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Adang Island Resort

Image: Thailand Magazine


The only resort on the beautiful island of Koh Adang!

In March 2023, we returned to lively Koh Lipe after already five years. After enjoying the hustle and bustle for a few days, we longed for peace and quiet on a pristine tropical island. Just a short distance from Koh Lipe is Koh Adang, a larger, quieter island with only one resort. This became our perfect retreat for a short break from the hustle and bustle. Our stay at the Adang Island Resort was wonderful!

Adang Island Resort gezien vanaf de lucht met een drone tijdens zonsondergang

Image: Adang Island Resort

Where in Thailand is Koh Adang located?

Koh Adang is located in the Andaman Sea, directly opposite the popular island of Koh Lipe and near the Malaysian border in southern Thailand. The island is part of the breathtaking Adang-Rawi archipelago and an important part of the Tarutao National Marine Park. With its pristine beaches, lush rainforests and rugged mountain landscapes, Koh Adang offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of Koh Lipe. It is the perfect destination for travelers looking for tranquility, especially like us after several nights in Bangkok and Koh Lipe

The beautiful green and lush island of Koh Adang

Koh Adang offers not only a peaceful haven for those seeking rest, but is also home to diverse wildlife and a wealth of lush plants and trees. With its majestic landscapes, crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs, Koh Adang is the perfect haven for nature lovers looking to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature.

This largely undeveloped island attracts fewer visitors than bustling Koh Lipe, giving it a quieter charm. It offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving in its clear waters. There is also a picturesque waterfall and a hiking trail to a breathtaking viewpoint with spectacular views of Koh Lipe. Koh Adang is a wonderful escape into nature and gives visitors a chance to connect with the pristine green beauty of a remote island during their stay in Thailand.

Note: Entry to Koh Adang, part of Tarutao National Park, requires an entrance fee. Chances are you have already paid this entrance fee of 200 THB per person (for children aged 3 to 14, the fee is 100 THB) upon arrival at Koh Lipe.

Het groene eiland Koh Adang gezien vanaf Koh Lipe

Image: Yongkiet

Een kaart van Koh Adang die bij Adang Island Resort wordt getoond

Image: Thailand Magazine

Het eiland Koh Adang gezien met een drone

Image: Thailand Magazine

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How to travel to Koh Adang (Island Resort)?

Not yet on Koh Lipe? Then the best way to get there is via speedboat from Pak Bara or Koh Lanta. You can plan an itinerary using 12Go, which makes it easy to organize your trip.

The Adang Island Resort, known for its excellent service, offers a free shuttle service by longtail boat. This service is available at set times: 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1 p.m., 4 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. The crossing from Koh Lipe to Koh Adang takes a maximum of 15 minutes. Should you prefer to hire your own longtail boat from Koh Lipe, it costs about THB 100 per person. The fastest route is from Sunrise Beach.

For the truly adventurous, it is also possible to cross from Koh Lipe to Koh Adang by kayak. However, due to strong currents and sometimes rough waters, we generally advise against this. Make sure your kayak is securely attached to the beach, especially before returning to Koh Lipe, to avoid running out of transportation. We strongly advise against swimming the distance!

Do you opt for a longtail boat anyway? Then you can enjoy a fast and enjoyable trip. The trip to the island is an adventure in itself and offers beautiful views, which we found to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of our trip!

Met een longtailboot naar Adang Island Resort - het resort gezien vanaf een bootje op zee

Image: Thailand Magazine

Adang Island Resort

Adang Island Resort is a three-star accommodation, beautifully located right on the beach of Koh Adang overlooking Koh Lipe. This resort is the only full-service accommodation on the island. Besides Adang Island Resort, there is a camping area managed by the park rangers, which also has a few bungalows, but the resort stands out because it is the only place with air-conditioned rooms. The resort also features a large restaurant and a swimming pool, both with stunning views of the sea and neighboring Koh Lipe. For us, Adang Island Resort was the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Koh Lipe, an ideal place to unwind.

Het gehele Adang Island Resort op Koh Adang gezien vanuit de lucht met een drone

Image: Thailand Magazine

A warm welcome at Adang Island Resort!

After a short and relaxing boat ride of just 10 minutes, we were dropped off by a longtail boat at the beach opposite the Adang Island Resort. Our backpacks were immediately removed from the boat and taken to the large, open lobby where the resort’s restaurant is also located. We took a seat and were warmly greeted by a friendly staff member, who offered us a refreshing drink and provided extensive information about the resort and what awaited us during our stay. She kindly told us about the breakfast options and the lunch and dinner options, as well as the various facilities, activities and the free shuttle service between Koh Adang and Koh Lipe.

After check-in, during which we were given our passports back, we were escorted to our bungalow right on the beach. It was a wonderful place to fully enjoy the peaceful and natural environment that both Adang Island Resort and the island of Koh Adang have to offer, ideal for a relaxing two-night stay.

