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The front of ICONSIAM with water show seen from the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok
The front of ICONSIAM with water show seen from the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

Image: JoeyPhoto


The first time we saw ICONSIAM, this sensational new riverside landmark was still under construction. Despite that, it was immediately obvious that this was going to be the biggest shopping mall in Bangkok! We already heard several stories about the plans for a hypermodern and iconic shopping center on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Below you can read a lot, and we mean really a LOT about the iconic development called ICONSIAM. Welcome at “The Icon of Eternal Prosperity”.

ICONSIAM already has several prestigious awards to its name such as the MAPIC Award for the best shopping center in the world and the World Retail Awards for Outstanding Store Design both in 2019.

The front of ICONSIAM with water show seen from the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

Table of Contents ICONSIAM:

Despite the fact that we will take your criss cross from every floor and departments all over ICONSIAM, we have made the navigation easy for you. Click on the table of contents and if you see an interesting subject you can click the link directly to it.

Main entrance ICONSIAM from the street side

ICONSIAM, the largest shopping center in Bangkok

On November 9th, 2018, ICONSIAM opened its doors and was the largest shopping center in Bangkok with 525,000 m2. In addition, we believe ICONSIAM is the most luxurious shopping center in Thailand by far. Never before have we been able to find so much splendor in one shopping center. If there is one company in Thailand that could do this, it was the company that also placed the luxury and lifestyle shopping malls Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery on the map of Bangkok, namely Siam Piwat.

ICONSIAM is the largest investment ever made by the private sector in Thailand in a property endeavour not in term of biggest space.

Light show on the ICONSIAM site

€ 1.500.000.000,-

The astronomical amount of one and a half billion euros is not the jackpot of a big Thai lottery but the prize that ICONSIAM has cost! Over 500 different stores representing at least 7,000 different brands and are housed in this 10 storey shopping mall. Besides stores there are about 100 different restaurants and cafes located in ICONSIAM. Here you can enjoy a great variety of food and beverages from all over the world.

The one and a half billion euro ICONSIAM project in Bangkok

Architectual masterpiece

Cruising along Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River you’ll notice the mostly glass and imposing building from far. The company Urban Architect Co., Ltd. conceived and executed the overall design, a true architectural masterpiece! The 300 meters long facade is made of special glass and has many angular shapes. The upper part of ICONSIAM should represent a krathong. A krathong is a (floating) sacrifice often folded from banana leaves. These krathongs are released on the water during Loy Krathong.

Loy Krathong is a Thai sacrificial feast and holiday that usually takes place in November. Loy Krathong is also celebrated at ICONSIAM.

The forms of ICONSIAM look a bit like a Thai Krathong

The lower part of ICONSIAM, also called ICONLUXE, is equipped with a special glass that forms vertical folds around the complex. These curves should represent the Thai dress ‘Sa-bai’. The Sai-bai is officially woven with silk. Silk from Thailand is a well known and qualitative export product, partly thanks to Jim Thompson.

The round shapes of the bottom of ICONSIAM in Bangkok

The outside is beautiful but we all know that it’s the inside that counts in the end… Believe us, once you’re inside you won’t have enough eyes. ICONSIAM is really a feast for the eyes! This is partly thanks to the in London based Benoy who has been responsible for a large part of the interior design.

Part of the design was created by Benoy

ICONSIAM is a striking appearance both during the day and in the evening. It’s therefore not surprising that ICONSIAM has won the worldwide Best Store Design Award of 2019. We find ICONSIAM inside and outside a real work of art to look at and enjoy strolling through. Even if you are not a shop lover, ICONSIAM is too beautiful not to visit.

Also for lovers of architecture and design, this shopping center on the Chao Phraya River is a must visit.

ICONSIAM under construction seen from the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

Image: Kampwit

ICONSIAM seen from the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

Image: spkphotostock

Where is ICONSIAM situated?

