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Dishes at D'ARK in The Veranda of ICONSIAM in Bangkok
Dishes at D'ARK in The Veranda of ICONSIAM in Bangkok

Image: D’ARK


In ICONSIAM its great to shop around but did you know that you can eat and drink here exceptionally as well? This can be at the replica of a floating market, a good food court or at one of the hundred superb food and drinks outlets. We know you can’t eat everywhere so we have made it a bit easier for you.

Below in the table of contents is a list of the best places where you can enjoy a meal, snack or drink. In this article we also tip you off some not-to-be-missed locations that you must have seen anyway!

The locations selected by us are well regarded. However, it is possible that, due for example new management,, the quality or service of the location is not well anymore. We would love to hear from you! Also if you have a favorite restaurant or cafe in ICONSIAM of your own, please let us know via the Bangkok in Thailand Facebook group or our own Instagram and Facebook page.

The Veranda

Many visitors who visit ICONSIAM enter The Veranda in the ICONLUXE section. At least when entering through the entrance at the Chao Phraya River. Upon entering you are immediately captivated by the splendor that this luxurious and modern shopping mall in Bangkok has to offer. We were short of eyes and didn’t know where to look… So just sit down at one of the many restaurants or coffee shops in The Veranda, welcome to ICONSIAM!

The Veranda in ICONLUXE, part of ICONSIAM in Bangkok

The Veranda in ICONSIAM consists of about twenty eating and drinking places where you can order the most delicious dishes, sweets and drinks. We have selected some of them we have eaten ourselves or have heard a lot of good things about. By the way, whether you are hungry or not, a walk through The Veranda is recommended anyway.


Let’s start right away with D’ARK, our favorite restaurant in The Veranda and maybe even in ICONSIAM! This beautiful place overlooks the River Park at the back and in front The Veranda. At D’ARK guests can sit downstairs, upstairs and on the terrace. Two of the three places we have already had, next time we will sit upstairs, because from there you have a beautiful view over The Veranda.

The interior of D’ARK is well designed and comfortable at the same time. The sofas and chairs are lovely, the decor is stylish and not unimportant, it is very clean. At the entrance is a huge counter with several coffee machines that can brew different types of coffees. And then there is the extremely friendly staff that is always ready with a smile for the guests. Welcome at D’ARK!

D'ARk, a great restaurant in The Veranda by ICONLUXE, part of ICONSIAM in Bangkok, Thailand.

All the dishes we ate at D’ARK tasted excellent, we haven’t eaten here for nothing more often. We ate Mentaiko Spaghetti, a special and delicious dish with seaweed, scallops and fish eggs. But also other fish or meat dishes, sandwiches and desserts are there to be enjoyed! Besides good food we also love good (ice) coffee, leave that to D’ARK! 

During the afternoon and evening the ICONIC Multimedia Water Features are not to be missed in the River Park of ICONSIAM. This amazing water and light show will be held right in front of D’ARK’s terrace. That’s your seat in first class!

Open: Daily from 10:00 – 21:00
Menu: Via this link
Facebook: D’ARK
Instagram: D’ARK
Website: D’ARK

Jumbo Seafood

At Jumbo Seafood we haven’t eaten ourselves (yet) but judging from the many good reviews, this restaurant just had to be in our list. Jumbo Seafood is very popular in Singapore and opened the first branch in ICONSIAM in Thailand. Their signature dish is the famous chili crab, according to CNN number 35 of the best dishes in the world. If you are a lover of crab, lobster and other crustaceans make sure you eat at Jumbo Seafood in ICONSIAM!

De Chilli crab bij Jumbo Seafood in The Veranda van ICONSIAM

Image: Jumbo Seafood

Open: Daily from 11:00 – 22:00
Menu: Via this link
Facebook: Jumbo Seafood
Instagram: Jumbo Seafood


Tell me where you can find a (floating) market where it never rains and where you can taste dishes from all 77 provinces of Thailand. In ICONSIAM of course! On the ground floor of ICONSIAM you will find SOOKSIAM. An attractive and elegantly decorated market with numerous market stalls and quirks. The stalls sell street food from all over Thailand and you can even find a recreated floating market.