Vriendelijk personeel bij Adang Island Resort

Image: Thailand Magazine

Different room options at the Adang Island Resort

Adang Island Resort offers a diverse range of accommodations, including bungalows, suites and villas, suitable for families, couples and solo travelers. The resort has a total of 45 rooms, each equipped with air conditioning, a hot shower, a lovely soft bed with mosquito net, a refrigerator and a safe. Wi-Fi is available in public areas such as the lobby, pool and restaurant, so it is advisable to have reliable mobile internet on your phone during your stay on Koh Adang.

  • Honeymoon Beachfront Suite (45 m²): Ideal for couples or a small family with up to two children. This suite offers spectacular water views directly from the bed, allowing guests to wake up with the sea practically at their feet.
  • Beachfront Villa (50 m²):Perfect for couples or families who appreciate privacy. This villa features a small patio and offers direct access to the beach, complete with beach chairs for relaxing and soaking up the sun.
  • Family Villa (65 m²):As the name suggests, ideal for families. This villa has two separate bedrooms and offers easy access to the beach. For those seeking even more peace and quiet, there is the Family Villa on the hill, which is a little more secluded and offers extra privacy.
  • Deluxe Garden Room (25 m²): More modernly furnished than the Classic Garden Room, this room offers a comfortable, contemporary lodging experience amid the resort’s lush gardens.

Each type of accommodation at the Adang Island Resort is carefully designed to harmonize with the natural beauty of Koh Adang, offering a comfortable and enjoyable stay, whether for a romantic getaway or a family vacation.

De verschillende type kamers, villa's en suites van Adang Island Resort

Image: Adang Island Resort

De verschillende type kamers, villa's en suites van Adang Island Resort

Image: Adang Island Resort

De verschillende type kamers, villa's en suites van Adang Island Resort

Image: Adang Island Resort

Our villa, the Beachfront Villa

Our experience at the Beachfront Villa at the Adang Island Resort remains with us as a highlight of our trip to Koh Lipe. We intensely enjoyed two nights in this villa, located at the far edge of the resort. This provided a peaceful setting, far from the crowds, where other guests rarely passed by. The breathtaking panoramic view of the Andaman Sea was a delight every time.

Although the villa did not have the most modern decor, the brick walls contributed to a cozy and cozy atmosphere. The living room was equipped with a large bar and a comfortable corner sofa, perfect for relaxing after a day of activities. The bathroom was clean and spacious, while the master bedroom offered more than enough space for the comfortable double bed surrounded by a mosquito net

De Beach Villa van Adang Island Resort

Image: Thailand Magazine

De slaapkamer van de Beach Villa van Adang Island Resort

Image: Thailand Magazine

A particularly nice feature was the small patio that ran halfway around the villa. Here we could relax with a drink while looking out over Koh Lipe in the distance, or let our clothes dry after a wonderful day of snorkeling. Right in front of our villa were some beach beds, so it felt like we had a private beach at our disposal. In our opinion, the Beachfront Villa at Adang Island Resort is one of the best accommodation options you can choose if you are looking for an unforgettable stay.

De woonkamer van de Beach Villa van Adang Island Resort

Image: Thailand Magazine

De Beach Villa van Adang Island Resort met ligbedjes voor in het zandstrand

Image: Thailand Magazine

Facilities and activities during your stay at Adang Island Resort on Koh Adang

The Adang Island Resort has numerous facilities, of which the beach is undoubtedly the finest. It gives the feeling of being on an almost private island, surrounded by palm trees and with stunning views of lively Koh Lipe – a truly dream location.

For those who have had enough of the salty sea water for a while, the resort offers a large freshwater pool that also overlooks the beach and sea. We spent wonderful hours sipping refreshing fruit shakes while relaxing on our poolside loungers.

The resort also offers free use of paddle boards and kayaks. We took this opportunity to paddle a kayak along the coastline. However, one of the highlights of our stay was the snorkeling trip organized by the resort. Along with several other guests from Singapore and Thailand, we took a fascinating day trip, leaving after breakfast and returning just before dinner. We visited several islands such as Koh Hin Ngam, Koh Yang and Koh Ra Wi and enjoyed the rich underwater world around Koh Adang, known for its vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life.

Zwembad van Adang Island Resort

Image: Thailand Magazine

Peddleboarden tijdens zonsondergan in de zee van Koh Adang

Image: Adang Island Resort

Kajak in de zee voor Adang Island Resort

Image: Adang Island Resort

Unfortunately, despite our three-day stay, we didn’t have enough time to hike to the Pirate Waterfall. Instead, we opted for a challenging hike to the Chad Cliff Viewpoint. The path through the jungle to the ranger station took about half an hour, where we paused for a drink. Then began the steep climb that took about an hour, often without shade, so it was essential to bring plenty of water. The trail was rocky and uneven, and in some sections we even had to use ropes to help us climb. Please note that this hike is not suitable to do on flip-flops! The third and highest viewpoint offered the most spectacular view: from a height of about 700 meters, we could see Koh Lipe lying in the blue-green sea – a breathtaking sight that every visitor to Koh Adang should experience.

