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A bridge and high buildings in the background at Chatuchak Park in Bangkok
A bridge and high buildings in the background at Chatuchak Park in Bangkok


Right next to the well-known Chatuchak Weekend Market, opposite to the BTS Skytrain and the subway station is one of Bangkok’s oldest parks, Chatuchak Park. The park is part of the Chatuchak Discovery Garden which is formed by a number of joint parks including Chatuchak Park, Queen Sirikit Park, Rod Fai Park and Wachirabenchat Park.

Swan boat in the water of the Chatuchak Park in Bangkok

Park with a connecting function

This northern located park in Bangkok consists of several small ditches that flow into the long stretched pond on the south side of the park. Two bridges bring you to the other side of the pond so you can walk in the direction of the now closed JJ Green Night Market. This connects Chatuchak Park with Bangkok’s most famous market, the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

In the north of the park is the State Railway Hall of Fame. If you are a lover of trains and railways then this is the place for you! Are you with children? Then visit the Children’s Discovery Museum in the park. Bring your own swimwear as there is also a (shallow) water playground in Chatuchak Park.

The clock tower at Chatuchak Park in Bangkok

Chatuchak Park is a nice park to relax and if you are in this area to visit for example the Chatuchak Weekend Market we recommend you to go for a walk in one of the other beautiful parks in the area such as the Queen Sirikit Park or Rod Fai Park.

In the parks there are a number of rules:
– In Bangkok they appreciate the little bit of fresh air and it is therefore forbidden to smoke in the parks of Bangkok.
– The so-called fumes (e-cigarette) are also banned (everywhere in Thailand).
– It’s forbidden to consume alcohol
– At 08:00 and 18:00 the national anthem will be played in which everyone stands still and is silent. It is much appreciated if you do the same

Walking path at Chatuchak Park in Bangkok

The Chatuchak Park is located near the bus station Chatuchak. From here many busses depart daily to all corners of Thailand. Next to the park is the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, a must visit if we may say so.

Information Chatuchak Park

Open: Daily from 05:00 – 20:00
Phahon Yothin Road
Route BTS: Station Mo Chit + 12 minute walk
Route MRT: Station Chatuchak Park + 12 minute walk

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