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The Banyan Tree Bangkok tower seen from a great height
The Banyan Tree Bangkok tower seen from a great height


Hip hip hurrah! In August 2022, Banyan Tree Bangkok celebrated its 25th anniversary! Congratulations Banyan Tree Bangkok team!!! It was already a celebration for us in July, as we were guests at their magnificent hotel for several nights.

The striking building of Banyan Tree Bangkok can be recognized from far and wide because of its slender shape. With its 61 stories towering high above Bangkok the skyscraper has been an eye-catcher in Bangkok’s skyline for many years. The roof of this majestic hotel is home to one of Thailand’s oldest and one of the best rooftop restaurants and sky bars, Vertigo en Moon Bar. This is just a small taste of what Banyan Tree Bangkok has to offer. There is so much more to discover, so keep on reading

Het beautiful Banyan Tree Bangkok

Bayan Tree, the brand 

Banyan Tree is a well known hotel chain with beautiful accommodations all over the world. The originally Singaporean company was founded in 1994 and stands for unparalleled hospitality, where luxury and sustainability go hand in hand. According to the two founders, everything is interconnected, to this assertion we completely agree. Ho Kwon Ping and his wife Claire Chiang now own several hotel brands such as the well-known Angsana brand.

The Banyan tree, in Latin Ficus benghalensis, is evergreen and produces aerial roots that grow vertically down from the branches. Ayutthaya is home to perhaps Thailand’s most famous Banyan tree.

A big Banyan tree
Thailand's most famous Banyan tree standing in Ayutthaya

Today, Banyan Tree hotels can be found almost anywhere in the world, including China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Mozambique and Qatar. In Thailand, there are four Banyan Tree accommodations by 2022, in Krabi, Phuket, Koh Samui and Bangkok.

The very first Banyan Tree accommodation to be built was in Thailand (1994). This beautiful resort is located in Bang Tao on Phuket and still exists today. Bang Tao used to consist mainly of tin mines. Now it is one of the most luxurious places to stay on the island of Phuket. There is also an Angsana Resort, also part of the Banyan Tree Group, located in Bang Tao.

Banyan Tree Phuket, the first Banyan Tree hotel in Thailand

Where in Bangkok is Bayan Tree Bangkok located? 

The entrance to the hotel is on Sathorn Road, located in the similarly named Sathorn area of Bangkok. By means of a small shortcut, Banyan Tree Bangkok is located somewhat behind the busy main street, making it very quiet around the hotel. A little further away is Lumpini Park, Bangkok’s most famous park. In less than fifteen minutes walk you are in a green oasis in the middle of hectic Bangkok. A fun activity for early morning or towards the end of the afternoon.

Lumpini Park as seen from Banyan Tree Bangkok

Other than that, there really isn’t much to do around the hotel. Banyan Tree Bangkok is centrally located, yet in a less touristy part of the city. With nearby public transportation, it is easy to explore the city. Both a subway and sky train stations are a 15-minute walk away. The hotel offers a free shuttle service, taking guests by tuk tuk to BTS station Sala Daeng every hour.

The five star hotel Banyan Tree Bangok

Fortunately, Banyan Tree Bangkok has more than enough to offer its in-house guests. Do as we did and enjoy the fantastic facilities this luxury five-star hotel has to offer. During our stay, we made grateful use of the pool and spa where we were pampered to the max with an outstanding couple massage. After checking in, we had delicious dim sum appetizers for lunch at Bai Yun, one of Banyan Tree Bangkok’s eight restaurants.

That evening we spent on the Saffron Cruise, a beautiful Banyan Tree ship that cruises the Chao Phraya Rivier. We ended the last evening of our stay in style. With a cocktail in hand, we toasted the repulsive view from the Moon Bar. Later that evening, we ended our fantastic stay with dinner at Vertigo on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok. The following day, we departed Bangkok Airways for Koh Samui to drop off our wedding gear and then travel towards Khao Sok National Park .

Banyan Tree Bangkok logo
Banyan Tree Bangkok seen with a drone

Welcome at the Banyan Tree Bangok!

After we were dropped off by a cab in front of the hotel, our luggage was taken out by two neat gentlemen and placed on a cart, which we did not see until we got in our suite. Before walking into the lobby, we passed the desk of the ever-so-helpful concierges across from the hotel entrance. Banyan Tree Bangkok‘s concierges inform guests about what’s on offer in Bangkok. Ordering a taxi, tuk tuk or MuvMi through these service-oriented gentlemen is, of course, also possible.

