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People on the Grand Canyon edge in Chiang Mai
Mensen op een riggel bij de Grand Canyon in Chiang Mai


If you need to cool down then the Grand Canyon near Chiang Mai is ideal to spend a (half) day. About 20 km from Chiang Mai, in the district Hang Dong, you will find the Grand Canyon. Totally different from the Canyon in Pai because here you can jump off. We advise you to visit this place around opening time so you can take beautiful pictures of the area in the morning light. Depending on the traffic in the city of Chiang Mai it is about half an hour drive by scooter from Old City to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon in Chiang Mai, Thaiand



Despite the deep water which is sometimes more than 20 meters deep, the temperature of the water is really pleasant. Not too cold but cold enough to get some cooling during the sultry Thai temperatures. There is also a zipline that zips you from one side to the other.

In recent years there have been several fatal casualties. That’s why nowadays it is mandatory to wear a lifejacket during your visit to the Grand Canyon and there are several platforms and places that used to be closed. In the water park there are also several helpful lifeguards present to keep an eye on things as much as possible. Safety first!

Grand Canyon in Chiang Mai, Thailand

You can jump into the water from various heights and as you can see above, there also is a large Wipe Out-like platform that children and yes even several adults enjoy using. In the price you pay you also may use large rubber tires or kayaks with which you can float / sail over the water. Something to enjoy for everyone.

Bring at least the following: Towels, sunscreen, sunglasses and mosquito repellent.

Grand Canyon in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The two different areas of the Grand Canyon

Area 1: Here you can swim. Chill out on wooden rafts. Paddling with a kayak. Floating with a rubber band and jumping from various places into the water.

Area 2: This area consists of various play equipment (Wipe Out style). Like large inflatable units on which you can climb, jump from and slide off.

You are not allowed to bring food with you and this is regularly checked. But the food in the restaurant, on the other hand, is reasonably priced and very tasty. Another option is to have breakfast or lunch well in advance before you travel to the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai.

Information Grand Canyon Chiang Mai

Open: Daily from 09:00 – 18:00
Admission: 350 baht for children and 450 baht for adults including 1x zipline, locker and deposit. (Price in 2018)
Address: 244 M.3 T.Namphrae A.hangdong, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50230 Rama IV Road

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