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Baan Pomphet

The most beautiful boutique hotel in Ayutthaya!

Baan Pomphet is with its unique design undoubtedly a feast for the eyes! We only had 24 hours to explore Ayutthaya and to enjoy this extraordinary accommodation just outside the center of Ayutthaya. Luxury problems! After a day exploring the old city, we were treated to the largest river prawns we have ever had on our plates! Next time we plan a longer stay just for the shrimp! Yummmmm!

There are only eight rooms in this beautiful hotel, so don’t hesitate and book a room quickly via Booking.com or Agoda if you want to spend the night here. Since its opening, in 2020, Baan Pomphet has become a highly sought-after destination and often fully booked. Not surprising, the brick design is truly a unique masterpiece!

Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya gezien vanaf de overkant van de rivier

Image: W workspace

Where in Ayutthaya is Baan Pomphet located?

Just an hour and a half drive from Bangkok lies Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand from 1350 to 1767. Today, Ayutthaya is a popular tourist destination where visitors, often on day trips from Bangkok, walk among the historic ruins. But Ayutthaya has much more to offer and we recommend staying there for at least one night.

Baan Pomphet, located on the Chao Phraya River in Ayutthaya, is adjacent to the Pomphet Fort of the same name. A short 10-minute ride by scooter or tuk tuk puts you literally between Ayutthaya’s main tourist attractions, namely the temple ruins in the Old City.

At the back, the quaint boutique hotel offers views of the T-junction of the Chao Phraya and Pa Sak, where both rivers converge. The constant drifting of countless water hyacinths creates an almost hypnotic experience that brings pure relaxation.

Although there are numerous local restaurants within a half-hour walk, we recommend enjoying a meal at Baan Pomphet’s restaurant, preferably on their beautiful riverside terrace. It’s fan-taste-tastic there!

de T-kruising van de Chao Phraya en Pa Sak rivieren gezien vanaf de achterkant / het terras van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

Baan Pomphet, the extraordinary boutique hotel in Ayutthaya

The uniqueness of Baan Pomphet is due to the brick walls of this charming boutique hotel. That was exactly the reason to stay here. The vibrant orange hotel immediately catches your attention as you browse through Ayutthaya’s various lodging options online.

The hotel consists of some beautiful rooms, a fantastic restaurant with an amazing terrace, a small pool and offers guests spectacular views of the Chao Phraya River that also flows through Bangkok. Upon our arrival at the hotel’s parking lot, we were immediately seduced by the smell of charcoal-grilled river shrimp, a specialty of the restaurant. Not much later, we were welcomed by Baan Pomphet’s friendly owner, Khun Saralee.

Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya gezien vanaf de parkeerplaats

Image: Thailand Magazine

Every staff member we encountered was exceptionally friendly and very service-minded. We were too early to check in, but immediately our luggage was taken over and safely stored. We were able to take a seat on the restaurant terrace where we were offered a refreshing drink. “We will definitely come back here,” we assured each other, smiling. 

Vriendelijke jongen die pepers aan de welbekende Ayutthaya rieviergarnalen aan het roosteren is bij Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

Image: Thailand Magazine

Welkomstdrankje bij Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

Image: Thailand Magazine

Two type of rooms

Baan Pomphet has only eight rooms, divided into three different types: Deluxe River View (our room), Deluxe River and Pool View and Deluxe River and Fortress View. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, a minibar, a safe and has free Wi-Fi.

The beautiful designed rooms, spread over two floors, are compact spaces with accents of teak and chrome. Pod-style beds take up most of the room. Next to the bed is a small desk with coffee and tea facilities, two bottles of water, and so on. Behind the desk there is a place to store clothes.

Bovenkamer van Baan Pomphet met het pod-bed in Ayutthaya waar de kleur geel overheerst

Image: W workspace

Benedenkamer van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya waar de kleur groen overheerst

Image: Areeya Kuwangkhadilok (TAT)

At the very back of the rooms are the bathrooms, consisting of two separate cubicles for the toilet and shower. We found the deep dark blue tiles of these two rooms very stylish, as well as the wood and marble sink.