Entrance at Banyan Tree Bangkok

The hotel lobby

Banyan Tree Bangkok’s elegant lobby is more of a veritable lounge than a standard hotel lobby. You can even order a high tea there between 1 and 5 pm. Would you prefer a good glass of wine, beer, soda or (iced) coffee? Of course you can, even a good glass of cognac or renowned whiskey brand can be ordered here.

The interior of the spacious lobby lounge consists of comfortable couches and armchairs and the ambiance feels very chic. During check-in, the front desk offered us a drink, tray of nuts and a refreshment towel. Check-in was quick and easy, before we knew it we were escorted to our One-Bedroom Suite

The hotel lobby of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Different type of rooms and suites at Banyan Tree Bangkok

The hotel has a choice of seven different categories of rooms or suites. These are the Horizon, Oasis Retreat, Serenity (Club), One-Bedroom Suite, Two-Bedroom Suite, Spa Sanctuary Suite and finally the Presidential Suite. The Horizon, Oasis Retreat and Serenity can also be booked as twins (two separate single beds).

Of course all 327 rooms/suites at the Banyan Tree Bangkok have Wi-Fi, a safe, a minibar and air conditioning in each room. Banyan Tree also provides coffee and tea making facilities, trendy bathrobes, complimentary slippers, incense and even a ceramic burner that heats fragrant oils. The bathroom has a shower stall with rain shower and/or a freestanding bathtub. Obviously there are numerous complimentary amenities in the bathroom such as toothbrushes and a shaving kit with shaving gel.

Reception at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Horizon Room

The Horizon consists of three separate sections, a living, sleeping and bathroom, basically a suite. The Horizon can be booked in two variants; the Horizon King with a spacious king-size bed or the Horizon Twin with two single beds. Both options are 48 square meters and are located between the 33rd and 49th floors of the hotel.

The living area of the Horizon room at Banyan Tree Bangkok
The sleeping area of the Hohrizon room at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Oasis Retreat Room

On the 23rd and 33rd floors of Banyan Tree Bangkok are the Oasis Retreat rooms. The 44 m2 Oasis Retreat has a king-size double bed or two single beds in the bedroom and a large sofa placed under the window. The spacious bathroom has a bathtub, we find this room an ideal option to relax for a few days while visiting Bangkok.

The bathroom with bathtub in front of the window of the Oasis Retreat room at Banyan Tree Bangkok
The bed in the bedroom of the Oasis Retreat room at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Serenity Room

The Serenity room comes in a Twin or Double variant and has an area of 48 m2. The room consists of a spacious living/bedroom and bathroom with comfortable bathtub. The Serenity rooms are located between the 50th and 58th floors and thanks to the large windows, these rooms offer great views over the metropolis Bangkok. In our opinion, these are the highest rooms you can book at the Banyan Tree Bangkok.

Serenity Club Room

The Serenity Room can also be booked as a Serenity Club Room. This gives you many perks because of the free access to the Banyan Tree Club Lounge.

The Serenity Club Room of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Two-Bedroom Suite

The Two-Bedroom Suites are located between the 15th and 18th floors of Banyan Tree Bangkok. Suites like this one, with two bedrooms, are not too common in Bangkok. That makes this option very interesting for families with children who can sleep in the same room, but with more privacy. The suites are between 119 and 143 square meters and have a huge living room with sitting and dining areas. There is even a dining table with six chairs and a kitchenette in the living room. Both bedrooms have an ensuite bathroom with freestanding bathtub and spacious shower stall. This room is ideal for a family or company consisting of four to six people.

The floor plan of the Two-Bedroom Suite of

Spa Sanctuary Suite

Planning a honeymoon or celebrating something special? Then book the Spa Sanctuary Suite. As the name suggests, this suite has a private spa treatment room where you can enjoy a spa and/or massage treatment. The Spa Sanctuary Suite is 118 m2 and also has a living, bedroom and bathroom. Imagine this… after a fantastic couple massage in your own private room… relaxing with a cup of tea while enjoying the panoramic view of Bangkok.

During our stay, we experienced a one and a half hour couple massage ourselves. So very good!

