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We leven in een moeilijke tijd waarin wat extra liefde van harte welkom is! Daarom zijn we in april gestart met onze From Thailand with LOVE-campagne. We hebben onze Thaise vrienden en relaties gevraagd om een stukje vanuit het hart te schrijven. Dit met als doel om te laten hoe zien hoe superlief en verschrikkelijk mooi Thailand is. Sinds ons allereerste bezoek aan het land van de glimlach zijn we helemaal verliefd op Thailand.

Hopelijk kunnen wij en nog vele andere met ons weer terug naar Amazing Thailand.

Voor nu, wees lief voor jezelf en voor elkaar!
“And, in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” – Paul McCartney

From Thailand Magazine with LOVE!

Ilonka & Riel

From Bo.lan & Err with LOVE!

Regardless of how you are dealing with this global problem we understand that this is also a very personal situation to be in and we hope you remain positive and healthy. We'd like to ask everyone to really think about the future they want after this is over and consider how every choice they make impacts the environment and conversely us! We have a great opportunity here to really re shape the way society functions and we should grab this opportunity with both hands. No mater where you are in the world if you focus on thinking global but acting local you can make a huge difference not only in your quality of life but those in our global community. Our food systems are partly responsible for the mess we are in and we truly believe they are the way out of it also! If all of us make commitments to sourcing more local, organic and biodynamic food, if we eat less animal based proteins and when we do choose ones from high welfare ethical free range farms, if we choose wild sustainably caught seafood fro local fishers who use more mindful and less impactful methods to fish we are already make huge inroads in to reversing the damage made by our food choices. Eating is a political act, we encourage you to use your voice in every bite!!! respectfully, ----- Bo, Dylan and the entire Bo.lan and Err teams! -----

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From Nakadia with LOVE!

We are living through the craziest time of our life right now and nobody knows when the world will go back to normal again. I believe this is the hardest part for us that we are healthy, not to know for how long we will have to stay away from each other and what the world will look like after this. Will we have a job? Will we be able to keep our business alive? These are the questions many of us have. But we should not forget those who ask “Will I still be alive tomorrow?” Hundreds of thousands will not be able to see the world after Corona. All of us who will be able to see the world after Corona, we should see this as a chance! Let’s make this world a better place after this crisis is over. ----- Nakadia -----

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From Thipsamai with LOVE!

Dear Thailand Magazine readers and team, From the situation that we are currently facing around the world with "Covid-19" we're aware that during this is a hard time. Food is one of the most necessary commodities we need everyday. We're concerned that the economic impact is greater than what we've seen before and we'd like to be a small part to help the Thai society getting through this. So we came up with the new menu which called Padthai Chuay Chart available for only 40 baht. (Chuay means support and Chart means country in Thai: So we created a menu to support the country). For medical staff who's interested in the new menu can contact us directly using our Facebook page. We will provide the Padthai Chuay Chart and deliver to you for free. We'd like to help support you while trying to keep us safe. Thipsamai (Padthai Pratoopee) Co;Ltd. wish everyone the best and we will get through this together. From us with <3, ----- The whole ทิพย์สมัย ผัดไทยประตูผี - Thipsamai Restaurant crew and family -----

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From Kingston Hotels Group with LOVE!

During this outbreak we (as a hospitality service provider) are always taking care of and reassuring that our guests, associates and community are well-being and safe. By saying community, during this period, we and our fellow KHG hotels have delivered over 2,500 food boxes to doctor, nurse, and hospital staff who have worked tirelessly in over 10 hospitals as well as to the people in our area who are lacking food in order to support and cheer on them. It is very important that we all should stand up and support the community and we are proud to be a small part who can make a little big thing to our community. We truly hope you all will be and stay healthy and look forward to welcoming you soon. From Thailand with <3, ----- The whole Kingston Hotels Group (KHG) crew (Solitaire Bangkok Hotel Sukhumvit 11, Eleven Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, Grand President, Sukhumvit Soi 11, Royal President Bangkok, Kingston Suites Hotel by KHG and Kingston Hotel) -----

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From Perception Blind with LOVE!

