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Tropical Sunrise Restaurant at Railay West
Tropical Sunrise Restaurant overlooking the sea of Railay West

Image: ThailandMagazine.com


Railay, a paradise spot hidden behind limestone rock formations near the coastal town of Ao Nang and Krabi Town. If you are traveling in the direction of or through the province of Krabi, we advise you to definitely visit Railay as well! If you want to know why, read our extensive article about Railay. In this article we show you the best restaurants in Railay!

Railay Family Restaurant 

This restaurant is run by a super friendly and large family and has recently been completely renovated (2019). Because of this there is even more room for people who like good food in a cozy atmosphere. Try the grilled chicken or fried rice, you won’t regret it! The Railay Family Restaurant gives good quality for a nice price! You also go here for a fruit shake or another cool drink. The Railay Family Restaurant is located in the middle of the Railay Walking Street, not to be missed! The atmosphere in this restaurant is very cozy and the family is very hospitable! It’s not for nothing that we eat here at least once when we’re in Railay. If you are going to eat here, give them our regards (Thailand Magazine)!

Meal at Railay Family Restaurant

Images: ThailandMagazine.com

Sunrise Tropical Restaurant 

Another superb restaurant that we visit at least once when we’re in Railay is Sunrise Tropical. The manager (2018 / 2019) here is so very hospitable and friendly! The Sunrise Tropical Restaurant is part of the Sunrise Tropical Resort located at Railay East. You can read more about this resort in our article best accommodations in Railay Beach. You will pass by anyway if you walk to Phra Nang Beach, the famous beach of Railay! At the Sunrise Tropical Resort you can sit outside with a view over the bay of Railay East or under the canopy with a fan. The restaurant serves both Thai and Western food and there is plenty of choice! After dinner a good and strong cup of coffee? Well they serve it here too! So whether you are looking for a nice drink or snack on Railay East, at Sunrise Tropical, one of the best restaurants in Railay can do it all!

Meal at Sunrise Tropical Restaurant in Railay

Images: ThailandMagazine.com

Avatar Railay Bistrobar 

The Avatar Railay Bistrobar is part of our favorite resort, the Avatar Railay Resort in Railay! Even if you don’t sleep at the Avatar Railay Resort, you can go there alone to eat or drink something. There is plenty of choice of western and Thai dishes and the cocktails are pretty strong! Maybe that’s why the atmosphere here is so relaxed? If you want to know why Avatar is our favorite resort in Railay, read our review about the Avatar Railay Resort.

Avatar is also a great place to stay after dinner! Every night there’s live music and you can sit back and relax in the beanbags in the attractively lit garden of the resort!

The Avatar Railay Bistro Bar

Images: ThailandMagazine.com

Abdul Food Corner

Walking down Railay Walking Street from Railay West will take you past the Abdul Food Corner. This not-to-be-missed little booth in the middle of Walking Street serves an extraordinary variety of dishes (where do they leave it?). We ourselves love the roti pancakes they make here in front of your nose! By the way, Roti pancakes are a kind of folded crispy pancakes and taste delicious! You can choose from a wide variety of toppings, both savory and sweet. The Roti with Nutella is one you should try! And even though Abdul Food Corner is not a real restaurant (there are no seats), we didn’t want to deprive you of this one because it would be a shame if you just walk past all the goodies!

Abdul Food Corner in Railay Walking Street
Rotti Pancake at Abdul Food Corner in Railay Walking Street

Images: ThailandMagazine.com

Kohinoor Indian Restaurant

Do you fancy something other than Thai or Western dishes? Then visit this restaurant where you can order delicious Indian dishes. Since the start Kohinoor scores high on TripAdvisor. This is the well-deserved result of passion and hard work. The restaurant was rebuilt in the summer of 2019 and now offers more seating in the still cozy setting. At Kohinoor Indian Restaurant try the naan bread together with for example the tikka masala chicken, incredibly delicious!

