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Interior of La Cantina, one of the best restaurants in Nana, Bangkok
Interior of La Cantina, one of the best restaurants in Nana, Bangkok


We, and probably you, are crazy about Thai food. So when visiting Thailand we almost eat every Thai (street) food. But sometimes you have an appetite for something else. Because Bangkok has a lot of high quality restaurants, we don’t want to deprive you of these. That is why these kind of lists, there is so much to like! This time the best restaurants of Nana. Enjoy your meal!

The restaurants we have selected are well regarded. However, it may of course be the case that the quality of the location deteriorates as a result of new management, for example. We would love to hear from you! If you have a favorite restaurant in Nana, please let us know by mail,  Instagram- or our Facebook group about Bangkok.

Click on the link to navigate through our list of best restaurants in Nana (Bangkok).

Above Eleven 

Let’s start right away with our favourite location in Sukhumvit 11! The name says it all, from this location you look out over Soi 11. Above Eleven is a sky bar and a very good one too! So good that we’ve dedicated a whole article to it. You can order super nice sushi at Above Eleven. But what they are especially famous for is the Nikkei kitchen. Nikkei is a combination of Peruvian and Japanese ingredients, very tasty!

View from the sky bar Above Eleven (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)

Besides the dishes, you can enjoy delicious cocktails at Above Eleven. Linger for a long time with a magnificent view over Bangkok. Try to catch the sunset anyway, because it’s fabulous from this superb restaurant / sky bar!

Nikei dishes at Above Eleven (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)
Gin Tonic at Above Eleven (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)
Nikei dishes at Above Eleven (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)

Images: Above Eleven

Address / Google Maps: Above Eleven
Open: Daily from 18:00 – 02:00
Facebook: Above Eleven
Instagram: Above Eleven

Daniel Thaiger

Update 2021 = Closed

Ask for a good burger place in Bangkok and many will definitely say Daniel Thaiger back. Thaiger is a synonym for good burgers in Bangkok. With several branches such as Crying Thaiger and Daniel Thaiger it is impossible to imagine Bangkok without these burger joints. This is also the case at the end of Sukhumvit 11 where a shelter is shared with BREW – Beers & Ciders. A good combination to flush the burger away! The burgers are not cheap but worth every penny! Order a portion of fries as well. For example with cheddar and bacon or Parmesan cheese. At the end, of course, Daniel Thaiger is all about the burgers. From time to time they also sell specials with different additions. The original burgers are the three variants: The Thaiger, the Steven and the Cowboy, the choice is yours! You can find the menu in the info under the pictures.

Daniel Thaiger at Sukhumvit 11 (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)
The burgers of Daniel Thaiger (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)

Images: Daniel Thaiger

Address / Google Maps: Daniel Thaiger
Open: Daily from 11:00 – 02:00
Themenu: burgers & extra’s.
Facebook: Daniel Thaiger
Instagram: Daniel Thaiger

Soho Pizza & La Cantina 

Soho Pizza revolves around the American Pizza, the one from New York. It is larger and the bottom is crispier than its Italian uncle. Prefer the Italian way? Of course you can order it at Soho. You can pick up your pizza, have it delivered or eat it outside on the terrace. Nice people watching at Soi 11 while you’re enjoying a pizza. Even after a night out, because Soho Pizza is open until 4 in the morning!

Soho Pizza at Suhumvit 11 (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)

Image: Soho Pizza / La Cantina

New York style pizza at Soho Pizza (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)

Image: Soho Pizza / La Cantina

Would you rather eat your pie inside? Then go to La Cantina. La Cantina is a beautifully decorated restaurant. Rustic, warm and cozy those are the words that come to mind about this restaurant at Sukhumvit 11. We ordered a Margherita Italian style and 1 slice American style. All two of them very well! Italians would be very proud of these pizza bakers! The Americans would say that the large size of the slice is exactly what they would get in America… huge!

Margherita at La Cantina / Soho Pizza (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)

At La Cantina, it’s not just pizza that matters. The menu also includes antipasti, salads, pastas, main courses and desserts. If you want something different than Thai food, then Soho and La Cantina is the place to be!

Address / Google Maps: Soho Pizza & La Cantina
Open: Daily from 11:00 – 04:00 (In the Covid-19 period the close at 21:30)
Facebook: Soho Pizza & La Cantina
Instagram: Soho Pizza & La Cantina

Prai Raya

Despite the fact that Nana is known as an area with a lot of good international restaurants, a Thai restaurant can’t be missed! Prai Raya specializes in southern Thai dishes from the Phuket region. Delicious curries and slow cooked dishes are advertised here! Order the slow cooked pork here, soooo delicious! There are many dishes on the menu, there is always something tasty for you! You will find Prai Raya in the quiet street Sukhumvit 8. Five minutes from BTS Nana and opposite Sukhumvit 11. Bet you’ll come back here when you’ve eaten here!

