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The bay of Aow Leuk in Koh Tao
The Aow Leuk bay on Koh Tao

Image: ThailandMagazine.com


Aow Leuk (or Ao Leuk) just has everything you could wish for a wonderful day at the beach! On the sides of the small bay you can snorkel super good. To see the many colorful fish you only have to take 3 steps in the water. It is therefore also suitable for children or the novice snorkeler. But also the experienced snorkeler will certainly not be disappointed!

Lovely bobbing around…

There is a great diversity of fish of different sizes and sometimes small (harmless) sharks are seen here. In the middle of the bay is a sandy bottom, so you can float around without worrying about hitting rocks or coral. In addition, the sea remains deep enough throughout the day for swimming and/or snorkeling. On the beach are sunbeds and umbrellas if you need them. We probably don’t need to mention that Aow Leuk is one of our favorite beaches on Koh Tao!

the sea of the bay Aow Leuk on Koh Tao

Chill out in your own hammock!

On the beach are two hotels, Aow Leuk Grand Hill and Aow Leuk 2. We stayed in a bungalow with sea view of Aow Leuk Grand Hill. As you can see on the picture, you have a lovely large balcony with sunbeds and you can chill in your own hammock, how nice is that! The beautiful wide view of the bay completes it al! The (affordable) restaurant and the sea is only a few minutes walk away. As far as we are concerned, these bungalows are highly recommended! Booking in advance is recommended, these bungalows are often fully booked. Book here via Agoda and here via Booking.com. This way you can always check if there is still availability at one.

One room of Aow Leuk Grand Hill with terrace and views of the bay of Aow Leuk on Koh Tao
The bay of Ao Leuk seen from Aow Leuk Grand Hill

Images: ThailandMagazine.com



Bungalows at Aow Leuk

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

How to get to Aow Leuk

Almost every snorkel and dive trip brings a visit to this beautiful bay!

Entrance: To visit the beach you have to pay 100 baht entrance fee. This includes the use of a sun bed and a drink. If you sleep in a bungalow on the beach you do not have to pay an entrance fee.
Scooter: The road to Aow Leuk consists almost entirely of concrete slabs, there is a small part which still consists of sand. Keep in mind that in some places the road is quite steep. (2020 – could be changed right now)
Taxi indication: Sairee Beach to Aow Leuk, 150 baht per person with a minimum of four persons, one way.

Are you a real snorkel or diving fanatic? Then the areas Hin Wong Bay, Tanote Bay, Thian Og Bay and the island of Koh Nang Yuan are also very nice!

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