Govinda’s at the Beach

Although there are no seats here, Govinda’s at the Beach is in our list of best restaurants in Railay.  They serve delicious vegetarian dishes and there are not many vegetarian restaurants on Railay. You can pick up your sandwiches and dishes here and eat them on the beach of Railay West. Govinda’s is just a few minutes walk from this beach. Govinda’s has many vegan delicacies such as a vegan burger, vegan hot dog or the vegan chicken sandwich. Also the Winnie de Pooh is prepared here, a sandwich topped with peanut butter, honey and banana.

Crepe & Waffle Homemade

In the middle of Railay Walking Street, right between Railay West and Railay East, you’ll find Crepe & Waffle Homemade. Of course we don’t have to tell you what they sell here… What we do tell you is that the products sold here are quite popular with visitors to Railay. Maybe a little bit because there are real works of art being made here. Take the Bubble Waffle, a waffle with bubbles and decorated with a range of coloured sweets and whipped cream. The ideal snack for your Instagram feed! If you don’t like (too) sweet, you can also go here for a savoury or even spicy pancake or waffle!

Waffle Hongkong in Railay

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

The Grotto

The Grotto is a chic restaurant in a special location, you’re sitting under a gigantic leaning limestone rock. As a bonus you also have a phenomenal view over the beautiful Phra Nang Beach! The Grotto has various dishes on the menu such as salads, pastas, sandwiches and burgers. And there are also plenty of desserts available. By Thai standards this is a pricey restaurant but in the west we are used to these prices and then you are not in such a special location as here. So if you want to unpack during your holiday in Railay you know where to go! The Grotto is part of the equally luxurious Rayavadee which is also located on Phra Nang Beach.

Best restaurants in Railay

The snack boats at Ao Phra Nang Beach 

From the most expensive to perhaps the cheapest in our list of best restaurants in Railay! Although these boats are not real restaurants, food here is very nice and special! Isn’t it great to order your food and/or drinks from a boat while standing with your feet in the sea? Then see how the cook prepares your order while dancing on the waves! You will find these boats on Phra Nang Beach in the middle of the elongated stretch of beach just opposite the big rocks in the water, not to be missed. Nice for a photo by the way! At these boats you can order complete dishes as well as sandwiches or other snacks. Also you can only quench your thirst by buying a cold (fruit)shake, soda or beer here. These boats make a nice contribution to a carefree and relaxing afternoon on our favorite beach Phra Nang Beach!

Buy some ice-cold beers or other cool drinks at the end of the day and enjoy the incredibly beautiful sunset at the very end of this beach.

The snack boat at ao phra nang beach, railay

Images: ThailandMagazine.com

In and around Railay

Besides the best restaurants in Railay there are of course many other fun things to do in and around the area! We have picked a number of nice locations for you. Like the best accommodations and the best places to go out and see the sights, you can find more information via the InfoBox below. We wish you a great holiday!

Best accommodations in Railay (Krabi)

Curious about the best hotels in Railay? Then read on here:Best hotels in Railay“.

Railay does not have large clubs or other large-scale entertainment venues, but that’s the charm of Railay! Is there nothing to do at all in the evening? Sure there is! In Railay Walking Street there are a number of bars where you can chill out and have a drink. Along Railay East is a (partly elevated) concrete path where a number of nice bars can be found. Almost at the end of the concrete path is the Tew Lay Bar. This bar has a very cool terrace with beautiful views over the bay of Railay East. To get there you keep following the path of Railay East in a northerly direction. The Tew Lay Bar is located a bit further than the Last Bar (which is not the last bar!). From the floating pier on the east side of Railay you are about 10 minutes away. Have fun!

Everything there is to see and do in Railay you can read in our extensive article about this beautiful area. About 15 minutes by longtail boat from Railay are Krabi Town and Ao Nang.

Sometimes you see a bike or skateboard pass by, but apart from that, everything else goes with the leg wagon on Railay, so relaxed!

Read here how to get to this beautiful place:

How to get to Railay from Ao Nang
How to get to Railay from Krabi Town

Take a look at our selection of some impressive pictures of Railay in our fourth Picture This article.

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