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We leven in een moeilijke tijd waarin wat extra liefde van harte welkom is! Daarom zijn we in april gestart met onze From Thailand with LOVE-campagne. We hebben onze Thaise vrienden en relaties gevraagd om een stukje vanuit het hart te schrijven. Dit met als doel om te laten hoe zien hoe superlief en verschrikkelijk mooi Thailand is. Sinds ons allereerste bezoek aan het land van de glimlach zijn we helemaal verliefd op Thailand.

Hopelijk kunnen wij en nog vele andere met ons weer terug naar Amazing Thailand.

Voor nu, wees lief voor jezelf en voor elkaar!
“And, in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” – Paul McCartney

From Thailand Magazine with LOVE!

Ilonka & Riel

From Sühring with LOVE!

From Thailand with <3! Hi all, sending our love from Restaurant Sühring in Bangkok. We hope to be able to welcome all of you back in our home very soon. Until then, stay safe and enjoy the quiet life! ----- Best wishes from the Sühring team -----

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From Elephant Parade with LOVE!

We want to send love to everybody AND all the animals affected by COVID-19. In our case, specifically elephants! We are (Elephant Parade), a social enterprise that produce hand-painted elephants in various sizes and styles and donate 20% of our net profits to Asian elephant conservation projects. Our aim has always been to bring the message of hope, positivity and creativity through art. While we are all in isolation, from our homes, we can set our minds on strategies to collectively save the planet. We’re in this together and will overcome as one global family. Our free art exhibitions and miniature painted elephants have generated millions of smiles all around the world and supported elephant welfare. When the coronavirus has passed, we hope to be part of helping people around the world to rebuild their lives and to help businesses, communities and families to prepare for a brighter future. With <3! ----- the entire Elephant Parade & Elephant Parade Land crew -----

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From Keemala with LOVE!

We at Keemala are thinking about you, and wherever you are in the world we hope you are thinking about us. The face of traveling may change in the future, but Keemala's spirit of hospitality - bespoke experiences, cultural immersion, and sustainability - will surely remain true. We look forward to the day that we can welcome you all to the warmth of our resort once again. In the meantime, please stay strong and have faith that we will all get through this together. With love, ----- Keemala -----

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From Thailand Fashion Week with LOVE!

Thailand is famous for it's Thai food, Thai massage and heavenly beaches. Northern Thailand, both offer culture, history, architecture, great food, and lots of diversions. Buddhism is Thailand's predominant religion, and it influences everything from the architecture to the way people interact with one another. All of the country’s major cities have breathtaking Buddhist temples to visit; Chiang Mai and Bangkok have the lion's share. Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world. Be it December or May, if you visit Thailand, expect warm weather and mostly clear days. Also, it’s easy and cheap to get around to Thailand because of the local Asian Airlines.Thailand has vast variety of Thai food and it’s very inexpensive. You’ll undoubtedly find favorites such as Thai curry, salads, noodles, and snacks. According to us, Thailand has extremely delicious fried chicken that you must try whenever you visit. If you like shopping, bargains, or cool and quirky stuff then Thailand is the place! You'll find here whatever you need, that too within your budget and the malls in Bangkok are some of the fanciest in the world. Also, there are plenty of discos, nightclubs, and regular bars where you can enjoy the nightlife of Thailand Thailand is the “Land of Smiles.” There might be happening occasional tourist scams but the people of Thailand are friendly, open, and kind to foreign visitors. Talking about the glamour world, don’t forget to hop a seat at Thailand Fashion Week, a bi-annual international fashion week organized by the Kings Federation International Group. Last year TFW was organized at Varavela in the month of November and it is to be organized in May 2021 due to the global pandemic. ----- Lots of <3 and well wishes from the Thailand Fashion Week team! -----

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From Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit with LOVE!

In these uncertain times, all of our hearts here at Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit are with you no matter where you at around the world. We hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe! During this time, the hotel remains open to serve our guests with care by providing an excellent service and bringing the new normal hygiene standard to our guests. ‘Distance can’t stop us from caring!’ Stay healthy, stay hopeful and this too shall pass, <3 ----- The Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit & Spectrum Lounge & Bar crew -----

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From Gaa with LOVE!

