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Because we know that finding a good accommodation like a resort or hostel that fits your needs and budget takes a lot of time, we collected the best accommodations on Koh Lipe for you. Of these resorts / hotels / hostels we know from our own experience and / or by good reviews from fellow travelers that the price-quality ratio is good. Of course we can’t check the accommodations on a daily basis and we know very well that it’s a snapshot, that’s why we would like to hear your findings! This way you help fellow travelers and thanks to you we get even better (thanks for that!).

We put a lot of time, money and passion in this site… We would love it if you would support us! You can easily do this by using our links on the site to book your hotel and / or domestic trips. It costs you nothing extra but we get a small percentage of our partners like Booking.com, Agoda and 12GoAsia. Even if you decide to book another place to sleep than we mention, if you first click on our link you will already help us. You can also first click on the links in this box to book something (not only in Thailand but anywhere else in the world). Thank you in advance!

Prices accommodations on Koh Lipe

The prices of our best accommodations on Koh Lipe list are increasing, the cheapest place to sleep costs around € 10,-. The most luxurious place to sleep on the island starts at € 250,-. In between there is still a good offer of budget and middle class locations. During the high season the prices of the accommodations on Koh Lipe go up considerably and everything is fully booked quickly, early booking is recommended, nowadays you can cancel up to a few days before arrival, so you stay flexible. In the low season prices go down, but some locations are closed as well. Beachfront resorts are often the most expensive, but from the centre all beaches are within ten minutes walking distance. There are also scooters with a sidecar that take you for a 50 baht per person ride. Wherever you sleep the beaches are never far away! Have fun with the anticipatory fun and already fan-dii-na-krab/ka (beautiful dreams)!

On Koh Lipe the high season starts in November and ends  April. The low season is from May to October. This has an influence on the price of the accommodations on Koh Lipe.

Our selected hotels in Koh Lipe are well regarded. However, it is possible that the quality of the location is reduced due to, for example, new management. We would love to hear from you! Do you have a favorite resort, hotel or hostel in Koh Lipe please let us know via the  Koh Lipe FacebookgroepInstagram or Facebook.

A Plus Lipe Hotel

Do you want to sleep almost for nothing at Koh Lipe? In a side street of Walking Street is A Plus Lipe. The A Plus Lipe Hotel is the cheapest from our list of best accommodations on Koh Lipe (we didn’t find a cheaper option anyway). You sleep here from 10 euros in a shared room with air conditioning, wifi and a private lockable closet. Because of the cabins and curtains you still have a lot of privacy. There are also double cabins. The bathroom is shared. This hotel has more the characteristics of a hostel than a hotel. There is even a separate dormitory for ladies available. It is also possible to book a private room for two persons, it costs more but if you share the price the difference is not that big.

Dorm room of the A Lipe Hotel (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
Double room of the A Lipe Hotel (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)

Images: A Plus Lipe Hotel

Family Song Koh Lipe

Renovated at the end of 2018. Family Song has affordable bungalows on Pattaya Beach. The cheapest options are the wooden bungalows with fan. There are also (new) bungalows with air conditioning for 2 to 5 persons. The nice thing about Family Song is that they regularly organize fishing trips at sea. On your return you can eat the freshly caught fish directly from the BBQ. The accompanying restaurant on the beach of course also sells fish from the BBQ to guests who only come for a bite to eat. You will soon feel like a fish in the water!

Outside cabin of Family Song (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
Inside cabin of Family Song (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)

Images: Family Song Koh Lipe

Oasis Lipe Resort

From the Oasis Lipe Resort it’s a five-minute walk to Walking Street or Sunrise Beach (our favourite beach on Koh Lipe). This budget friendly resort is small and the friendly team takes good care of its guests. The small resort has a beautiful garden and a restaurant where you can have breakfast or lunch. You have a choice of rooms with fan or (at extra cost) with air conditioning. The bathroom is partially open, i.e. the walls do not reach the roof. Do you hate mosquitoes or insects in general? Then you’d better find another place to sleep. Despite the ‘open’ bathroom, the reviews about Oasis Lipe Resort are otherwise very good.

