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Choeng Mon Beach, Koh Samui
Bay of Choeng Mon Beach


Choeng Mon Beach is a beautiful one kilometer long bay with fine white sand in the northeast of Koh Samui. Although more and more hotels have been added in recent years, it’s still relatively quiet. Besides couples who are looking for peace and quiet, there are also many families who spend a well deserved holiday here. The sea is slowly getting deeper and because of the shelter of the bay the sea is usually very calm, this makes Choeng Mon Beach a very child friendly beach. But also for adults or anyone who likes a calm place to stay at, it’s great to bay to relax in the shallow warm clear water. Reading a book or sunbathing here in the shallow surf of the sea! Because the sea slowly deepens, the water in the bay heats up nicely. In sunny weather the sea is just lukewarm, a real tropical paradise!

Sunbeds on Choeng Mon Beach, Koh Samui

Entertainment on the beach

Choeng Mon Beach has a number of restaurants and bars on the beach, most belong to the hotels and resorts. Really noisy it won’t be fast here but honesty tells us that the first jet skis have been spotted and every now and then a salesman comes along. So it may be that the peace and quiet is sometimes interrupted. Most accommodations have sunbeds on the beach and hotel guests use them for free. If you don’t stay in the hotel you can often use the beds when you order a drink. Massages and beauty treatments are also offered on the beach for some extra pampering.

dry beach with rocks at low tide Choeng Mon Beach, Koh Samui

Koh Fan Yai and Koh Fan Noi

Opposite the southern part of Choeng Mon Beach are the two small islands Koh Fan Yai and Koh Fan Noi. At low tide you can walk there, put on water shoes because there are some rocks in the sea. In 2019 the luxurious five star Cope Fahn Hotel and The Crest Restaurant will open on the islands. In this resort you literally and figuratively bathe in luxury because almost all villas have a private pool!

The two islands Koh Fan Yai and Koh Fan Noi with villas with private pools of the luxury Cape Fahn Hotel, opposite Choeng Mon Beach, Koh Samui.

Spending the night at Choeng Mon Beach – Which accommodation?

In the bay you find a mix of middle class hotels and luxury resorts which some very fancy ones. We haven’t seen any hostels or real cheap hotels. The cheapest hotel we found is the Samui Mekkala Resort & Pool Villa with prices from about 30 euros, the beach of Choeng Mon is a few minutes walk. If you want to sleep close to the street with restaurants and shops, the middle of the beach and everything south of it is your best option. South of the beach, near the islands, the beach is completely dry at low tide. But since the bay is not very large, it is never very far to walk if you want to swim or do some shopping.

Swimming pool with en-suite rooms in the background, Choeng Mon Beach, Koh Samui

The comfortable rooms and bathrooms are spacious and the BayWater Resort has a nice swimming pool. The staff is very friendly. If you want to spend a little more, a room with access to the pool or a private pool is recommended. The resort is just a few hundred meters from the beach and on a street with a lot of nice restaurants, an ideal location!

Infinity pool with hotel and sunbeds along the side, Bay Beach Resort at Choeng Mon Beach in Koh Samui

The Bay Beach Resort has affordable rooms. The resort has a good central location in the middle of the bay of Choeng Mon. The resort has a large infinity pool overlooking the beach. The simple but spacious rooms are cleaned every day. The helpful staff gives you the feeling that you are staying in a 5 star resort! Children under 7 years stay for free.

Blue Orchid on Choeng Mon Beach at Koh Samui

Do you think sleeping in a private villa with pool is too expensive? Then take a look at Blue Orchid! These affordable (yes really!) luxury villas are located 10 minutes walk from Choeng Mon Beach and have beautiful views from the terrace. All rooms and swimming pools are set up in such a way that there is complete privacy. It’s possible to have food delivered. Here you can relax together with your loved one!

Restaurants and cocktails at Choeng Mon Beach

On the beach of Choeng Mon there are plenty of restaurants where you can eat your belly full, but there is more! On the main road (see map below) is a cozy street with a 7-Eleven, restaurants, bars and massage parlors. One of the restaurants in this street is The Mother Restaurant, it’s often busy here and that’s not without a reason! The price/quality ratio is very good! In other words, delicious food for reasonable prices. The menu is extensive, from authentic Thai to pasta’s and burgers. The service is with a smile! Don’t miss it! Drinking cocktails in a cozy atmosphere you do a hundred meters away at Bar Cocktail King. During (very long) happy hour (6 – 12 PM) you only pay 79 baht for a cocktail! And we’re not going home yet…!

Walking Street at Choeng Mon Beach

In the neighborhood of Choeng Mon Beach:

Travel from Choeng Mon Beach

The airport of Koh Samui is only 5 kilometers from Choeng Mon Beach. You are therefore as free as a bird to explore the rest of Thailand or to fly home of course. Flying to/from Koh Samui is affordable but on the high side compared to other destinations in Thailand. The flight tickets are cheaper if you book early, last minute booking in the Dutch school holidays is not recommended. Flights are fully booked on a regular basis or you pay the main price. A cheaper option is flying at the airport of Surat Thani. From Surat Thani take a boat / bus combi-ticket. This can be bought locally or in advance via 12Go Asia.

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