Although there was not really room to sit comfortably in our and the other rooms, all rooms have a cozy lounge area at the front. In the case of our room downstairs it even comes with a ceiling fan. After we returned late at night from town, we had a lovely chat on a comfortable lounge sofa overlooking the small pool. That morning we looked outside and were immediately greeted by the large Bodhi tree and the always lively Chao Phraya River in the background. At the back of our room, the Deluxe River View, there was another small terrace with an outdoor Thai shower – an ideal place to dry our hand wash.

Benedenkamer van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya met uitzicht op het zwembad en daarachter de rivier

Image: W workspace

Benedenkamer van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya met terras dat uitzicht op het zwembad en de rivier daarachter  biedt

Image: Thailand Magazine

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Baan Pomphet's facilities

The cute boutique hotel also has a small pool overlooking the river. Ten minutes before our departure, we found out that there is also a small rooftop terrace. Too bad we discovered this at the last minute. The steps up to it, along the brick walls, were already more than Instagram-worthy, but from this fine spot we were also enjoying the view of the Chao Phraya River. Speaking of fine spots, we were especially surprised by the terrace overlooking the river where we had a delicious dinner, the very best spot in Baan Pomphet as far as we are concerned! Unfortunately, the rooftop terrace was closed when we were there, but that seems to be a great place too!

The hotel is 1.2 km from the Historical Park and Wat Mahatat. Guests can easily tour with a local Tuk Tuk, rent a bike or scooter or even explore the city by private boat.

De instagramwaardige trap van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya
Het zwembad en de grote boom van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

The famous restaurant of Baan Pomphet

Even if you’re not spending the night at Baan Pomphet, if you’re in Ayutthaya, we highly recommend dining at Baan Pomphet’s restaurant! Many Thai come to Baan Pomphet specifically to dine there, so take your chance and try to reserve a table on the terrace down by the riverbank. If there is no more room there, you can go to the restaurant, known for its pleasant atmosphere and design.

At Baan Pomphet, culinary enjoyment is key. Most of the dishes on the menu are authentic and meant to be shared, just the way Thai people like it. Everything we ate and drank during our stay tasted delicious! The dishes at Baan Pomphet are prepared using only premium ingredients and mostly local products such as the giant river shrimp we’ll come back to in a moment.

Het grote buitenterras aan de rivier van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

Image: W workspace

Baan Pomphet’s restaurant seats a total of 160. Hanging from the ceiling are Thai bamboo fish traps, or “chanangs,” which serve as hanging lamps. The outdoor area has been transformed into a spacious terrace, accessible via a wide wooden staircase that leads guests down toward the river. On the expansive terrace, guests can enjoy a wide range of drinks, cocktails and dishes. After dinner, the riverside terrace is the perfect spot for stargazing in good company with a drink in hand.

Het restaurant van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

Image: Areeya Kuwangkhadilok (TAT)

The biggest Ayutthaya River shrimp we have ever seen!

We have enjoyed the enormous river shrimp from Ayutthaya before. Our first introduction was during a river cruise on the Chao Phraya River from Baan Khanitha in Bangkok. The second was during the famous Saffron Cruise from Banyan Tree Bangkok. Finally, we ate the most delicious Ayutthaya shrimp ever as a signature dish at Le Du, one of Asia’s finest restaurants that has been awarded a well-deserved Michelin star multiple times.

The grilled river shrimp we were served at Baan Pomphet was also absolutely delicious and the greatest ever! We actually wanted to taste more, but we had another appointment in downtown Ayutthaya. 

De geroosterde Ayutthaya rivergarnaal van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

Thai or Western breakfast

After a far too short night in a wonderfully comfortable bed, we took our seats in Baan Pomphet’s beautiful restaurant. We were served a charming two-tiered tray of various breads and fruits, along with a serving of granola, tea and coffee, some sausages and an egg of our choice. An excellent breakfast to start the day off right! This typical western breakfast can of course be replaced with an Asian breakfast.