First of all, we would like to thank you Thailand Magazine for your love and care sent to us in writing. We are appreciated and glad you love our business. Certainly, the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the world has inevitably affected our lives more or less. This, of course, has included everyone at Perception Blind Massage. We are unable to run our business due to the epidemic control measure. The three branches, Sathorn, Silom and Thapae in Chiangmai, are all closed and we don’t know until when. We are doing everything to survive in this difficult time. Not only us who have been struggling, we know. We all are facing this situation. No matter what happens, we will never give up. We believe we can go through this and we will. Perception Blind Massage would like to send our best wishes to the world. We would also like to thank every single support sent to us. We are waiting for the day we can open our shop again. We do miss our customer’s smiles. Hope to see you all soon. Please take care.” ----- The entire Perception Blind Massage crew -----

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From Le Du, Baan, Mayrai PadThai & Nusara with LOVE!

In this global epidemic of covid-19, it hits everyone in every corner of the world. Either we like it or not, it is what we all need to face for awhile. Many are all beaten, downed, sad or unhappy. I was when we were forced to close all our restaurants more than a month ago. But after a few days, i made a choice to myself and our team. We will do what we know best, cooking. It might be in different shapes and forms but at least we still cooking. From fine dining to food delivery, it is not what we want but it is what we can do out of this unfortunate situation. At least it still keeps me and my team cooking and smiling. Until we meet again! Sending <3 from Thailand, ----- Chef Ton and all the people working at Le Du, Baan Restaurant "Thai Family Recipe", Mayrai PadThai Wine bar & Nusara Thai Kitchen team ----

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From Yang Garden with LOVE!

From Koh Lanta with Love! ----- The Yang Garden team -----

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From Pimalai Resort with LOVE!

During this challenging situation, nature has set the reset button. Roughly 15 false killer whales - actually dolphins with skulls similar to Orcas were spotted on 22 April 2020 just 400 meters off the Andaman island coast. It was the first time their species had been spotted in Mu Koh Lanta National Marine Park. The oceanic dolphins inhabit tropical and subtropical oceans are considered rare and protected under the Wildlife Protection Act. Until we can meet again…. let the marine life enjoy the oceans, and let us think of how we can share the beauty of the natures without disturbing them too much. ----- The Pimalai Resort, Koh Lanta, Thailand crew -----

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From Hey Asean by Art Thomya with LOVE!

I would love to send love, hope, and encouragement to all friends around the world during this crisis. It may be a hard time, but we shall pass through it together. Let’s be united to fight Covid19 by following guidelines given by our governments. Be positive and spend your quality time with your loved ones. We will be able to see each other again soon! Lastly, I would love to share with you my video from Thai beaches. Please enjoy watching from home! 👉 https://youtu.be/zSfNCGAHAVA With Love, ----- Art Thomya -----

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From Lanta Castaway Beach Resort with LOVE!

Hello everybody, Be safe, be well, be positive, and follow the guidelines the experts are giving us so we can get through this pandemic sooner rather than later. Then we can all sit back with a cold drink and enjoy another beautiful Andaman Sea sunset without worry. From Thailand with LOVE! ----- The Lanta Castaway Beach Resort team -----

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From Dibuk House with LOVE!

Dear lovely Thailand Magazine readers, In these current situation of course all business are shut down and we are in the same way. We are in tough time but we will come back for sure. We are from Dibuk House, a cocktail bar, in Phuket. In a beautiful province located in the southern part of Thailand, now we're shut down. While our net closed we still maintaining our house with love and care of course we won t stop learning and we will come back stronger to make our island become a paradise and full of smile again. Stay tune, stay safe our lovely customers. ----- The Dibuk House crew ----- #StrongerTogether #DibukHouse

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From Elephant & Cafe Tropical with LOVE!

We all find ourselves today in a world of sadness, fear, and loss, that was unimaginable just a few short months ago. But we’ve learned that in this darkness we just need a small light to illuminate the way forward. We find that light from our team, in the way they work together through difficulty with a smile in their hearts. We find it from our customers, reaching out with love and support from all around the world. And we find it from strangers. Acts of generosity, kindness, and love, the scope of which are almost impossible to take in. It’s humbling. And it’s so inspiring. Today we are sending you so much LOVE from Thailand. We can’t wait to see you soon! ----- The Elephant Koh Lipe & Café Tropical Koh Lipe crew -----

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From Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort with LOVE!