The living area of the Spa Sanctuary Suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok
Your own massage room in the Spa Sanctuary Suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Presidential Suite

The very finest suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok is the exclusive Presidential Suite. This suite of a whopping 204 m2 is located on not one, but two floors! In the living room downstairs, guests can entertain in the entertainment room with two sitting areas, large dining table for eight, and a presidential meal can be cooked by the private chef in the kitchenette.

Guests spending the night in the Presidential Suite can enter via the spiral staircase upstairs into the master bedroom with king-size bed and ensuite bathroom. The luxurious bathroom includes a steam room and Jacuzzi tub. By the way, check out the windows placed in the living room, WOW!

The large windows of the Presidential suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok
Part of the Presidential suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok
The bedroom of the Presidential suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Our suite, the One-Bedroom Suite of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Our 59 m2 suite, number 2705, can be divided into three components, the living, sleeping and bathroom area. The Banyan Tree Bangkok team had been informed about our upcoming wedding and (also) here we were surprised with a beautifully decorated king size bed and some goodies. THANKS Banyan Tree Bangkok crew! We spent some very good days (and nights) here.

Our bed with the text SEMPRE on it in the One-Bedroom Suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Livingroom at the One-Bedroom Suite

After we opened the door of our suite, we came directly into our living room where on the right, along the wall, there is a very long sofa. To the right of the door, there is a control panel that controls lights and air conditioning, among other things. Further along next to the door is the TV with the bar area of the living room hanging below.

The large sofa in the One-Bedroom Suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The hanging TV with the bar area below it of the One-Bedroom Suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

On the upper part of the bar there are several types of cups and glasses, a Nespresso machine, a kettle, an ice bucket and two bottles of water that are replenished daily. In a drawer we found different flavors of Dilmah tea, coffee cups and so on. Snacks and spirits, for a fee, were in another drawer. Speaking of snacks, very thoughtful that upon entering we were given several pieces of fruit and two cute sweets. Welcome to the Banyan Tree was written with chocolate on the sign and welcome we certainly felt!

Two cookies with Welcome to Banyan Tree written on the sign

Image: Thailand Magazine

From the living room, looking into the bedroom and bathroom of the One-Bedroom Suite in

Image: Thailand Magazine

Bedroom at the One-Bedroom Suite

The living and sleeping areas can be separated by a sliding door. In the bedroom on the left is a spacious soft bed with a nightstand and nightlight on both sides. Unfortunately, it’s only possible to charge a cell phone on the left side of the bed. On the right is a sofa that goes all the way through with large windows behind it that, like the living room and bedroom, offer a nice view of Bangkok. A TV also hangs in the bedroom, in a somewhat difficult place to watch to be honest. But really, who watches TV in a luxury hotel like the Banyan Tree Bangkok, there is plenty to do!

The bedroom of the One-Bedroom Suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Just in front of sliding doors to bathroom are two large cabinets that include a safe with jewelry drawer, an iron and ironing board, two stylish bathrobes and two complimentary pairs of slippers with the same fashionable motif as the bathrobes. Nice that attention has been paid to the bathrobes and slippers, we don’t see that much.

There is also a turndown service, nothing is nicer “coming home” than to a tidy suite with freshly made bed! Time and again our hip slippers were laid out ready, some goodies were placed on the living room table and it smelled wonderful thanks to the aroma burner lit for us. Sigh, we miss this room, everything and everyone at Banyan Tree Bangkok!

The trendy slippers of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Turndown service with some goodies at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Bathroom at the One-Bedroom Suite

The bathroom, like the living room, can be closed by a sliding door system. Once inside, a lockable toilet is located to the left. An unmissable bathroom cabinet with two tub-shaped artful His & Her sinks is placed opposite the entrance. Above the washbasin hangs a large mirror with bathroom accessories such as a vanity mirror and hair dryer on the shelf. Of course, Banyan Tree Bangkok provides the toothbrushes, shaving supplies and other not-to-be-missed bathroom goodies. 

The bathroom of the One-Bedroom Suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

On the right side of the One-Bedroom Suite bathroom you will find the shower and bath area, where a freestanding tub is placed on an elevation in front of the window. A blind ensures maximum privacy. During our first evening, the caring team at Banyan Tree Bangkok filled up the bathtub in the evening. The deep bathtub was richly filled with rose petals. Very romantic and what a lovely place to relax after a long busy one. Next to the bath is a lockable shower stall containing a good rain shower. Shampoo, shower gel and body lotion are placed in nice ceramic dispensers and are in different places where you need them.