Westers ontbijtje bij Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

Image: Thailand Magazine

Koffie bij

Unique architecture

We are so impressed with the architecture of Baan Pomphet that we would like to write more about it. First, we would like to extensively compliment the architectural firm Onion for the fantastic work they have done. By the way, Onion is also responsible for the design of Sala Ayutthaya, another beautiful hotel in Ayutthaya.

Right next to the hotel is the ancient monument “Pom Phet,” an almost five hundred year old fortress that was a great inspiration for the interior design. On the grounds of Baan Pomphet, two buildings are central, separated by a wooden wall: the restaurant and the hotel. This dividing wall ensures the privacy of the hotel guests from the restaurant visitors.

Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya met rechts daarnaast het Pom Phet fort

The Pom Phet fort is constructed of brick, a common building material in old and new Ayutthaya. The architect of Baan Pomphet chose four different types of handmade bricks, ranging in length from 4, 5, 6 to 15 centimeters, while the width and thickness are identical. About 200,000 of these bricks were laid in six different patterns – a model of 

originality and craftsmanship!

The artisanal bricks were produced by local brick factory BPK. They have an orange color and the varied textures of the walls play with light and shadow.

De typerende oranje bakstenen van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

Image: Onion

Prachtige architectuur van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

Image: Onion

Besides orange bricks, there is also generous use of wood and iron, think of the wooden stairs to each hotel room or the main staircase of the hotel made of iron and wood. And let’s not forget the handmade ceramic tiles in our own room and bathroom; they make the hotel’s rooms feel cozy, we felt right at home!

The rooms at Baan Pomphet are designed in two colors: the ground-floor rooms are cha-plu leaf green, a common ingredient in Thai cuisine, while the first-floor rooms are jackfruit yellow. The design focuses on simplicity, which is reflected in the contrast between the simplicity of the interior and the complexity of the construction. The green and yellow colors also provide a nice contrast to the brick and wood tones that characterize Baan Pomphet.

Benedenkamer van Baan Pomphet met het pod-bed in Ayutthaya waar de kleur groen overheerst

Image: Onion

Bovenkamer van Baan Pomphet met het pod-bed in Ayutthaya waar de kleur geel overheerst

Image: Onion

From our room, the huge Bodhi tree was visible. The management chose to keep this beautiful tree intact by building the foundations of the building as far from the roots as possible.

Finally, the main color of Baan Pomphet, orange, this color refers not only to Ayutthaya’s many brick structures, but also to the color of grilled crayfish – Ayutthaya’s most famous dish. When heated over coals, it turns bright orange. 

De grote Bohdi boom van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

Image: Onion

Five reasons why you should sleep in Baan Pomphet when you visit Ayuttthaya

  1. The architecture and overall design of the hotel
  2. Those delectable Ayutthaya river shrimp and beverages on the riverside terrace
  3. The location of the hotel, just outside the center making it nice and quiet
  4. The nice room where we immediately felt at home
  5. The city of Ayutthaya that is so rich in culture

In summary, the interior design of Baan Pomphet combines traditional Thai elements with modern design principles, paying close attention to local materials and craftsmanship. This results in a warm, inviting and cozy space that perfectly reflects Thai culture and the natural splendor of the surroundings.

De fraaie architectuur van Baan Pomphet in Ayutthaya

Image: Onion

General information about Baan Pomphet Boutique Hotel in Ayutthaya

Check-in at Baan Pomphet is available from 2 p.m and check-out is until 12 a.m. For current prices of this fantastic boutique hotel in Ayutthaya, please check Booking.com and/or Agoda. In addition, you support Thailand Magazine by booking through our partner links. We receive a small commission on your booking. This costs you nothing extra and this allows us to continue working hard on our great passion, sharing our deep-rooted love for Thailand and thus promoting the land of smiles. 

Address: 13/5 U Thong Rd, Ho Rattanachai, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13000
Phone number: +66 (0)8134 14595
Website: www.baanpomphet.com 
Facebook: baanpomphet
Instagram: baanpomphet


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