The property of Prai Raya at Sukhumvit 8 (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)
Enough choice of dishes at Prai Raya (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)

Images: Prai Raya

Address / Google Maps: Prai Raya
Open: Daily from 10:30 – 22:30
Facebook: Prai Raya
Instagram: Prai Raya

Chan & Yupa Tearoom

This is a nice one for a high tea or coffee! Relax for an hour or two in the middle of busy Nana. Inside you sit cool while overlooking the beautiful green garden of the tearoom. Chan & Yupa are the names of the grandparents of the owner. More than half a century ago they built this house at Sukhumvit 10. Formerly a house now a super nice tearoom. At C&Y you can have lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. We would go for the high tea (or coffee). Tasty little snacks while you relax in busy Bangkok!

High Tea at Chan & Yupa (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)
iced coffee with chocolate cake at Chan & Yupa on Sukhumvit 10 (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)
High Tea at Chan & Yupa (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)

Images: Chan & Yupa Tearoom

Address / Google Maps: Chan & Yupa Tearoom
: Daily from 07:00 – 22:00
Facebook: Chan & Yupa Tearoom
Instagram: Chan & Yupa Tearoom

After You Dessert Cafe 

After You is a dessert cafe, not just a regular one but the most popular in Thailand! We were so curious about this that we walked into ICONSIAM. There a queue so we had to wait a while. What a pleasant surprise was our first visit at After You! First of all the staff is very friendly and everything we ordered tasted excellent! We came back to several After You branches in Bangkok even more often. There is also a branch in Sukhumvit 11!

Strawberry Kakigori at After You (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)

Image: After You Dessert Cafe

Are you a dessert lover and/or crazy for ice cream? Then try Kakigōri! This is a mountain of heavenly ice cream topped with a sauce of your choice. But there is more! For example, we also love the Warm Kluay-Tak Panookie! That is hot cookie dough with a scoop of ice cream on top. The dishes at After You are fun to share and a fantastic ending to a dinner! Finally, we would like to advise you to order a drink as well. Be pleasantly surprised by the Lavender Lychee Soda. But be sure to try the Dark Chocolate Frappe as well. Now you have to do an extra round at the gym when arriving back home!

Warm Kluay-Tak Panookie at After You (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)
Lawender Lychee Soda at After You (one of the best restaurants in the Nana area)

Images: After You Dessert Cafe

Address / Google Maps: After You Dessert Cafe
Open: Daily from 12:00 – 23:59
Facebook: After You Dessert Cafe
Instagram: After You Dessert Cafe

What else to do in the Nana area?

Besides the best restaurants of Nana, there is much more to discover in Bangkok. Like the best hotels, the best places to go out and sights in the area. Check out the InfoBox below for more information.

Going out in the Nana area

  • Some great sky bars in the area:
  • Titanium Club & Ice Bar | 1.300 m from BTS Nana
    Live music and warm ambiance in an ice-cold bar
  • Havana Social | 700 m from BTS Nana
    A great authentic and lively bar! With delicious cocktails and a great atmosphere!  As soon as you find this bar you say for sure ¡Ay, caramba!
  • Spectrum Lounge & Bar | 100 m from BTS Nana
    Beautiful design rooftop bar that you should definitely visit when you are in Bangkok, also if you like tapas by the way…
  • Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar | 3.300 m from BTS Nana
    Roof top bar spread over 3 floors with a 360 degree view of the Asian city of angels
  • BEAM | 4.600 m from BTS Nana
    If you like high quality electronic music you will find the Bam Bam Bam at BEAM!
  • Demo | 4.400 m from BTS Nana
    A popular location in Bangkok for the popular EDM genre
  • The Iron Fairies | 4.700 m from BTS Nana
    Special bar where you can listen to live music while wondering about the decor…
  • Glow Club | 1.300 m from BTS Nana
    World famous underground club where the best House & Techno artists are all too happy to perform.
  • Sing Sing Theater | 2.300 m from BTS Nana
    In the heart of Sukhumvit you can imagine yourself in a Chinese theatre in this hot spot of Bangkok.

Sky Train
The BTS Nana station is part of the so-called Sukhumvit line. Read more about the use of the sky train in Bangkok.
We even have published an article about the BTS Sky Train  in Bangkok.

During your stay in the Nana area you can also get off at Phetchaburi station. This is just not in the Nana area but is within a 25 minute walk from BTS Nana.

Khlong Boat
In the vicinity of Nana there are a number of pick-up places for the boats on the canals. Look for more information on the site of Transit Bangkok.

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