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Seats overlooking the skyline of Bangkok from 1826 Mixology & Roof Top Bar
Seats overlooking the skyline of Bangkok from 1826 Mixology & Roof Top Bar


1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar is located near the BTS station Asok and not far from the MRT station Sukhumvit. To get there you only have to remember the digits 1826. Number 18 stands for Soi 18, the street where this rooftop bar is located. Number 26 stands for the floor, in this case the roof of the Rembrandt Hotel & Suites in Bangkok. 1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar is small but nice and has a nice view while enjoying one of the best cocktails of your holiday.

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View from 1826 Mixologist & Roof Top Bar in Bangkok

Rembrandt Hotel & Suites

You will find this intimate rooftop bar with 45 seats in/on the Rembrandt Hotel & Suites Bangkok. Rembrandt Hotel & Suites has been in Bangkok for more than 25 years and is highly rated on several review sites. Not for nothing!

Rembrandt Hotel & Suites in the Asok district, Bangkok

The rooftop bar 1826

1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar opened in early 2019, a welcome change from the sky and bars of Bangkok. 1826 is a small almost homely rooftop bar. You can sit inside or outside, so you can also visit this rooftop bar when it rains.  From the roof terrace you can see the Benjasiri Park. We were very charmed by this intimate rooftop bar and drank one of the best cocktails we have had so far! 

On the terrace are several benches and chairs. You just choose what suits you here. The floor is made of artificial grass which gives the terrace a fresh look. In the middle is the bar with a number of bar stools, here we saw how the cocktails were prepared with extreme precision. 

The outdoor seating area of 1826 Mixologist & Rooftop Bar on the roof of Rembrandt Hotel & Suites in Bangkok, Thailand.
The 1826 Mixology & Roof Top Bar in Bangkok
The outdoor seating area of 1826 Mixologist & Rooftop Bar on the roof of Rembrandt Hotel & Suites in Bangkok, Thailand.

The mixologist

The word Mixology comes from the mixologist. A mixologist is a bartender who knows everything about a good cocktail. The mixologist knows the ingredients and preparation method of the classics but also of modern cocktails by heart. But a good mixologist is more! He/she also creates new cocktails and even new ingredients. A good mixologist is creative and knows certain natural processes. It is quite an art to make a really good cocktail!

At 1826 you even can order very good mocktails. A good mocktail is more difficult to make according to master mixologist Stephen Pinto.

Stephen Pinto

1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar is the brainchild of Stephen Pinto. A passionate and fantastic mixologist who was born in Bombay, India and then developed into a mixologist in Dubai. We got to know Stephen as a very open and warm personality. In the few hours that we were at 1826 he taught us a lot about the profession and his passion Mixology. All the modern cocktails on the menu of 1826 were created by Stephen himself. It will not surprise you that Stephen has opened his own bar La Taperia 2.0 in the meantime. Unfortunately for us not in Thailand but in Zanzibar.

Cocktails bij 1826 Mixologist & Rooftop Bar op het dak van Rembrandt Hotel & Suites in Bangkok

The cocktails at 1826 

Stephen Pinto’s creations are fortunately still made and sold in the 1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar. Each and every one of them are deliciously tasty pieces of art. Of course we couldn’t taste them all but the cocktails we drank here were excellent. Like the Hacienda de Fashion, based on the Mexican restaurant on the eleventh floor. The cocktail is served in a glass bell filled with smoke.

A very tasty cocktail with the following ingredients; Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa, Sebusca Mezcal, cinnamon agave syrup and homemade chocolate and coffee bitters.

All 1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar cocktails conceived by Stephen Pinto have a link to the Rembrandt Hotel & Suites including the three internal restaurants or Thailand itself.

As we had skipped dessert earlier in the evening during our dinner we also ordered a Tiramisu Martini. A (not too) sweet cocktail based on the Italian restaurant Da Vinci. Finally we let Stephen surprise us. Since we had already visited Italy and Mexico with our cocktail trip it was now time for India. The last country of which a restaurant can be found in the Rembrandt Hotel.