ICONSIAM is located in the Thonburi area of Bangkok. This area is located on that side of the Chao Phraya River which also includes the Wat Arun, the National Museum of Royal Barges and the fantastic adjacent Three Sixty Rooftop Bar of the Millennium Hilton Bangkok. This sky bar is one of our most favorite sky bars in Bangkok.

At the Chao Phraya Rivier

What also makes ICONSIAM so unique is that the shopping center is located directly on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. A beautiful building that stands out when you see the sun shining on the large windows during the day as you pass by on the water. In the evening, the striking building stands out because it is beautifully lit. Not only the shopping center but also the large square between the river and the shopping center stands out because of the lighting, more about that later…

ICONSIAM on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok seen from afar
ICONSIAM on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

ICONSIAM, more than just a shopping mall…

ICONSIAM is so much more than just a big shopping mall in Bangkok. First of all, it’s actually two, maybe three shopping malls under one roof. You have the “regular” shopping center, ICONSIAM and the luxury part ICONLUXE. And then there is the Japanese department store, SIAM Takashimaya. Yet together these are called ICONSIAM for convenience.

Besides shopping, you can also live in two towering skyscrapers located next to this iconic shopping mall. And of course, where you live you must rest & recreate as well. This includes a huge cinema, congress center / concert hall, park and large square parallel to the river.

Of course you can also eat amazingly good food in ICONSIAM, for example in SOOKSIAM on the ground floor. But also at the luxurious restaurants in The Veranda or on the sixth floor, better known as the Alangkarn Zone. Who eats well wants to stay fit of course! Also that is no problem in ICONSIAM, of course there is a large fitness center here! A few hours walking through the shopping center also helps.

Cheerful lady prepares padthai in SookSiam in ICONSIAM

The floor and layout of ICONSIAM

ICONSIAM is big, very big. In order to show you a little bit of the way, we have briefly described below what you can find per floor. If you are looking for something specific, at least you know where to find it.

Seventh Floor:
TRUE ICON HALL + Fitness First Club ICON
Sixth Floor:
Alangkarn Zone + Tasana Nakorn Terrace + ICON Cineconic
Fifth Floor:
ICONCRAFT + Toys+ Baby stuff + Banks (exchange offices) + Woman’s Club + Beauty + Fashion + Electronics
Fourth Floor:
– Electronics + ICONCRAFT + Cars & Motorcycles + Food Republic + Living + Fashion + Siam Takashima (Living + Kids + Rose Dining)
Third Floor:
– Electronics + Kids + Sport + Cars & Motorcycles + Siam Takashima (Fashion for men + Accessoiries for men)
Second Floor:
– Fashion + Beauty + Sport + Apple Store + ICONSIAM Park + Siam Takashima (Fashion for women + Accessoiries for women)
First Floor:
Adidas Originals + Nike Kicks Lounge + Super Car Showroom + Blue by Alain Ducasse + Fashion + Living + Siam Takashima (Lingerie + Jewelry + Accessoiries for women)
Main Floor:
– Luxury fashion + ICONLUXE + Siam Takashima (Beauty)
Upper Ground Floor (UG):
SOOKSIAM + Touris shops + 7-Eleven + Siam Takashima (Food + Souvenirs)
Ground Floor (G):
SOOKSIAM + Luxury fashion + Light of Wisdom Pillars + ICONLUXE + River Park + ICONIC Multimedia Water Features + The Veranda + Siam Takashima (Rose Food Avenue + Supermarket)
Basement (B1 & B2):
– Parking and service such as lockers and post offices / courier services, useful if you want to send something home.