Sunshine and smiles from Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort. We would like to reassure you that our guests and associates well-being and safety is our utmost priority. These are challenging times for many of us so we just wanted to send some sunshine and smiles your way in hopes of bringing some cheer to your day! Please stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you all again very soon! ----- The Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort team -----

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From Layana Resort with LOVE!

When we are facing difficulties, a happy smiling face always makes things seem that a little bit better, so we hope this short video brightens up your day. Please take care, and be assured that the well-being and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority. We look forward to welcoming you all back soon! ----- The entire Layana Resort & Spa team -----

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From Pluto Ice Cream with LOVE!

Pluto Ice Cream has been around for more than 20 years,almost 30 actually. A family business that always aimed to deliver quality with a smile and the best service possible. Because we love Phuket so much,we decided to stay local,we have been quiet lucky so far, even if we have been strucked from the Tsunami that almost left us with nothing to recover but we still had the support of the tourism that quickly pumped into the economy what it needs. What we are experiencing now is something unreal, we are in deep trouble and this time we don't see the light at the end of the tunnel as bright as we saw it before...we all are experiencing tough moments,but here,because our economy is basically based only on tourism it is even worse. Please come back as soon as possible and give to the land of smile a reason to actually smile again! Stay safe, with LOVE from Phuket, ----- The Pluto Team (Pluto Italian Gelato) -----

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From Mango Bay Boutique Resort with LOVE!

Dear Thailand Magazine readers, Here from Hoh Tao the situation is looking good as no case of covid19 but same every were all the hotel and resort are close for safety reason. We closed our Mango Bay Boutique Resort at Koh Tao as well for the safety of my staff and we are here and look how the nature takes back its normal place at the moment. No boat and visitors but a lot of fish and animals back again, like black tip shark. Also the turtles are back and many other type of fish and birds this make me consider how the mass tourism is bad for the ecosystem. I still consider wen we will reopening to make sure that all as guest appreciatie the nature and will enjoy natural life. I hope everything will be better! ----- The owner and team from Mango Bay Boutique Resort Koh Tao -----

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From Vivit Hostel with LOVE!

We miss you! ----- From the Vivit Hostel crew with Love! -----


From Bliston Suwan Park View Hotel with LOVE!

Dear Thailand Magazine team & readers, Thank you so much for reaching out to us during this difficult time. We are fully aware that in this time, safety and health comes first and foremost. Therefore at Bliston Suwan Park View Hotel and Residence, we are taking precautions and procedures of cleaning and disinfecting very seriously. We cannot wait to welcome you all back to Bangkok with the better and safer services and with the feeling of home-away-from-home atmosphere at Bliston. Please stay safe and strong and we shall get pass this together. ----- With Love from the entire Bliston Suwan Park View Hotel & Serviced Residence team -----

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From Sarikantang Resort with LOVE!

This situation brings dramatic changes to everyone around the world, especially to us in the travel industry. But it's also a kind reminder from the nature that; One: Life is so fragile and we should always be mindful to it. Two: At one point we all are in equality...and the well being of life is what matters most to everyone at the end. And lastly: Human has strength and more power than we may have known and we are built with adaptability, means at the end, we will all be ok in any circumstances or changes, it is just a matter of time. We would like to pass all our love and gratitude to our friends in the Netherlands, Belgium and everywhere in the world. We do hope you all stay positive to pass this situation soon and we will be here, taking care of this paradise and wait to welcome you all again soon 😀 ----- From the people behind Sarikantang Resort & Spa -----

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From Aroy Kaffeine with LOVE!

Greetings from Koh phi phi, Thailand! Sending our love to everyone around the world. Stay happy and healthy until we meet again! ----- The whole Aroy Kaffeine crew at Koh Phi Phi -----

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From Pad Thai Rock n Roll with LOVE!

Hi! Thank you! We still OK and we hope gonna be better soon! And we hopefully to see everyone here in Koh Lanta again! Peace and love! ----- The Phad Thai Rock n Roll crew -----

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From Transition 24 Cafe & Bar with LOVE!

