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Appetizers on the Baan Khanitha Cruise in Bangkok
Starters during the Baan Khanitha Cruise

Image: Baan Khanitha


With the Baan Khanitha Cruise you will discover Bangkok in a special way while enjoying delicious dishes! It’s a unique dining experience while sailing on the Chao Phraya River! The cruise is organized by Baan Khanitha, a well-known name in authentic Thai cuisine! All dishes are prepared with the greatest care. The cruise on the Chao Phraya is super romantic and perfect if you have something to celebrate!

View of the Wat Arun during the Baan Khanitha Cruise over the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

Image: Baan Khanitha

Baan Khanitha has been a household name in Thai cuisine for almost 20 years!

Baan Khanitha enjoys a lot of prestige in Thai gastronomy. Not only in Bangkok but also far beyond is Baan Khanitha a household name. There are already five Baan Khanitha restaurants in Bangkok. There is also the Baan Khanitha Cruise where we had dinner. Khun Khanitha Akaranitikul, the owner of Baan Khanitha manages a piece of land (Baan Panalai) in Khao Yai where the company grows vegetables, fruits and herbs. This way they can ensure that the products are fresh from the land and do not become insecticides or chemicals. Their credo is “From Farm to Table”.

The piece of land where Baan Khanitha grows their own vegetables, fruits and herbs.
The piece of land where Baan Khanitha grows their own vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Images: Baan Khanitha

Inside Baan Khanitha Sukhumvit 23 in Bangkok

Image: Baan Khanitha

Besides Baan Khanitha there are also two other restaurant formulas. Moon Glass, a bistro & grill in European style and The Missing Piece, a dessert café & patisserie. Baan Khanitha is tipped by almost every quality catering guide or website. For example, they have been listed in the Michelin guide for several years in a row.

Baan Khanitha in Bangkok
Baan Khanitha in Bangkok
Baan Khanitha in Bangkok

Images: Baan Khanitha

Baan Khanitha by the River @ ASIATIQUE The Riverfront

Our very first Thailand Magazine article was about ASIATIQUE The Riverfront. Guess where we had to get off to take this great cruise through Bangkok? Exactly! On the grounds of ASIATIQUE there is a Baan Khanitha in a beautiful building located on the banks of the Chao Phraya. Baan Khanitha by the river.

We were welcomed at 7 PM with a cool drink and an explanation about the Baan Khanitha dinner cruise.

Baan Khanitha by the river on the site of ASIATIQUE The Riverfront
Baan Khanitha by the river on the site of ASIATIQUE The Riverfront

Images: Baan Khanitha

With an antique ship on the Chao Phraya!

The beautiful teak wooden ship with which you sail over the river is very special! It is a 15 meter long antique and colonial barge that long ago transported rice over the waterways of Thailand. The beautiful ship dates from the period of Rama V, late 1800 / early 1900. Believe us, that’s a much different from all those other cruise ships that sail over the Chao Phraya! A cruise with Baan Khanitha is a lot more intimate because there is room for a maximum of 50 people on the ship.

The antique ship during the Baan Khanitha Cruise

Image: Baan Khanitha

Choosing from two different set menus

During our online reservation we could choose from two different menus. The Gold Set Dinner (2,400 baht) or the Platinum Set Dinner (2,800 baht). We decided to go for gold and platinum. This way we could taste all the dishes during our cruise!

Menu of the Gold Set Dinner during the Job Khanitha Cruise
Menu of the Platinum Set Dinner during the Job Khanitha Cruise

Click to enlarge | Images: Baan Khanitha

All aboard!

At 7:30 PM it was time to board the majestic ship. We were welcomed with two bottles of cold drinking water and a small Thai flower garland, the phuang malai. This garland is made of jasmine and symbolizes good luck. And we already felt so happy! After we sat down at the reserved table, the chef came in person to say hello, very friendly and attentive! Then we left the pier and headed north on the Chao Phraya River. Our culinary journey has started!

Phuang Malai as a gift for good luck during the Baan Khanitha Cruise in Bangkok
Table overlooking the Chao Phraya River during the Baan Khanitha Cruise.
The hostess and chef during the Baan Khanitha Cruise in Bangkok

Images: ThailandMagazine.com

Miang kham

The kick off was immediately a favorite that we order again and again in Thailand! This typical Thai snack called miang kham is a real taste explosion! A true party, no, festival of different flavours in your mouth! The ingredients are chilli, lime, dried shrimp, roasted peanut, ginger and shallot. All this you fold into a betel leaf together with a little sweet sauce. The intention is to put the dish in your mouth in one bite. Never eaten it before? Then we suggest you taste it the first time with your eyes closed! Thai cuisine is so diverse and delicious!

Miang Kham during the Baan Khanitha Cruise in Bangkok
The furnishing of the Baan Khanihta Cruise

Images: Baan Khanitha

Sightseeing during the appetizers

In the meantime we already passed a number of super luxury hotels such as the Chatrium Riverside, Shangri-La and the ufo-like Three Sixty Rooftop Bar of the Millennium Hilton. While the appetizers were being served we saw ICONSIAM on our left side, the most biggest shopping mall of Bangkok. On our right side we saw the Lebua State Tower with the Sirocco Sky Bar known from the movie Hangover II. In the distance one of our favorite landmarks of Bangkok towered high above the skyline, the Mahanakhon (Pixel) Tower. WE LOVE BANGKOK!

As appetizers we got 4 little appetizers that were beautifully made up!

