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Five Wellness Experiences, Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

Five amazing wellness experiences during the Mae Hong Son loop

In July 2023, when our Mae Hong Son adventure started, we decided to undergo five different wellness treatments. After all, not a day goes by without us working tirelessly on Thailand Magazine. Under the motto “work hard, play hard”, we chose to reward ourselves during our trip with several exceptional relaxation hours. We’ve certainly earned them after all these years!

In Mae Sariang, we planned a visit to a local massage salon and after our visit to Mae Hong Son City, the Phu Klon Mud Spa was on our list. During a few nights in the relaxed village of Pai, we visited Sapaiya Spa, possibly the best wellness location in that area. Finally, we finalized our tour in Chiang Mai, the city where our Mae Hong Son adventure also began. There, we booked a traditional Tok Sen massage at the Silver Temple (Wat Sri Suphan) and the day after we visited Zira Spa. Possibly one of the best spas in Chiang Mai. There we booked two wellness packages totaling a whopping seven and a half hours. What a way to wrap up our incredible wellness experiences during our adventurous but oh-so-relaxing Mae Hong Son loop!

Amazing wellness experience #1 = A local massage in Mae Sariang

While planning our Mae Hong Son loop, we opted for a massage in Mae Sariang, primarily visited by the local population. Our choice fell on the highly rated (on Google) Mae Sariang Thai Massage. The owner asked us,in her best Thai English, which type of massage we wanted and whether we had any specific focus points. We sat down on the thin mattresses on the floor and received a skillful massage for an hour, where the masseuses were very considerate of our pain threshold. Despite the distraction of a few chickens wanting to walk in, it was a very good and professional massage. A simple, but fantastic wellness experience for just 250 THB per person per hour.

More information via Google Maps.

Twee dames van de plaatselijke massagesalon in Mae Saring

Amazing wellness experience #2 = Getting slathered with mud amidst the rice fields near Mae Hong Son City at Phu Klon Mud Spa

During our Mae Hong Son roadtrip, we visited the Phu Klon Mud Spa as part two of our wellness experience, a unique wellness location specializing in mud treatments. The spa is located just twenty kilometers north of Mae Hong Son city and is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes of dark green forests and light green rice fields. The spa grounds include several thermal baths, a sauna, various jacuzzis, a relaxation room, and a reception. The spa is known for its unique mud with a high concentration of skin-beneficial minerals.

Ingesmeerd met de modder van de Phu Klong Mud Spa met onze price onsen (mineraalbad)

Our experience at Phu Klon Mud Spa was unforgettable. After a detailed explanation of the treatments, we were guided by professional therapists to our private room (with its own private pool). We had an oil massage, mud treatment, and used the hot mineral pool, also known as an onsen. In addition to the treatments, you can also purchase various beauty and skincare products at Phu Klon Mud Spa. We can conclude that a visit to Phu Klon Country Club, as this location is often called, is a unique and relaxing experience.

Our comprehensive mud treatment amounted to a modest 3,000 THB per person. More information can be found on the website of Phu Klon Mud Spa.

Privevertrekken van de Phu Klong Mud Spa met privezwembad

Amazing wellness experience #3 = A complete beauty treatment at Sapaiya Spa, the best spa in Pai and surrounding areas

Among the five different wellness experiences we had, the treatment at Sapaiya Spa in Pai was unparalleled. The location, reception, service, massage, and spa treatment were all excellent, thanks to the exceptionally friendly owner and his skilled team. Sapaiya Spa, located in the peaceful northern town of Pai, exudes tranquility and is housed in a modern building. We were warmly welcomed with a refreshing towel and a cup of fresh ginger tea, followed by an explanation of the various treatments.

Het moderne pand van Sapaiya Spa, de beste spa van Pai en omstreken

The wide range of wellness treatments offered at Sapaiya Spa is impressive. From Thai massage and oil massages to scrubs, aromatherapies, and other body treatments. Ilonka opted for the “Sapaiya in Love” treatment, a three-hour combination of body scrub, oil massage, and a GuaSha facial treatment. I chose the “Sapaiya Wellness Trio,” consisting of a foot massage, a warm aromatic oil massage, and an Herbal Ball massage. Both treatments were fantastic! We would like to express our gratitude to the amazing team for their excellent service and immense hospitality. We will definitely visit again when we’re in Pai!

For this amazing wellness experience in Pai, we spent less than 5,000 THB together. A bargain considering the quality and duration of these two wellness packages. More information can be found on the Sapaiya Spa web app.

Verschillende aromatische massageolien voor een massage in Sapaiya Spa, Pai

Amazing wellness experience #4 = A traditional Tok Sen Massage on the grounds of the Silver Temple in Chiang Mai

The most unique massage we have ever had the pleasure of receiving is that of wellness experience number four, a Tok Sen massage! In the back of the grounds of the Wat Sri Suphan, better known as the Silver Temple of Chiang Mai, there is a small booth where two very friendly ladies work. This couple specializes in the ancient Tok Sen massage technique, which originated in the Lanna region in northern Thailand. A Tok Sen massage uses a wooden hammer and pin, often made from the bark of the tamarind tree. The wooden hammer is rhythmically tapped on a pin that runs along the body’s energy lines. 

De zilveren tempel van Chiang Mai
Tok Sen Massage in Chiang Mai, met een houten hamer wordt er getikt op het lichaam

Unlike other massage techniques, Tok Sen can penetrate deeper muscle layers. This makes this massage technique great for relieving muscle tension and knots. Some other possible benefits include relief of stiffness and (muscle) pain, it acts as an energy booster and offers improvement in blood circulation and sleep. The Tok Sen massage at the Silver Temple is given by an experienced and friendly Tok Sen professional. She has been doing this for years and the location is known for its good quality and reasonable prices for Tok Sen treatments. The Nun Tok Sen massage practice is located within the Silver Temple grounds, an appointment via Facebook is appreciated. A one-hour Tok Sen massage costs THB 250 per person.

Nun, een specialist in de eeuwenoude massagetechniek Tok Sen

Amazing wellness experience #5 = Being pampered for hours at Zira Spa, perhaps the best wellness center in Chiang Mai

Finally, we ended up with wellness experience #5, a complete spa treatment at Zira Spa. According to many guests, it’s one of the very best spas in Chiang Mai. This is also borne out by the numerous certificates and awards that this spa in the old city center has received. Located in the heart of Chiang Mai’s old town, this leading wellness destination welcomes its guests in a restored traditional Thai house.

After our trip through the Mae Hong Son loop, we returned to Chiang Mai and decided to find the best spa in town, which led us to Zira Spa. This wellness center, surrounded by bustling markets and spiritual temples, is easily accessible from the famous Tha Phae Gate. The interior, complete with a tranquil garden full of koi carp and more than 30 traditional Thai massage rooms, exudes a serene atmosphere.

De binnentuin met koikarper vijver van Zira Spa in Chiang Mai

Founded in 2010, Zira Spa aims to introduce the world to Thai massage and wellness. The team of local staff is expertly trained in both modern and traditional Lanna massage techniques. Guests can choose from a wide range of massages and spa treatments, ranging from Thai and Swedish massages to body wraps and aromatherapy. After our adventure through Mae Hong Son, we treated ourselves to Zira’s Signature and Romantic Journey packages, which offered a full experience totaling 7.5 hours. 

We spent THB 9,300 for this huge eight-hour luxury wellness package including check-in. More information can be found on the website of Zira Spa, one of the best wellness centers in northern Thailand.

professioneel personeel van Zira Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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