SOOKSIAM covers 15,000 m2 and is divided into Thai regions (zoom in on the map below). In addition to specialties and regional dishes, clothing and packaged food such as sweets and cookies are also sold per Thai region. In SOOKSIAM there are small “canals” that lead to the “lake” where small boats sell food just like in a real floating market.

The map of SOOKSIAM in ICONSIAM, Bangkok Thailand

What can you eat in SOOKSIAM?

Uhm what can’t you eat would be a better question… Almost all the street food sold in Thailand can be found here. Think of fruit or coffee shakes, padthai, satay, spring rolls and other great street food. But also dishes from the BBQ, sausages, curries, insects, roti (Thai pancakes), desserts, fruit and much more. Seriously, SOOKSIAM prepares more than 3,000 different types of dishes and snacks!

Is the food in SOOKSIAM more expensive than on the street?

The many snacks and dishes for sale in ICONSIAM cost almost as much as on the streets of Bangkok. Here and there some dishes are between 10 and 20% more expensive, but we found it very convenient! For people who have some issues with street food, this is a very good opportunity to build up some confidence. In SOOKSIAM the hygiene rules are well respected and you can taste a lot because of the many samples that are distributed. This is the opportunity to discover new flavors! 

Food in SOOKSIAM, part of ICONSIAM in Bangkok, Thailand

Sightseeing in SOOKSIAM

By the way, don’t forget to take a good look around in SOOKSIAM because it will surprise you how many details there are to discover. The decorations and adornments vary from life-sized elephants to tiny lanterns. There are also lots of funny statues and sculptures to be found. There are even recreated stairs that resemble the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. Our tip, go on a (culinary) voyage of discovery in SOOKSIAM! Dive into that one little niche, walk into that weird little store and especially taste that crazy-looking snack. SOOKSIAM is a culinary maze where you never want to find your way out!

Want to see more of SOOKSIAM? Take a look at our photo sections Picture This #23 and Picture This #24.

% ARABICA on the first floor of ICONSIAM TIP

In 2019, % Arabica opened its first café in Thailand, at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. Not much later, a branch was opened in ICONSIAM, and we advise you to walk past it anyway, or even better, into it. On Instagram it is full with the % Arabica photos when you search on ICONSIAM and that’s because… WOW how beautiful it is! And that’s not all… from this unique looking coffee shop you have a beautiful view over the first floor of the luxury department store!

The store of % Arabica in ICONSIAM, Bangkok

Despite the beautiful looks, % Arabica is all about the coffee of course. Their motto is “See the World through Coffee”. The story behind this slogan is well-considered… The founder’s goal was to taste the best coffees in the world before he opened the first % Arabica. Partly thanks to his acquired knowledge, he created a unique blend of different coffee beans. The result? Quality coffee combined with a good dose of marketing and a good scoop of design. This was the recipe for success.

The % in  % Arabica stands for two coffee beans on the branch of a coffee plant. Another nice fact, the straws used in % Arabica are made of sugar cane and not plastic or paper.

Open: Daily from 10:00 – 21:00
Menu: Via this link
Facebook: % Arabica
Instagram:% Arabica

Baan Khanitha The Heritage on the fourth floor of ICONSIAM TIP

Baan Khanitha, is a well known name with a number of restaurants in Bangkok. Including “The Herigate” on the fourth floor of ICONSIAM. Baan Khanitha The Heritage is a beautiful restaurant entirely in the colonial style from the King Rama V and VI era (late 18th century / early 19th century). A special place in modern ICONSIAM. 

