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We leven in een moeilijke tijd waarin wat extra liefde van harte welkom is! Daarom zijn we in april gestart met onze From Thailand with LOVE-campagne. We hebben onze Thaise vrienden en relaties gevraagd om een stukje vanuit het hart te schrijven. Dit met als doel om te laten hoe zien hoe superlief en verschrikkelijk mooi Thailand is. Sinds ons allereerste bezoek aan het land van de glimlach zijn we helemaal verliefd op Thailand.

Hopelijk kunnen wij en nog vele andere met ons weer terug naar Amazing Thailand.

Voor nu, wees lief voor jezelf en voor elkaar!
“And, in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” – Paul McCartney

From Thailand Magazine with LOVE!

Ilonka & Riel

From Blue Elephant with LOVE!

These are unsettling, challenging times and it’s impacting our personal and professional lives and those that we love. We are all navigating a situation that no one has ever had to deal with before. However, we are confident we will get through this together. It’s more important to us than ever that we stay connected and positive, as the situation remains fluid, we hope to remain a source of inspiration as we continue to thrive to provide the best service while also being mindful of the changing circumstances around us. We truly hope everybody remains safe and healthy, as we look forward to welcoming you very soon with delicious healthy Thai food! In the meantime, if you miss our cuisine you can always find Blue Elephant products at your favorite supermarkets! ----- With love and a big virtual hug from Chef Nooror Somany Steppe and the Blue Elephant Team! -----

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From The Westin Grande Sukhumvit with LOVE!

Dear Kind Reader of Thailand Magazine, We would like to start by thanking every one of you for continuing to explore and enjoy all that Thailand has to offer. These are trying times for all of us and it seems that each day brings on another challenge to overcome. However, we believe in the strength and resolve in all of us. As nations, as communities and as individuals, each one of us has a part to play to making the world a better place. From the medical professionals working tirelessly around the world to the families staying at home, we are all doing our part as citizens of the world. On behalf of all of us at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok, we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. If we ever have the opportunity to host your stay here in Bangkok, know that we are always, as we are now, ready to welcome you with open arms and hearts to the land of smiles. Be Well, ----- The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok -----

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From akyra TAS with LOVE!

Like you I am acutely aware of the challenging and uncertain times that we face. As a mother of two beautiful children, I am doing everything I can to keep them safe, and I believe that is also what you are doing - protecting your loved ones. We all share concerns for our families, loved ones and businesses in the wake of the impact of COVID-19. Please stay safe. We will come through this stronger than ever. ----- Founder & Managing Director, K. Anchalika Kijkanakorn and the rest of the akyra TAS Sukhumvit Bangkok and akyra team! ------


From Paris Mikki with LOVE!

Dear Thailand Magazine readers, From the team at Paris Mikki, we hope this message frinds everyone well and safe. During this difficult time, we want to remind everyone to be nice to each other. This pandemic we are facing as a world together, choose no color, no sociale class, no religion, no education, no boundaries. Each and everyone of us has the possibility of contracting this novel coronavirus. Please be socially responsible and each do our part in fighting this pandemic together. All of this will be a blip 10 years from now. Let's take this time and enjoy the down time we happen to find ourselves in with our loved ones. Paris Mikki will contnune to feed and nourish our clients as long as possible. With love, ----- From the team of Paris Mikki & Chef Carol -----

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From Alof Bangkok Sukhumvit 11with LOVE!

In these uncertain times, one thing is for sure we are in this together. While we have to close our doors for a while, we hope you and your family stay safe. Our hearts and thoughts are with those whose lives have been affected by this unprecedented circumstance. Our heartfelt thanks to the heroes among us - healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around the world who are working together - to ensure better days lie ahead. While our doors will be closed, we are ensuring that every part of our hotel is maintained with love and care and ready to welcome you back and our drinks are chilled for the perfect Happy Hour we all need. ------ The Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 crew -----

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From Koh I Noor Indian Restaurant with LOVE!

