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The Big Buddha in Phuket
The Big Buddha in Phuket


In ‘In the Picture’ photographers from all over the world share their 10 most favorite pictures of Thailand. See Thailand through the lens and read the story behind those pictures.

Hello, please introduce yourself.

Hi everyone,
My name is Sebastian Schock, I am 31 years old and live in Dortmund, Germany. I am passionate about photography in all areas. I started taking photography when I was about 16 or 17 years old. Besides photography I like to travel and play a lot of sports like football.


Bangkok Skyline seen from China Town

Bangkok, February 2020
The Skyline of Bangkok seen from the roof of my hotel (Royal Bangkok) in China Town. In the distance you see the MahanaKhon and Lebua buildings.


Koh Panyi in Phang Nga Bay seen with a drone

Koh Panyi, March 2020
The Muslim village of Koh Panyi in the Phang Nga province of Thailand. I took this picture with my drone.

What is your favorite destination in Thailand?

The Phang Nga bay area! There are so many beautiful (small) islands and nature is insanely beautiful!

Which place / destination in Thailand is still on your wish list to visit?

Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand including the surrounding jungle in that area.


James Bond Island in the Phang Nga province

Khao Phing Kan, March 2020
Khao Phing Kan in the Phang Nga province is better known as James Bond Island. Part of the 1974 James Bond film ‘The Man with the Gold Gun’ was shot here.

Which place / destination do you recommend our readers to visit and why?

The Khao Sok National Park, nature is so amazingly beautiful there. And with a bit of luck you will see lots of wild animals during a tour in the area.

Where do you like to eat?

I like to eat street food on Khao San Road or Yaowarat Road (China Town) in Bangkok. Easy, good and cozy!


Traffic in Phuket Old Town

Phuket, March 2020
The traffic in Phuket Old Town, just at dusk (sunset).


Elephant in Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Krabi, March 2020
An elephant in the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary. An amazing experience!

Name a nice coffee shop or bar where our readers can drop by.

What is your favorite Thai dish?

I love a good Pad Thai.


The Big Buddha in Phuket shot with a drone

Phuket, March 2020
The Big Buddha in Phuket photographed with my drone.


Mu Ko Ang Thong Marine National Park as seen from the Koh Tua Wa Lap viewpoint

Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park, March 2020
Near Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao lies the island of Koh Wua Ta Lap. I took this picture from the viewpoint on that island. This way you have a beautiful view over the Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park.

What is your favorite accommodation in Thailand?

Do you have a (travel) tip that might come in handy in Thailand?

Take your time for all those beautiful destinations in Thailand you want to visit!

Is there a Thai phrase or word our readers need to learn?

Sorry, I don’t know any…


Bars on Koh Phi Phi in Thailand

Koh Phi Phi, March 2020
The Sun Shine Bar on Koh Phi Phi.


Longtail boats on the coast of Railay West in Thailand

Railay, March 2020
I took this image from Railay West with my drone.


Khao Sok National Park in Thailand

Khao Sok National Park, March 2020
Het Guilin Viewpoint on the Cheow Lan Lake in the Khao Sok National Park. This park including the lake should really be on your list when visiting Thailand!

What type / brand of camera do you use?

A Nikon D750 with different lenses and a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone.

Where can people find your work / photos?

On my Instagram page and on my website www.schockfotografie.de.

Last question, who should we also ask our ‘In the Picture’ feature?

#11 (bonus)

At the summit of the Tiger Cave Temple in the province of Krabi

Krabi province, March 2020
The Tiger Cave Tempel in the area of Krabi Town. This picture was taken from the top and offers a phenomenal view!

#12 (bonus)

Monkey in Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park, March 2020
A monkey in the Khao Sok National Park.


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