to Kamala Beach on Phuket

The promenade clearly shows the separation of where the entrepreneurs are allowed to put their stuff because on the beach you see here and there a few rows of sunbeds with umbrellas and nothing else. And yet you get the feeling of having a drink or snack on the beach when you sit down at one of the locations. Later in the article we highlight a few of the locations right on the beach such as the popular Cafe del Mar, de cozy Smile Bar en Boat Bar & Restaurant.

Kamala Beach
Kamala Beach

Behind the boardwalk is the Tsunami Memorial Park and further south is a network of larger roads and smaller streets with of course many more stores and restaurants. Along these streets are a number of good restaurants such as Blue Manao (next to the 7-Eleven), KokosnussThe Memory Cafe en Big Boy’s Burger Club. On Mondays and Fridays you can also visit the nearby Monday / Friday Market Kamala.

The small beach between Kamala Beach and Patong Beach

Below you will find more information about Rayee BeachHua BeachYae Beach and Nakalay Beach. These four beaches on Phuket are much too small to write a separate article about them, so we mention them here. 

Rayee Beach

Rayee Beach is located south of Kamala Beach and is sometimes called Secret Beach. This beach is not so secret because there are several famous resorts on it such as the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort. At the head, in the north of the beach, is a nice rooftop bar called Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Pub. This bar is part of Cape Sienna Hotel & Villas. Kamala beach is a fifteen minute walk from Rayee Beach.

Rayee Beach is nice for a short visit but it is far from being one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. The location is especially nice for a drink at the Vanilla Sky Bar or at the bar of the Hyatt Regency. The sand on Rayee beach is coarse and feels rough. Although there is a small reef in front of the beach where you can snorkel, there are numerous rocks and boulders in the sea. This makes it difficult to enter the water in a relaxed way, but in the end you will be rewarded while snorkeling. We would keep it to a nice drink at one of the two mentioned resorts.

Rayee Beach on Phuket
Rayee Beach on Phuket

Hua Beach

Hua Beach is the next beach after Rayee Beach if you drive from Kamala Beach towards Patong Beach. This beach is about a forty-five minute walk or ten minute ride by car or scooter from Kamala Beach. From Patong Beach, it takes between fifteen and twenty minutes by transport. From the main road you can take a path into the jungle and then it is a few hundred meters before you reach this small beach in the middle of Phuket. At the end of the small winding road you arrive at a parking lot right on Hua Beach.

With any luck, there is a small eatery open where you can get something to eat and otherwise there is virtually nothing on this beach. Speaking of the beach, this beach will also not appear in our top ten beaches of Phuket. It is not fine sand but rather somewhat grainy in texture. Swimming in the sea of Hua Beach is not great either. You have to enter the water carefully because of the rocks and stones scattered here and there in the water. Once in the sea you can enjoy the coolness and see some tropical fish swimming here and there when you go snorkeling.

Hua Beach on Phuket
Hua Beach on Phuket

Near the beach is the company Phuket Elephant Bathing, often they let visitors wash elephants in the seawater of Hue Beach. We are absolutely not fans of this and therefore ask you not to participate.

Yae Beach

Yae Beach is part of The Naka Phuket, a super nice and luxurious resort at 6 km from Kamala Beach. The little beach is less than 250 meters long and you only get there by sea or as a guest of The Naka. Maybe they will let you visit the beach if you eat something at this resort but we are not sure. A longtail boat from Patong or Kamala Beach should not cost more than 200 baht per person. The beach at Yea Beach is well maintained thanks to the beautiful resort. In the sea, snorkeling is good but do wear foot protectors such as water shoes or flippers because of the many sharp stones and rocks on the bottom. Also, the sea can be very rough during the off season. Nevertheless, we would so choose to spend a few nights at The Naka Phuket on Yae Beach!

Yae Beach on Phuket
Yae Beach on Phuket

Nakalay Beach

Nakalay Beach on Phuket is the last beach in this list. Both from Kamala and Patong you arrive at this beach within fifteen minutes by car. That is, you will have arrived at the Nakalay Palm and the outstanding Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa. As some of you know, the beaches that a resort is in front of are a lot harder to get to. There are almost always only three options. The first is by sea, the second is to look at the resort staff very sweetly and kindly ask if you can use the beach if you order something to eat and drink. The third, which is certainly not out of place at resorts like this, is to just sleep there for a night or couple of nights.