Ray Rai Nah Phu = Steamed Thai rice noodles with organic vegetables and crab sauce.
Toong Tong = A crispy fried dumpling (golden bag) containing finely chopped pork and shrimp with a plum sauce.
Lah Tiang = Finely chopped pork with shrimp and roasted cashew nuts from Ranong province. The ingredients were delicately wrapped in a net of egg.
Yam Som-O = A fresh and spicy pomelo salad with chicken and shrimp.

All four very tasty and this tasted like more, exactly the purpose of an appetizer!

The four starters during the Baan Khanitha Cruise

Different soups

Here the golden menu differed from the platinum menu. Gold was given the famous Tom Kha soup, without Kai (chicken). Instead richly filled with scallops from Japanese Hokkaido. Platinum, on the other hand, got a Tom Yum Goong with some gigantic shrimps (goong). Due to the addition of coconut milk, the spicy soup also tasted nice and creamy. In that way the taste of the sweet and juicy shrimps really came into its own.

Tom Kha with scallops during the Baan Khanitha Cruise
Tom Yum Goong Naang during the Baan Khanitha Cruise

Images: Baan Khanitha

The professional neutralization of the taste buds…

After the tasty soup, a bowl was served on the table over which water was poured. As a reaction the dish started to smoke violently. This was the lime sorbet included with dry ice a side that provided the nice effect. A fresh and especially effective means of so-called palate cleansing, or neutralising the taste buds. Ready for the following dishes!

Bangkok how beautiful you are!

During this expert reset of our taste, we had arrived in the old part of Bangkok, better known as Old Town or Banglamphu. Famous from its streets like Khao San Road, Rambuttri Road and Yaowarat Road (China Town). In this area of Bangkok you will find tourist attractions such as the Wat Arun, Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. From the barge you can see the beautifully lit Grand Palace and Wat Arun very well. Bangkok at night is so mesmerizing!

After we arrived at the Rama VIII bridge further on, the boat turned around and it was time for our way back. We were half way through our culinary journey! 

Our article about what can be seen from the Chao Phraya River!

The Grand Palace seen from the Baan Khanitha Cruise
Lime sorbet with smoking ice as palate cleansing during the Runway Khanitha Cruise
The King Rama VIII bridge during the Baan Khanitha Cruise

Images: ThailandMagazine.com

High quality main courses

During our retreat the main courses of our fabulous Baan Khanitha Cruise were served. The main course of the Gold and Platinum menu was partly the same. The difference was especially the immense freshwater shrimp from the area around Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand. Below we explain exactly what we got and to which menu this dish belonged.

Platinum dinner set

  • Gang Sinhala Pik Gai Song Kruang = A delicious curry with stuffed chicken wings.
  • Goong Ayutthaya Pao Rouy Kai Goong = The most tasty and largest shrimp we have ever eaten with a mountain of shrimp roe.

Golden dinner set

  • Gaeng Som Rom = A fresh curry with green papaya and shrimp.
  • Khai Khem = Salted egg.

For both dinner sets the same

  • Matsha Chom Bupha Chart = A mix of fresh crunchy vegetables.
  • Pud Kha-Nai Gulao Thong Tak Bai = Chinese cabbage with fish in a super nice crispy spiced jacket.
  • Choice of steamed jasmine rice or brown Gaba rice (we took the brown rice).

The main courses not only tasted fantastic they were also a feast for the eyes!

Photo of the menu of the Gold Set Diner during the Baan Khanitha Cruise.
Photo of the menu of the Platinum Set Diner during the Baan Khanitha Cruise.

Click to enlarge | Images: Baan Khanitha

Those who are sweet get a treat…

The coconut ice cream with mango sticky rice we ate here was very tasty. The cocobute ice cream is without a doubt the best we ever ate in Bangkok. Mango Sticky Rice in Thai is Khao Neow Mamuang. Khao stands for rice and mamuang for mango. We assume that neow must mean something like sticky. Sticky or not, mango sticky rice is a dessert you really should try when you are in Thailand.

Mango sticky rice with coconut ice cream during the Baan Khanitha Cruise

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

Back where we started!

After a cup of tea with a typical Thai delicacy (Khanom Dara Thong) it was time to end this wonderful culinary journey. By now it was 9:30 PM and the ship had docked again at ASIATIQUE The Riverfront. What a phenomenal trip, all the way back where we started!

Khanom Data Thong at Tea Times at the Baan Khanitha Cruise
Goodbye waving during the Baan Khanitha Cruise

Images: ThailandMagazine.com

Why a dinner cruise?

It’s the combination of factors that makes the Baan Khanitha Cruise so special! The old-fashioned teak ship and the beautiful surroundings you sail along is obviously a very nice experience. Then there is the superb hospitality and of course the delicious and high quality dishes from the authentic Thai cuisine. We found it a very special evening!

The chef during the Baan Khanitha Cruise
The team in the kitchen during the Baan Khanitha Cruise
The Captain of the Baan Khanitha Cruise

Images: ThailandMagazine.com

De Baan Khanitha Cruise – Just do it!

Are you fond of Thai cuisine and would you like to see the Chao Phraya in Bangkok in a special way? Then the Baan Khanitha Cruise is really something for you!

What else is there to do in this area of Bangkok?

Actually too much to mention! Below in the InfoBox you can see some good accommodations, places to eat and drink and other nice places in and around ASIATIQUE! Discover and experience Bangkok!

Baan Khanitha Cruise
2194 Room no.8, Charoen Krung Rd., Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120
Tel : +66 (0)6 3474 6857
Website: www.baan-khanitha.com
Email: info@baan-khanitha.com

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