"I just want to say that even though we are going through very difficult and unprecedented times, I know that as a group, we've always been resilient and resourceful and we will get through this. No matter what, people will go to restaurants to eat and drink when they're ready again and we will be there to serve them." Attached is a photo of me and my pup, Aloo, who's been keeping me company and so happy here in Bangkok. ----- Garima and the whole Gaa crew -----


From Kolour with LOVE!

The Kolour team behind Kolour In The Park music festival would like to send positive vibes and big hugs to all businesses and individuals who are affected by COVID-19. We wish you safety and strong hearts! Although our event industry is directly affected, we encourage our team and community to embrace the obstacles. We throw out our past plans, we find new purposes, we pivot, we adapt, we begin again, we never stop. Because we know these are the moments that will move us forward. We would like to thank our Kolourians and all supporters for their never-ending good vibes, smiles, laughers, and in-person shared experience we have had the past 9 years. We can’t wait to reunite with you when the situation is safe. We'll go through this together! ?? We believe that festivals and events create magical moments of connection. We are on a mission to become the best at creating these moments while inspiring a message of inclusion and contribution. With good vibes, ----- The Kolour Team -----

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From Anantara Chiang Mai Resort with LOVE!

Anantara Chiang Mai Resort is looking forward to welcoming back travelers from all over the world once the situation stabilizes and people return to discovering more of the world. Our resort is located in the heart of the city which is a well-known tourism spot within Thailand, and thus we have been affected particularly hard by all the restrictions. The team has been keeping busy to maintain everything in tip top shape and we are counting the days now to reopening our doors to the world to come and discover more of what this stunning northern region has to offer. With <3! ----- The Anantara Chiang Mai Resort crew -----

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From Acqua Restaurant Phuket with LOVE!

In this difficult and unexpected situation of the Covid-19, we are all living a surreal life, beside the fear and the serious situation of the virus, we are all having lots of free time at home as never before, it is so pitti that we have so many restrictions and cannot use this free time to travel, visit the family and friends. In normal times we all are to much concentrated on work and to improve our status, we never stop and enjoy life around us, as this is not permitted, because of our routine, that most of the times is related to work. When all this will be finished, I hope all of us will give a better value to freedom and travelling, meet fiends and family and enjoy life (Especially visit restaurants! :)) Thanks for this opportunity to express something I have learned from this situation. Regards, ----- Alessandro and the Acqua Restaurant Phuket crew -----

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From Glur Hostel with LOVE!

.. Sending Love .. ----- The Glur Hostel crew ----

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From Elephant Nature Park with LOVE!

We at Elephant Nature Park are sending our sincere greetings to all of you, wishing you peace, good health, and courage in this time of global challenges. With perseverance, faith and love in our hearts, we are more than prepared to endure adversity and overcome this crisis. It is a formative time for all of us. There is much that leaves a pallor on most former human activities. Yet there is much that leaves room for hope. We are beginning to understand the principle of cause and effect. Pliant and sympathetic, we can be receptive to transformation through acceptance and responsibility for our past, and by simplicity and creativity to forge a better way forward, resilience pressed into the earth with each step. We are not alone. We share this walk of life with many others, some whose voice grows dim with every passing day. We pray and hope that all of you can maintain a strong vision and long perspective for the sake of these others. They need our voice now more than ever before. Wild or captive, the Giant Gray awaits our collective will. Follow your passion, ardent and pure, your voice their portal, a sounding board to their survival. We at Elephant Nature Park and Save Elephant Foundation are ever grateful for your support and generosity in the past, and more critically during these lean times, encouraging and confirming our work for the Elephant and others. Emboldened by the current narrative, changes are underway and they need support and a strong push. The life of the captive elephant is undergoing a remarkable transformation, and, with guidance and sustenance, there will be no turning back to the old ways. Thank you always for your potent and persuasive voices. United we will restore the elephant to their due dignity and freedoms. <3 ----- The whole Elephant Nature Park crew -----

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From Villa Cha-Cha with LOVE!