Interior of Job Khanitha The Heritage in ICONSIAM, Bangkok

As an appetizer we advise you to order the Tom Kha soup with scallops. This soup, based on coconut milk we ate during our Baan Khanitha Cruise and tasted delicious. The monstrous but oh so juicy and tasty Ayutthaya shrimp is a great main course and for dessert we recommend their heavenly coconut ice cream and mango sticky rice. We’ve never eaten such delicious coconut ice cream before. Baan Khanitha serves quality dishes from authentic Thai cuisine, a culinary experience!

At Baan Khanitha The Heritage you can also dine outside. This is doubly enjoyable with the delicious food and the beautiful view over Bangkok!

Open: Daily from 11:00 – 22:30
Menu: here
Facebook: Baan Khanitha
Instagram: Baan Khanitha

Food Republic op de vierde verdieping van ICONSIAM

But of course there is also a food court in ICONSIAM, Food Republic. In the Thai food courts you pay with a debit card on which you have deposited an amount of your choice. This is very simple, you give cash to the cashier and she puts it on the card. If you have any money left on your card after eating, you will receive it back in cash at the checkout. Look around first, because there is so much choice and you can order anywhere in the food court.

Food Republic in ICONSIAM, Bangkok

Food Republic in ICONSIAM currently consists of thirteen different cuisines where you can order many typical Thai dishes. The dishes have an excellent price/quality ratio / Enjoy your meal!

Open: Daily from 22:00 – 22:00
Facebook: Food Republic
Instagram: Food Republic

Tasana Nakorn Terrace on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM TIP

On the sixth floor of ICONSIAM it’s mainly about good eats! Outside you can sit on the Tasana Nakorn Terrace. This largely covered terrace offers guests a beautiful view over the Chao Phraya River and the impressive skyline of Bangkok. For example, you can see MahanaKhon and the Lebua building with borth a sky bar on both roofs. The Tasana Nakorn Terrace is divided into two dining areas, HOBS and Falabella River Front. Below we describe HOBS, better known as House of Beers.

The Tasana Nakorn terrace on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM in Bangkok

Although you can’t see the sunset from the terrace, this is a very good place for some nice pictures. From the Tasana Nakorn Terrace you can shoot some beautiful pictures of Bangkok. Have a snack and drink and when it’s dark the skyline offers a totally different picture. All those sparkling and shimmering lights on the other side, so beautiful! Share them with us via (#ThailandMagazine) and who knows, you might be shining on our Instagram page.

HOBS at the Tasana Nakorn Terrace

We are sure that at HOBS on the Tasana Nakorn Terrace of ICONSIAM you can have a great time! There are delicious snacks to order that go perfectly with a good (craft) beer. Some examples are the crispy calamari, spicy salmon snacks, nachos out of the oven or the chicken wings marinated in the Hoegaarden marinade. Did we say Hoegaarden? Yes, HOBS is all about beer! We haven’t counted them, but there are probably a hundred different beers available from countries like Belgium, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands and of course Thailand itself.

HOBS was the first in Thailand to offer a wide variety of craft beers. Nowadays here are nine House of Beers in Thailand, seven of which are situated in Bangkok. Another nice fact: HOBS is the importer of the Belgian Hoegaarden beer in Thailand.

At HOBS you can order not only the many appetizers, but also delicious dishes that (of course) go extremely well with the many beers they serve. For example musses, in which the mussels have swum in white wine or in beers such as Hoegaarden or Leffe. Yes, especially for the Belgians among us, this feels like being home again, but with Bangkok’s skyline as a backdrop. But also for the rest of the world HOBS offers besides the delicious food and drinks a phenomenal view over Bangkok. Cheers! 

Open: Daily from 11:00 – 22:00
Menu: Check the beverages and the food menu
Facebook: HOBS
Instagram: HOBS

Alangkarn Zone on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM TIP

The Alangkarn Zone we found the most special floor of ICONSIAM. We thought we had ended up in a scene of a science fiction movie. According to ICONSIAM’s website the Alangkarn Zone is supposed to depict Thai rice fields including Thai pavilions, we found the rather alien world from another solar system.