The floors and levels of ICONSIAM in Bangkok
The floors in ICONSIAM


Once you arrive on the quay by shuttle boat you walk through a gate into ICONSIAM and are immediately surprised by the beautiful world of ICONLUXE. It’s not just a sparkle, it’s gold that shines here. The ceiling is decorated with gold leaf. The polished floors and many chandeliers complete the fairy tale. In ICONLUXE you’ll find all the luxury renowned international fashion brands under one roof! In our article about Siam Paragon we already wrote about the countless luxury brands that are displayed there, but compared to Siam Paragon, ICONLUXE is top notch! Do you happen to be a millionaire and are you looking for that new exclusive clock, priceless jewelry, luxury clothing, hip bags or chic accessories, designer furniture or the latest car? At ICONLUXE you can have it all!


For the “common people”, watching instead of buying is pleasure in itself! The stores and boutiques in ICONLUXE are in terms of interior and decoration so incredibly beautiful! Many of the fashion brands in ICONSIAM / ICONLUXE place a flagship store in this mall. Show off the latest and exclusive products! Chances are you’ll come across something that hasn’t even appeared on the market yet or is only available exclusively in ICONLUXE.

ICONLUXE in ICONSIAM Bangkok with all luxury fashion brands

Some stores of international luxury brands in ICONLUXE you must have seen!

  • Louis Vuitton (Main Floor)
    The design of this store was created by the Thai designer and artist Mook Ploenchan Vinyaratn. Really a great store to look at!
  • Hermés (Ground & Main Floor)
    Thailand’s largest boutique store (2020) filled with fancy furniture, fashion and accessories for him and her.
  • Bvlgari (Main Floor)
    Just the facade of this store is great to see! Nice to know that there is a VIP area in the store called the “Elizabeth Taylor Lounge”. This room and the overall design is inspired by the secret room in the original and first Bvlgari store, located in Rome.
  • Cartier (Main Floor)
    Bling Bling due to the beautiful chandeliers and shimmering jewels.
  • Dior (Main Floor)
    Shoes, clothing, bags and many other accessories (for those who can afford it).

The above stores are just a small selection of the overwhelming luxury that can be admired in ICONSIAM. There are also boutiques or flagship stores from brands like Versace, Michael Kors, Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Bally, Patek Philippe, Tiffany & Co, Saint Laurent and so on.

In Thailand there is no shopping mall where you can find so much luxury under one roof! By the way, on the first floor you will find The Veranda. Here you will find some great and beautifully decorated and designed restaurants and coffee shops. More about this luxury floor can be read in our article good eats in ICONSIAM.

Are all those super luxury fashion stores just a little too high? Luckily, there are plenty of “ordinary” stores like a huge H&M and Zara present in ICONSIAM!

H&M in ICONSIAM in Bangkok, Thailand

Light of Wisdom Pillars

The front part of ICONLUXE located on the waterfront is called the Wisdom Hall, where four 16 meter high golden pillars have been placed. These are called the Light of Wisdom Pillars and tell the story of Suvarnabhumi, ‘The Golden Land’. A famous period in Thai cultural history. This story is engraved with illustrations and patterns in the Light of Wisdom Pillars. The work is executed by Preecha Thaothong, a well-known Thai artist. Each golden pillar is a work of art to look at!

Light of Wisdom Pillars in ICONLUXE / ICONSIAM, Bangkok


As you can see in the picture above, the Light of Wisdom Pillars end up to a golden ceiling. Take some time to think about this because this ceiling is made of real gold! There are no less than 40,000 gold leaf sheets of 15×15 cm on the ceiling. Siam Piwat, the initiators of ICONSIAM have in any case worked hard to give ICONLUXE that luxurious look it had to have.

The Veranda

If you like to sit down with a snack and/or drink after all those luxurious impressions then you should make a stop in The Veranda! The Veranda is located on the first floor in the ICONLUXE department and definitely worth a visit. Here you will find a number of good restaurants, coffee shops and other eateries. You probably walk in here when you arrive by shuttle boat. More about The Veranda in our article with tips on where to eat and drink in ICONSIAM.

Our favorite spot in The Veranda is D’ARK. Here you can drink very good coffee and have a great dinner.