Nakalay Beach on Phuket

Again, the sea is difficult to walk on. In the water there are stones and rocks everywhere that you can hurt yourself pretty badly. When the tide is out you have to walk a long way before you can swim a little. Water shoes are also welcome here! The beach of less than 500 meters wide, on the other hand, is good for enjoying a relaxing day tanning in the sun. Paddling is possible which is also nice for the little ones. The beach has a long pier and here and there trees offer some shade. We have to be honest, the most beautiful part of this beach is the Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa.

Nakalay Beach on Phuket
Nakalay Beach on Phuket

Conclusion on the smaller beaches between Kamala Beach en Patong Beach  

The map below shows the small beaches again. 1 = Kamala Beach | 2 = Rayee Beach | 3 = Hua Beach | 4 = Yae Beach | 5 = Nakalay Beach. Personally, we find that the above four smaller beaches are only worthwhile if you have plenty of time. Most of the beaches are only accessible by boat or by asking the resort in front of the beach for a nice ride. We recommend you to “just” choose Kamala Beach or the above Surin Beach. Further north on Phuket, Bang Tao Beach, Nai Thon Beach and Nai Yang Beach are definitely recommended.

The road (area) between Kamala and Patong Beach is called the “Millionaires Mile”. There are some super beautiful resorts here and lots of super luxurious villas. Also the office of Thailand Magazine is located here… We wish 555. (Another little fact, the number 5 is pronounced ha in Thai, so 555 stands for hahaha).

Beaches between Kamala Beach and Patong Beach in Phuket

Where on Phuket is Kamala Beach located?

The location of Kamala Beach, like the Surin Beach above it, is truly outstanding! From these two destinations, you can easily start exploring Phuket.

How to get to Kamala Beach from the northern part of Phuket? Such as the international airport.

How to get to Kamala Beach from the eastern part of Phuket? Such as Phuket Town

How to get to Kamala Beach from the southern part of Phuket? Such as Kata Beach

What to do in the Kamala area on Phuket?

There are plenty of activities and attractions around Kamala Beach, below we have listed some of the activities and attractions for you.

Tsunami Monument Plaza

On December 26, 2004, nota bene on Boxing Day, a powerful seaquake occurred near Sumatra (Indonesia). This created a number of tidal waves, also known as tsunamis, between 5 and 12 meters high. Kamala Beach on Phuket was also hit by these forces of nature. Since then, the area has been almost completely rebuilt and tourism has somewhat taken over.

If you want to remember this terrible event or pay your respects to all the victims of this disaster visit the Tsunami Monument Plaza, also called the Tsunami Memorial Park. Towards evening the monument is illuminated. Unfortunately, the park is often a big mess, very annoying for the families and friends of victims or people who have experienced the tsunami of 2004 itself.

Tsunami Monument Plaza in Kamala Village on Phuket
Tsunami Monument Plaza in Kamala Village on Phuket

In the week after the tsunami, we raised over €40,000 in the Netherlands through an action we started together with the dance industry. We asked various organizations to place a jar in which visitors to various events during New Year’s Eve could make a donation. Tips from the door staff of numerous clubs were also given as a donation to this charity. 

What to do in the event of a tsunami sign in Kamala on Phuket

Phuket FantaSea

Phuket FantaSea is an amusement park, theater, carnival, shopping district, light show and immense dining hall all in one. All found on a 20-acre area less than a 15-minute walk from Kamala Beach. Not surprisingly, FantaSea is all about the legend of Kamala. In addition to a more than hour-long theatrical show on the subject, you can stroll the immense grounds and take a seat in the dining hall where there is room for as many as 4,000 guests. Here a gigantic buffet is set up for the guests at FantaSea. 

Entrance to Phuket FantaSea in Kamala

Image: Phuket FantaSea

Some of you will find this far too grand and commercial and others would prefer to visit it every year. Tastes differ and that’s a good thing. Personally we see the added value of a mega park like FantaSea, especially on Phuket. It shows because since its official opening in February 1999 millions of people have visited this theme park. Even celebrities from all over the world have found their way to FantaSea in Kamala. 

Theater in Phuket FantaSea in Kamala on Phuket

Image: Phuket FantaSea

Theater in Phuket FantaSea in Kamala on Phuket

Image: Phuket FantaSea

FantaSea Phuket is open daily from 17:30 – 23:30, except on Wednesdays when they are closed. The show alone costs 1,800 baht and if you want the buffet as well then adults pay 400 baht extra and children 200 baht extra. More information can be found on the site of FantaSea.