The rose petal bathtub in the bathroom of the One-Bedroom Suite at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The sliding doors to the living room from the bathroom of the One-Bedroom Suite in

Image: Thailand Magazine

Banyan Tree Club Lounge

Guests booking a Serenity Club, One-Bedroom Suite, Two-Bedroom Suite, Spa Sanctuary Suite or Presidential Suite have the privilege of using the Banyan Tree Club Lounge. This exclusive lounge offers guests various complimentary refreshments such as (alcoholic) beverages and numerous savory/sweet snacks. The luxurious lounge can be found on the 19th floor of the hotel and occupies almost the entire floor. You can also check in/out there if you belong to the ‘lucky club lounge ones’. Tables and benches have been placed here and there for a relaxing get-together in a relaxing environment.

The Banyan Tree Club Lounge in Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The Banyan Tree Club Lounge is open from 06:00 – 21:00. Breakfast is available there from 07:00, Afternoon Tea is from 13:00 to 16:00 and at 17:30 the Happy Hour starts with delicious snacks and drinks such as cocktails and mocktails. Soft drinks, water, fruit juice, (iced) coffee and tea are available all day for free.

The benefits at a glance:
– Free drinks such as various cocktails, mocktails, local beers, wines, coffee, tea, water and soft drinks.
– Complimentary savory and sweet snacks, canapés and a buffet of various hot/cold Thai and Western dishes at regular intervals.
– Complimentary laundry or ironing service for up to 2 garments per day (excluding dry cleaning).
– Complimentary use of the boardroom for up to three hours per stay (subject to availability).
– Registration and express check-out in the Club Lounge during 06:00 and 21:00.

Snacks at the Banyan Tree Club Lounge in Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Cocktail in the Banyan Tree Club Lounge in Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Facilities at Banyan Tree Bangkok 

Banyan Tree Bangkok has a very well known spa and outdoor pool on the 21st floor of the hotel. The Health Club and gym will keep you in shape, even though the hotel has some outstanding restaurants and bars in-house, as well as outdoors. If you spend your time at the Banyan Tree Bangkok, you must have booked a massage at least once. This was one of the best massages in Bangkok we have had so far!

Since we had planned our pre-honeymoon, we made our stay a real treat! We ate delicious food at several of the hotel’s restaurants, and during the first day of our stay, we got an hour and a half couple massage. As icing on the delicious cake, we ended our last evening at Banyan Tree Bangkok in style, namely on the roof of the hotel.

Massage at Banyan Tree Bangkok
Drinks by the pool at Banyan Tree Bangkok

The excellent spa at Banyan Tree Bangkok

There is so much good that the professional spa team at Banyan Tree Bangkok has to offer its guests. Soothing bath sessions, body scrubs, facials, manicures, pedicures and many more body pampering treatments can be booked. Check out the Spa’s entire menu which also lists the various massage treatments.

There was a time when Banyan Tree Bangkok’s spa was the tallest spa in all of Southeast Asia. The spa was located on the 52nd floor, but is now on the 21st.

A massage room at Banyan Tree Bangkok

The Master Therapist Experience, our couple massage 

There are a total of sixteen massage rooms in the hotel, ten for couples and six for singles. All of the massage rooms have bathrooms, many of which have beautiful freestanding bathtubs or even Jacuzzis. There is a serene atmosphere, thanks in part to the use of dimmed lights, scents and music.

A massage at Banyan Tree is not only for the body, but also for the senses. The same goes for us, one of the best massages that will always stay with us is the Master Therapist Experience we had the pleasure of experiencing at Banyan Tree Bangkok.

A beautiful part of the spa at the Banyan Tree Bangkok with art

Image: Thailand Magazine

We reported to the spa front desk about twenty minutes before the treatment where Khun Panalee (Yui) and her colleague welcomed us. The friendly Ms. Yui is a considerate lady who has been working at Banyan Tree Bangkok for many years. She guided us from start to finish.

Through an intake and form, several questions were asked. Did we desire a hard, medium or soft massage? Did we need to pay attention to certain muscles, or not? Were we healthy? From several aromatic massage oils we chose peach with pepper, then we were introduced to our two highly trained massage therapists.

As a massage therapist at Banyan Tree, if you like, you will travel all over the world. That is, as massage professionals, you can work in any accommodative of the Banyan Tree group. Our therapists had spent time working in South Korea and the United Arab Emirates, among other places.

