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The Ratchada lake at Benjakitti Park
Benjakiti Park tijdens invallende schemering in Bangkok


In the middle of the modern and busy Asok area of Bangkok lies the Benjakitti Park, which opened in 2004. This piece of green with a large lake (Lake Ratchada) can be found between the tall buildings and opposite the Queen Sirikit Congress Centre.  During twilight you can take beautiful pictures here. In the Benjakitti Park you’ll find, besides the many flowers and others of course clean, two fountains that are worth a look. In this park you will also find bicycle and walking paths, playgrounds, skate ramps, a centrally located pavilion and a courtyard where you can picnic and rest from your (long) walk. By the way don’t confuse this park by name with Benjasiri Park which is much smaller.

Sky scrapers around Benjakitti Park
The Ratchada Lake in Benjakitti Park

Romance among the turtles

Most of the Benjakitti Park consists of water, namely Lake Ratchada (or Lake Rajada). Around the lake there is a beautiful footpath. The best time for a walk around Lake Ratchada is at the end of the day or early morning because there is little shade. Then you also have the most beautiful light for taking pictures. If you like you can rent a trendy swan boat and paddle romantically among the fish and turtles. From the water you have a completely different view on the skyline of Bangkok! A swan boat costs 80 baht, of which you get 40 baht back if you bring the boat back within the agreed time.

Swan boats in the lake at Benjakitti Park



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Sunflowers at Benjakitti Park

Jogging and cycling in Bangkok!

For joggers and cyclists who don’t get scared off by the high temperatures there are separate hiking / biking trails. Renting a bike costs 80 baht of which 40 Bath deposit. Recently the park has been expanded a lot. This part has been renamed the Benjakitti Forest Park and there are plans to expand the park even further. In addition, Benjakitti Park is also connected to a very nice bike / walking trail, The Green Mile!

Bicycle and walking path The Green Mile

Not many tourists know it but there is a cycling / walking path between Benjakiti Park and Lumpini Park with the appropriate name The Green Mile. This bike- / walking path ensures that you no longer have to cross the busy roads to combine the 2 parks. And you will get to see a nice old piece of Bangkok! The elevated bike- / walking path is partly built over the length of a canal. This makes you almost take a look inside the old small Thai houses on either side of the canal. Whether the residents are happy with The Green Mile we do wonder, because all of a sudden they have a walkway in front of their house. Also further on you get a nice view from above in a typical Thai neighborhood. In the past all of Bangkok must have looked like this…

The Green Mile connecting Benjakitti Park and Lumpini Park

Where’s The Green Mile?

The Green Mile is located in the far northwest corner of Benjakitti Park. The start of The Green Mile is indicated by a green sign with a white arrow on it. Underneath it is something in Thai, (we’ve figured out that The Green Mile starts there). Soon the path turns green and in our opinion it is impossible to walk wrong anymore. Something to drink on the way is nice because there is little shade. At the end of The Green Mile you take the stairs on your left for the Lumpini Park. Then through the fence and a little bit straight on and you’re at the entrance of the Lumpini Park.

Shopping for your picnic in the park can be done at the 7-Eleven in the basement of the Queen Sirikit Convention Center. Or even better, visit El Mercado for that amazing lunch!

Walking path around the lake in Benjakitti Park

Have a nice meal or have a cocktail at Long Table near the park. A good and special restaurant with spectacular views over Benjakitti Park and the rest of Bangkok.

What to do in the surroundings of Benjakitti Park

We found some nice options for you in the area. From well-appreciated hotels and restaurants to places of interest and shopping malls for example. This way you can possibly combine a visit to this park and make your visit to Bangkok even easier and more fun!

Open: Dailay from 04:30 – 21:00
Ratchadaphisek Road (between Rama IV and Sukhumvit Road)
Route BTS: Halte Asok + 7 minutes walking
Route MRT: Halte Queen Sirikit Convention Center + 8 minutes walking

There are some rules in the park:
– It is forbidden to smoke in the park
– At 08:00 and 18:00 the national anthem will be played in which everyone stands still and is silent. You don’t have to, but it will be greatly appreciated if you do the same.

  • MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre
  • BTS Asok
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