Respected readers Of Thailand Magazine, We are honored to know that Thailand Magazine has taking an initiative to explore and absorb all that this beautiful and prepossessing country known as Thailand has to offer. This is a challenging time for all of us and it seems like there might be no near end to this danger looming on us. But together and united we can beat every danger and come above triumphant! It is a humble request from all of us at Koh I Noor Indian Restaurant to please take care and follow all social distancing rules. Spending time, when possible with ones family is an opportunity to connect with them and know them better. Each of us has an equally important and pivotal role in overcoming this challenge that is very endangering to everybody. We take this opportunity to thank all the medical workers who despite knowing the dangers of being near an infected person, strive 24/7 to heal and bring back lives to normal. The team of Koh I Noor wish you good luck. We wish your family and you to take care of yourselves. Know that the next time you are in Krabi, we will be more than honored to serve you and give you an insight into the wonderful world of Indian culinary. Take care and be well, ----- Koh I Noor Indian Restaurant ,Railay, Krabi, Thailand -----

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From Secret Retreats with LOVE!

Exactly one week ago it was Songkran Day in Thailand, our New Year, a time for family and friends, a time to pay respects to our elders and our most vibrant and fun festival of the year where we also splash water over each other as a symbol of purification. Sadly there were no celebrations in Thailand this year. While the world has come to a standstill and travellers no longer come to our shores we still keep our smiles, even though they are behind a mask today, and we all look forward to the day when we can all meet up again, with family, with friends and with new friends visiting Thailand from overseas. All the properties from Secret Retreats are preparing for the day of your return where a warm welcome to experience Thai hospitality awaits your return once we can move out of this crisis. May we take this opportunity to wish the whole world to heal, stay safe, stay healthy and come back to visit us all soon. ----- All the good from the whole team of Secret Retreats -----

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From Lanta Animal Welfare with LOVE!

Hi all, A small hello from Lanta Animal Welfare on Koh Lanta. Important Notice The clinic will remain open as normal Mon – Sat including the emergency out of hours service. Our catchers are still going around on the Island to catch un-sterilized and injured/sick animals. And giving out food to strays as most hotels, restaurants are now closed. We are now a skeleton team, which is divided into two shifts, with strict distancing. We still do our best to take care of the 100 animals we have here both with feeding, care, socializing and training. If anyone has some love and money to spare to help the animals would be very grateful. These are worrying times. As an organisation we have a duty of care to our staff, volunteers, the animals, and visitors to the center. Our volunteer numbers have already declined by 95% and our current helpers are leaving over the coming weeks to re-join family across the world. We understand their decision and support it whole heartedly. Unfortunately, this means as a much smaller team, we have to prioritize the well being of our rescue animals. Without visitors we will struggle financially, however public health and animal care is top priority. We will now be solely focusing on the daily, weekly and monthly tasks for our animals. If anyone has some love and money to spare to help the animals would be very grateful. ❤️ https://lantaanimalwelfare.com/donate/ ❤️ Kind Regards, ----- Junie Kovacs (Founder) and the whole Lanta Animal Welfare team -----

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From 12GO with LOVE!

Sawasdee kaa! Hello from Bangkok! How often do we take a minute to really look out of the window and feel grateful for the brand new day? Challenging times give us a chance to slow down and see the beauty that exists all around. In Thailand, we love the beautiful sunsets over crystal clear water! There’s so much to explore. Hold on to the thought of travel and show us what your window view looks like today. Share a photo, even with the social distancing it would be awesome to see what your part of the world looks like. From Thailand with Love, ----- The entire 12Go team -----

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From Our Jungle House with LOVE!

Although it's time for social distancing, we keep you close to our hearts. We know you can't be here right now so let us take you through Our Jungle House of Khao Sok with this video: https://youtu.be/QrpeU-beyHs Till we meet again! ----- Our Jungle House -----

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From Daniel Thaiger with LOVE!

My message for everyone out there is “ Please stay home, stay safe and please if there is anyway to support your local business or friends who is by themselves so please don’t forget them” ----- Honey Daniel Thaiger แดนเนียล ไทยเกอร์ -----

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From Kane Mochi Icecream with LOVE!