Spa reception at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Seats at the entrance to the spa at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Once in the Peppermint Room, a huge room with huge jacuzzi, shower stall, changing room and two massage tables, we were asked to undress and lie down out on our massage tables. We were asked if we thought the ambient temperature was too cold or too hot, “a little warmer please,” I heard my future wife whisper.

Except for the typical massage background music, it remained quiet for an hour and a half…. The signature Master Therapist Experience was very relaxed, almost spiritual. How good a professional (Thai) massage is for body and mind. If you are reading this, book a massage at the Banyan Tree Bangkok, whether you sleep there or not!

The Peppermint Room at the Banyan Tree Spa

Image: Thailand Magazine

Each time a part of our body was intensely massaged with fragrant oil, it was then patted dry with a warm towel, so fine and characteristic of high quality massages. Everything was just right … and then … a gentle dinggggg (bell) that penetrated deep into our souls … Was this it? Are you stopping already? We were just laying down, right? We want more!…. Still floating from the massage, we were brought back to Khun Yui who was waiting for us in the lounge of the spa. As we slowly awoke from our stupor, she gave us a cup of tea with some melon slices.

Massages and other therapies are given at the spa between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm. Scheduling an appointment is wise because visiting a the spa at Banyan Tree Bangkok is very popular.

A corridor leading to some of Banyan Tree Bangkok's massage rooms

Image: Thailand Magazine

Slices of melon and tea after massage at Banyan Tree Bangkok spa

Image: Thailand Magazine

The professional staff at the Banyan Tree Bangkok Spa

Image: Thailand Magazine

The pool at Banyan Tree Bangkok

The not too large 4 x 25 meter pool is located outside on the 21st floor of the hotel. Around the pool are lush green plants and there are two pool decks on which are sunbeds with soft cushions. A nice place to just kick back with a drink and/or light snack from Juice Bar. You get the Bangkok skyline as background scenery for free.

Between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., free neck and shoulder massages will be given at the pool. Between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., free water and fruit will be handed out.

The pool at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Cardio and strength training at the gym

The gym can be found on 21st floor. The equipment is somewhat outdated, but still works fine. Every morning at 7 a.m., we could be found here. With all that delicious food and a wedding coming up, we had to stay a little balanced… Banyan Tree Bangkok’s gym has a dozen cardio machines, strength machines and various weights. Plenty to keep in shape while looking out the large windows to over the city.

Health Club

We didn’t use it ourselves, but Banyan Tree Bangkok also has a real Health Club. A professionally designed facility that hosts free yoga, pilates, Muay Thai (kickboxing) classes with some regularity. The Health Club also manages the hotel’s steam and sauna rooms.

The Banyan Tree Health Club, pool and fitness center are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

The Health Club with Banyan Tree Bangkok's gym in the background
Fragrant oil and incense from Banyan Tree Bangkok

Good eats and drinks at Banyan Tree Bangkok!

Dining at any of the whopping eight Banyan Tree restaurants is one big feast! From a Cantonese dim sum session to a sumptuous dinner on a cruise down the Chao Phraya River. Thanks to Banyan Tree Bangkok, guests there can also dine extensively at perhaps Thailand’s very highest high class restaurant, Vertigo. Guests outside the hotel are of course welcome at the restaurant as well.

Banyan Tree Bangkok also boasts a whopping three bars, with the Moon Bar the literal and figurative highlight. More on that later and in another article. We list the restaurants and bars from bottom to top and we also go outside…will you join us?

Good food at Banyan Tree Bangkok
Good food at Banyan Tree Bangkok
Good food at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Romsai located on the floor below the lobby

Romsai is located on the floor just below the lobby which also partially overlooks this all-day dining restaurant of the hotel. There is also an outdoor courtyard where it feels like you are in the jungle. There are even koi carp swimming in the pool into which a small waterfall flows. Very nice as you have a nice piece of green in the middle of the busy metropolis called Bangkok.

Romsai is known for its quality and extensive buffets. There are also a la carte dishes where Romsai makes clever use of the hotel’s other restaurants. Romsai “borrows” some signature dishes and placed them on its own menu.

Romsai Restaurant at Banyan Tree Bangkok


Every morning we enjoyed a generous breakfast under Romsai’s colossal windows. Our choices included a variety of fresh breads, fruit juices, cheese and cold cuts. At the egg station, we could choose from different types of prepared eggs such as an omelet, a scrambled egg or boiled egg. The huge variety of (sweet) breads such as croissants, chocolate rolls and Danish made us very happy! Delicious with a good cup of cappuccino or Thai iced tea (chai yen).