What we would like to say and find very unfortunate is that animals such as elephants and tigers are used to perform tricks or for that “nice” photo opportunity…. We are also not in favor of circuses, zoos and even washing elephants. We find that a difficult subject on our site.

Similan Entertainment Center in Phuket FantaSea in Kamala on Phuket

Image: Phuket FantaSea

Old Thai Palace in Phuket FantaSea in Kamala on Phuket

Image: Phuket FantaSea

Fantasy of a Kingdom in Phuket FantaSea in Kamala on Phuket

Image: Phuket FantaSea

Carnival Magic

Carnival Magic was conceived and set up from the same organization as the immensely popular Phuket FantaSea. Carnival Magic is also right next door and was scheduled to open in early 2020. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has thrown a spanner in the works… Nevertheless, we are convinced that when everything reopens, Carnival Magic will also be a resounding success. The (fun) park is all about celebrating the Thai carnival. A big feast including parades, marques, light shows, good food plus much more craziness. And just like her big brother FantaSea, Carnival Magic will also zoom in on Thai culture.

Sketch of entrance of Carnival Magic in Kamala Beach on Phuket

Image: Carnival Magic

Carnival Magic’s park consists of several sections. There is the Carnival Fun Fair where visitors can wander around the many market stalls with souvenirs and street food. But children (and secretly adults as well) can also play various games and use the many attractions on site. It will be so much fun to see all different kind of animals as oversized parade floats! More information can be found on Carnival Magic’s website.

Sketch of Castle of Starlight from Carnival Magic in Kamala Beach on Phuket

Image: Carnival Magic

Kasteel van Starlight van Carnival Magic in aanbouw

Image: Carnival Magic

Be sure to check out Carnival Magic’s dazzling light show! With over 40 million lights, this must be an impressive sight!

Kingdrom of Light of Carnival Magic in Kamala Beach on Phuket

Image: Carnival Magic

Water sports

Back to the beach of Kamala for a moment. The sea water at Kamala Beach is great for swimming and snorkeling is best done between the rocks in the north of the sea. If you don’t have snorkeling gear with you, you can rent it from a number of beach bars on the boardwalk or from vendors walking along Kamala Beach. Kayaks and supboards are also available for rent so you can explore the area while paddling and visit some of the other beaches in the area. Parasailing and jet skiing are also available and best done in the months of November to March. In those months you can also ride on a banana boat through the water.

Ever heard of the jet ski scam? Actually this is the same as the scooter scam. The jet ski already has damage but this is hidden so that it is not immediately noticeable. Then, when you return the jet ski, it is said that you have made damage and you have to pay high costs. Therefore we recommend you to look around and take pictures or make videos of the damage you see. Also see if you can find some on Google Reviews about the company you want to rent the jet ski from. Our advice is don’t use services when in doubt and never, ever leave your passport behind. Make sure you have a copy of your passport in your pocket so you can leave it behind if necessary.

Jetskies on Kamala Beach

Kamala Go Surfing Club

Kamala is one of Phuket’s top surfing spots! Outside of the high season, when the sea is rougher and more waves are created in the sea, surfers can try their luck! Especially in the north of Kamala Beach you can then surf extremely well. It is therefore not surprising that a surf club can be found right here in Kamala. At the Kamala Go Surfing Club you can rent surfboards and equipment and take surfing lessons.  

Kamala Go Surfing on Kamala Beach

Massage at the beach and enjoy a fireshow afterwards 

Of course you can also enjoy a massage on Kamala Beach. On the promenade and in the village you will find numerous massage parlors where you can book a massage. Get a massage right on the beach and preferably during sunset. A one hour foot massage or Thai massage will cost you 300 baht and an aromatherapy massage will cost you 100 baht more. Relax at Kamala Beach! 

After your massage you can enjoy a nice drink in the evening at several places on Kamala Beach while watching a spectacular fire show, a must!

Thai fire show at Cafe del Mar on Kamala Beach on Phuket
Thai fire show at Cafe del Mar on Kamala Beach on Phuket
Thai fire show at Cafe del Mar on Kamala Beach on Phuket

Monday / Friday Market Kamala

On Mondays and Fridays there is a nice market to visit in Kamala. The Monday / Friday Market is open from 16:00 – 22:00. During a visit to this typical Thai night market you can buy various snacks but also clothing, bags, toys and souvenirs. You will find the market in the center, near Carnival Magic and FantaSea. From Kamala Beach the market can be reached in about 10 minutes by foot. It’s a great place to grab some food and browse around after a day at the beach! You can also eat very well, check out the video below of our friends Darren, his wife Aorn and their son Ananda.