The Veranda in ICONSIAM

SIAM Takashimaya spread over seven floors

SIAM Takashimaya is also called the Siam Department Store and is actually a huge Japanese shopping mall in ICONSIAM. SIAM Takashimaya has seven floors and consists of hundreds of Japanese stores and eateries. You can find this part in ICONSIAM on the street side of the mall. In SIAM Takashimaya you will find a huge number of top brands and products from Japan. From clothing to cosmetics, from snacks to gadgets and more fun stuff!

There are a number of eating & drinking concepts in SIAM Takashimaya such as Rose Dining, which can be found on the fourth floor. On the first floor is the Rose Food Avenue including a large Japanese supermarket. Some very good and not to be missed Japanese restaurants in SIAM Takashimaya are; Kamui Hokkaido Dining, Kissyan and Masa by Otaru Masazushi.

Kamui Hokkaido Dining in the Japanese shopping mall SIAM Takashimaya in ICONSIAM, Bangkok

Kamui Hokkaido Dining | Image: ICONSIAM

food in the Japanese shopping center SIAM Takashimaya in ICONSIAM, Bangkok

Kissyan | Image: ICONSIAM

Chef Otaru Masazushi of Masa in Japanese shopping mall SIAM Takashimaya in ICONSIAM, Bangkok

Masa by Otaru Masazushi | Image: ICONSIAM

SOOKSIAM on the G Floor

On the G Floor of ICONSIAM you enter a replica of a (floating) market called SOOKSIAM, a walhalla for foodies! In this space of almost 15.000 m2 the typical Thai snacks and meals are prepared that you normally find in the street stalls all over Thailand. SOOKSIAM is unique because it offers food from all 77 provinces of Thailand. So it’s nice to try it out because there is a lot of sampling and you can taste samples at many stalls. And if you taste something you want more of, you pay (almost) as much for the dish as you do on the street. More about SOOKISIAM in our article ‘Good eats in ICONSIAM’.


Tourist shops

On the UG Floor and on the various other floors of ICONSIAM, ICONLUXE and SIAM Takashimaya you will find stores especially for tourists. Here you can buy those typical Thai things for (your family and friends) at home. A magnet for the refrigerator, a nice lamp made  from a coconut, a can cooler or piece of soap in the shape of some Thai fruit, you name it. Besides those same same but different things that you can buy everywhere in Thailand, you’ll also find ICONSIAM merchandise here and there in the form of a modern bag or shirt. For the real ICONSIAM fans.

Stalls with stuff for tourists at the SOOKIAM department of ICONSIAM in Bangkok

If you are planning to take some nice things home with you, plan a visit to ICONSIAM on the last days of your trip. This way you don’t have to carry a lot of luggage around during the vacations. Or send it via the shipping companies located in the basement of the mall.

Elephant Parade elephants in ICONSIAM

ICONCRAFT on the fourth and fifth floor TIP

Some of you may already be familiar with the concept of ICONCRAFT because of a visit to Siam Discovery in the popular Siam Square area. ICONCRAFT does the same but many times larger in an area of 2,500 m2. If you are a lover of art and design then you really need to spend some time here! On the fourth and fifth floors of ICONSIAM, ICONCRAFT is based on seven artistic disciplines: The painter, the sculptor, the carpenter, the gastronome, the therapist, the blacksmith and the weaver. These seven art forms can be found here in the form of crafts but also as modern techniques. All this represented by some 300 Thai entrepreneurs.

ICONCRAFT floors with the typical wooden column in ICONSIAM

Of course, ICONCRAFT also has unique works of art by renowned Thai artists. Actually, the floors are works of art in themselves. These are designed by the famous Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag who is also partly responsible for EmQuartier, another super cool shopping mall in Bangkok! Khun Duangrit has ensured that the two floors of ICONCRAFT are connected to each other by a large wooden column that cannot be missed. Go and see for yourself!

ICONCRAFT floors with the typical wooden column in ICONSIAM

We think ICONCRAFT really is a very creative and artistic place! You can buy really unique and original products made by Thai craftsmen, artists and other creative people. Think of household items such as vases and kitchen utensils but also furniture, art and so on. We are fans!

