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Image: PloysiTV (YouTube)


What would this site be without all the fantastic people who helped us with this project. That’s why this page, as a big thank you for all the people who helped us the last period with information, tips, pictures, creativity and inspiration.

All of us we share a profound love for Thailand and it’s inhabitants.
Kob khun krab / kaaa! Thank you all so much!!


Wat zou deze site zijn zonder alle fantastische mensen die ons geholpen hebben met dit project.
Daarom deze pagina als dank voor de mensen die ons de afgelopen tijd hebben geholpen met informatie, tips, foto’s, creativiteit en inspiratie.
Allen delen wij de liefde voor Thailand
Kob khun kap / kaaa! Dank jullie wel!

Ilonka & Riel

Thank you Gert den Heijer from the Netherlands!

Thank you Hans& Sigrid (Zabriski who created our Olifanti logo) from the Netherlands!

Thank you Tore Bustad from Norway!

Thank you Jeerasak Kumwong from Thailand!

Thank you Changping Wang from Taiwan!

Thank you Morgan from Taiwan!

Thank you Rotation Photographer (Jirawas) from Thailand!

Thank you Khalil Daoud from America!

Thank you Wisawin Chewangkul from Thailand!

Thank you Pierre Metivier from America!

Thank you Kevin Bite from England!

Thank you Edd Russell from Thailand!

Thank you Rasmus Tøgern from Denmark!

Thank you David McKelvey from Australia!

Thank you Hakan Kavas from Turkey!

Thank you Josie Acland from England!

Thank you Noel Nicolas from the Philippines!

Thank you Jan Ryszawy from Japan!

Thank you Iain Thai Scot from Thailand!

Thank you Adriaan Castermans from Belgium!

Thank you Asiacamera from Thailand!

Thank you Mads Bjørkli from Norway!

Thank you Edgardo W. Olivera / CC BY 2.0 from Uruguay!

Thank you Maurizio Chialastri from Italy!

Thank you Bernard Spragg from New Zealand!

Thank you Jonathan Neske from America!

Thank you Melissa Maples from Turkey!

Thank you Andy Brim from South Korea!

Thank you H.KoPP from Austria!

Thank you S. Shankar from Dubai!

Thank you Bram van de Sande from the Netherlands!

Thank you Ryan Kartzke from Thailand!

Thank you Yisheng Chang from Taiwan!

Thank you Michael Hamrah from America!

Thank you Eric Molina from Thailand!

Thank you Karl Gercens from America!

Thank you Alex Chong from Singapore!

Thank you Diana Grande from America!

Thank you Erik Jaeger from earth!

Thank you Faisal Aljunied from Singapore!

Thank you Jensen Chua from Singapore!

Thank you Phakorn Sripayak from Thailand!

Thank you Even Skeide from earth!

Thank you Fedejve from Argentina!

Thank you Aya Fujimiya from Hungary!

Thank you Jakub Michankow from Poland!

Thank you Jordi Struys from the Netherlands!

Thank you Julian Finn from Germany!

Thank you Keir Briscoe from Canada!

Thank you Mark Hathaway from earth!

Thank you Maximilian Kobayashi from Brasil!

Thank you Nathan A. Rodgers from Colombia!

Thank you Sonja Pieper from earth!

Thank you Svetlana Light from Thailand!

Thank you Xiquinho Silva from earth!

Thank you Walter Lim from Singapore!

Thank you Tomer Gabel from Israel!

Thank you Thomas Sauzedde from earth!

Thank you Kent Wang from England!

Thank you Andrew & Annemarie from earth!

Thank you Alberto Perdomo from Spain!

Thank you Karl Baron from Sweden!

Thank you Karen Green from America!

Thank you irumge from Russia!

Thank you Insights Unspoken from earth!

Thank you Gayle Dickson from England!

Thank you Dennis Jarvis from Canada!

Thank you BkkShoot (Luigi) from Italy!

Thank you Annika Tielemann from earth!

Thank you Picaidol (Mike) from Thailand!

Thank you Ritthideach Yorsaeng from Thailand!

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