Hi dear readers, I didn't really expect to be writing this email at midnight. Thank you for thinking about us. This is definitely a tough time for everyone. We - Kane Mochi crew - hope that everything will be OK in the Netherlands, Belgium and all over the world! We send our LOVE to all the people who are affected by this pandemic. In tough times, a small gesture of love and happiness is sometimes more than enough to give someone the strength to pull through, so we are sending this photo as part of our effort to cheer you guys up. Best Regards, ----- Jiras Chaikittisilpa (Owner / General Manager) -----

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From Our Jungle Camp with LOVE!

A message from 🇹🇭 with <3! "All the best from our green fields and lush gardens here at Our Jungle Camp in Khao Sok. We excitedly await all our visitors and friends to introduce you to the abundant adventures Khao Sok National Park has on offer, stay safe and #traveltomorrow." ------ Our Jungle Camp - Eco Resort -----

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From Supanniga Eating Room with LOVE!

*** I do not want to believe that I have the love of writing for a long time - I wrote this article since April 7, 2011 - 9 years ago when I was 32 years old *** Khon Kaen Is one of the provinces in the northeastern part of Thailand which is not popular as a tourist destination. Most of visitors are businessmen, civil servants, or company employees who came to work or business. Most people don’t know that Khon Kaen is a province with various tourist attractions for travelers who expect to find something that is not mainstream and find themost local experiences of Thai Isan people in way of life. If talking about Khon Kaen's well-known tourist spots, the places that need to be mentioned are Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum, Ubonrat Dam (Bang Saen 2 / Pattaya 2), King Cobra Village, Wat Phra That Kham Kaen, or famous dishes such as Khao Suan Kwang Grilled Chicken and Spicy Papaya Salad (Somtum), the northeastern Thai original recipes. I believe in simplicity and it comes to looking at things in real and natural way. I look the every beauty in the way it is and its authenticity. This makes Khon Kaen one of the very charming destination. One day I found a new route from Khon Kaen city center to Ubonrat Dam. Usually, if tourists travel to Ubonrat district, they will go through the main Mitraphap Road then turn left for another 20 kilometers to the dam and Nam Phong National Park. This new route Is the way to the Ubonrat Dam by going north along Maliwan Road, going to Phu Wiang, then there will be a 37 kilometers before turn right at intersection then you can also reach the dam. This route is more scenic, beautiful, and more pleasant than the first route mentioned. Since it is not the major road that everyone takes , it is a path that passes through various small villages with are surrounded by the green and yellow rice fields on both sides. The fields are harvested this season and there are some off-season plots that reveal a small piece of green rice. And it's now the destination for me to stay still and experience the true nature for the rest of my afternoon today. I have prepared picnic set in my car trunk and ready to find a place to stop by and picnicking in the middle of the rice field. I found a place about 2 kms before you reach Baan Kaeng village. I parked the car on the roadside as I found a little shed (A farmers' resting terrace in the middle of the rice field) which seems to be easy to stroll in. The other side of the road Is a lake which is expected to be a part of the dam. The beauty of Thailand's northeastern fields made our beautiful late afternoon. The sun is not too hot, making this picnic was a memorable experience of Khon Kaen with my friends and family. to enjoy myself, it doesn't have to be anything or anywhere too difficult, but something that is simple and easy to find. ----- From Thailand with Love by Thanaurek Laoraowirodge - Supanniga Group - Local Thai, Global Favorites -----

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From Empty Plates Bangkok with LOVE!

We all are sailing through uncharted waters with this global pandemic going on. We are instructed to stay home and to keep social distancing. Many local people are on the street or close to it, due to losing their jobs or just simply not making enough money. It hurts, especially seeing it up close in my community where I live for over 10 years. I wished I could help more significantly, Empty Plates is a small private chefs table, run by one person. The resources I have are limited but once a week I cook and distribute free meals to my close by community. Last week I’ve made a yellow chicken curry, with braised vegetables and organic rice. This week its green curry spaghetti with crispy pork. Let’s do what we can to help each other out & I’m looking forward to welcome some of you from the Netherlands in the future at Empty Plates Bangkok. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy my friends 🙂 ----- Steven John (Empty Plates Bangkok) -----

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From U-Nimman Hotel Chiang Mai with LOVE!

