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Koh Mook, Sivalai Beach white beach with palm trees
Koh Mook, Sivalai Beach white beach with palm trees


The island of Koh Mook (Koh Muk) has three beaches, the most striking beach is Sivalai Beach (Had Laem Prao Beach). It has a point-shaped stretch of white beach that is already visible from the Koh Mook Pier. If you see a picture of Koh Mook, chances are it is either of the Emerald Cave or of this beach. The other two beaches are Sabai Beach and Charlie Beach (Farang Beach).

palm trees and bungalows on the beach of Sivallai Beach Kok Mook
Pearl Beach, white beach on Koh Mook

Sivalai Beach / Had Laem Prao Beach

Sivalai Beach is located on the east side of the island, near the pier of Koh Mook. The white beach is dotted with palm trees and luxury detached bungalows of the Sivalai Beach Resort.

Still, the beach is freely accessible even if you don’t sleep in the resort. Although the beach looks beautiful it isn’t the most ideal for swimming, when there is low tide a large part of the sea retreats. Striking are the large quantities of special shells, starfish and crabs in all shapes and sizes that you will find on Sivalai Beach. A walk on the beach is therefore really fun to do!

Sea star on the beach of Koh Mook
Crab on the beach of Koh Mook

Charlie Beach / Farang Beach / Haad Sai Yao

How many names can a beach have! Charlie Beach, also called Farang Beach, but the Thai name is Haad Sai Yao. Whichever name you prefer, you will find this beach on the west coast of Koh Mook. On both sides, the wide beach is surrounded by rocks.

In the background you find a lush green area so there will be several nice shady spots under the trees. It’s a beautiful bay where you nicely can swim and snorkel by the rocks. Although you can use your own bath towel here there are also sunbeds and chairs with umbrellas. 

There are a number of restaurants on the beach and a few shops for snacks. In the evening you can dine on the beach or have a drink at one of the cozy bars. Mayo Restaurant is worth a try.

Charlie beach Mong bar, 2 shakes in a beer glass
Sunset on Charlie Beach Koh Mook

With your own kayak to the Emerald Cave!

You can rent kayaks at Charlie Beach and paddle to the Emerald Cave (the hidden lagoon) because it’s not far from Charlie Beach. It is even possible to rent a longtail boat from here to sail around the island. At the end of the day it usually gets busier on Charlie Beach because you can see the sunset from this beach. Not very strange because what could be a better way to end the day? A visit to the nice Mong Bar is definitely part of it. You can find the bar in the far west of the beach.

Aerial view of Charlie  Beach, Koh Mook island

Sleeping at Charlie Beach / Farang Beach

You may have wondered, why is this beach called Charlie Beach? Until a few years ago there was a resort on this beach called Charlies Beach Resort, but it was closed by the Thai authorities. As far as we understood it, this is because the beach belongs to a National Park. A somewhat further inland alternative are the nice Mookies Bungalows.

To Charlie Beach

On your way over land to Charlie Beach you will come across a number of accommodations and restaurants on the hill behind the beach. Hilltop Restaurant is worth a visit because of the delicious Thai food and friendly service. But there are also a number of other restaurants to choose from. Be sure to have a look at our list of best restaurants of Koh Mook!

From the village of Koh Mook it’s a half an hour walk, but you can also take a taxi (scooter with sidecar) so you can take several people on the scooter at the same time. (50 baht, one way per person).

Crab on Farang Beach / Charly Beach, blue sea with fish and longtail boat the beach of Koh Mook

Sabai Beach / Secret Beach

Sabai Beach, also called Secret Beach is a beautiful small bay with crystal clear water and beautiful rocks. On the right side near the rocks you find a small reef where you can snorkel. The beach is very beautiful but in the rainy season you have the chance that clutter from the sea washes ashore. By means of signs you are asked not to leave any clutter behind. (Too bad that signs are needed for that!). There are no restaurants or other facilities on the beach. Just pure nature! During high tide there is almost no beach left so plan your visit well.

Sleeping and eating at Sabai Beach

There are no accommodations at Sabai Beach, you can only visit this beach as a day trip. There are no restaurants either, so bring your own drinks and snacks (and the garbage back with you) if you want to spend the day there.