You can even be creative yourself in ICONCRAFT! There are regular workshops to visit, more information can be found on their Facebook page.

For the sneaker freaks on the second and third floor

Lovers of sneakers are sure to get their money’s worth during a visit to ICONSIAM!  There are a lot of sneaker stores like a big flagship store of JD Sports but the real stars here are Adidas and Nike!

The German company Adidas has the largest Adidas Originals store (459 m2) in Southeast Asia in ICONSIAM. Here you will find a lot of Adidas products including special kicks. There are also regular art exhibitions of street artists in this store.

Rather Nike than Adidas? The first Nike Kicks Lounge of Southeast Asia is of course also located in ICONSIAM. You can even have Nike clothing custom made and/or printed there. Looking for a special Nike Air Max? Big chance you succeed here!

Take a look at LOFT on the third floor! This is a very nice store with gadgets and other funny and handy gadgets for in and around the house!


Tasana Nakorn Terrace on the sixth floor TIP

The Tasana Nakorn Terrace is located on the river side of ICONSIAM, so unfortunately not a beautiful sunset but a beautiful view over the skyline of Bangkok! You can enjoy a cool drink and a bite to eat at two restaurants. Want to read more about this cool terrace? Check out our article ‘Good eats in ICONSIAM‘.

The Tasana Nakorn terrace on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM
The Tasana Nakorn terrace on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM

Alangkarn Zone on the sixth floor TIP

When we first arrived here with the escalator our mouths fell wide open. Personally we think this floor of ICONSIAM is one of the most beautiful places in this already very beautiful shopping center. The fact that you can eat here also helps of course. The Alangkarn Zone is a food paradise but more about that in this article. But even if you are not hungry you are obliged to visit the sixth floor of this shopping center in Bangkok, you will not regret it!

The beautiful and special Alangkarn Zone on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM

The design and decoration of this floor is so wonderful! With some images we try to give you a small impression of what it looks like. More pictures of the Alangkarn Zone and other beautiful spots in ICONSIAM can be found in Picture This #23 and Picture This #24.

Thipsamai in the Alangkarn Zone on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM

Thipsamai, the most famous pad thai restaurant in the world also has a branch here. Besides their pad thai also try the orange juice, better you don’t get anywhere! Also After You, our favorite dessert café can be found on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM. After a pad thai, score a delicious dessert…And after that? A beer at HOBS (House of Beers) or other freshly beverage on the terrace next door. Feel free to spend a whole day in ICONSIAM. Life is delightful!

But the real eye-catcher in the Alangkarn Zone is the spectacular 15 meter high waterfall with special effects. This is the longest falling fountain in Southeast Asia.

The beautiful and special water of Gesha in the Alangkarn Zone on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM
The beautiful and special waterfall in the Alangkarn Zone on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM
The beautiful and special water fall of Gesha in the Alangkarn Zone on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM

Cars and motorcycles on the first and third floor

Yes, also a brand new car or motorcycle can be bought in ICONSIAM! Whether you are looking for a new Rolls Royce, Maserati, Porche or BMW the most beautiful and latest models are just available in ICONSIAM! Tweaking your new Maserati a bit? You can in the Maserati’s Configuration Room. This way you can be sure you have something unique.

Porche in ICONSIAM

BMW takes a different approach, next to some of the most beautiful models you can view their cars through a specially developed virtual reality program. Prefer a BMW motorcycle? Yep that’s possible here too!


Beauty on the main, second and fifth floor

There are many cosmetics stores in ICONSIAM. Since the opening there is a gigantic @Cosme Store. @Cosme is very popular in Japan but also in Thailand. The store covers 300 m2 where you can buy more than 5,000 beauty products from about 600 (Japanese) brands.