From the U-Nimman Hotel Chiangmai team to everybody, The current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact all, including our hotel. We made the difficult decision to temporarily close the hotel to protect the health and safety of all our visitors and colleagues, but we hope to be able to re-open soon. At this time, we would like to begin by thanking all the healthcare workers who have been working on the frontline to treat patients from the start of the outbreak until now. We greatly appreciate the hard work and efforts of all the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers who put their own physical and mental health at risk to help keep us safe. We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone in Chiang Mai who have all taken the local authority restrictions seriously, and for their continued efforts and dedication to keeping our community safe during this challenging time. This hard work means that our community has achieved a perfect result with no new cases for more than 21 days up until today. We would like to encourage everyone to still use masks (where you must and can), wash your hands frequently and practice social distancing by staying home, avoiding crowds and non-essential travel during this time until we are completely through this pandemic. We hope to see U again soon on the coolest and chicest street in Chiang Mai, Nimmanhaemin Road. Until then, take care and stay safe. <3, ----- The U Nimman Chiang Mai crew -----

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From Rice Media Thailand with LOVE!

"We all might have complained about the city we live in... . The chaos... The rowdiness... The nuisance of living an urban life... . But with the current situation, strangely, some of us might miss the little things that makes up the quintessential qualities of living in a big city. . Here's a little voice with a simple message, to Bangkok. The city we love." ----- The Rice Media Thailand team -----

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From Enoteca Bangkok with LOVE!

We at Enoteca Bangkok are like a family and always cook with passion and love; we are looking forward to welcome all again! Take care and stay safe. All the best! ----- Nicola (founder) & Stefano (Chef) -----

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From Patpong Museum with LOVE!

----- With LOVE from the Paptpong Museum crew -----

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From Oriental Kwai Resort with LOVE!

Hello from Evelien, Djo & staff of Oriental Kwai resort Kanchanaburi, First of all thank you so much for all heartwarming messages and support we have received during this difficult time. Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone whose lives have been affected by this pandemic and we will keep strong to support our team and the local community where we can. We hope you are all safe and that we may welcome you all again soon in our little River Kwai paradise! Till then stay safe and hope these pictures bring back lovely memories. ❤️🌺🐦🌴☀ ----- The Oriental Kwai resort team -----

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From At-Mosphere Rooftop Bar with LOVE!

The spread of Covid-19 is currently an important issue here in Thailand and in many other countries. We believe that by providing cooperation and assistance in following all health recommendations, we will soon get through this pandemic together. ----- Kumpol S. and the entire At-Mosphere crew -----

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From Water Library Hospitality Group with LOVE!

To all beloved Thailand fans, On behalf of Water Library Hospitality Group we want to say that we've got affected as unexpected as many others in our global community. Nevertheless, we do not lose our heart, passion and trust in what we do and will motivated prepare for the time after this virus pandemic. You should think positive, look ahead and be prepared! Better time will come and we'll all come back stronger. The Future is on us! With much Love! ----- Your Water Library Family (1881 by Water Library / Water Library Central Embassy / Brasserie by Water Library at Crystal / Ciao Pizza) -----

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From The Okura Prestige with LOVE!

Brave Hearts All at The Okura Prestige Bangkok in the heart of Bangkok send heartfelt best wishes to everyone around the world at this time of fear and uncertainty. We will get through this together. Be courageous, do the right thing, look after one another and stay healthy and safe. When it is safe to do so, we look forward to welcoming you with our famous warmth and hospitality. ----- The Okura Prestige Bangkok -----

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From P.P. Erawan Palms Resort with LOVE!