There are also Thai, Japanese and Chinese dishes. My personal favorite was the noodle bar. A warm bowl of noodles with extra chili makes me really good waking up!

(Sweet) breads for breakfast at Romsai Restaurant of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Cheese for breakfast at Romsai Restaurant of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

A bowl of noodle soup for breakfast at Romsai Restaurant of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Breakfast at Romsai is available from 06:00 – 11:00 hours, lunch and dinner is served between 11:30 and 20:00 hours and on Sundays brunch is available from 12:00 to 15:00 hours. With regularity, thematic buffets or BBQs are also organized in Romsai’s garden. Check out the menu of Romsai.

If you are in Thailand or the opportunity arises, try patongo, a type of Chinese croissant. The patongo resembles a love child of a North American doughnut and a Southern European churro. In other words, a delicious deep-fried dough snack, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Very tasty for dipping in condensed milk. You can also find patongo in Chinatown .

Patongo for breakfast at Romsai Restaurant of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Chai Yen (Thai iced tea) with breakfast at Romsai Restaurant of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

High Tea at the Lobby Lounge

Of course, the hotel’s lobby doesn’t count as an actual restaurant, but since you can order a heavenly high tea there, we want to mention it anyway. Banyan Tree Bangkok’s high tea consists of a mix of savory sandwiches and sweet pastries. Of course, scones with jam and butter are also served. Finally, there are numerous teas to choose from, but coffee is also an option.

By the way, the high tea can also be ordered at Saffron Sky Garden and Vertigo Too. If you should have a craving for this, we recommend having it at either location.

Goodies across the hotel

Goodies can be found in the adjacent Thai Wah Tower I. An assortment of sandwiches, pizzas, salads, pastries and ice cream can be ordered at Goodies. Goodies, part of Banyan Tree Bangkok, is open Monday through Friday from 07:00 to 20:00.

Goodies at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Incredible authentic Thais food at Saffron on the 52th floor

Unfortunately, due to our busy schedule, it was impossible to dine at Banyan Tree Bangkok’s signature restaurant, Saffron. Saffron serves the finest traditional Thai cuisine. The world-renowned restaurant is the creation of Chef Renu Homsombat’s, the talented and incredibly friendly Thai chef who combines tradition with modern cooking techniques. Thanks to her deep-rooted love for the craft, her creations always reveal themselves in Thai dishes at the highest level possible.

Saffron, the world-renowned restaurant at Banyan Tree Bangkok
Saffron, the world-renowned restaurant at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Fortunately, we did enjoy insanely the dishes served during the Saffron Cruise. This was so special that we decided to devote an entire article to it.

Daily lunch at Saffron can be enjoyed from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and dinner can be enjoyed from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Check out Saffron’s menu.

The Saffron Cruise on the Chao Phraya River from Banyan Tree Bangkok

Saffron Sky Garden, the garden on the 52th floor

Saffron also has a garden including an outdoor bar with a sublime view over Bangkok. This ideal lounge is perfect for a drink or small appetizer before you dine at Saffron. Of course, a nice drink after lunch will do as well. Enjoy a cocktail or mocktail while sinking back into the soft couches or chairs.

Saffron Sky Garden is open Wednesday through Sunday from 2:00 to 11:00 pm. Check out the menu of the extraordinary Saffron Sky Garden.

Saffron Sky Garden at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Tahei, the Japanse restaurant

Tahei, which means peace in Japanese, is Banyan Tree Bangkok’s renowned Japanese eatery. If you love sushi, sashimi, sake and teppanyaki, like us, then Tahei is the place to be! The restaurant is spread over two floors with the sake, sushi and sashimi section on the 53rd and the 54th is all about Japanese cooking teppanyaki.

Tahei is open daily for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and for dinner from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

There are nearly one hundred different types of sake available to order at Tahei. With this, Banyan Tree Bangkok has one of the largest sake collections in Southeast Asia.

Taihei, the Japanese restaurant at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Bai Yun, the Cantonese restaurant

For lunch at Banyan Tree Bangkok , we had the choice of Tahei’s Japanese cuisine or Bai Yun’s Cantonese cuisine. Since we have eaten Japanese in Bangkok many a time, we thought it was time for a good dim sum session and let’s face it, the panoramic view from Bai Yun alone is well worth a visit. See below for some photos we shot from both sides of the restaurant. So cool to peer over Bangkok from the 59th floor of the hotel.