Besides the @Cosme store there are of course many more beauty related shops like Sephora, Chanel Boutique, Maison Christian Dior Boutique, Estee Lauder for example. There are also many beauty salons in ICONSIAM.

Woman’s Club on the fifth floor

But there is more… On the fifth floor of ICONSIAM there is a special club for women, the Woman’s Club! Here you’ll find clothing, accessories such as scarves and hats, beauty products, jewelry and household appliances. In the Woman’s Club you can buy a beautiful dress for your next evening gala but a cozy house suit for at home on the couch as well. Need a new pair of heels or slippers? Shoes of all shapes and sizes are available in the Woman’s Club. And if there is some change left over you can always spend your change on some nice gold jewelry.

For the kids there is also plenty to do in ICONSIAM! There are also many toy stores like Toys “R” Us in ICONSIAM. There are even stores with toys for the collector of unique toys such as Toytopia.

Apple Store on the second floor

On the second floor of ICONSIAM you will find the very first official Apple Store in Thailand. This is the second Apple Store of Southeast Asia because Singapore was just ahead of Thailand. At the Apple Store you can view, test and of course buy the entire Apple product range. You will be advised by one of the many Apple Store employees, called Apple Geniuses.

The back of ICONSIAM with the Apple Store input
Exterior of the Apple Store in ICONSIAM adjacent to ICONSIAM Park

Both the front and back of the Apple Store consists of a gigantic two-storey high window! These create an amazing spatial effect in the Apple store. The glass back makes it look as if outside is inside. The Apple store is adjacent to a park, and that is not just a park …

Opening of the Apple Store in ICONSIAM

From the Apple Store in ICONSIAM you come out on a large roof terrace including park and with phenomenal views over Bangkok. Welcome to the so-called ICONSIAM Park.

ICONSIAM Park with adjacent Apple Store in ICONSIAM

The ICONSIAM Park on the second floor

The ICONSIAM Park on the second floor of ICONSIAM offers not only a fantastic view over the skyline of Bangkok but also a moment of tranquility. After all those many impressions it is nice to be outside and enjoy the beautiful plants in this park. Nice to know is that there are four different types of plants, each with a meaning such as purity and holiness. Tribute to P Landscape who took on this park and all the other green spaces from ICONSIAM.

ICONSIAM Park seen from above

Besides all that fresh greenery, a number of sculptures have been placed here and there in ICONSIAM Park. The Bangkok Sculpture Center is responsible for this. We found the masterpiece called  “The Light of Siam” very impressive. This is a very large wall of about 60 meters long and completely covered with a mosaic of mirror glass. The artwork symbolizes the air, land and water of Thailand. Wow what a work of art!

The light of Siam artwork in ICONSIAM Park

River Park outside on the ground floor

Ok ok this is really the last park of ICONSIAM we write about, promised! The River Park is the most eye-catching park. This public space of 10.000 m2 is located between the river and the mall and you arrive here when you visit ICONSIAM by boat.

River Park on the Chao Phraya River outside at ICONSIAM

Parallel to the river is a 400 meters long footpath that runs through ICONSIAM’s River Park. You can walk on it while you see the boats sailing on the Chao Phraya River. But what you really shouldn’t miss in the River Park is the ICONIC Multimedia Water Features!

The Fountain of ICONSIAM in the River Park on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok
River Park with in the foreground the ICONIC Multimedia Water Features at ICONSIAM in Bangkok.

ICONIC Multimedia Water Features TIP

A few times a day, during dusk and evening, the ICONSIAM River Park is the place to be during your visit to ICONSIAM. That’s when the ICON Multimedia Water Feature, or rather a fifteen minute water and light show, starts, with the longest fountain in Southeast Asia stealing the show. The ICONIC Multimedia Water Features is a colorful mix of lights, lasers, music and water effects and you just have to see this fifteen minute party! So make a note of 18:30 and 20:00 and make sure you get a nice spot in ICONSIAM’s River Park.

