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Chiang Mai green hills
Chiang Mai Gate
Image: Jeerasak Kumwong (Flickr)


Chiang Mai is Bangkok’s second largest city after Bangkok. When you look at Chiang Mai on the map, the city is clearly recognizable by the surrounding square city walls. Within these city walls there are many small streets where you can wander around for hours. This makes it easy to forget that you are in a big city!

In spite of that, Chiang Mai is a city that is focused on tourism. You will notice that for example at the many tour desks, currency exchange offices, accommodations and restaurants. You can even go there for a typical Dutch bitterbal (famous Dutch snack)! Besides that the Chiang Mai Hasn’t lost its charm and the Thai culture continues to prevail. The city is known for its many temples in all shapes and sizes. Many temples you automatically encounter when you walk through the city. For others you will have to make a little effort. For example for the temple of the temples in Chiang Mai, the Doi Suthep!  It is even said that you haven’t been to Chiang Mai if you haven’t visited this temple. So don’t miss him! If you think you can finally sit down because you have seen all the temples you are wrong. Every weekend there is the super popular Saturday & Sunday night market. On these markets you can wander around until your feet can’t stand it anymore. You can buy clothes, eat your belly full and fortunately take a foot massage!

In the vicinity of the city there are also plenty of activities to do, you can go swimming and/or clambering on the air cushions of the Grand Canyon or visit the highest point of Thailand! Chiang Mai is also often combined with the charming mountain village of Pai, which is 3 hours drive and 762 bends away.

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