Bedroom of the Oasis Lipe Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
Garden of the Oasis Lipe Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)

Images: Oasis Lipe Resort

The Noi Guesthouse & Restaurant

Almost exactly in the middle of the center and Koh Lipe you will find The Noi Guesthouse & Restaurant. Five minutes walk from Koh Lipe Walking Street. In terms of location, it’s the perfect place to be on each of the three main beaches within a 10 minute walk. Don’t feel like walking? The hotel has a pick up and drop off service for absolutely nothing whenever you want! The Noi is a quality hotel with very friendly staff. The compact rooms are cleaned daily and all rooms have a refrigerator, kettle, hot water shower and air conditioning. In addition, you have a choice of different breakfasts including a fried egg (sunny side up) or toast / croissant with butter and jam. The breakfasts are included in the room price. Upstairs there is a kind of common chill area created with hammocks, where you can relax. The Noi Guesthouse offers service with a smile for a good price!

Restaurant of The Noi Guesthouse
Bedroom of The Noi Guesthouse

Images: The Noi Guesthouse & Restaurant

In this list of best hotel on Koh Lipe The Noi Guesthouse & Restaurant is a very good choice, not too expensive, great service, perfect location, great room with bathroom and breakfast included.

Bayview Sunset Resort

The Bayview Sunset Resort is located in the northern corner of Sunset Beach. From this beach you have a beautiful view of the sunset. Are you looking for a reasonably affordable room with sea views then you are at Bayview Sunset Resort good. Do you want to sleep here as cheaply as possible take the wooden bungalows. These are with fan, garden view and private terrace. Pretty basic but for the price more than reasonable. Order in the restaurant downstairs also delicious coconut shake or a nice breakfast. The relaxing view of the sea of the Tarutao National Park you get for free!

Tip, from 15:00 to 19:00 are the Mojitos 100 baht. Whether you sleep here or not, watch the sunset with a Mojito in your hand and feet in the sand, that’s what everyone wants, isn’t it?

Bungalow of the Bayview Sunset Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
View from the Bayview Sunset Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
Bedroom of The Noi Guesthouse

Images: The Box Lipe Resort

The Box Lipe Resort

In the middle of Koh Lipe Walking Street you will find not only a super fine tapas restaurant but also a super nice resort under the same name. This hotel/restaurant is a great place to spend a few days on Koh Lipe. The Spanish owner is very hospitable and together with his team will do his utmost to make your stay as comfortable as possible! The hotel is the opposite of ‘outside the box’ thinking! The hotel consists almost entirely of sea containers. By the way, the garden is lush green, a kind of jungle in the centre of Koh Lipe. The rooms and bathrooms are clean and tip top in order. With a nice bed, air conditioning, good working wifi and a delicious breakfast (included) we say Si to The Box!

There is also a fantastic restaurant at The Box Lipe Resort – you can read more about it in our article best restaurants on Koh Lipe.

Restaurant of The Box Lipe Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
Garden of The Box Lipe Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
Bedroom of The Box Lipe Resort (one of the Best Hotels on Koh Lipe)

Images: The Box Lipe Resort

The Box Lipe Resort and restaurant are closed during low season (from May to October).

Wapi Resort

A comfortable resort where you can completely relax for a few days. Wapi Resort is located in the middle of Sunrise Beach. Right on the beautiful beach with fine white sand. The staff and French owner are very friendly. The clean and spacious bungalows are in the luxury segment in terms of price and are worth every euro. The location is really beautiful! If you want to go to another beach such as Sunset Beach or Walking Street, you can use the bicycles that are lent out free of charge. Top service! The bungalows each have a terrace, blackout curtains, air conditioning and wifi. The pleasant sun loungers on the beach can be used free of charge by hotel guests and breakfast is included in the room rate.