The ICONIC Multimedia Water Features of Ghesa at ICONSIAM in Bangkok

Our huge appreciation for the Spanish Ghesa who made this special fountain and show possible. Gesha has also been responsible for the amazing waterfall in the Alangkarn Zone on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM. So if you ever want to buy a fantastic fountain or crazy waterfall for your home, now you know who you need to ask…

The times we mentioned in this article were the times we got during our last visit in August 2019. So be informed during your visit to ICONSIAM if you don’t want to miss this show (Believe us you don’t want to miss it).

The ICONIC Multimedia Water Features of Ghesa at ICONSIAM in Bangkok

If you want to experience this show sitting down for the first time, take a seat on the terrace of D’ARK. Order something to drink and possibly some goodies and enjoy this ultimate water and light show, from the terrace you have a perfect view on the water spectacle.

ICON CINECONIC on the sixth floor

Yes of course there is also a hypermodern superluxury cinema complex located in ICONSIAM, and what a place this is! ICON CINECONIC consists of a total of 14 cinemas spread over three floors. We have never seen such a large cinema complex with so much choice! There is an IMAX room, a VIP room, a 4D room and a special room for children including a slide. You can read more about ICON CINECONIC in our article ‘amazing cinemas in Bangkok‘.

TRUE ICON HALL on the seventh floor

TRUE ICON HALL is the place for (inter)national congresses, big shows and concerts. This venue has no less than 2,700 seats and the two largest halls can be merged into a mega-sized hall of 2,775 m2! And then there is the foyer (Suralai Hall) of 1,200 m2 with an amazing view over Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River. We’d like to have a party here!



If you have a non-Thai passport you can apply for an ICONSIAM Tourist Card for free. With this card you get several discounts up to 30%! For example, we know that at the Japanese SIAM Takashimaya you get a 5% discount and on almost every purchase you can get 6% VAT back anyway.

Besides the discounts at the stores, you even get discounts at the various restaurants and cafes in ICONSIAM. By the way at Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery you can also get a Tourist Card, useful to know if you plan to visit those shopping malls located at Siam Square in Bangkok. This cool shopping mall is owned by the same company as ICONSIAM.

Naast de kortingen bij de winkels krijg je ook nog eens korting bij de verschillende restaurants en cafés in ICONSIAM. Trouwens bij Siam Paragon is er ook een Tourist Card te krijgen, handig om te weten als je ook van plan bent dat winkelcentrum aan Siam Square in Bangkok te bezoeken. Dit coole winkelcentrum is namelijk van hetzelfde bedrijf als ICONSIAM.

It may sound a bit strange but go to a toilet in ICONSIAM at least once. Creative works of art…! You can see some of them in our photo sections Picture This #23 and Picture This #24.

ICONSIAM on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok seen from above

ICONSIAM information desk and customer service

If you want an ICONSIAM Tourist Card or more information about something in the mall, you can contact the various customer service / information desks. For example, you can find one opposite the 7-Eleven on the UG Floor.

By the way, if needed you can borrow a wheelchair or use a locker at the customer service desk. If you are there anyway, ask for the wifi password so you can spend two hours on the internet for free. Now that’s customer service!

ICONSIAM on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok seen from afar

Celebrating the holidays at ICONSIAM

If you are in Bangkok on holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, consider a visit to ICONSIAM. You won’t escape the Christmas theme that has seized not only the shopping mall but also the River Park. Then there is the New Years Eve Countdown in Bangkok. ICONSIAM has been chosen as one of the permanent locations in Bangkok where the countdown to the New Year is done together. But also Loy Krathong is celebrated at ICONSIAM, during this holiday the krathongs are let into the water of the Chao Phraya.

Fireworks show during New Year's Eve at ICONSIAM in Bangkok

Living on ICONSIAM grounds

The residential towers on the ICONSIAM site yield a total of more than 500 super luxury homes. There are two different residential towers, The Residences Mandarin Oriental Bangkok with 146 luxury homes spread over 52 floors and another 379 homes spread over 70 floors in the Magnolias Waterfront Residences ICONSIAM.