Wat Baan Kamala (Kamala Temple)

The Wat Baan Kamala Temple is located parallel to Kamala Beach at the very south end of the beach. Next to the temple runs a small river which then flows into the sea. The Buddhist temple of Kamala is worth a visit if you like Buddhist culture. You can make a donation to put gold leaf on a statue of Buddha and the monks who live here are very friendly. We are very happy that this temple in Kamala managed to survive the 2004 tsunami since the tidal wave also hit this temple. 

Wat Baan Kamala (Kamala Tempel) on Phuket
Wat Baan Kamala (Kamala Tempel) on Phuket

The village of Kamala is mainly made up of Muslim residents, therefore you can find several mosques in Kamala. The Kamala temple is the only Buddhist temple in the village. 

De Kamala Mosque at Kamala on Phuket

The Hidden Rock Ponds / Chom Dao Viewpoint

For lovers of nature and especially adventure this tip. The Hidden Rock Ponds are a couple of natural swimming pools with sweeping views of the ocean. This place, which is also called the Chom Dao Viewpoint, is located between Hua Beach and Yae Beach. You will find this viewpoint not far from the Ayara Kamala Resort on a protrusion of the west coast of Phuket. The Hidden Rock Ponds of Kamala emerge during low tide. The holes formed by erosion then rise above sea level. The sea water stays in them and a natural pool is formed. Visit The Hidden Rock Ponds with good footwear and you should be able to physically handle the trek there. 

To get there, you need to be at the big pine tree at the Ayara Kamala Resort, or ask a staff member at the resort for directions. Walk around 300 meters down a path and then after you reach the steep slope you can continue your way using a rope as an aid. Once you arrive at The Hidden Rock Ponds and the Chom Dao Viewpoint you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery and phenomenal sea views.  

This tour is recommended for people who are physically strong enough, also wear good footwear with grip, bring enough water and mosquito spray if necessary.

The Hidden Rock Pond / Chom Dao Viewpoint near  Kamala Beach on Phuket
The Hidden Rock Pond / Chom Dao Viewpoint near  Kamala Beach on Phuket
The Hidden Rock Pond / Chom Dao Viewpoint near  Kamala Beach on Phuket

What are the best accommodations in the Kamala Beach area on Phuket?

By donating us a virtual iced coffee or booking your accommodations and trips through the links on our website. This doesn’t have to be an accommodation in Thailand or one that we recommend. We will receive a small commission from our partners like Booking.comAgoda and 12GoAsia. This costs you nothing extra. Thanks a lot!

InterContinental Phuket Resort

The InterContinental Phuket Resort is one out of the books because everything here is just right! The excellent resort is located in the north right on Kamala Beach. The pool overlooks the sea and all around are comfortable sunbeds with soft cushions. Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast, light lunch or romantic dinner for two, it’s all here! And then there is the pavilion which goes by the name of Sawan, a real Instagram hit where you can have a nice drink! Further on in this article you can read about the Pine Beach Bar where you can also have tasty cocktails at the beach of Kamala! 

Map of the InterContinental Phuket on Kamala Beach on Phuket
Swan Lounge of the InterContinental Phuket at Kamala Beach on Phuket
Pine Bar and pool of the InterContinental Phuket at Kamala Beach on Phuket

In total, the InterContinental Phuket Resort consists of 221 rooms, villas and suites where with over 10 different options there is plenty to choose from for solo travelers, couples and the whole family alike. There is the Classic Room of 43 m2 to the 3 Bedroom Club InterContinental Pool Villa of a whopping 360 m2. All rooms have a blissfully soft bed, bathroom with bath and/or shower and other facilities as you would expect in a resort of this size. For those readers who don’t know, the InterContinental brand is managed by the same company that owns the well-known Holiday Inn brand. If you want a carefree vacation in a super-fine resort including professional and service-oriented staff, book a stay at the InterContinental on Phuket! 