Cocktails at 1826 Mixologist & Rooftop Bar on the roof of Rembrandt Hotel & Suites in Bangkok
Cocktails at 1826 Mixologist & Rooftop Bar on the roof of Rembrandt Hotel & Suites in Bangkok

Are you an artistic or creative personality and would you like to share this on Instagram? Then order the Holi anyway. You can decorate it yourself with a brush and three colors of liquid. This way you can create a real Rembrandt during your visit to 1826. Another beautiful creation is “The Hanging garden of Kuseong”.

The last cocktail Stephen wanted us to taste was the 1826 Punch. Not inspired by India but by the Thai islands in the south. We are from Thailand Magazine after all, he said laughing, well there he had a fair point. Again a very good and tasty cocktail!

Right Stephen Pinto at the 1826 Mixologist & Roof Top Bar of the Rembrandt Hotel & Suites in Bangkok.

1826 bites

We had already eaten, so tasting the delicious snacks on the intimate roof terrace of the Rembrandt wasn’t an option. But we did see our neighbours enjoying the dishes they were served. The bites, like the Chicken Tikka Puff and the Prawn Roti come from the kitchen of the Indian restaurant Rang Mahal next door.

In the hotel you will also find three super good restaurants. On the eleventh floor you’ll find two of the three restaurants. The Italian restaurant Da Vinci and Mexicano if you are hungry for typical and authentic Mexican dishes. Next to 1826 on the 26th floor you will find the award winning Rang Mahal. A very well acknowledged Indian restaurant which has enjoyed a name and fame in Bangkok for over twenty years. If you want to eat something before your visit to 1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar, you can choose from Italian, Mexican or Indian dishes.

Bites at 1826 Mixologist & Rooftop Bar on the roof of Rembrandt Hotel & Suites in Bangkok
Bites at 1826 Mixologist & Rooftop Bar on the roof of Rembrandt Hotel & Suites in Bangkok

Check out the menu with the Indian bites and the unique cocktails like the Sundowner’s that you can order cheaper during 17:00 and 18:26 (sunset).

The Asok area and surroundings

Asok is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Bangkok. Public transport is great here and there are many nice restaurants and bars. That is why we like to sleep here and we have worked out a list of hotels, restaurants and other interesting places for you. You can see it in the InfoBox below. Have fun in Bangkok!

Info 1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar

26th floor of the Rembrandt Hotel & Suites
19 Sukhumvit Soi 18, Khwaeng Khlong Toei
Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0)2 261 7050
Facebook & Instagram

Good eats & drinks in Asok

  • DaVinci
    Great Italian restaurant located in the Rembrandt Hotel & Suites
  • Mexicano
    If you want to eat authentic Mexican food, we recommend you to do so at the Rembrandt Hotel & Suites!
  • Rang Mahal
    At the Rembrandt Hotel & Suites you’ll find the best restaurant in Asok and perhaps in all of Bangkok when it comes to fantastic dishes from India.
  • Kisso Japanese Restaurant
    Our favourite Japanese restaurant near Terminal 21. To kiss so tasty!
  • Indulge Fusion & Cocktail Bar
    Enjoy Asian fusion dishes both indoors and outdoors, highly recommended! Also very nice to drink a cocktail.
  • Long Table Bangkok
    Special dinner with a beautiful view over the city. Also for just a drink (cocktail) a unique location!
  • Paris Mikki
    Paris Mikki is a household name in Bangkok with its delicious pastries, cakes and other delicacies!
  • Meu Republic
    Highly regarded restaurant with nice industrial layout. Recommended if you’re in the neighborhood.
  • After You
    Fantastic dessert cafe where you really must have tasted something!
  • El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse
    Meat, meat and more meat! Especially for the carnivores among us and located right next to Terminal 21.
  • Kaprao Tapae
    Are you crazy about phat kaprao (chicken or minced meat with Thai basil) then you should be here! Super good but also very hot hot hot!

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