Greetings from P.P. Erawan Palms Resort, Laemtong Beach on Phi Phi Islands to everyone. First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has visited and loved our country and our little resort. Travelers from six continents all over the world have let us be a holiday home for them, and now we would like to share the hope and cheering. As of today, the same world we are living in is in the middle of the pandemic COVID-19, we are all in this together. P.P. Erawan Palms Team would love to send love and encouragement to all of you who got affected in any way. We believe that after hitting the rock bottom, the world will rise again one day. Stay safe and healthy everyone. Let's do our part by social distancing and keep our bodies sanitized. Luckily, our Koh Phi Phi is still a safe zone without any COVID-19 patient and the island is closed temporarily during this April. Time for nature to recover itself. The sea and sky are blue as always. The fine sand and beach are set naturally. It is calm without boat engine, only wind is blowing. Our beautiful beach resort would love to welcome you when the nature gives us right to travel! ----- With <3 from the P.P. Erawan Palms Resort team -----

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From Phi Phi Natural Resort with LOVE!

Dear everyone, Phi Phi Natural Resort has welcomed guests and visitors from all over the world, and now, with the progression of COVID-19 outbreak, it is at times that we are reminded how fragile and small of the world we are sharing. The coronavirus seemingly has no bound. Our hearts and best wishes are with all those who have been affected by the disease. We also wish each and every one of our guests to have Good Health, Well-Being and to Stay Safe. This issue is bigger than one industry or any one nation and its impact is being felt across the globe. We have to do our part by social distancing and constantly clean your bodies and personal wares. Phi Phi Natural Resort team, Laemtong Beach is still safe from the virus. Even the island is closed for this month, we believe it is time for the nature to rest and recover. Fortunately, our big fruit garden is giving us a favour after the island is closed as well. We look forward to welcoming everyone again to our home once the rainy days are over! From Koh Phi Phi with <3, ----- The Phi Phi Natural Resort Team -----

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From Littles with LOVE!

Enormous LOVE from Littles in 🇹🇭 Dear Thailand Magazine readers, Thank you for the love from the Netherlands and Belgium! Something sometime covid-19 crisis. Difficult time we fight covid-19. Social distancing, quarantine and lockdown. We think the future will be good again. We hope to see you as soon as possible! see you again ----- lil (the Littles crew) -----

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From Konnichipan Bakery with LOVE!

With Love from Bangkok! ----- The Konnichipan team -----

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From The Other Side Of Bangkok with LOVE!

Greetings from Thailand! Thank you very much for inviting me to join this project! I do appreciate and honor to be part of it. We think of all the readers and people in the Netherlands and Belgium! From 🇹🇭 with <3! My name is Peach, an owner of "The Other Side of Bangkok", a bicycle tour company in Bangkok. No matter you are first time in Bangkok or have visited our alive beautiful city before - How much do you know about Bangkok? Apart from being best known for its skyscrapers, shopping centers, business district, tuk-tuks and motorcycles on the street, and its street food. Did you know that Bangkok has so much more to offer than just that? Bangkok also has 'The Other Side' which is on the opposite side of Chao Phraya River where locals call as "Thonburi" side where you can see more traditional way of Thai life, small waterways (the Khlongs), markets, communities, and authentic temples. On this side, you can experience the 'real' Thai life style and will be warm welcomed from sincere smile from locals. Don't miss this place, when you have a chance to visit our Bangkok city. Stay safe, strong and healthy! ----- Peach and the whole team of The Other Side of Bangkok -----

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From Mamory Delicious for Good Memories with LOVE!

Mamory Delicious for good Memories restaurant in Chiang Mai wishes everybody in the whole world a as quick as possible recovery from the Corona Virus. So that everyone can go back to their living standards as usual. We all cannot help that this all happens to us and we all have to obey the rules that our governments apply for us. We hope that can serve our customers with our beloved 330 items counting food and drinks menu asap! To create something positive from these circumstances we planted today 3 big palm trees. The sunset hour makes this picture as a collectible and we hope this stay in your memory during this lock down period. ----- Best regards from the Mamory Delicious for good Memories crew -----

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From Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort with LOVE!

“Stay safe at home and travel fun next time” ----- The whole team behind the Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort -----

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