>>> More information or book a stay at the InterContinental Phuket Resort

Classic Room of the InterContinental Phuket at Kamala Beach on Phuket
Superior Pool Access Room at the InterContinental Phuket on Kamala Beach on Phuket

Sunwing Kamala Beach

Looking for the perfect resort for a family with small children right on Kamala Beach? Then read on and you will find out that this might be the best option for you! The Sunwing Kamala Beach has no less than 8 pools, 2 restaurants and also its own little supermarket. If you prefer to eat out, the restaurants and stores including a 7-Eleven are less than 10 minutes walk from this resort. There are four different types of rooms to book. Three studios all of 44 m2 of which one is called the Studio Happy Baby, then you know it. The Royal Studio has direct access to a swimming pool which is a great treat for young and old! All rooms feel spacious with a comfortable bed, large sofa and kitchenette with various appliances. Sunwing is a family resort at its best!

>>> Find out more or book a stay at the Sunwing Kamala Beach

Aerial view showing four pools of the Sunwing Kamala Beach on Phuket
Deluxe Beachfront of the Sunwing Kamala Beach on Phuket
Happy Baby Studio of the Sunwing Kamala Beach on Phuket

Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach

You know what we love about the Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach? You can be on the secluded and pristine Laem Sing Beach within a 15-minute walk, yet you’re sleeping on Kamala Beach. The stylish Novotel is located at the north end of Kamala Beach. You can’t find a more peaceful spot on Kamala Beach! If you want to find the hustle and bustle, you’re just a few minutes away from the village where you can eat well and experience much more. You can also choose to stay in the resort for 24 hours. You will not be short of anything and say it yourself, after a day of chilling by the pool, having something to eat at the restaurant and then finish the evening at an attractive rooftop bar & restaurant, that’s what you stay “home” for, right?

Pool of the Novotel Kamala on Phuket
On the Roof rooftop bar of the Novotel Kamala on Phuket

The cheapest rooms at the Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach listen to the name Superior Rooms of which there are two types. There is a Superior Room with a king bed plus sofa bed and one with two twin beds plus a sofa bed. In total, the resort has 166 rooms 42 with ocean views. Of these options, 14 are villas, 5 with a private Jacuzzi and 5 which have a private pool. Then there is the Soul Kitchen restaurant where a sumptuous buffet breakfast, tasty lunch or delectable dinner is enjoyed. And to top it off, you can sip a good cocktail at On the Roof, the resort’s rooftop bar.

>>> Find out more or book a stay at the Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach

Pool villas of the Novotel Kamala on Phuket


We’ll be tipping Keemala into a list of special accommodations in Thailand that you must have slept at some point anyway! We think the grounds with different “villas” are really fantastic! The resort is not located right on Kamala beach but in the middle of a green and lush area just a few kilometers from Kamala Beach. In less than 10 minutes you are on Kamala Beach or in the cozy village. Phuket airport is a half hour drive just like Phuket Town. There are four types of villas all unique and with private pools. But for us, one stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

Keemala on Phuket

Who wouldn’t want to sleep in some kind of bird’s nest for people? At Keemala you can! The Bird’s Nest Pool Villa is very exclusive, 185 m2 in size and equipped with a large double bed surrounded by a mosquito net. The rustic style is unique where the bath appears to be carved out of a large boulder. The unparalleled view of the Kamala area is indescribably beautiful! If you can afford to stay at the Keemala we say DO IT! See for yourself and click on the link below and you will understand why.

>>> More information or book a stay at Keemala

In April 2020 we launched the From Thailand with LOVE campaign. In this, Keemala also participated.

Keemala on Phuket
Keemala on Phuket
Keemala on Phuket


Paresa is a super luxurious and exclusive resort on Phuket, it is not for nothing that this heavenly resort is located on the Millionaires Mile between Kamala Beach and Patong Beach. Paresa consists of 42 suites and villas all with private pools, large bathrooms and spacious outdoor areas. The resort has an excellent restaurant which goes by the name of Talung Thai. A Michelin acclaimed restaurant which we believe has a chance at a future Michelin star. In addition to a Thai restaurant, there is also an Italian restaurant and, how could it be otherwise, a super good spa.

Grand Residence Pool Villa of the Paresa on Phuket

At Paresa, five different room types can be booked. The “smallest”, the Ocean Pool Suites are a whopping 140 m2 and offer extraordinary views of Phuket’s west coast. The spacious bathroom includes a side and hair sink. Then there is the 160 m2 Cliff Pool Villa with a huge outdoor living area and private pool. The most luxurious option is the Grand Residence Pool Villa of unbelievable 660 m2 in size!!! Here you really feel what it is like to stay on the Millionaires Mile! We know, sometimes we mention resorts that can only be booked by those lucky few but we also want to show those lucky few what beauty is there, right? But also for a honeymoon or any other celebration, Paresa is an ideal accommodation.