Junglepad met wegwijzer in de jungle van Koh Adan naar het viewpoint op Koh Adang

Image: Thailand Magazine

Klim omhoog naar het viewpoint van Koh Adang

Image: Thailand Magazine

Viewpoint op Koh Adang

Image: Thailand Magazine

Good eats during your stay

There are no restaurants or supermarkets on Koh Adang outside the Adang Island Resort and the nearby Ranger Station. This means that visitors depend on the dining options within the resort for their meals, which fortunately has an extensive and tasty menu. Prior to our crossing to Koh Adang, we had already stocked up on snacks and drinks at a 7-Eleven on Koh Lipe, which were perfect for a relaxing day on the beach bed overlooking the sea.

An important piece of advice for future visitors: be sure to bring plenty of cash, as you can’t use debit cards at the resort restaurant. The prices for food and drinks are reasonable, especially considering its location on a remote island, and the portions are more than generous. A small note about the shrimp we ordered; unfortunately, they were a bit on the thin side, so we hope management will pay attention to this.

Breakfast at the Adang Island Resort is served daily between 08:00 and 10:00. It is not a buffet, but guests can make their choice from a menu that is updated every day with available breakfast options. Each guest gets to choose a drink and a breakfast dish, served with a fresh fruit plate. Breakfast was varied and exceptionally tasty.

The lunch and dinner dishes, mostly Thai specialties, were also excellent. We enjoyed dishes such as Pad Krapow, Tom Kha Kai (a delicious soup), chicken satay, green and Massaman curry, and a particularly tasty fish special of the house. For dessert, we opted for roti and mango sticky rice, which we enjoyed immensely. Compliments to the kitchen staff for their excellent cooking!

Ontbijt bij Adang Island Resort

Image: Thailand Magazine

Sate met uitzicht op de zee en Koh Lope in het Adang Island Resort

Image: Thailand Magazine

Vis in het Adang Island Resort

Image: Thailand Magazine

Five reasons why staying at Adang Island Resort is an unforgettable experience

  1. Complete relaxation: After a few lively days on Koh Lipe, the days on Koh Adang offered the perfect rest and relaxation. The difference in atmosphere is noticeable and contributes to a completely relaxing experience.
  2. Natural beauty of Koh Adang: The island is an oasis of tranquility with beautiful natural landscapes. There is much to do, such as climbing to the viewpoint, which is rewarded with breathtaking views.
  3. Excellent service: The staff at the Adang Island Resort is fully committed to making their guests comfortable. Their commitment is noticeable everywhere and makes every vacation special.
  4. Outstanding food: Every meal we enjoyed during our stay was delicious. From local Thai dishes to international choices, the quality of the food was outstanding.
  5. Feel of an uninhabited island: Despite sharing the island with other guests, the resort offers a unique experience that makes you feel like you are staying on an almost uninhabited island.

These aspects make Adang Island Resort an ideal choice for anyone looking for a mix of adventure, tranquility and excellent service in a beautiful natural setting.

Het gevoel van het zijn op een onbewoond eiland

Image: Thailand Magazine

In conclusion

Adang Island Resort is an outstanding choice for those seeking a tranquil and ecologically sound accommodation in southern Thailand. The resort offers plenty of opportunity for relaxation, both in and around the pool and at the tranquil snorkeling spots right off the coast. For adventurers, options include organized snorkeling trips and climbing the viewpoint on Koh Adang, which makes for a breathtaking experience.

The resort’s commitment to sustainability plays a major role in protecting and preserving the island’s beautiful, pristine nature. This dedication ensures that each stay is not only enjoyable, but also has a positive impact on the environment.

We definitely plan to return to this paradise haven when we travel again towards the far south of Thailand. A special thanks to the entire team at Adang Island, especially Khun Clark, who was a wonderful support and host both before and during our stay. His commitment and attention made our stay extra special and unforgettable!

Video: Christopher Lau (YouTube)

General information about Adang Island Resort

Check-in at Adang Island Resort is from 3:00 pm and check-out is at 11:00 am. For current prices of the only resort on Koh Adang, check Agoda. In addition, you support Thailand Magazine by booking through our partner links. We receive a small commission on your booking. This costs you nothing extra and this allows us to continue working hard on our great passion, sharing our deep-rooted love for Thailand and thus promoting the land of smiles.

Address: Koh Adang
Phone number:+(0)66 89654 8888
E-mail: rsvn@adangresorts.com
Website: https://adangresorts.com/
Facebook: Adang Island Resort
InstagramAdang Island Resort

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