Free bicycles on loan at the Wapi Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
Bungalow of the Wapi Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
Bedroom of the Wapi Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)

Images: Wapi Resort

Ten Moons Lipe Resort

When the moon is full she shines everywhere, well we were very happy at Ten Moons Lipe Resort! Nowadays it is unfortunately only possible to book a minimum of two nights in a row via Agoda or Booking.com. Maybe this is because of the high score this resort gets everywhere. We ourselves were quite impressed by this resort. Ten Moons is not cheap but worth every penny! The hospitality and location is, as far as we are concerned, a good 10! Ten Moons is located in the far south of Sunrise Beach, even a bit hidden. In front of the door you have a small piece of beach which offers a wonderful place to sunbathe, swim and relax. Really a top spot on Koh Lipe!

Even if you don’t sleep at the Ten Moons Lipe Resort, at least have lunch here. The view is truly phenomenal! Make sure you also check our article with best restaurants in Koh Lipe.

Bungalows of the Ten Moons Lipe Resort (one of the Best Hotels on Koh Lipe)
Bedroom of the Ten Moons Lipe Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
View of the Ten Moons Lipe Resort (one of the Best Hotels on Koh Lipe)

Images: Ten Moons Lipe Resort

Akira Lipe Resort

On the beach of Pattaya Beach lies the beautiful and well maintained Akira Lipe Resort. A super hotel for families with young children. There is a real play paradise including a ball pool. Akira has three swimming pools, one of which overlooks the sea and the other two are situated between the sleeping quarters. The nice thing is that in this way a number of rooms have direct access to the pool. Included in the room rate is an extensive breakfast buffet. If you need it, you can also work on your fitness in the large gym. The rooms are nice and large with nice bathrooms. Of course with air conditioning, wifi, TV, minibar and a balcony. The service is excellent. A great resort for young and old! And the kids? They will be very grateful!

Bedroom of the Akira Lipe Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
Terrace by the pool of the pool access room of the Akira Lipe Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
Swimming pool at the Akira Lipe Resort (one of the Best Hotels on Koh Lipe)

Images: Akira Lipe Resort

Idyllic Concept Resort

The Idyllic Concept Resort is located on Sunrise Beach, our favorite beach of Koh Lipe. This hotel belongs to the more expensive price range, but money has to roll, right?! The construction and design of the resort is insanely beautiful. The swimming pool with adjoining bar is not too big but is located 5 meters from the beach and therefore directly overlooking the sea. To make up for the small pool, there is a much larger pool located between a number of sleeping quarters. The rooms are clean, spacious and beautifully designed. Each room has a comfortable bed, sitting area with TV, balcony or terrace, wifi, minibar, safe, kettle, desk and so on. The bathroom is also fully equipped. Everything is taken care of down to the last detail, there is little to wish for! The extensive and tasty breakfast buffet is included in the room price. In the luxury segment Idyllic seems to us an ideal resort!

Bungalow van het Idyllic Concept Resort (een van de Beste hotels op Koh Lipe)
Swimming pool of the Idyllic Concept Resort (one of the Best Hotels on Koh Lipe)
The grounds of the Idyllic Concept Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)

Images: Idyllic Concept Resort

Serendipity Beach Resort

The topper among hotels on Koh Lipe, is easily the most luxurious room of the Serendipity Beach Resort. The Grand Deluxe Villa has an area of 200 m2 and a lovely private swimming pool. Unfortunately but understandably it is also the most expensive room of Koh Lipe. The resort is located on the same stretch of hidden beach as Ten Moons on Sunrise Beach. Even if you don’t sleep here we advise you to take a look, just the beach in front of the door you must have seen! All rooms have air conditioning, wifi, balcony or terrace, TV, minibar, safe, kettle and so on. The amicable and professional staff will welcome you with a smile and will do everything to serve you during your stay. If you would like breakfast in bed or in your own hammock, no problem. Koh Lipe is already a paradise on earth but this is the icing on the cake with some extra whipped cream on top!

Mega pool villa of the Senrendipity Beach Resort
Bedroom of the Senrendipity Beach Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)
Restaurant of the Senrendipity Beach Resort (one of the Best hotels on Koh Lipe)

Images: Serendipity Beach Resort

In low season you pay for the Grand Deluxe Pool Villa € 238.54, which is almost half compared to the € 424.07 that this super villa with private pool in high season costs.

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