>>> More information or book a stay at Paresa

Spa Pool Suite of the Paresa on Phuket
Ocean Pool Suite by the Paresa on Phuket
Paresa Cliff Pool Villa on Phuket

Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort

Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort is an outstanding five-star resort located on Rayee Beach where you are on the southern tip of Kamala Beach in less than fifteen minutes walk. The resort has had an extensive renovation in 2021 where all kames, public areas, food and beverage outlets, recreational facilities have been refurbished. We ourselves are big fans of the Hyatt brand as it stands for superior quality and hospitality, in short Hyatt always works with professionals and you notice that during your stay as a guest.

The resort has Phuket’s largest infinity pool overlooking the sea! And that’s not all that’s great because you can also enjoy delicious food and drink at various locations such as The Pool Kitchen House, Mizu (Japanese Teppanyaki) and in the 180 Degrees where the mixologist mixes classic and modern cocktails. In terms of rooms, there are several options such as the suite with a private whirlpool or a suite overlooking the ocean. If you are visiting Phuket with a family then there are also options available with two bedrooms. The Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort is definitely worth considering for a worry free stay in the middle of Phuket.

>>> More information or book a stay at the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort

Grand Residence Pool Villa of the Paresa on Phuket

What are the best restaurant in the Kamala Beach area on Phuket?

Despite the fact that our selected locations in Phuket have a very good reputation, it’s possible that due to (for example) new management the quality has become less good. Or unfortunately locations have been forced to close their doors because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic… If you have useful information, please let us know! Also, if you have a favorite restaurant or other great tip for Phuket, be sure to let us know through our Thailand Magazine Facebook group, or Instagram and Facebook page. Via e-mail is also possible. THANKS!

Blue Manao

Ever seen a blue lime? We have not but that is literally what Blue Manao means. Despite the somewhat strange name, this restaurant is extremely good at enjoying fresh, friendly priced and terribly tasty Thai food! From the famous pineapple fried rice to pad thai but also delicious burgers and crispy calamari are served here. And to quench your thirst you just order one of the many kinds of typical Thai fruit shakes. A blue lime one doesn’t sound so bad…

Kokosnuss German Bakery & Restaurant

It may sound a little crazy, but if you are looking for a German Bratwurst or a nice schnitzel on Phuket. Then you’ve come to the right place at Kokosnuss. This restaurant (and bakery) sells a variety of western dishes but also prepares delicious Thai meals. The restaurant is known for its well-run buffets, such as the pork roast + roast chicken buffet, spare ribs buffet and pizza + pasta buffet. So if you want to eat really a lot, think of Kokosnuss about ten minutes walk from Kamala Beach.

Bratwurst at Kokosnuss in Kamala Village on Phuket
Schnitzel at Kokosnuss in Kamala Village on Phuket

Big Boy’s Burger Club

Don’t be fooled because this burger joint is not only for big boys but also children are welcome here. The burgers at Big Boy’s Burger Club are so incredibly delicious that they are praised throughout the Kamala area! Guests come all the way to Kamala from their destination on Phuket to order a Big Boy burger. Expect to pay ten to fifteen euros per person and you might even come back the next day. There are plenty of choices, from chicken burgers to classic burgers and there is even a vega burger. Very hungry? Then order the Y.O.L.O! 

Big Boys Burger Club in Kamala Village on Phuket, Thailand
Hamburgers at Big Boys Burger Club in Kamala Village on Phuket, Thailand
Mega-sized burger at Big Boys Burger Club in Kamala Village on Phuket, Thailand

The Memory Cafe

Since last year (2020) you will find The Memory Cafe in Kamala village. This small but nice coffee shop is the place where you can enjoy super good coffee including some goodies. Some of the bestsellers are the brownies, the mango pie or the almond caramel chiffon cake. Everything is made in their own kitchen and we would love to taste everything! We didn’t ask but we think the name The Memory Cafe has something to do with the devastating tsunami that also hit Kamala Beach quite a bit. Although we are not sure about that claim, we think this atmospheric coffee shop belongs in our tips for Kamala Beach. 