The two residential towers on the ICONSIAM site on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

The Residences Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

The Residences Mandarin Oriental Bangkok belongs to the same company as the famous Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Hotel. Luxury and superior service guaranteed! If your shares have significantly increased in value or if you happen to find an oil well in the Barents Sea, we recommend the penthouse of 707 m2 on the 51st and 52nd floor.

Magnolias Waterfront Residences ICONSIAM

For a 79 m2 one bedroom apartment in the Magnolias Waterfront Residences ICONSIAM you pay just under € 550,000, but for that price you will get a balcony. For the double amount you have three bedrooms and 144 m2! That’s what we would do… Rather rent? For just over € 1.000,- per month you have a studio of 68 m2. Probably you have a one year contract.

Magnolia's Waterfrontresidenties ICONSIAM

Completed in 2018, the residential tower of the Magnolias Waterfront Residences ICONSIAM is the tallest building in Thailand (2020) with a height of 318 meters. The tower is 4 meters higher than the MahaNakhon we wrote about earlier.

Magnolias Waterfront Residences ICONSIAM the tallest building in Bangkok in 2020

How to get to ICONSIAM?

Of course you can stop a tuk tuk or taxi in Bangkok and ask to drive to ICONSIAM. But you may choose to travel to ICONSIAM a lot cheaper or for nothing at all! We will explain in detail below how you can do this.

Free shuttle boat to ICONSIAM:

First make sure you get to the BTS station Saphan Taksin. You read more about travelling with the BTS (sky train) in this article. Once you arrive at Saphan Taksin station you go down via exit 2. Here signs point the way to the Sathorn pier (5 minutes walk). From there every 10 minutes free shuttle boats leave for ICONSIAM. This service can be used from 08:30 – 23:30. You can also choose to take the Chao Phraya River Express across the water to the Sathorn pier.

There are also free shuttle boats from Cat Building Pier, Ratchawong Pier in Chinatown and Si Phraya Pier. There are also several (luxury) hotels on the Chao Phraya River that offer free shuttle boat trips to ICONSIAM.

Free bus to ICONSIAM:

From BTS station Krung Thonburi there is a free shuttle bus to ICONSIAM every quarter of an hour from 09:00 – 23:00.

Direct BTS conncetion in the (near) future:

When we visited ICONSIAM for the last time in August 2019, it was obvious that there will one day be a BTS station right in front of our door, the Gold Line which will hopefully be finished soon. As with many projects like this it may take some time before this line is completed. To be continued!

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What else is there to do in Bangkok?

Actually too much to mention! In the InfoBox below we tip you various articles and sections so you can discover Bangkok even better. Have fun!

ICONSIAM Shopping Mall 

Adres: 299 Charoen Nakhon Rd, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600
Address in Thai: 299 ถ. เจริญนคร แขวง คลองต้นไทร เขตคลองสาน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10600
Tel: +66 (0)2 495 7080
Open: Daily from 10:00 – 22:00 (The Tasana Nakorn Terrace and ICON CINECONIC are open till later)
Website: https://www.iconsiam.com/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iconsiam/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iconsiam/

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Discover Bangkok

This is how the public transport works in Bangkok:

  • Tuk Tuk
    A ride in the motorized rickshaw is a real experience!
  • Taxi in Bangkok
    Off-peak and with the meter of cheap and efficient
  • BTS Sky Train
    Dodge the traffic jams of Bangkok with the clean and fast sky train, your best friend during rush hour!
  • Chao Phraya River Express
    While avoiding the traffic jams you see a completely different Bangkok from the water.

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We put a lot of time, money and passion in this website, we would love it if you would support us! You can do this by booking hotels and domestic trips through our links. It will cost you nothing extra but we get a small percentage of our partners like Booking.comAgoda and 12GoAsia. Thank you!!

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