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Uizticht on the palm trees and white beach of the small Jansom Bay on Koh Tao in Thailand
Uizticht on the palm trees and white beach of the small Jansom Bay on Koh Tao in Thailand


Jansom Bay a nice mini paradise with a sweet little beach! Because the water level here is never really low (not even during low tide) you can almost always swim and snorkel here. The bay is lined with lush palm trees and here and there some large boulders provide some extra tropical beach effect. The beautiful beach is owned by the Hotel Charm Churee Villa which has bungalows situated on the beach of Jansom Bay. People who are not staying at this hotel have to pay an entrance fee to visit the beach.

Bay of Jansom Bay on Koh Tao in Thailand

Top spot for snorkeling!

Jansom Bay is known as one of the best snorkeling locations of Koh Tao. Just beyond the barrier of the swimming area there are fish swimming around that you won’t see in other bays. There is a chance you will see an octopus and a blue spotted stingray. From Sairee Beach, Jansom Bay is also the easiest place to snorkel independently from the beac

A Blue Spotted Stingray while snorkeling in the waters of Jansom Bay on Koh Tao
A turtle snorkeling in the sea of Jansom Bay on Koh Tao

Sleep at this mini paradise called Jansom Bay

Charm Churee Villa is the only accommodation in Jansom Bay. The motto of the hotel is to be one with nature as much as possible. This is reflected in the various bungalows in large windows and beautiful balconies with seating. This allows you to relax in the beautiful surroundings. The most luxurious bungalow has a private swimming pool overlooking Jansom Bay! In the evening you only hear the sounds of the jungle, but on short walking distance you are in the bustle of the Mae Haad Pier!

The beach of Jansom Bay on Koh Tao, Thailand
Charm Churee Villa at Jansom Bay on Koh Tao
The restaurant of Charm Churee Villa at Jansom Bay on Koh Tao which overlooks the water

How to get to Jansom Bay

Entrance: 200 baht per person
Taxi indication: 100 baht per person, minimum 4 persons.
Walking: The nice walking route follows the coastline and has height differences, steps and footpaths. You will also come across bungalows and in between you have a very nice view! There is a regular signpost all the way, besides water also bring mosquito repellent. You are about 15 minutes away. The other beautiful free beaches Sai Nuan Beach 1 & 2 are in line with the route to Jansom Bay.
Scooter: The road to Jansom Bay is in good condition, the route with the scooter is a different route than the walking route.

If you still have some energy left and want to save money you can walk to the beaches Sai Nuan 1 & 2, also here you can snorkel and swim and the beach is free.



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