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The ASIATIQUE The Riverfront area at daytime


The name ASIATIQUE The Riverfront already suggests it of course, this market is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The Chao Phraya is the artery of the city of Bangkok, a good place for a market like this. In and around Bangkok there are many markets, traditional or modern. ASIATIQUE ranks in the second category. Together with for example Artbox, Neon Night Market, Rod Fai Market and the unfortunately closed JJ Green these markets are mainly young and trendy inhabitants of the city. ASIATIQUE The Riverfront is more than just a market because in the former warehouses of the East Asian Company you can now find shops and restaurants. Double the shopping fun!

Een goed overzicht op een het gebied van de ASIATIQUE The Riverfront in Bangkok, Thailand

The history of ASIATIQUE The Riverfront

Let’s go back to the end of the 19th century when King Rama V ruled Siam. Until 1939 Thailand was called Siam. Together with Denmark the construction of the East Asian port was started to promote international trade relations between the kingdom and the rest of the world. After the construction was completed, this port was frequently used by the kingdom of Siam and its European trading partners. As it happened more often in history, the port became less important in the long run, as a result of which the area including the warehouses became less important as well. After years of decay, today’s landowner came up with a grand plan. The area had to be turned into a large cultural festival area including a bazaar and indoor shops. An important note was that the area had to retain its historic look and feel. Quite a task! After years of renovations, the time had come on April 27th 2012 ASIATIQUE The Riverfront opened its gate to the public.

Before visiting ASIATIQUE The Riverfront we advise you to have a drink, maybe a cocktail, at the Millennium Hilton Bangkok. On top of this hotel you will find a sky bar with a phenomenal 360-degree view including the ASIATIQUE grounds. The Three Sixty Lounge as this sky bar is called, and market are not far from each other.

Urbano at ASIATIQUE The Riverfront in Bangkok, Thailand

What to do and find at ASIATIQUE The Riverfront?

ASIATIQUE The Riverfront is divided into four districts that give their own character and interpretation to the immense terrain. One thing is certain, with 1.500 shops and market stalls you can at least shop well at ASIATIQUE. And with dozens of restaurants and street food stalls, starvation or thirst can be excluded. Besides shopping, food and drinks, ASIATIQUE offers the visitor a lot more. You can take a stroll along the long boulevard and, for example, turn a few laps in the 60 metre high Ferris wheel. Near the Ferris wheel there are also a few fairground attractions. ASIATIQUE is a modern, fun and especially extensive market to spend a long evening in Bangkok.

The square with lighthouse at Asiatique the riverfront Market in Bangkok
The little train that brings you from A to B over the terrain of the Asiatique Riverfront Market in Bangkok
The huge ferris wheel at the ASIATIQUE Riverfront Market in Bangkok, Thailand

The four districts of ASIATIQUE The Riverfront

ASIATIQUE The Riverfront can be divided over four areas. These areas should represent the four most important trade districts that the area was rich. You can also take a look at ASIATIQUE’s floor plan.

Charoenkrung District

This district owes its name to an important road for Bangkok. Charoen Krung Road was for many years the main street of Bangkok and has helped to make Bangkok the metropolis as it is today. At ASIATIQUE you will find Thai cultural and performing arts such as the ladyboy cabaret show (Calypso), Thai puppet show (Joe Louis Theatre) and Muay Thai. You will also find more than 1.000 shops in this area that sell souvenirs such as Thai handicrafts and art. You’ll also find jewelry and clothing as long as it’s authentic.

A part of the Asiatique the Riverfront area in Bangkok
The water tower at the square of the Asiatique the Riverfront Market in Bangkok
Asiatique the Riverfront in Bangkok

Town Square District

In this district, the east meets the west, and you will notice this especially during a trip along the many restaurants to which the KFC and Pizza Company also belong. You can also get tasty cocktails in this district. Furthermore, various events are often held here, such as product promotions, sports and games, but also numerous concerts and other performances. With all those western chains this area feels more western than eastern.

Factory District

The hippest district of ASIATIQUE is the Factory District. Here, on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, you’ll find the warehouses of the East Asian Company. Buildings that used to be used as warehouses are now home to many hip electronics stores with gadgets, computers, phones and other electronic equipment. Besides technical gadgets you can also see fashion and design.

An old carousel at Asiatique the Rivefront market in Bangkok

Waterfront District

At the Waterfront District you arrive by boat, this is the nicest place of ASIATIQUE The Riverfront as far as we are concerned. It is not for nothing that this district is used during New Year’s Eve and other major events. You can take a nice walk along the more than 300 meters long promenade and enjoy delicious food at the many restaurants that are located here. Also the unmissable Ferris wheel and other fairground attractions are in this district.

Tired of wandering back and forth? Then take a ride on the tram that will take you from district to district for free.

The huge ferris wheel at the ASIATIQUE Riverfront Market in Bangkok, Thailand

The easiest way to get to ASIATIQUE The Riverfront?

There are a few options to get to ASIATIQUE including of course a taxi. The disadvantage of this is that sometimes you get stuck in the traffic of Bangkok. You can also get stuck by bus. If you still want to go by bus, you can take the red bus 15, which has a pick-up point at both Khao San and Siam. This bus takes you all the way to ASIATIQUE The Riverfront.

If you’re near a BTS station take the dark green BTS line (National Stadium – Bang Wa) and get off at BTS Saphan Taksin . From there it’s indicated how to walk the easiest way (5 min) to the Sathorn Pier. From the Sathorn Pier there are free boats going to ASIATIQUE. A lovely trip of about fifteen minutes on the water and you stop in front of the door. If you stay along the Chao Phraya River you can use the Chao Phraya River Express. Take the local line of orange flag boat and get off at S3 Wat Rajsingkorn Pier. From here it is a 500 meter walk to ASIATIQUE. For the local line of orange flag boat you pay a maximum of 15 baht per person.

The free ferry shuttles from ASIATIQUE and the Sathorn Pier every quarter of an hour between 16:00 – 23:00. Keep in mind the crowds during peak hours (e.g. between 18:00 and 19:00 but also at the end). You may have to wait a bit longer because the boat is full.

The boulevard of Asiatique the riverfront market in Bangkok
A small ferris wheel at the ASIATIQUE Riverfront Market in Bangkok, Thailand
The huge ferris wheel at the ASIATIQUE Riverfront Market in Bangkok, Thailand

What else is there to do during your visit to ASIATIQUE or afterwards?

On the grounds of ASIATIQUE The Riverfront you can have a great meal at the various restaurants in the area. We have made a selection for you. There is also a lot to see and do in the vicinity of this market! We have collected a number of great options in the area for you, such as well-appreciated places to sleep, shopping malls and sights worth seeing, you are so close! We hope this will make your visit to Bangkok even easier and more fun!

Open: Daily from 17:00 – 00:00
Entrance: Free
Addres: 2194 Charoen Krung Rd, Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Google Maps: ASIATIQUE The Riverfront



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