We are amidst unsettling times and COVID-19 is clearing impacting everyone and those that we love. Please take care and stay happy! We, the Villa Cha Cha crew, look forward to welcoming lovely folks from the Netherlands & Belgium again to our hotels and resorts in Khaosan Road, Krabi and Koh Phangan. Until then, we wish you and your loved ones safe passage through this period of uncertainty. Cheers from Thailand with lots of love! ----- The people behind Villa Cha-Cha Krabi Beachfront Resort, Villa Cha Cha Koh Phangan and Villa Cha Cha Bangkok -----

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From The Rembrandt Hotel & Suites Bangkok with LOVE!

Dear lovely Thailand Magazine readers, Together, we are truly facing uncertain times. The global pandemic is affecting all of our businesses, our families, and our way of life. Our hearts go out to anyone who's been impacted by the virus. Our thoughts are especially with those who are sick, to whom we extend our heartfelt wishes for a full recovery. We're truly inspired by the selfless healthcare workers around the world who are on the front lines working tirelessly to care for people in need. This moment reminds us that we’re all connected like never before. We’re called upon to be our best selves, with patience, understanding and compassion. On behalf of Rembrandt Hotel, we’re committed to being persevering together in all the days and years ahead. Keep safe everyone! ----- The Rembrandt Hotel & Suites, Bangkok team -----

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From Here Hostel Bangkok with LOVE!

Hello dear Thailand Magazine readers, Wherever you are, we hope you’re well and healthy. We want you to know that we're doing everything we can to welcome you back to a safe and positive hostel environment when you start traveling again. We miss you and are looking forward to the day we can travel. The day somewhere in the future you'll be HERE again. Right now, you can get a gift card to the Here Hostel Bangkok for future stays. Please check out www.herehostel.com for more details. Stay positive and Be safe. ----- Here Hostel Bangkok -----

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From Suay with LOVE!

Do good and with LOVE! ----- Tammasak Chootong and the whole Suay Restaurant Phuket Town crew -----

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From Little Paradise Resort with LOVE!

First of all thank you to everyone who are reading this massage from our hearts of Little Paradise Resort Koh Phangan team with love. Now, people around the world must face with effects of the COVID-19 virus situation. We all know this situation is something we must be aware but must not be alarmed. We all must learn how we must act. Therefore, we must believe that we will pass COVID-19 together. We are waiting for all your smile here. The hotels located at Phangan Fullmoon party beach that everything is fine. Right now no party but there are various of nature you can touch with the great atmosphere. We wish everything be better soon to normal and welcome all you back here again. Stay strong. We'll be by your side. Please take good care yourself and family, We'll take care all when you come back like your home. SAO & the Little Paradise Resort family

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From Smalls with LOVE!

“It’s wonderful to see your campaign “From Thailand with Love.” Like so many hospitality venues here and around the world, it’s been a trying time the past few months. Here in Bangkok, our bar, Smalls, has been closed since mid March. To keep the staff employed and spirits up, we teamed up with a well known restaurant, Lucky 13 Sandwich Sathon to use our kitchen and location to prepare and deliver from their menu to diners in the Sathorn area of Bangkok. In addition, to provide a small revenue stream, Smalls produced a beautiful 6TH ANNIVERSARY TOTE BAG that is sold online, so far to great success. Hopefully, lifting the ban on bars is within site now. We can’t wait to reopen, welcome our friends, serve our patrons and toast for better days ahead. Love from all of us here at Smalls in Bangkok to the people of the Netherlands and Belgium. Remember, stay safe, protect your health and support local businesses!” ----- All the people people behind Smalls -----

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From The Adang Island Resort with LOVE!

During this dark time of the horrible virus that happens across the world. We, Adang Island Resort, would like to send a really " BIG LOVE " to all of doctors, volunteers or any other people who're helping each part of their own country to recover from this virus. We wish them the best of lucks and wishes. For those people who still have to stay at home, we wish you strength, healthy and safety. We will recover from this and we will come back stronger. Our resort is still closed due to the impact of the COVID-19, but we strongly believe that people will fly to travel again when it's safe, and we will make sure their return to Thailand will be much more worthful than ever ! <3 ----- The Adang Island Resort - Koh Adang Secluded Paradise crew -----

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From The Splash Beach Resort with LOVE!

