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The beautiful beach of Bottle Beach in Koh Phangan
The beautiful beach of Bottle Beach in Koh Phangan


Bottle Beach is one of the beaches you have to visit when you are on Koh Phangan. We therefore advise the visitors of the Full Moon Party to stay longer than the party just to discover the island days before or after. Spend at least half a day at Bottle Beach. This beach in the northeast of Koh Phangan is called Haad Khuat by the Thai themselves. Many visitors of this beach find it one of the most beautiful beaches of Thailand they have visited. One can still find the Thailand vibe of many years back. The beach is nice for young and old people and it is often quiet with sometimes a bit more crowd in high season. This beautiful beach is definitely worth a visit during your visit to Koh Phangan. Chill out with a drink in your hand. Cheers, on Bottle Beach!

The bay of Bottle Beach on Koh Phangan

The bay of Bottle Beach

The bay of Bottle Beach consists of a coastal strip of about 500 meters of beach. Adjacent to the beach is a green strip of trees that provide the necessary shade during your stay at Bottle Beach. The sea water is clear, pleasantly warm and has beautiful snorkelling areas. The sea doesn’t retreat as violently as on other beaches and therefore you can swim here at almost any time of the day.

Group plays beach volleyball at Bottle Beach in Koh Phangan

What to do on Bottle Beach

Of course you can relax on Bottle Beach but there is more to do than sunbathing with a good book in your hand or swimming in the sea. Volleyball or soccer games are regularly played here (if there are enough people to join of course). And in the sea around the bay you can also snorkel. Even if you don’t have snorkel gear with you, it is for rent at several restaurants on the beach. The coral is unfortunately not in the best condition anymore, but here and there are some really beautiful places in between. Between the coral you will find a lot of fish that you can admire. If you decide to spend the night at Bottle Beach, there are often fire shows to admire in the evening. Or you can join a campfire on this beautiful beach.

On Bottle Beach there are a number of bars and restaurants where you can eat well, a lunch or snack is good to do here. Of course you can also choose to do your shopping in advance at a supermarket like the 7-Eleven before visiting Bottle Beach.

Sunset at Bottle Beach in Koh Tao

Sleeping at Bottle Beach

There are not too many locations where you can spend the night at Bottle Beach. But you can sleep here for just € 10,- per night excluding breakfast. There are also some nicer locations like the Bottle Beach 1 Resort where you can sleep from € 24,- per night.

Bottle Beach Viewpoint

Via Bottle Beach there is also a viewpoint to reach. Bring enough water and put on decent shoes because it is a steep climb to the Bottle Beach Viewpoint. The trip up takes about an hour. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go back down in the

The jungle at Bottle Beach on Koh Phangan seen from the viewpoint

How to get to Bottle Beach

Boat: You can take a taxi boat from various locations such as Chaloklum to Bottle Beach. The price depends on your negotiating tactics and what the “driver” wants at least for it. In addition, you can choose whether they will be waiting for you or you can arrange transportation for the return journey yourself. Assume a one way trip for 150 baht per person.
Scooter: It is possible to drive to Bottle Beach by scooter but we don’t recommend this. The road is difficult to access and back up the mountain is another hell of a job. If you don’t have riding experience you shouldn’t want to do this. Of course you can also choose to continue until you can’t drive anymore and then continue on the road on foot.
Walking: Depending on your starting location, this is quite a walk that can take several hours. Only do this if you have done more trekking through the jungle. Such a trip through Koh Phangan’s jungle can be dangerous.

Finally, there are also several excursions along Bottle Beach. You also can choose to take this option so that you can visit several locations on Koh Phangan in one day. We advise you to stay on this beach for a night or two and relax and enjoy. Once again… Cheers, on Bottle Beach (and you of course)!

It can rain very hard in Thailand and then the roads can become dangerous and treacherously slippery. Don’t let a scooter ride ruin your holiday. Just visit Bottle Beach with a taxi boat.

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