Brownies bij The Memory Cafe in Kamala Village op Phuket, Thailand
Mango Cheesecake at The Memory Cafe in Kamala Village on Phuket, Thailand
Some goodies at The Memory Cafe in Kamala Village on Phuket, Thailand

Talung Thai

If you have something to celebrate or if you just want to splurge, go eat at Talung Thai. This classy restaurant is located in Paresa not far from Kamala Beach. You can eat inside or outside on a terrace with a view over the sea. Not only is the location fabulous but also the food here is magnificent! It is not for nothing that they have already won a Michelin Plate, and fair is fair, we think they have a good chance of a future Michelin star! Of course you can order excellent Thai dishes but also different chicken, fish and meat dishes. To give your meal some extra “bite” you can expand it with various small dishes such as salads, morning glory or mashed potatoes with butter. Curious? Take a look at the menu. PS Prefer Italian in the same resort you can also find Diavolo, tsja luxury problems sometimes create a devilish dilemma …

Talung Thai on the roof of Paresa near Kamala Beach on Phuket
Thai food at Talung Thai on the rooftop of Paresa near Kamala Beach on Phuket

Boat Bar & Restaurant

At Boat Bar & Restaurant you can see the sun sink into the sea above Kamala Beach. Enjoying a meal and a drink with your feet in the sand, we love it! The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff is very friendly and knows what service is. You can get good Thai food but also Western dishes are served here. If you have already eaten somewhere else you can still come here for a tasty cocktail on the beach. A tip for a pleasant evening at Kamala Beach because we don’t want you to miss the boat…

Outdoor dining in the sand at Kamala Beach at Boat Bar & Restaurant

What are the best (beach) bars in the Kamala Beach area on Phuket?

Smile Bar

Smile Bar is that typical joint that puts a smile on our face. Cosy, a good location, great food and great drinks. You will find Smile Bar at Kamala Beach, pretty much in the middle of the beach. What immediately catches your eye when you walk past Smile Bar are the spinning and deliciously smelling chickens on the spit. Of course you can also choose to order a Thai curry or other Thai dish. You can also go there for just a drink and enjoy the typical Thai fire shows. 

Smile Bar at Kamala Beach on Phuket in Thailand
Thai fire show at Smile Bar on Kamala Beach in Phuket, Thailand
Chicken on the spit at Smile Bar on Kamala Beach in Phuket, Thailand

Pine Beach Bar

Pine Beach Bar is part of the luxurious InterContinental in the north of Kamala Beach. Here you can enjoy a few cocktails, quality wines or just a refreshing soda on the comfortable chairs or bean bags with your feet in the sand. Pine Beach Bar also serves various western and Thai dishes. Think for example of a simple but oh so tasty pizza margherita, a juicy hamburger, a tender piece of meat or delicious fish from the grill. Of course they also have desserts and therefore it might be nice to end your evening here after your dinner somewhere else. 

Pine Beach Bar at Kamala Beach on Phuket in Thailand

Cafe del Mar Phuket

Lovers of beats on the beach should have a drink and dance at the world brand Cafe del Mar on Phuket. It’s actually quite strange that such a popular name from the nightlife of Ibiza has settled down in the somewhat quieter Kamala Beach since 2017. You would think that Patong Beach would be a better location… We think the location is a good choice, because it provides a more relaxed vibe and still music lovers from all over Phuket come to Kamala Beach for the beach house and deep house that is mainly played here. House is a feeling and this feeling you will certainly experience at Cafe del Mar on Phuket, enjoy! By the way, take your swimwear with you because they have a nice pool where you can chill! 

Cafe del Mar on Phuket, Thailand

Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Pub

The last one in our list is Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Pub. You’ll find this partial rooftop bar on top of Cape Sienna. This beautiful resort is located between Kamala Beach and Rayee Beach. Not cheap but a great location for a fun night out. You can enjoy tasty tapas as well as quality main dishes both inside and outside. For drinks we recommend molecular cocktails, a delight for the senses. They can be ordered from 360 baht and have names like the Irish Fog and Forest Flower. A mocktail comes out to 180 baht and a soft drink costs 100 baht at Vanilla Sky. The view over the Andaman Sea is free and priceless!

Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Club on Phuket, Thailand
Exclusive cocktail at Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Club on Phuket, Thailand
Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Club on Phuket, Thailand

The map of central Phuket

Especially for you, we made a map of middle Phuket. It shows the beaches, the best places to eat and drink, nice sights and other activities. Have fun and enjoy!


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