The Alangkarn zone on the sixth floor of ICONSIAM

On the sixth floor you will find restaurants and (dessert) cafes with tasty meals from Thailand, Japan, India, China and Europe. These can be ordered at about thirty eateries of which we have highlighted a few for you below.

Thipsamai at the Alangkarn Zone TIP

We have already written about the most famous pad thai restaurant in the world. The interior of this establishment is totally different from Bangkok’s Old Town. What has remained the same is the delicious pad thai for which Thipsamai is known. If you are crazy about this popular Thai dish then you should definitely taste Thipsamai’s! We recommend the superb pad thai. Lover of shrimp? Then order the pad thai with the two giant shrimps because they are big and super tasty! 

Don’t forget to order the orange juice, this is the best orange juice we have drunk in our lives. It really is! We still can’t believe it doesn’t contain added sugars… What it does contain are large chunks of orange. Sooo good, a true bestseller!

Open: Daily from 10:00 – 22:00
Menu: Via this link.
Facebook: Thipsamai
Instagram: Thipsamai

After You in de Alangkarn Zone TIP

Save some room for dessert when you are going to eat in ICONSIAM. After You is Thailand’s most famous dessert café with dozens of establishments throughout the country. We have written about After You before. In ICONSIAM we ate for the first time a kakigori, freely translated as a mountain of heavenly planed ice cream with sweet sauce. Tasty and refreshing, a real taste sensation and believe it or not people are queuing up for this! The staff is very friendly and service-minded despite the hustle and bustle. 

No cravings for a dessert, you can also order very tasty drinks at After You. There is a choice of hot and cold drinks like the Italian soda’s of which the lavender soda surprised us in a very positive way. Unique and addictive! Prefer chocolate? Then order the dark chocolate frappe or a Nutella crunch coffee? Luxury problems, right?

Open: Daily from 10:00 – 22:00
Menu: Via this link
Facebook: After You
Instagram: After You

Masala Art in the Alangkarn Zone

We haven’t been to Masala Art ourselves yet, but according to many you can’t miss it! People are particularly enthusiastic about the Thonglor branch. If you love Indian cuisine, you can enjoy the many dishes that come out of the kitchen with passion! The Butter Chicken is often praised, but also the paneer and masala dishes seem to be masterful. We know for sure, next time we are in ICONSIAM or near Thonglor we will eat here. We are very curious about the arts of the Masala Art chef!

Open: Daily from 10:00 – 22:00
Menu: Via this link
Facebook: Masala Art
Instagram: Masala Art

What else is there to experience in Bangkok?

Besides good food in ICONSIAM, there is a lot more to do in Bangkok. Below we tip you off some of our categories and some super good accommodations near ICONSIAM. We wish you a great vacation in Thailand!

ICONSIAM Shopping Mall

Adres: 299 Charoen Nakhon Rd, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600
Address in Thai: 299 ถ. เจริญนคร แขวง คลองต้นไทร เขตคลองสาน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10600
Tel: +66 (0)2 495 7080
Open: Daily from 10:00 – 22:00 (Tasana Nakorn Terrace And ICON CINECONIC are open till later)

Going out in Bangkok

For now we have a very extensive section with the best sky bars and rooftop bars in Bangkok.

Discover Bangkok

This is how the public transport works in Bangkok:

  • Tuk Tuk
    A ride in the motorized rickshaw is a real experience!
  • Taxi in Bangkok
    Off-peak and with the meter of cheap and efficient
  • BTS Sky Train
    Dodge the traffic jams of Bangkok with the clean and fast sky train, your best friend during rush hour!
  • Chao Phraya River Express
    While avoiding the traffic jams you see a completely different Bangkok from the water.

Travelling further from Bangkok? You can easily arrange that yourself at 12GoAsia. Check prices, times and book quickly and easily.

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