When you stay at Splash Beach Resort, you stop being a tourist. You become part of a colorful tapestry made up of different personalities and nationalities. Whether you are a solo traveler, a businessperson, a group of friends, or a big family, you will find here a strong sense of community that pulls everyone together. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, you can find pockets of serenity in our expansive lawns, lively activities splashing about in the water, bonding moments over delicious Thai food, personal discoveries that make your Mai Khao memories truly your own. When you stay at Splash Beach Resort, you are not a tourist. You are family. You may come and go, but you will always have the memories of Mai Khao in your heart. When we travel again, we invite you to make your own Mai Khao moment. Come, discover and be pleasantly surprised to experience another side of Thailand, and find out why Splash Beach Resort, Mai Khao is not your typical 5-star hotel. We are waiting for you with arms wide open here at Phuket, Thailand. Sea you soon! For more information and to discover our new special offer to all our friends and family around the world, follow us at our Facebook and Instagram pages, or click here – http://bit.ly/SplashBookDirect ----- The Splash Beach Resort, Maikhao Phuket -----

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From Santiburi Koh Samui with LOVE!

Your next beautiful destination awaits at Santiburi Koh Samui. These blue skies, white sandy beaches, and turquoise water are a reality waiting for you. We are sending you all of our love and looking forward to welcoming you back again soon. We will get through this together! ? When the time is right for you, we will make it perfect for you. Stay positive, be safe, ----- The entire Santiburi Koh Samui crew -----

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From L'executif Chef with LOVE!

Sawasdee Thailand Magazine readers, The team of L'executif Chef would like to send you all our positive energy from Thailand. During this difficult situation it’s time to take care of each others all over the world. Time to get back to the basic, our family, lovers and friends. It’s time to think and care more about others. If you spread positive things to people we will all be stronger and better. We always do our best to make people happy but during the Covid 19 we try our best to help and support everyone. Sharing our love and we will be stronger together. ---- Olivier Limousin and L'executif Chef's team -----

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From Darren, Aorn and Ananda with LOVE!

Stay safe everyone, sending you LOVE from Thailand. ----- Darren, Aorn and Ananda -----

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From Aksara Collection with LOVE!

From Phuket with <3 Sawasdee krab from the land of smiles which currently is ‘masked’ as we all join the in the challenge to eliminate Covid-19 with nearly all nations around the world. I have lived here for over 32 years and having experienced several world ‘incidents’ including the killer tsunami, SARS and many others Thailand has always shown it’s true shades of people joining together regardless of religion and political views to bring everyone together and help out all those in need during a crisis. Thai’s old and young; expats, stranded tourists all join hands to help out which is a true trait of the Thai traditions. Here in Phuket, we have been overwhelmed with the two field hospitals housing over 200 beds developed by local hotel owners. As a local long term resident, we joined a local international restaurant to provide meals to 200 people on a Wednesday to ensure that our local community who have been hit badly with unemployment had a hot dinner for their families. Across the island, Thai’s and expats have joined together actively providing ‘assistance packages’ and meals to needy locals. Friends who live in Australia set up a virtual ‘food station’ in Patong by finding a local restaurant to produce meals and distributed them to the locals – they managed to achieve donations to provide over 2,000 meals! It makes us cry to see how many local residents here on Phuket have lost their jobs. Maybe 100,000 or even more – Tuk Tuks, minibuses, ‘song theaw’ drivers; hotel staff and all the attractions and shopping malls staff too. Heartbreaking as we had to close down our resorts and tell the true story of the Covid-19 to our teams and thanking them for their hard work felt simply inadequate as their futures started to hang in the balance. For any hotelier, staff are the key to hospitality, so to see sad faces of team members who have smiled and ‘Good morning GM’ for many a year having to hang up their uniforms for the last time was disheartening and we look forward to the day I can say ‘Welcome back’ and put a smile on their faces again. Driving around, you can see familiar faces who should be welcoming guests at our hotels; serving in the local restaurants and driving us around the island contemplating their futures. With no tourists, life has suddenly become tough, but as Thai’s have some excellent entrepreunural ideas, new home made food deliveries have popped up; freshly sqeezed fruit and veg drinks by local students at the dam as people participate in their daily exercise.. The one thing though is no one is complaining but just getting on with life and hopefully the Royal Thai Government will keep good on their promises to pay out workers compensation promptly (sadly not happening at the moment) and listen to their wonderful people Thailand smiles will always prevail and after all these challenges Thailand always fights back stronger and wiser. As we welcome the much needed yearly rains over the next weeks it is time for Thailand to once again blossom. As time goes by will be able to remove masks and smile once again to the world showing the true colours of an amazing country called Thailand! LOVE Thailand…………….. Please don’t cancel your trips to Thailand, but just keep them ‘on hold’ and change your dates of stay. That is the best present you can give to Thailand and the millions of people who rely on tourism. Kob khun krab. ----- Khun Matt and the entire Aksara Collection team (หอพักพนักงาน Kata Sea Breeze Resort / The SIS Kata, Phuket / Patra Mansion) -----