View from Bai Yun, the Cantonese restaurant at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

View from Bai Yun, the Cantonese restaurant at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

In 2015, Bai Yun underwent a major renovation and the color blue took precedence. Today, the restaurant consists of a large room and a number of private rooms for up to twelve people. Large groups are all too happy to eat at Bai Yun, as dim sum is extremely suitable for sharing, which is exactly what we did.

During the first round, there were two steaming baskets of Shrimp Har Gow and Steamed Har Gow with salmon eggs and teriyaki sauce. Mixed greens such as zucchini and mushrooms could not be missed.

Bai Yun in Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Dim Sum at Bai Yun in Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The second dim sum round consisted of a serving of Fried Tofu Skin with shrimp and the Jade Dumpling with Scallop Bonito. Because of the steam coming off the Jade Dumpling, the bonito danced back and forth, the dish seemed to be alive. Wondering what we mean? Check out this clip on YouTube.

For the third and also last round, we had the special Yang Chow Fried Rice, Barbecue Pork and Roasted Duck, so very delicious! For dessert, we shared an ice cream of black sesame and vanilla. At Bai Yun you have high quality Cantonese food, with emphasis on high both figuratively and literally.

Bai Yun is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (lunch) and from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. (dinner). Try the unlimited dim sum, for a fixed price of less than THB 2,000 you can enjoy unlimited dim sum and more. Check out Bai Yun’s menu.

Rice, duck and pork at Bai Yun at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Dessert bij Bai Yun at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

At Bai Yun, there are more than 30 different types of tea to choose from. The tea is served observing the time-honored rituals of enjoying an authentic Kunming tea cart.

Bai Yun in Banyan Tree Bangkok

Vertigo Too, the best bar of the hotel!

Actually, it was a coincidence that we ended up at Vertigo Too. In fact, during our extended dinner at Vertigo, on the roof of the hotel, it started to rain. As a result, we had to rush to continue our dinner one floor below, in the covered Vertigo Too. Vertigo Too is not actually a restaurant, but one of the Banyan Tree Bangkok‘s three bars. Regularly there is a DJ or live music is played. The talented Dutch singer / songwriter Athalie de Koning also performs here regularly. She does this together with her great band Jazziam.

Vertigo Too is open from 18:00 to 22:30 and besides tasty cocktails, Vertigo Too also has a small menu.

Before the party starts in Vertigo Too at Banyan Tree Bangkok
Athalie de Koning along with Jaziam in Vertigo Too from

Vertigo Too was the very first sky bar in Bangkok. Years before the Banyan Tree Bangkok’s rooftop terrace opened, this bar already existed. Today, on the rooftop you will find Vertigo restaurant and the Moon Bar.

Vertigo Too in Banyan Tree Bangkok

Vertigo and Moon bar on the rooft of the Banyan Tree Bangkok

Because Vertigo, the rooftop restaurant and Moon Bar, the sky bar at Banyan Tree Bangkok are so incredibly cool, we wrote an additional extended article about them. At Vertigo, we feasted incredibly on a four-course meal and the cocktails at the Moon Bar across the street tasted like more. So we returned here several times, not only during our stay at the hotel, but also when we slept elsewhere in Bangkok.

Vertigo is open daily from 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm and the Moon Bar from 5:00 pm – 00:30 am. Keep in mind the smart casual dress code. You can read more about these two great venues in our extensive article about Vertigo and Moon Bar.

Vertigo and Moon Bar on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok
Vertigo and Moon Bar on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok

is Bangkok’s first rooftop restaurant and Moon Bar is Bangkok’s first sky bar. The venue is one of the very best rooftop locations Bangkok has to offer! Believe us, we have visited many rooftop bars in Bangkok.

Vertigo and Moon Bar on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Apsara Cruise

To visit the Apsara, a sailing restaurant, we must travel to the Chao Phraya River. The teak ship was once used to transport rice across the river and is now the place to serve delicious Thai food and snacks. Apsara cruises past numerous famous landmarks across the Chao Phraya River.

Boarding takes place at River City across from the luxury shopping mall ICONSIAM. A total of 64 guests can enjoy this culinary journey across the water. All aboard at at 8 p.m., because that’s when the Apsara departs. The cruise will last until 10:15 p.m.

