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Ceiling of the inside of the three-headed elephant of the Erawan Museum in Bangkok, Thailand
Ceiling of the inside of the three-headed elephant of the Erawan Museum in Bangkok, Thailand


The Erawan Museum in Bangkok is not just any museum, the museum is housed in a giant three-headed elephant! You might know this three-headed elephant from the Erawan Shrine in the center of Bangkok. This elephant of the Erawan Museum is a a little bit bigger! To give you an idea; the elephant including the building it stands on is 43.6 meters high, the elephant itself is a wopping 29 meters high. You go up through the back leg of the elephant.

three-headed elephant from the Erawan Museum in Bangkok depicted against a blue sky.


The museum has artifacts from the 16th and 18th centuries and beautiful Buddha statues, the many details are worth admiring even for non-art lovers! All the splendour is almost over the top! The museum combines the story of genesis with Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. Don’t forget to look up at the particularly beautiful ceiling! You can use headphones with an audio tour in English, you pay a deposit of 1.000 THB which you will get back afterwards. The museum is surrounded by a small shady almost fairytale garden with bridges and special statues, there are also a number of restaurants.

Shady fairytale garden with bridges and special statues in the garden of the Erawan Museum in Bangkok like of the god Phra Phrom

Museum and temple

The Erawan Museum is a private museum and is not very large, even though the three-headed elephant is. Most visitors spend one or two hours here, although the real art and culture lover probably doesn’t think that is enough time. The Erawan Museum is also partly a temple and appropriate clothing is therefore mandatory. Because the museum is about 45 minutes drive from Bangkok, we recommend combining the Erawan Museum with The Ancient City. This unique open air museum is about half an hour drive from the Erawan Museum.

Temple in the Erawan Museum with praying people.

How to get to the Erawan Museum


By taxi from the center of Bangkok it will take you about 45 minutes, the taxi will take you around 200 baht. It is not necessary to make an appointment with the taxi driver for the way back, the guard at the gate of the museum will help you to stop a taxi. This way you have the freedom to stay as long as you want.

A map of your hotel with the address in Thai makes it easier for everyone. The Thai address of the Erawan Museum is: 99 ตำบล บางเมืองใหม่ อำเภอเมืองสมุทรปราการ สมุทรปราการ 10270

BTS (Sky Train)

With the BTS you are half an hour from for example BTS Siam (the Siam area is the center of the center in Bangkok) to BTS Chang Erawan, costs 60 baht per person one way. From BTS Chang Erawan it is a 20 minute walk. By taxi you can get there in a few minutes. Every 15 minutes a local bus (no. 120) goes to the Erawan Museum. You don’t have to hurry because the bus takes 40 minutes to get to the museum!

Stairs from the Erawan Museum in Bangkok to the roof of stained glass.

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