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From The Factory Cafe with LOVE!

Warm digital hugs to everyone reading this! We know how everyone has been deeply affected financially, but our health and safety must come first. Here in Koh Tao, we have been on lockdown for two months and have had zero cases of Covid, fortunately! Nature has also been the most beautiful it has ever been. We hope everyone is safe and look forward to welcoming you again soon in our little paradise and cafe! From Koh Tao with love, ----- The Factory Cafe crew -----

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From Soi Dog Foundation with LOVE!

How can you not be hopeful when you see these beautiful smiles? From Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, a non-profit organisation home to over 1,100 furry faces, we wish the best for everyone during this challenging time for the world. Some of the animals in our care have faced the toughest of times and have come through them with nothing but love for humans. Let’s approach life like a dog – live in the moment, be happy and offer unconditional love and companionship. Stay safe everyone! https://www.soidog.org/content/make-donation ---- Soi Dog Foundation -----

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From Anantara Rasananda with LOVE!

Greetings from the best beach in Thailand at Anantara Rasananda in Koh Phangan! Though the world has come to a stand-still during these unprecedented times, we are still trying to move forward. It is hard times for all, but the beatify of our island brings peace of mind that nature will set her course straight again and that we will all get through this together. Big hug and lots of love from the coconut island! ----- Team Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas -----

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From The Coffee Club Thailand with LOVE!

In the timeline of COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to support each other and work together to get pass this. As many of associates are impacted by this crisis, THE COFFEE CLUB THAILAND would like to stand shoulder to shoulder with medical associations by handing out our food and beverages to Chulalongkorn and Siriraj Hospital. ----- With <3 from THE COFFEE CLUB THAILAND -----

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From Lub d with LOVE!

In times like this, it's important that we still support each other like never before. For Lub d, we still have faith in the travel industry and always believe in better days filled with adventures ahead of us. We plan to open soon but of course with precautions to ensure even a better experience for everyone staying with us. ----- From Lub d with love! -----

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From Holiday Inn Resort Phuket with LOVE!

From Thailand with <3! Warm greetings from Holiday Inn Resort Phuket! Firstly, we hope that all of you are well and taking care of yourselves, family and friends during this globally challenging time. In order to support the health and well being of our guests and hotel colleagues, we have temporarily closed. The situation will come to an end for sure and we’ll be ready to welcome all of you back in better times with our gracious hospitality and authentic, friendly Thai service. ----- The Holiday Inn Resort Phuket team -----

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From Cape Fahn Hotel with LOVE!

Dear Lovely Thailand Friends, We cannot wait to have you back on one of the most beautiful and safe island: Koh Samui! As they say “Dream now, Travel later” we wish you wonderful dreams in which you hopefully wake up to this view for a cup of coffee on our terrace. Please stay safe and hope to see you soon! ----- The Cape Fahn Hotel Team ------

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