Our article about the Baan Khanitha Cruise, another classic teak ship converted into a sailing restaurant.

The Apsara Cruise, a teak dinner cruise cruising the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok and part of Banyan Tree Bangkok

The highly exceptional Saffron Cruise 

Instead of the classic Apsara, we chose a more modern ship, namely the Saffron Cruise. The main reason for our choice was because of the name Saffron. We had heard so many good things about Saffron and Chef Renu that we were quite curious about the creations she could conjure out of her tall chef’s hat.

The time had finally come to taste some of her dishes, and on an exclusive ship like the modern Saffron Cruise. Because our dinner on this cruise was such a special experience, we wrote an additional article about it. Curious about this super cool ship and some of Chef Renu’s exquisite dishes? Then check out our review of the Saffron Cruise.

The Saffron Cruise on the Chao Phraya River from Banyan Tree Bangkok

Regular information such as pricing and address

Check-in at Banyan Tree Bangkok is available from 2:00 pm and check-out is allowed until 12:00 pm. For current prices at this insanely luxurious hotel, check Booking and/or Agoda. In addition, you support Thailand Magazine by booking through our partner links. We receive a small commission on your booking. This costs you nothing extra and this allows us to continue working hard on our great passion, sharing our deep-rooted love for Thailand and thus promoting the land of smiles.

Address: 21/100 S Sathon Rd, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120
Address in Thai: 21/100 ถ. สาทรใต้ แขวง ทุ่งมหาเมฆ เขต สาทร กรุงเทพมหานคร 10120
Phone number: +66 2679 1200
Website: https://www.banyantree.com/thailand/bangkok 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BanyanTree.Bangkok
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/banyantreebangkok/

Visit Banyan Tree Bangkok with public transportation

Since we always want to see a lot of the city while staying in Bangkok, we usually sleep in accommodation within walking distance of public transportation. Banyan Tree Bangkok is near a subway station (MRT Lumpini) with a walking distance of 10 minutes. The two closest sky train stations are BTS Station Chong Nonsi and Sala Daeng. These are a little further away, about a 20-minute walk. By the way, Banyan Tree Bangkok has a free service; guests are taken by tuk tuk to BTS Sala Daeng every hour.

From, or to Bangkok’s airports

From, or to, Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) is about three-quarters of an hour away. Don Mueang Airport (DMK) is half an hour away. Especially allow for some extra time in case you depart from the hotel. Traffic in Bangkok can be very busy. Be advised in advance by the friendly concierges at the entrance to Banyan Tree Bangkok.

The bathroom with bathtub in front of the window of the Oasis Retreat room at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Thanks to Bangkok Aiways

In our case, we left early for Suvarnabhumi Airport where we took a Bangkok Airways flight to Koh Samui. Thanks to Bangkok Airways’ priority check in, we were in the lounge of this Thai airline in no time. The flight only took an hour and then we were able to immediately drop off our wedding stuff at the villa manager of Panacea Retreat where we were getting married a few weeks later. After we gave our two small suitcases with wedding dress and such, we could continue our trip and take the ferry back to the mainland. On to Khao Sok National Park where we stayed at Caligo Resort and in a floating bungalow of 500Rai Floating Resort on Cheow Lan Lake. Thanks for the fast and comfortable flight Bangkok Airways crew!

Friendly Bangkok Airways staff at BKK Airport

Image: Thailand Magazine

Friendly Bangkok Airways staff at BKK Airport

Image: Thailand Magazine

THANKS to the entire Banyan Tree Bangkok team!!!

Finally, we would like to THANK the entire team at Banyan Tree Bangkok for the unforgettable time we had in the hotel and on its rooftop. Also our dinner at the Saffron Cruise was amazing!

In particular we would like to thank Khun Pitchaya, Khun Yui and the massage team, Khun Kwang, Khun Renu and the Saffron team, Khun Fern, Khun Chang and his team, Khun Deepak and his team, Khun Ying, Khun Fu (555), Khun Wang, Khun Jackie Chan, Khun Filipa from Banyan Tree Phuket and of course Khun Jib!

If we forgot anyone sorry, know that thanks to you too we had a pre-honeymoon not to be forgotten! It was all so special and hopefully we will be welcome for a repeat visit in the future. THANKS – On to the 50th anniversary of Banyan Tree Bangkok!

Banyan Tree Bangkok team celebrates their 25th anniversary

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