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Longtail boat at the Koh Mook Pier
Longtail boat at the Koh Mook Pier


The island of Koh Mook (Koh Muk) is fairly easy to reach, it is located near the mainland of Trang. Koh Mook belongs together with Koh Kradan, Koh Ngai and Koh Libong to the Trang islands. It’s possible to combine these beautiful islands with each other, highly recommended!

From the Kuan Tung Pier (Trang) to Koh Mook

If you come from Trang take a taxi to the Kuan Tung Ku Pier, this pier is located almost opposite Koh Mook. After that there is a crossing with a longtail boat of about 20 minutes.  There is also a ferry several times a day to Koh Mook, which takes about half an hour. Most people book a combination ticket from Trang. This is cheaper than if you have to rent your own longtail boat at the pier.

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Plane on runway in Bangkok

From Bangkok to Koh Mook (via Trang)

There are several flights a day from Bangkok to Trang, you’re about an hour and a half away. It is also possible to take the sleeper train or bus to Trang.

Look here for all prices, tickets, departure times and transportation options from Bangkok.

From Trang train station / airport / bus station

You can buy different combi tickets, the whole ride like taxi and boat to Koh Mook will be arranged for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to use the plane, train or bus. This can be a private tour or a shared tour. With the private tour you have your own taxi and boat and you leave whenever you want.  With the shared tours you use minibuses and boats. These depart a number of times a day at fixed times. The cheapest tickets are the shared combi tickets. 

Train at Bangkok Train Station

Island hopping (Trang islands)

Koh Mook has good connections with the nearby other beautiful Trang islands. Look here for more prices, departure times and boat tickets: 

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Also to other islands such as Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi there are regular ferries. Look here for more prices, departure times and boat tickets:

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Longtail boat in clear blue sea on the beach of Koh Kradan

Transportation on Koh Mook

Once arrived at the long narrow pier of Koh Mook, transportation to your accommodation is easley arranged. There are scooter taxis on the island. These taxis have a sidecar so you can take several people and luggage on the scooter. They are often already waiting for you when the boat arrives, so no lugging around with suitcases or bags. Negotiation is not necessary, because a ride with always costs 50 baht per person.

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transport on Koh Mook, scooter taxi with sidecar on the pier

What to do on Koh Mook

What’s there to see and do once you get to Koh Mook? You can read it in the InfoBox!

Sleeping on Koh Mook

This is our selection of the best sleeping places on Koh Mook:

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Good eats & drinks on Koh Mook

If you want to know more about the above restaurants read our article the best restaurants on Koh Mook!

Going out on Koh Mook

Koh Mook does not (yet) have a real nightlife but there are some nice bars. The Koh Mook Ting Tong Bar is a cozy place where you can have a drink while enjoying a fire show. The Perfect Bar and Restaurant has happy hour from 16:00 to 18:00 and is a nice place by the sea to start the evening.

Transportation on Koh Mook

The transport on koh Mook is simple and well arranged! On the island scooters ride with a sidecar, there you can ride with several people at the same time. Each ride on the island costs 50 baht p.p. one way. So negotiating the price is not necessary!

See & Do on Koh Mook

Discover the other nearby Trang islands, Koh Ngai, Koh Kradan and Koh Libong.

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