Just a message to everyone who is impacted by the current situation to keep on fighting! We recently opened our new bakery cafe in the heart of Chinatown Bangkok. So as most of F&B related business we got hit hard by Covid-19. We still managed to dig deep to find the motivation to wake up every day and work hard with PASSION to keep our staff working and not to close down. We would like to take this time and message to thank everyone that supported us! Support local businesses as they need you in these challenging times ----- Dear & Nico from Transition 24 Cafe & Bar -----

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From Flower Power Farm Village & Restaurant with LOVE!

Every single day I'm gon' make Something great That's my way (... and please do the same !) ----- The team behind Flower Power Farm Village & Restaurant - Koh Phayam -----

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From Oasis Koh Chang with LOVE!

We are all in this together! Take care! The Oasis Team is looking forward to welcome you! ❤️🌴 ----- Marieke, Floris and the rest of the Oasis Koh Chang team -----

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From Pai River Jam with LOVE!

At Pai River Jam we are full of good memories of all the people that spent meaningful and joyful time with us. Those memories keep us very much alive and we are looking forward to the next guests fulfilling their own dreams and creating new memories. In the meantime we are lucky to be surrounding by Pai's beautiful nature. Mountains, river, waterfalls, sunrise and sunset remains the same, as magical as ever. All of it only waiting for the next adventures which will definitely come soon! From Pai, with <3 ----- Oliver and the Pai River Jam Hostel team -----

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From Buddhi Belly with LOVE!

HOPE, KINDNESS, RESILIENCE ! These are 3 words that make all of us Human, and move forward together with our fellow beings that share this planet. Only can we respect each others, that we can make it better and safer. We hope to see you all soon with Love. ❤️💚💙💜💛 ----- The BuddhiBelly crew -----

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From DJ Wayu with LOVE!

Hello, World! I'm Pavel, expat from Phuket, Thailand. Want to share my love and energy with you in this difficult time. Yes, its new reality suddenly come to our lives and nobody know what to expect in future. But we must remember that we should be attentive to each other like never before. Look around you and help to people close to you who need it. It come back to you for sure. We all need love and positive vibrations right now. Hope that you and your families will be good. Stay safe and don't panic. Together we can pass this difficult time. Want to share with you my positive energy. There is live session from my music alter ego Wayu, recorded at Baba Beach Club

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From Hammock Cafe Koh Tao & Abeille Bijoux with LOVE!

Hi all, here is Pueng and Guillaume from Hammock Cafe Plaeyuan and Abeille Bijoux where we offer handwoven hammock form Mlaibri Tribe of Thailand and unique handcrafted jewellery made by Pueng herself. We are from little island of Koh Tao, Gulf of Thailand. Due to the pandemic, the world seem to go upside down. It might be a while until we will meet each again but rest assured we will pass all these global crisis together. We know that it can be hard at time to stay positive with a lot of us having loose jobs, opportunities or even our loved ones. We begging you all treat each other with kindness and compassion. We are sending you loads of love from this little rock to wherever you are in the world. It might not be a lot but we hope this will brighten up your day just a little with this little message. We will be here waiting patiently for your return, meanwhile please take care of yourself and those around you, stay healthy, spread the positively and love until we meet again! From Thailand with LOVE, ---- Pueng and Guillaume (Hammock cafe Koh tao and Abeille Bijoux, Koh Tao, Thailand) -----

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From Same Same Bar with LOVE!

I will wait for you my friend Untill we meet again Ocean, sun and sand Soon together hand in hand <3 ----- The Same Same Bar, Haad Rin, Koh Phangan crew -----

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From Iconic Wines Thailand with LOVE!

As in life itself, the human being always draws conclusions from the most extreme situations, and during the Covid in Thailand it has been no different. We have learned to appreciate the little details and to respect and love each other more and we have learned more about union and cooperation. As expected, we will come out of this more united than ever and wanting to do things like never before. We are waiting for you all again in Thailand, from Bangkok with love !!! ----- Best regards from the whole Iconic Wines Thailand Team -----

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