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Krabi Tak Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail
Krabi Tak Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail


In ‘In the Picture’ photographers from all over the world share their 10 most beautiful pictures of Thailand. See Thailand through the photographer’s lens, read background stories about the photos and learn more about the beautiful Thailand! This time we welcome Sergey Shumski, nice of you to join us!

Hello, please introduce yourself.

My name is Sergey Shumski. I was born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia. I’m a horizontal drilling operator at Ditch Witch. I’ve been drilling for twenty years. During this time I worked in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and Germany.

I love visiting new countries, you always discover a lot of interesting things. Most of all I like Asian countries. The first Asian country for me was Thailand back in 2014. I already been there three times and will definitely return there many, many times more!

Travel photography is a hobby of mine which i love to do with a drone. Enjoy my images!


Fish in the sea of Koh Poda (Krabi)

Krabi, January 2020
Koh Poda, near Railay and Ao Nang is a very beautiful uninhabited island off the western coast of Thailand in the Krabi province.


Tup Island in Thailand

Tup Island, January 2020
Paradise corner, Tup Island or Koh Thap in Thai is a truly beautiful place on Mother Earth! The water is azure, almost spring in purity. Lots of greenery and rare plants. You find this island near Koh Poda (in the waters in front of Railay peninsula).

What is your favorite destination in Thailand?

The surroundings of Krabi are beautiful with a very good atmosphere. Bangkok is a city of contrasts, with crazy sounds and smells. I love this city!

Which place / destination in Thailand is still on your wish list to visit?

I would love to visit the very beautiful Khao Sok National Park and the northern part of Thailand.


Koh Poda in the Krabi province

Koh Poda, January 2020
Koh Poda is a picturesque island with white sand beaches and turquoise waters, snorkelling spots. This picture is shot from the island with a view on Koh Ma Tang Ming.

Which place / destination do you recommend our readers to visit and why?

Khao Sok National Park, they say it’s amazing there! But also the island of Koh Chang is worth a visit.

Where do you like to eat?

I really love to visit night markets, where you can eat tasty and inexpensive food, as well as try new dishes.


Palm trees reflect in the water on Koh Chang in Thailand

Koh Chang, 2014
This photo on Koh Chang  was taken when I first visited Thailand in 2014. The sunsets on this island are very beautiful.


Krabi Tak Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail

Krabi (Tak Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail), January 2017
An incredibly beautiful place with stunning views of the Krabi province. To see all this you need to be patient and strong.

Name a nice coffee shop or bar where our readers can drop by.

What is your favorite Thai dish?

I love spicy food and one of my favorites is Tom Yum which shrimp (Kung). I also like Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice. Sang Som (Thai Rum) tastes good too)))


A deserted beach on Koh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta, January 2020
Koh Lanta is a nice quiet island, there were very few tourists. Many beaches have rocky bottom, but you can always find a place to swim. There are very few restaurants on the island. Traffic on the road is not busy and you can enjoy riding the bike.


Koh Lipe seen with a drone

Koh Lipe, January 2020
My new years day 2020 on a very beautiful island named Koh Lipe. This small island is located near the border of Malaysia in the Tarutao National Marine Park. There are w
hite beaches, great snorkeling spots and good restaurants on Koh Lipe.

What is your favorite accommodation in Thailand?

I don’t have favorite accommodations in Thailand, I always stay in new places. If I visit Bangkok, then I try to take a hotel near the Baiyoke Sky Tower.

Do you have a (travel) tip that might come in handy in Thailand?

For those who travel to Thailand, I advise you to allocate more time os several destinations in Thailand and not sit in one place. And smile more… The world will smile back to you.

Is there a Thai phrase or word our readers need to learn?

Sorry, don’t know one.


Snorkeling on Koh Phi Phi in Thailand

Koh Phi Phi, 2017
The Phi Phi Islands between the mainland and the island of Phuket. The islands were hit hard by the 2004 tsunami. Phi Phi is a popular destination for young people and has a very fun and vibrant nightlife especially on Loh Dalum Beach.


Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand

Railay, January 2020
Railay is a small peninsula between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang. It can only be reached by boat because of the high limestone cliffs blocking access to the mainland


Karon Beach on Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, January 2020
Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, with good beaches. But this island seemed to me very noisy.

What type / brand of camera do you use?

My GoPro, telephone, a Nikon 60 and a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone.

Where can people find your work / photos?

Last question, who should we also ask our ‘In the Picture’ feature?

#11 (bonus)

Lighthouse on Koh Chang

See #12

#12 (bonus)

Woman on swing at sunset on Koh Chang in Thailand

Koh Chang, 2014
Koh chang is my first island in Thailand which I visited with my wife in 2014. And I fell in love with Thailand. After this trip, I visited this beautiful two more times, trying to visit new places. I hope I return to the land of smiles many times …


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