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Hin Wong Bay on Koh Tao seen from the air with a drone
Hin Wong Bay on Koh Tao seen from the air with a drone


Hin Wong Bay is one of Koh Tao’s top beaches when it comes to snorkeling and diving! At a depth of one meter you already have a chance to see large schools of fish and the water is super clear! You can walk through the beach into the water but there are also ways over the rocks that go to the water. At Hin Wong Bay you can snorkel from different places.

Gangway to Hin Wong Bay on Koh Tao

One of the best diving and snorkeling spots of Koh Tao

Hin Wong Bay beach is small and has a pebble beach. This beach is great for sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings but the biggest attraction of Hin Wong Bay is under water! Besides the rocks on the beach there are also underwater rocks, these are covered with different kinds of colored coral. If you don’t feel like climbing you can also rent a kayak to explore the bay. You can easily spend a few hours with all the beautiful snorkelling spots that Hing Wong Bay has! Don’t forget the sides of the bay because these places are known as one of the best diving and snorkeling spots in Koh Tao!

Bar on Hin Wong Bay on Koh Tao

Next to the small pebble beach is a bar where the lady who runs the bar says she makes sure the beach is cleaned. The times we were at Hin Wong Bay the beach was indeed clean but the bar was sometimes closed. In exchange for keeping it clean she expects you to buy her a drink. The prices are reasonable, for a can of softdrink you pay 40 baht. If you don’t want to buy a drink she asks for an involuntary donation of 50 baht. Buying a drink is therefore always the smartest option.

Rocks at Hin Wong Bay on Koh Toa

How to get to Hin Wong Bay

Boat: Hin Wong Bay is easiest to reach by longtail boat. Most snorkel tours also bring a visit to this bay.
Taxi indication: Sairee Beach to Hin Wong Bay: 100 baht per person / minimum 4 persons, one way.
Scooter: There is a (narrow) paved road over almost the entire route. The road goes first steep up and then steep down. You really need a powerful scooter! With 2 persons on one scooter there is a chance that you will not get on the steep road.
Walking: Yes really it can! (we did it too). You’re about an hour from Sairee Beach to Hin Wong Bay. It is sometimes a bit of a puff if you are not a very experienced walker in the tropics. But after that you can be proud of yourself! Don’t go too late otherwise it can be difficult to arrange transportation back from Hin Wong Bay. For most people, walking the route once is enough. A ride back is better than walking on flip-flops.



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