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Emerald coloured water from the Emerald Pool
2 people in the water of the Emerald Pool surrounded by jungle


The Emerald Pool is a beautiful place where you can swim in a natural pool. The water has an emerald green color, hence the name Emerald Pool. The natural pool is surrounded by a lush jungle. Through the jungle run small streams that come together and the Emerald Pool is the wonderful result of this! The swimming area is about 20 meters wide and between 1 and 2 meters deep. But also in the many small streams that the park has you can swim and bathe in different places. The area is actually a kind of natural water paradise! The water contains minerals that are said to be good for your health, so that’s a bonus!

Entrance of the Emerald Pool & Blue Pool in the province of Krabi

How to get to the Emerald Pool

From the entrance there are 2 routes: A fast route of 800 meters and a long route (nature trail) of 1.4 km. The short route is only worthwhile if you’re really in a hurry because through this route you see almost nothing of the beautiful surroundings. The long route has an elevated walkway that goes straight through the swamp and jungle, along the way you see many streams! That’s why the walk to the Emerald Pool is just as beautiful as the Emerald Pool itself!

Water streams on the way to Emerald Pool

Around the Emerald Pool are rocks that can be very slippery because of moss, this sometimes causes slips and falls, water shoes are recommended!

Emerald Pool emerald water surrounded by rocks and jungle

The Emerald Pool | Image: Jamie Monk (Flickr)

Blue Pool

From the Emerald Pool it is about a 15 minute walk on a good path to Blue Pool, the area is beautiful and you can take beautiful pictures! Blue Pool is surrounded by jungle and is as the name suggests (almost luminous) blue water! But don’t be tempted to take a dip in the lovely looking blue water, because unlike in the Emerald Pool you can’t swim here at all!  The bottom consists of quicksand and the water temperature varies between 30 and 50 degrees Celcius.

In the jungle mosquitoes are also bloodthirsty during the day, bring mosquito repellent!

Signpost and path to the Blue Pool

Opening hours Blue Pool

Blue Pool is closed to the public between May and October as it is breeding season for the Gurney’s Pitta. These are small birds with a blue head (male) or a yellow/brown head (female). The birds are on the red list of endangered bird species.

Blue Pool is the other months only open for visitors between 10 AM and 3 PM.

The water in the Emerald Pool comes from the Blue Pool, when the water has reached the Emerald Pool it has cooled down.

Clear blue waters of the Blue Pool surrounded by jungle

The Blue Pool | Image: WIL (Flickr)

Food & Beverages @ Emerald Pool & Blue Pool

At the entrance of the park are quite a few shops and restaurants. You have to eat all the food you buy in advance because it is forbidden to bring food into the park. You can get a fine of 500 baht if you get caught. If you do have food with you you can leave it at the entrance, there is a special place with nails where you can hang it up, on the way back you can take it with you.

Stall with food and drinks at the entrance of Emerald Pool & Blue Pool

Sleeping at the Emerald Pool & Blue Pool?

Because the area is so beautiful it can be quite busy, it is best to go as early as possible. If you want to be the very first in the Emerald Pool and don’t feel like getting up early for the ride from Krabi Town, the Morakot Resort is the solution! The resort has simple but clean rooms and is just a few minutes walk from the Emerald Pool & Blue Pool. You can reach the hotel via Facebook.

Sleeping in Krabi Town – Which hotel?

Most people are more likely to choose to sleep in Krabi Town or further afield in Ao Nang Beach because there are many more great attractions and eateries in the area.

Hotel room with sliding doors to balcony overlooking the river

River View Hotel

This hotel is located directly on the river and a few minutes walk from the Weekend Market. Therefore it is ideally located. The neat rooms have balconies with seating and direct or partial views of the river. Close to the hotel is a pick-up point for the songthaew (minibus).

Family Tree Hotel ,Trendy chique hotel kamer met hout accenten

Family Tree Hotel 

Brand new hotel in Krabi Town (2018). The rooms are hip and chicly decorated with lovely beds. The hotel is known for its good coffee from freshly roasted coffee beans. The hotel is run by a very hospitable family. Good price – quality ratio!

Swimming pool with the River View Hotel in the background

River Front Hotel

Brand new hotel in Krabi Town (2018). The rooms are hip and chicly decorated with lovely beds. The hotel is known for its good coffee from freshly roasted coffee beans. The hotel is run by a very hospitable family. Good price – quality ratio!

From Krabi Town to the Emerald Pool & Blue Pool

From Krabi Town it is a 60 km drive, you’re about 1.5 hours by scooter, by car it should be done in an hour.  The Emeral Pool is well signposted, but suppose you are going to miss an exit. Also pay attention to the signs with Sa Morakot. this is the Thai name. Also the name Chrystal Pond is sometimes used, it should not be too easy!

Address: Khlong Thom Nuea, Khlong Thom District, Changwat Krabi 81120, Thailand
Address in Thai: ตำบล คลองท่อมเหนือ อำเภอ คลองท่อม กระบี่ 81120

Organized tour to the Emerald Pool & Blue Pool

Of course you can also visit the Emerald & Blue Pool organized with a tour from Krabi. Often there are combinations (possible) with for example the Tiger Cave Temple. Ask in advance how long the stop at the Emerald Pool & Blue Pool is. With many tours you have 1.5 hours for the Emerald Pool, which is on the short side if you want to quietly enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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