Check the best accommodation on Koh Mook.

Sabai Beach, small bay on Koh Mook

Jungle trekking to Sabai Beach and Ao Ladang

You reach Sabai Beach by a tough jungle trekking on a narrow path that is not always well signposted. Because of this it is usually very quiet on Sabai Beach. For monkey lovers, go out early! From the village of Koh Mook you are about an hour away and you will also pass a viewpoint. Sabai Beach is located on the west coast of Koh Mook, north of the Emerald Cave. So you’re also able paddle to Sabai Beach and save yourself the trekking through the jungle.

Het Koh Mook View Point

From Charlie Beach you’re about 45 minutes by kayak. Renting a kayak costs about 100 baht per hour. Snorkel tours around the island also almost all bring a visit to Sabai Beach.

Are you a fanatic walker? From Charlie Beach you can walk further towards the north of the island, you will reach the beach called Ao Ladang. Then you walk in a bend all the way to the southeast of Koh Mook. You could walk around the island for almost three quarters! You end up north of the pier. Ask a local for more information or take a guide.

Kajaks on Charlie's Beach

Koh Mook Village, authentic and a bit messy

The village of Koh Mook (Baan Ko Muk) is located in the extension of the Koh Mook Pier. Here you will find restaurants and travel agencies. Although there are quite a few facilities it still has something authentic. Koh Mook is not yet polished, rather even a bit messy (you’re going to see some garbage piles here and there). When it rains there are big puddles in some places that can’t be avoided. If you don’t like that thought, Koh Mook might be a bit too raw for you.

Dorp van Koh Mook met een paar winkels en restaurants
Scooter taxi with sidecar drives through the puddles of Koh Mook

Everything you need

A few minutes straight ahead from the Koh Mook Pier by foot is the PK Minimart. Besides shopping you can rent scooters, book snorkel trips and arrange transportation to Koh Lanta, Koh Kradan, Koh Ngai and the mainland of Trang. More than just an ordinary supermarket. Two minutes away opposite the restaurant of the supermarket and next to the Ma Kin Ni Cafe & Restaurant there is an ATM machine. As far as we know this is the only ATM on the island. Bring enough cash to avoid an early return! There is no 7-Eleven on the island (yet).

Children in school uniform in supermarket Koh Mook

Conclusion regarding the activities on Koh Mook and surroundings

The most famous attraction of the island is the Emerald Cave (Tham Morakot), a beautiful hidden Lagoon. Also a snorkel trip or day trip to the beautiful islands Koh Kradan and Koh Ngai are among the possibilities. Furthermore, a walk on the beach at Sivalai Beach is a nice alternative for sunbathing and chilling out.

Koh Mook has a number of jungle paths and roads you can explore by foot, such as Charlie Beach, Sabai Beach, Ao Ladang and there is a viewpoint. You can get a glimpse into the local life of Koh Mook by taking a walk or renting bikes. Near the PK Supermarket is a school, after school the kids pass the village for a snack on their way home. All those kids in uniform, we loved to sit and watch this, so cute!

Two schoolchildren in Koh Mook Village
Koh Mook Village, children in school uniform

Everything you need to know about Koh Mook

In the InfoBox you’ll find even more information about the lovely authentic island of Koh Mook and its special sights!

Spending the night on Koh Mook

This is our selection of the best sleeping places on Koh Mook:

Read also our review of MookLamai Resort or the full article of the best hotels on Koh Mook.

Good eats and drinks on Koh Mook

If you want to know more about the above restaurants read our article the best restaurants on Koh Mook!

Going out on Koh Mook

Koh Mook does not (yet) have a real nightlife but there are some nice bars. The Koh Mook Ting Tong Bar is a cozy place where you can have a drink while enjoying a fire show. The Perfect Bar and Restaurant has happy hour from 16:00 to 18:00 and is a nice place by the sea to start the evening.

See & do on Koh Mook

Transportaion on Koh Mook

If walking is not your thing you can use a longtail boat or a scooter taxi with sidecar. A ride with the scooter taxi always costs 50 baht pp one way, no matter where you want to go. You can also rent a scooter or bike to explore the island. There is little traffic on the island and there are no cars.

From / To Koh Mook

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